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00:10 Termination and release
00:52 When I started my real estate investing blog
02:02 Protecting your deals can sometimes be hard to do
03:30 Fear and how it impacts your actions
04:23 Get over your mistakes and get better at avoiding them
05:12 Fear will ruin your business (I should know)
05:39 Contact me to learn about real estate investing

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1. If you’ve searched online for real estate investing blog pages, you will find an overlying theme. They try to sell you something. It’s never-ending and often frustrating right? I agree.

2. One of the reasons I started my real estate investing blog was to help educate people on the techniques I use to close nearly 8-10 deals per week in my real estate investing business. But it took time. Years actually. However, I eventually developed a proven formula that I use everyday.

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3. Next, learning to be profitable requires you to work with an aggressive real estate investment firm that can help you with financing. This is vital to getting deals funded quickly.

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4. If you’re stuck wondering if you can do this business or want to get better at it I have some advice for you. Be highly scrupulous about whom you invest your time. There’s far too real estate investing blog pages out there that mislead you into buying products. Almost always they under-deliver and are not worth your time.

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