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00:33 Mike, one of my real estate investing business students
01:01 One of things we are doing now
01:48 H wasn’t doing what I told him to do
02:31 Those couple inches are critical to success
03:12 Small adjustments will result in more deals
03:44 We’ll follow up with Mike in another video
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I remember a long time ago when I was struggling with my own real estate investing business. I had zero experience and had lost more than a half million dollars in bad deals. You could say I was desperate to find a real estate investing business mentor who could help me grow not only my income but my skills.

If you’re reading this sentence, I suspect you’re desperate to learn the finer nuances of your first few profitable deals. Or grow your business. This is the type of training I offer my real estate investing business coaching students. Plus they learn how to replicate my business model.

Too many real estate gurus don’t understand how to teach how to make money in the real estate investing business. They usually have been handed a business from family or spend more time teaching than actually doing their own deals. That’s not where you want to invest your time. Or worse, they teach out of a book.

I’m often asked about if real estate investing business plans work? Yes and I’ve worked with hundreds of students who successfully replicate my thriving business model.

Replication is essential to the real estate investing business. You need to pinpoint the best high-end model and then apply it in your market. That’s how we built our own model to generate 8-10 deals a week.

If you’re ready to learn what I’m doing with my elite national coaching students, here’s what you need to do next.

If you’re ready to learn how to start a real estate investing business you have an important decision to make. Do you want to dabble with half-baked training or watch over my shoulder how I close 8-10 deals per month?

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We’re not a cookie-cutter real estate investing team. Instead, you will work directly with us learning how to investing in real estate. This personal approach will give you the leverage to become a deal closing machine.

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