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So at the end of each day, do you look at your scorecard? Yeah. That’s right. Your scorecard. See, every day you got to score yourself. There’s only a couple of ways a needle could move. Did you go backwards? Did you just maintain? What did you need? Move the needle forward. Yeah, every day you gotta be scoring yourself. It’s so easy to get lulled into life where everything is the same, where everything just becomes monotonous. And next thing you know, you’re not getting anywhere. That’s because you’re not accountable every day. Everyday. Score yourself, score yourself in all aspects of life. Are you growing? Are you maintaining? Are you going backwards and scale in all aspects, in your relationships? What’s the score in your finances? What’s the score in your business, in your job with your kids, with your spouses in your health department, every day, you gotta be scoring yourself. See when you become accountable on a daily basis to a scorecard, it’s very easy to catch yourself from going backwards, but most importantly, correctly evaluate if what you’re doing is getting you to the winners circle, score yourself daily.