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Speaker 1 (00:00):

You know, the team that got you to where you are, may not be able to get you to the next level. You know, this is a very important concept that I teach people that ultimately to be able to get further on in life. The one thing you need to do is you’ve got to learn how to scale and you scale through people, the ability to scale through people, the ability to hire the ability to, to expand the ability to bring on to partner, align with other individuals is absolutely key components to growth, to get them further on in life, to really creating a massive lifestyle. But the other thing that’s very important to understand as the team that you currently have that got you to where you’re, where you are now may not be the team that’s going to get you to the next level.

Speaker 1 (00:40):

The team you have now may not have the wherewithal, the experience, the talent to get you there. So a very important thing of the team about the team is to know when to let go of certain members of your team. I know it’s not always easy. It’s a typical decision. It’s a, it’s what I call a checkup from the neck up kind of a decision, but sometimes your team members that may actually be holding you back, maybe suited better for different environment where they themselves can grow more and scale more and, and realize more. So always, always be evaluating your team, always be monitoring your team, always be willing to ask the difficult questions of your team. And sometimes in order to grow, you got to get rid of certain members of your team. And that’s when you start to really flourish.