helps investors develop profitable real estate investing business plan goals. Many investors overlook the concept of proven formulas such as mine that will grow their wholesaling businesses…

00:33 If I was just starting out
01:15 I would spend very little money
02:00 Real estate investing business plan begins with networking
02:56 Working with ongoing inventory
03:41 Developing investor relationships
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I am Peter Vekselman. If you’re desperate to build your real estate investing business plan, please call me at 404-990-4395. I would enjoy speaking with you about your situation and share details how I close a deal nearly everyday.

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If you’re skeptical about getting started in real estate investing, you’re smart. There’s many gurus who make their money teaching real estate investing business plan creation rather than doing deals themselves.

I prefer a more personalized approach where we work together one-on-one. Many of my students actually visit me here in Georgia to discover how I close up to ten wholesale homes per week. So I can assure you I will show you my real estate investing business plan is highly profitable.

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The mission-critical part getting started in real estate investing is to shadow someone who’s aggressive in this business. Remember, weekend courses teaching cookie-cutter real estate investing business plan templates will only take you so far in your investing business. At some point you’ll be faced with struggles. My students love unlimited access to me for support.

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Call me at 404-990-4395. This is my cell phone number and I answer it consistently. Don’t worry about high-pressure sales. I never sell anything and will be happy to share details about my real estate investing business plan mentoring and how you can duplicate my techniques for enormous success.

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