is one of the leading real estate gurus in America. After doing nearly a deal a day for years, he invites you to duplicate his methods to grow your own enterprise.

00:22 What does money have to do with investing?
01:46 The more money the more results
02:15 Work both sides of the equation
02:48 Real estate gurus won’t tell you this advice
03:28 The mistake I see people make
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If you’re ready to learn what successful real estate gurus do, I have some advice for you. First, think about your 12-24 month goals. Do you want to do real estate investing part-time or full-time?

The reason to evaluate your goals is because when you start watching real estate gurus here on YouTube the lure of the money will no doubt entice you. But don’t forget your time is valuable so don’t waste it chasing programs and courses that don’t teach you how to get started how to learn real estate investing without real-world case studies.

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Beware. There’s many real estate gurus that teach investing in every major metropolitan city in the U.S. However, you need to understand what types of properties to look for and then negotiate profitable deals working with the right real estate investor. These real estate gurus often gloss over the exact details of profitable deal structuring (unlike I do with my coaching clients).

The formulas I use in my own deals are far different than what you will see advertised by other real estate gurus. It begins by developing a lead generation machine that brings us thousands of leads per month. It doesn’t happen overnight. However, my approach is built around a systematic method to generate enormous quantities of distressed seller leads.

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