What if you have an extra 365-hour advantage over your competition? How much further can you get along? #PeterVekselman #PartnerDriven #Motivation

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Learn to get up just one hour earlier, every single day. Think about this. If you get up one hour earlier, every single day, that’s an extra 365 hours in a year. You get now, imagine you’re out there chasing your dreams, chasing your goals, making things happen. What can you do with an extra 365 hours a year? Now here’s the other thing about getting up earlier? I guarantee you, your competition is not getting up earlier. What if you have an extra 365, our advantage over your competition, how much further can you get along? How many more things can you do? How many more things can you accomplish in the next 365 hours? Just one year. How much closer can you get to your goals? I personally, I, I get up around three 30 or four o’clock in the morning. What’s the philosophy there. It’s the same thing. How you have a huge, huge, huge advantage. I bet an average real estate investor across the country gets up around six or seven. O’clock that’s an extra two to three hours a day that I’m getting ahead of them. That’s well over a thousand hours a year that I have an advantage. You know, many times people say there is no shortcuts to success. And I tell people that should simply not true. Just learn to get up one hour, maybe even more earlier, every single day, that right there is a huge shortcut to success.

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