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All right. What do you say, guys? Hello? Hello. Hello,

Midday, midday stuff. Let’s talk


About this up and down table. Okay. Let’s talk a little bit about

Worry. You know, let’s


Talk a little bit about worry and I want to talk to you a little bit about worry from a perspective of what I think worry does to people. Okay.

There are certain things that help people out. There’s certain traits


That you need to have if you’re going to be successful. Right? And you hear me talk about

Them all the time. You know, the waking up early, the, the, the, the, the, the, the, the physical, conditional, this,


I want to talk to you about something that prevents people from being successful, and that is this whole thing to do with worry. You know, I think worry in of itself, I think worrying of itself, paralyzes people, I think worry in of itself stops people and it’s in their tracks. Right? I think worry, I think worry gets people to the point that they can no longer move forward. I think worry is an awful, awful thing to have, even if you’re not trying to be successful, but I’ll tell you if you are trying to be successful, right. If you are trying to be successful, I think worry is a barrier that some people can’t even overcome now let’s face it. Some people can work through stuff, right. And there’s a lot of people that can work through


Issues and good and bad. But I’ll be honest with you. Worry, worry is one of those things that a lot of people cannot walk through. Right? Hey, I don’t perform good under the worry scenario. Right? I don’t function well when I’m worried, anxiety, worry. I think all these things kind of fall in line. Right. They fall into the place. So I’m going to show you something that could literally turn around. Like right now I could, I’m going to show you something. Okay. Right now, I’m going to show you


Something that could flip all of this upside down. Okay. I could really show you some, that’s going to flip all the stuff’s out, down, and I’ll tell you what it’s, it’s something that I don’t even know if I learned this. If I think I’m more or less, kind of came into this by accident some time ago when I would worry. And I’m telling you this, like right now, right now, you could turn your whole life around. You ready? Who’s ready to turn their life around. Let me see some hearts.


Who’s ready to do it. Who’s ready to

Totally, totally, totally around. Cause I’m going to give you something right now that literally could take the worry. God literally take the worry boom right out of your world. So here’s what happened. Here’s how you got to look at worry. Right? Worry does not happen like this because worry is an emotion. It builds up, right? It builds up. Worry, literally builds up. It may take no more than five, 10 seconds for you to think about something, right. It might literally take no more than five to 10 seconds for you to think about it. And then you get into that worry mode. Right. But it doesn’t happen instantaneously. Okay. It doesn’t happen instantaneously. Okay. So here’s, here’s how you stop yourself from worrying. As soon as that thought and is always an emotional thought, right? Worry is always an emotional thought. We know that, right. It’s an emotional, and it’s always a thought that gets you start because you start thinking about it, start thinking about it, start thinking about it. And it gets worse, worse, worse, and worse. So watch this here it is. Here’s the trick right here. As soon as you start feeling done, as soon as that starts creeping in, as soon as you at all that first, second, you got to stop it. You got to consciously stop. It just like you unconsciously, right? Just like you unconsciously, let yourself go in that direction. You have to consciously, you have to consciously stop yourself and catch yourself. All right. So again, I haven’t,


I haven’t, uh, been, you

Know, I don’t, I don’t really get into the anxious mode, anxiety mode, worry mode too much. But every once in a while I do. And I’ll be honest with you for the last couple of days. I was, there were some things in my mind and you know, when they start, boom, boom, boom. And, and I don’t function well where I’m worried. Okay, I’m going to tell you right now. I do not function well when I’m worried.


So this morning I did

My early morning routine, you know, up around 4, 4 30, getting an advantage on my competition. Right.

So, um, what did I do?


I started, I, I started kind of, sort of going to the worry mode, but guess what? This time, that very first second, that very first, second I physically caught it. And I physically internally said, no stop. And I said, quit being a blankety blank to myself. And I did not get past that one second. I literally stopped it in his tracks. See, when that worry starts, it got one or two directions to go. It’s got one direction as it’s going to take over, it’s going to absolutely take over. And it’s going to dominate. That’s one direction. The second direction, the second direction is boom. You could stop it. And because it’s an emotion, emotions can be stopped. That’s the great thing about emotions, physicality. Sometimes can’t right. Somebody hits you in the head, boom, that’s going to hurt, but emotions. We can stop. So literally this morning and I’ve probably done it, believe it or not about a hundred times already, but that one crazy thought, okay, that one crazy thought started.


And within a second, I just said, quit being a blankety blank, quit, blink being a blanket of bank. And I stopped it right in its tracks. I’m telling you works. It works. And then what happens over a period of time? You just conditioned your body. You literally conditioned your body to do that automatically. See I’m not an automatic mode today yet just because I’ve, haven’t really been in a worried mode for a while. And then in the last couple of days, I got into it. So now, now, now I’m able to catch it, able to catch it, able to identify it right away. And literally with that first second, when you just feel right. Cause emotion creeps in just that first second, when you feel that you’re leaning in that direction, boom, I catch it and I physically stop it. I stop it. I’ve verbalize it. No, Nope. Quit being a blankety blank. Right? And it comes to an end like death. It literally comes to an end like that. I’m telling you worry is an awful thing. It’s a paralyzing thing. It’s a paralyzing thing. And I’ve seen the act of worry, put people into very, very, very bad areas, bad places.


But the good thing is it could be stopped in its tracks. Number one, we always worry about things that haven’t even happened yet. We always over worry about, okay. We always over worry. We always worry too much. So guys, I’m telling you, stop it in its tracks. If you’ve got a question, type it in, go to the question, mark at the bottom and type in a question. Okay. And type in a question and I’ll get it on this side. Guys. Take worry out of your life like that. I mean, literally today you could decide today. You could decide that heck I’m stopping worrying today. You just got to catch it. You got to catch it on a phone front. Okay. Here’s a good one. How do you identify beach? The difference between worry and a bad instinct you should have listened to. That’s a good one. That’s a good one. Reality is this reality is this. Most of the things we worry about, we over-exaggerate, we overblow. We will rethink. Okay.


But in instinct, I don’t think, I don’t think it’s necessarily a worry, an instinct. You should probably go with

A worry is when you worry about an event that hasn’t happened yet, that you and your mind have built up to be the most disastrous event in the world. And there’ll be nothing like that, but you’re going to worry about it and worried about it and worried about him, but worry about it. Now she knows something else. I’ll tell you, this is a good question. I like it, Brandon. Um, do something about it. Okay. The problem with just worrying. If you just stay in the worried mode and don’t do anything about it, that’s where the problem comes in. If you’ve got an instinct about something or someone, a situation act upon it, but don’t just sit. Okay. Don’t just sit and worry about it as my point. If you’ve got an instinct and you feel pretty good about that instinct and you feel like you got to really, really, really follow through. Okay. Then act upon it. Okay. Act upon it.


But, but

Worry for worrisome. Okay. Worry for just worry sake. Okay. Worry. Just for worry sake. That’s what I’m talking about. And by the way, that’s the, that’s the, that’s the stuff that’ll drive you insane. All right. How do you avoid the trap of wishful thinking? Um, again, just like Brandon was asking me action activity. Okay. Wishful thinking is just that just in your mind, everything is just in my mind. I’m going to be successful one day in my mind, I’m going to make a million dollars in my mind. What are you doing about it? Nothing. That’s wishful thinking, but if you’re actually taking action steps to pursue success, okay. If you actually taking action steps to pursue success, then that’s how you get over wishful thinking. Okay. All right guys. Anyway, that’s all I have for right now. But this thing with worry, it’s a big one.


I’m telling you, I’m telling you listen to this and relisten to it. If you have to, but it works. You could stop oriented strikes like that. All right, guys. Thank you. I appreciate the follow, the support. I remember Peter VXLAN real estate investor. I partner with people. I do deals with them. Um, I actively looking for more partners to do real estate deals with. Okay. I’ll coach. You I’ll generate leads for you. I’ll provide you capital. And then when we sell them, we split the profits down the middle. I think it’s the best thing going in real estate investing. If you want to learn more DM in the word partner, DME, the word partner. All right, guys. Thanks. I appreciate it. And have an amazing day. We’ll talk soon. Bye.