and Peter Vekselman teaches honest, profitable real estate investing techniques to some of the most successful investors in America…

00:44 Peter Vekselman and the operation we’ve built
01:29 Working with sellers on the phones
02:51 The grand tour about our offices
03:09 Our big board of deals we’re closing
04:00 Here is where we train our team members
05:39 How can you be successful?
06:54 Contact me to learn about my coaching program

My name is Peter Vekselman. If you’re looking to learn my profitable formulas, keep reading. I’ve flipped nearly a deal a day and teach my students the methods I use to find and negotiate profitable deals.

If you would like to speak with me personally, please call me at 404-990-4395. Or email me at

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How did I build my enterprise? First, I ignored all of the over-hyped weekend flipping houses seminars you see advertised everywhere. Yes, some of them are good. But many don’t teach the mission-critical steps such as marketing and negotiating which are vital for success.

Many of my students need extra help and access to me by phone. Some want negotiating help to flip houses while others want my feedback on specific deals. You’ll have unlimited access to my Peter Vekselman formulas.

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Peter Vekselman

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