Alignment is one of the key pillars to success. #PeterVekselman #PartnerDriven #Motivation

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I want to talk to you about alignment alignment. In my opinion is one of the key pillars to success. See alignment means surrounding yourself with the right people, aligning yourself with winners, creative win-win relationships, doing strategic relationships and partnerships. I could tell you alignment has gotten me everywhere. I am today. Every real estate transaction, every real estate technique and strategy, the things I do, the money I’ve made all have come as a result of me aligning with the right people in the right organizations. See by yourself, you’re only as good as you are, right? I don’t care. And I don’t care. Like if I ever want to be Michael Jordan, it’s impossible. I could practice 24 hours a day. I will never get to the Michael Jordan status because I myself have limited capabilities and abilities. But if I aligned myself with Michael Jordan, we could probably win quite a few basketball games to on to see the act of lining gives you the ability to grow at a much higher speed. The act of alignment allows you to conquer a lot quicker. The act of alignment allows you to win. See alignment is really nothing more than a shortcut, right? You could go out and try to do it all yourself and be everything to everyone. But man, that takes a long time. That is a slow growth way. When I align, I automatically put myself into hyperdrive. When I aligned, I positioned myself to win.