What does your week look like? Are you having the same excitement every day? #PeterVekselman #PartnerDriven #Motivation

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If Saturday and Sundays are your two favorite days of the week, that my contention simple. What you’re doing Monday through Friday, just ain’t working. It just doesn’t work in for you. Just think about this. Like, think about that feeling you get Sunday nights. See, I remember that feeling when I was just growing up, going to school and Sunday night I dreaded that. I mean, that was like, that was like probably what I felt jail would be like. Do you still get that feeling on a Sunday, then you really, really got to consider and change what you’re doing Monday through Friday. What about like vacations? Like, do you, do you hate leaving vacations? Like the last day of a week long vacation? Is that like, do you have like a pit of the bottom of your stomach? Are you just moping around? Are you already looking forward to the next vacation, which might not even happen for the next several months then I contend what you’re doing on the non vacation days is not really what you love do.

Speaker 1 (01:00):

See it is so important that every day of the week feels exactly the same way. See, I’ll tell you my Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, they all feel exactly the same. They literally blended to each other. When I go on vacation bounce to our vacation, but we bounce away from the vacations at the exact same feelings and exact same excitement. See what you don’t want to do is you don’t want to live a life based upon one or two day, week cycles. You don’t want to live a life based upon, you know, one week out of the year cycle want to live a life. You want to design a life, a lifestyle that literally every single day, it’s like a vacation. It’s like a birthday party. So remember if what you do Monday through Friday and getting you fired up the way Saturday and Sunday is then you better change what you’re doing on those days.