offers real estate coaching teaching students how Peter Vekselman closes nearly a deal per day. This business is highly profitable if you can follow my methods…

00:55 Direct mail is my best marketing method
02:27 Always answer calls live
03:49 Gather as much information from seller as possible
05:12 My real estate coaching teaches my methods
06:22 Finding the perfect deal
08:11 What’s a motivated seller?
09:48 35-40% of my business is from follow-ups
12:07 Realtors are a great way to build your business
15:39 They bring me many deals
19:03 Contact me to learn about my program

If you’re ready to learn more about my real estate coaching, my one-on-one training will bring your business to the next level. If you’re brand new to real estate investing, you’ll grow your business quickly.

My name is Peter Vekselman and I work with a select group of real estate coaching students across the U.S. If you’re ready to increase your income and close more deals, please call me at 404-990-4395.

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1. Did you know many people go bust after hiring real estate coaching services? The reason is they work with gurus who don’t use creative techniques.

2. No matter which real estate coaching programs you’re considering, do yourself a favor and look for ones that teach negotiating techniques. Don’t make the mistake of winging it. Deals can appear lucrative until you get stuck with them.

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3. Remember, of the thousands of real estate coaching programs on the market, many earn their money by teaching instead of doing. Sure, there’s many courses and books you can learn from in your education. However, these days many offer you outdated techniques which no longer work.

A long time ago I started my real estate coaching program because many people needed customized one-on-one training. What I do isn’t magical but it does include strategic planning during the negotiating and inspection process.

5. If you’re serious about real estate coaching to learn how to dominate this business whether you’re new or a seasoned pro, please call me directly at 404-990-4395.

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