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Speaker 1 (00:02):

You know, people always ask me, like, what should you chase? Like peach? Should I changed educations? Should I chase higher knowledge? Should I chase a working harder? Should I chase like geography? Should I chase opportunities? You know, after many years of chasing all of these things, I’ve come to conclusion. The only thing I chase any longer are people, relationships and alliances. Um, that’s really where the gold is. Like I could tell you almost pretty much, like if you, even, if you look at my business, what are the departments that are really hitting it out of the ballpark? It’s the departments with the right type of people in there. If you look at my real estate markets, where am I killing it the most? Where am I making the most money? Where am I doing the most deals? There’s very little to do with like specific geography or anything like that.

Speaker 1 (00:45):

It’s where I have the right partners. And so after you’re chasing many, many different things or over many years, I realized that all my day now is spent on chasing relationships because really relationships is many times dictates what I do. Like for instance, there would be some times, uh, I need to figure out a certain way of doing something. So instead of me trying to figure out a certain way of doing something, I literally spend time figuring out who the best person is at that and align myself with them just today. Just today, I have somebody flying in, uh, to see me to meet me here. We’re going to hang out, uh, for a whole day in Atlanta. And I met this gentlemen a week ago on social media and in two things worked out, and this is how I always tell people, you know, this is, these are the type of relationships you want to change.

Speaker 1 (01:34):

Number one key. And I got along, I mean, we talked last week and it was just like, boom, we got along. We get both had a great connection. And number two, we were both able to bring value to each other. So when I find people and I find relationships where a, I liked the person, I like the individual in B there’s value there. I immediately gravitate towards that. So literally we just, we didn’t even know each other last week. And this week Michael is flying in. I’m going to meet them here in a couple hours and the rest of the day, we’re just going to hang, hang out, have fun, build a relationship, talk business, and talk more about how we could help each other going forward. So in the end, what I recommend you chase, chase the right type of relationships.