Your environment is very critical to your progress in life. #PeterVekselman #PartnerDriven #Motivation

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Speaker 1 (00:02):

You here to settle a time. You know, your circumstances, your environment is actually very critical to your progress in life. And that is, but what, like, I take it a step further. I tell people like, like literally your current surroundings is absolutely critical. Like for instance, like I know if I work in a room full of light, a room that like has white walls, a room that’s wide open, it creates a much, much more, better environment for me to prosper for me to think clearly for me to make the right decisions than if I like worked in this little cramp room. That’s all dark, no windows, everything is shut. Um, and so on a daily basis, like if I was that as I change locations, I’m always trying to change a location to an environment. That’s a really, really cool environment. I love wide open spaces.

Speaker 1 (00:50):

I love high ceilings. You know, I love large windows in. So the things you don’t think about, like in the end are big things. And, you know, I followed certain people. I know certain people and like, they’re literally like almost depressed on a daily basis. And then you just look in like where they exist. You know, the, the, the houses they’re in the rooms, they’re in the offices, they’re in the facilities they’re in. And, and you know, a lot of times you’ll hear from them. Well, gosh, Pete, I can’t afford a mansion. I’m not saying afford a mansion. I’m saying, find out, find a fire, an environment, find a room far, find the little office space, go to a coffee shop. You know, there’s so many incredible coffee shops all over United States that give great, great environment for working. See, I could tell personally then when I’m in the really cool surroundings or even a gym, like if a mom in a really cool gym, there’s a better chance that I’ll have a longer, better, more productive workout that I’m in some kind of a closet with three or four different weights.

Speaker 1 (01:47):

So as you strategically position yourself throughout the day in different rooms, different atmospheres, different offices, different home offices, different work offices, different environments. Think about where you’re going to be. Like for instance, I meet people a lot of times, literally in somewhere like today, I’m meeting one of my, uh, partners, uh, at a cigar bar. Well guess what? We’re not going to be just standing outside smoking cigars. We’re going to be in a really, really cool cigar bar. How much does that cost? Zero control your environment and get more productive. It’s amazing how those two things are correlated.

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