Be very protective of what you let inside your mind. #PeterVekselman #PartnerDriven #Money

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

So one of the things I see so many people, uh, making mistake with is letting like the wrong information, get inside their mind. And when I say that, I mean, from all aspects of life, like if you’re in, you know, this you’ve, you’ve seen this, you’ve been, you’ve experienced this. Like if you’re in a bad relationship and those vibes get in your mind that can’t possibly be good, let’s say you’re, um, I have a lot of negative people around you and that gets in your mind that can’t be good. Like, think about this. Who, who, who, who do, you know, that’s been successful that says, you know what, on a daily basis, I got a bunch of crap heading into my mind. And because of that crap, look at me now, look how much I’ve been able to elevate in life, look how much money I’m making.

Speaker 1 (00:42):

Look how successful I am almost across the board, any successful person you talk to starts out with that story, potentially like I had the wrong relationships. I had the wrong ideas. I had the wrong thinking going on, but ultimately to break the barriers of success to really level up, to really get to the next level. So you have to be very mindful, very protective of the thoughts that get into your mind. So my challenge to you is simple. Just kind of think about this evaluated, be cognizant, be conscious for the next couple of days of what really comes into your mind is that the kind of stuff that’s going to help you get further ahead in life? Is it the kind of things that move the needle in the right direction, or are the thoughts or ideas or the people around you that are getting into your mind? All, all getting you to stay, where you are, be very protective of what you let inside your mind be very protective of your inner circle. And that’s how you level up in life. Get the right things inside your head.

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