I am Real Estate Investing Mentor. But Mentoring for me is a whole life experience. Learn from my success and my failures.

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Now to the nitty-gritty.

Okay. Hey, what do you say everybody? How’s everybody doing? I thought about today may be a good time, good time to share my story, or I, you know, a lot of times, you know, you start following people like maybe following someone like me and, uh, what’s up Jermaine, what’s up bad one. And you know, you follow someone like myself and you kinda, uh, you kinda catch us, um, at a certain point in our career, you know, you know, we you’ve already, we’ve, I’m already celebrated, you know, celebrating success as then all this, what a lot of times you don’t know is exactly, uh, uh, what’s up Connie or big Connie. That’s hard to read these things. Sometimes what’s up Jermaine. Um, but sometimes it’s hard to like really know somebody until you really know the whole story. Like a lot of you guys don’t know, you know, you look at me like right now, I’m on my boat on the lake, but I’ll tell you what it wasn’t always like this.


It wasn’t even close to not being like this. I mean, the places good evening, good evening. Uh, the places that I have to go to and the things I have to go through to get here, I’ll tell you what it wasn’t easy. You know, I started in real estate. I started real estate. Uh, I started in real estate, uh, love bank at ya, uh, uh, starting real estate about 22 years ago. And I made one huge, huge air when I got started in real estate investing. Okay. And the air I made when I got started is, is era. By the way that I see a lot of people make, it was an air of arrogance, right. I thought I knew how to do this thing. I was arrogant. You know, I thought I could do it. Not only did I think I could do it, but I thought I could actually do it.


Like I thought I could do it better than some other leaks, somebody else. Right? But this air air of arrogance of thinking, you could figure something out yourself is a devastating hair to make. And I’ll tell you where, like for me, I’ll tell you for me, where that air air of arrogance really came into play, uh, is, um, um, I had a little success before I got in this business. Right. And because I had a little success before I got into real estate, I got arrogant. Right. I had some money coming into this business. So I thought I had a cushion. I had some successes behind me. So I thought on knew auto is doing. And the air of arrogance, I’m telling you is an air to always, always be on a lookout for, because guess what? When I got started in this business within six months, literally, literally within six months, I’d lost everything.


Everything I had, right? Because I was arrogant because I didn’t understand how to correctly interpret real estate. I didn’t understand how to correctly make decisions through real estate investing. I didn’t understand back then, like for instance, that when you get started in real estate, everybody around you knows that you’re a beginner knows that you’re just starting. And guess what happens when professionals know that you’re a beginner, guess what happens when professionals know that your don’t know what you’re doing, they take advantage of you. I mean, they literally take advantage of you. And I got taken advantage by every single person around me when I got started in real estate. So what I became to everybody’s, I became a paycheck, right? I became a paycheck to my realtor. They were misrepresenting numbers to me. And they were giving me comps. I became, um, I became a paycheck to my construction guys, right.


Because all they did is they under bid everything just to get the jobs. And when I ran out of money and they ran out of money and the job wasn’t done, just what I had to do it. I had to spend more money. My money guys took advantage of me. Everyone that was involved with me took advantage of me. And literally within six months, because of this business, I was broke. I was out of money. Right. So what, what do I do now think about this. I wasn’t as arrogant anymore. I was still a little bit arrogant, but not as arrogant, but I lost everything I had. So what did I do? I went out there and I started borrowing money, right? Because I needed, I needed to have more money for two reasons. One I needed to survive two. I just thought that by borrowing more, I would just buy more time.

Why, again, that’s stupid thinking. That’s arrogant. Thinking, thinking, all I need is more time. And if I have more time, then I’ll be successful. Okay. And that’s again, that’s an arrogance. People think, well, if I just have enough time, no, it’s not just having enough time. It’s doing the right thing. Right. It’s not just a matter of the right time. You got to do the right thing. So for two more months, for two more months, I arrogantly tried to make everything I had back. And again, try to learn it as I go, well, guess what happened? All the money I had borrowed within two months was gone. Okay. Within two months, all the money I had borrowed was gone. So now I’d lost all my money and I lost another quarter of millions of other people’s money. So guess what I did then I basically made myself homeless, right?


I literally I’ve literally bought eight months after being in his business. I pretty much had made myself homeless again, the air of arrogance, the error of thinking, I could do it better myself or not even better. Just, I just thought I could do it. And the error of arrogance is that one of the few, you hear me talk about dealers all the time? Well, the era of arrogance, okay. The era of, uh, uh, of arrogance will kill you all the time. It’s a terror. It’s, uh, it’s a, uh, there is pillars of success and there’s pillars of, of failure. The pillar of arrogance has the, one of the huge pillars of failure. So eight months after I got in this business, eight months after I got in this business, I was, I was basically, didn’t have anything to show for it. I didn’t have anything I used to own.


And to a degree you could say, I was basically homeless, right? Finally at that point. And hopefully it doesn’t take you that long. Finally, at that point I had an epiphany. I had an epiphany and it was a very basic, it was a very basic one, turning the boat around, by the way, I’m on lake linear here guys. Cause it’s almost 800 miles of shoreline. If I take my boat and hug the shoreline, they’ll take me over a day, probably over a couple of days to get around the whole thing. All right. So eight months in the business, I was homeless. Finally, it comes to me. It finally hit me. It finally hit me. I got to get my head out of my butt and I had to find somebody. I had to find a coach. I had to find a mentor. And this is a pillar success alignment. Pillar of failure is arrogance. Pillar of success. Pillar of success is coaching and mentorships. Okay. So I found my first coach back then mentors name was Barton.


And back then, Barton just wanted to make sure that I was coachable. Now at that point, guys, when you’re basically homeless and you have nothing to show for it, you could, all of a sudden you become very coachable. I went from being totally arrogant to being totally coachable, right? It’s amazing what life, how life teaches us. Isn’t it, it only had, I only had, I’d been okay. Only had I been coachable and not arrogant eight months before then I wouldn’t have lost everything I had now check this timeline. Now this is very interesting. At that 0.8 months into it, I was about eight. Then about $250,000 into debt. I was about $750,000 in debt and okay. And had really no place to go.


Alright, Barton, it took bargain. It took me in Bart. I’d meet him like once a week. Okay. I’d meet him like once a week. And within three years, I’d back to zero. I was spending $3,000 in debt. Within three years, I was back to zero. So basically it could be argued for those three years. I worked for nothing two years. After that 0.1 morning, I woke up, I looked at my checking account. I had a million dollars in, it, had a million dollars on it. The, the, the, the, the arrogance, the pillar killed me. The coaching pillar, mentorship, pillar rebuilt me. And at that point, Barton taught me the partner model. He told me, he taught me that back then because Barton and I started doing some things together.


Barton taught to me back then how to partner. And that you are a lot stronger with a partner than without it. And you guys know now 20, some years later, okay. Some 20 years later, a hundred percent of all my real estate deals are with partners across the United States. Why do I need to partner in every deal? No, I don’t need to, but I know I, myself am stronger with partners that I am without partners. I know I myself can do more with partners than without partners. So by the way, if you’re interested in doing some real estate deals with me, if you’re coachable, you’re a Hostler DME, the word partner, not on this chat, do it through a, do a direct DM to me long as you’re gonna get at the infamous states and you’re coachable. And you want to level off, I’ll do the same thing for you.


That Barton did for me. I’ll coach, you I’ll generate leads and opportunities for you. I’ll provide you all the capital. And when we sell them, you take 50%. I take 50% best thing going real estate, investing CME to work partner. If you’re interested, don’t put it in chat. You have to DME directly. Make sure you live in the states. United States. Make sure you’re coachable. Make sure you want to level up. See guys, I’m telling you arrogance. There’s so many people I see walking around that are arrogant. And the crazy thing is they’re arrogant for no apparent reason. Like literally they arrogant for no, no apparent reason. At least when I got started in real estate, I was arrogant. I did have a little bit success, right? So maybe it could be argued with not like, not that I had a reason to be arrogant. Not that I had an excuse to be arrogant, but I did have some successes behind me.


Right? I did have some successes behind me. And that’s why I was arrogant. But I’m telling you the arrogance and the state of success or in a state of brokenness is a pillar pillar of failure. Okay. It was absolutely killer failure. What would you say the steps are to getting started? Real estate investing, easy partner with me, right? That’s what I do now. I know if you don’t live in United States, you can’t do that and all this, but I would align myself. I I’m. I’m telling you, my answer is always the same. Align yourself with someone more successful. If you’re in a state, I think I got the best thing going for people that want to get started real estate DME, the word partner, but even, but if you’re not in the United States or you don’t want to partner with me, my suggestion is still find someone more successful.


I think the ultimate pillar of success, the ultimate pillar of success is aligning yourself. Okay. Is aligning yourself with people that are more successful than you. Okay? The ability to align yourself, okay? The ability to align yourself and to will, uh, and to position yourself with people that are more successful than you is the ultimate killer of success. Because what you will learn to them, it’s something they won’t teach you in school. Something you won’t, you can’t learn on YouTube, something you can’t learn in a classroom setting. But what an actual alignment allows you to do an actual alignment with someone more successful than you that allow alignment allows you to learn as you go, but you’re doing it under somebody’s tutelage. You’re doing it under somebody’s watch someone more successful than you. Okay. And that is the old template. That is the ultimate way to become successful. But again, if you’re in a state, you got an advantage. You got me, I’m looking for partners. Okay. I’m literally looking, uh, I’m looking for partners to do deals with what are the steps to paying off debt?


Well, to pay off something, you got to make something, right. You know, a lot of people are always worried about paying things down. I always say, worry about making worry about generating when you generate and you make, when you generate, you make that’s when you pay it down. Okay. But I do like the attitude of paying things down. Honestly, if even if at your level you can’t do with big chunks, at least do it a little bit at a time. Because what that’ll do is that’ll teach you. That’ll get you, uh, create a good habit of paying things down. What advice would you give a 19 year old? That’s easy. Try things out when you’re young. This is the time to really figure out what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are, what you love, what you don’t love. Okay? That’s, that’s the kind of stuff.


When you’re young bounce, you got no husband, you got no wife, you got no kids. You don’t have big debts. If you’re going to make an error, that’s the time to do it. It’s a great time to be alive. When you’re that young figure out what your skill set is, figure out what your life needs to be about. From a passion perspective, a happiness perspective, try different things. Okay? Try different things. Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t ever be afraid to try. What do you think? What do I think about people who think they can’t end up in their life with something? But what do I think about people that like, think that they themselves can do anything? I don’t think much of those people. Okay. I don’t think much of those people at all. I think that’s an excuse. Anyone that says I can’t do something, that’s just an excuse.


Not to do it. In my opinion. We’re all a lot more capable. We’re all a lot more talented than we give ourselves credit to. But if you think so low to actually say to yourself, you can’t, that’s awful. That’s awful. That’s just an excuse for I won’t. Okay. That’s just an excuse for, you know, I won’t how much you need to start in real estate. It depends if you’re doing it yourself, you know, you need some capital, okay? There are some strategies like the wholesaling strategies where you don’t need capital, or at least you used to not accept capital. Those days are changing. Now, even on the wholesale side with real estate, you need capital on the front, a to B. So I think realistically, realistically should have about 50 to a hundred thousand. If you can do it yourself, if you’re going to partner with me, you don’t need anywhere near like that.


Nowhere near, if you and I are going to do deals anywhere in United States, I’ll get started for pennies on a dollar. Literally. Um, I want more partners. I don’t make it. Cost-prohibitive in my world. Not at all. Uh, let’s see. Am I advising to start my advising to start the real estate business and debt and no money? Probably not. Nope. Nope. If you have no money and if you’re actually backwards, you’re in debt, real estate business will chew you up and spit you out. Okay? I think it’ll chew you up and spit you out. Um, I think you should go get some money, save up some money, get comfortable job. It sounds like you want to do it yourself. You’re going to do it yourself. That’s that’s a tough business to do it yourself. And I’ll be honest with you. A very tough.


All right, let’s see this question. I’m trying to grab you right here. Is there some risks involved? If you don’t have kind of three clients and you need to pay off debt yet, you don’t have an entrance coming in and you need to pay off debt. That’s not a good thing, right? It’s not a good thing. If you don’t have an income coming in, I think that if you’re financially in trouble, you need an income coming in. Okay? You need a thank you for that. I appreciate it. I failed one. Should I try again? Or should I quit and start another thing? You know, that’s a good question. That depends. That really does depend, um, shut my boat off. Um, you know, I think if you’re, so the question is if I tried something and it didn’t work and I failed, should I quit it?


That’s that’s um, here’s how, here’s how I answered that. If what you’re doing has the upside you’re looking for, there’s a good chance. You may have not done it long enough, which is by the way, this was another pill. Your failure quitting, quitting too soon. Okay. If what you’re doing has the upside you’re looking for don’t quit. And if you can keep going, what you quit. Okay? What you quit is if you’re doing something, it has no upside. It’ll never get you what you want. You’re not even sure why you’re doing it. Okay? Those are the things you want to quit. But if what you’re doing is doable. You have, along with someone it’s not, you just, you bouncing all over the place and it has the right upside. You stick it out. Success never comes easy, guys. I’ve never heard anyone talk, okay? I’ve never heard anyone talk and say 60 I’m successful. It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Uh, stuff don’t happen, guys. It just don’t happen. And so since it don’t happen, don’t expect it to happen. And if your expectations are reasonable, if your expectations are reasonable, if your expectations is a reasonable and you’ll make it happen one day, okay, success doesn’t come through success. Success come through failure. How do you deal with failure?


You just, he got, you got accepted. It’s a part of life.

That was a big fish. Just jumped right there. Um,

Failure is just part of success. Failure is only failure is if you keep on failing at the same thing over and over, it has no upside has no potential. It has nothing that you ever want out of. It has no ability to give you anything and you still keep on doing it. That’s what I call failure. Failure on the road to success failure as a process of success. Hey, congratulations. That’s the kind of failure where we want, right? How to stop negative thinking.


It’s, it’s a habit. It really is. You know, most of the things, most of the bad things, and most of the good things in our lives are as a result of habits,

They really are.

Um, and, um, and so is negative thinking. And I, Hey guys, I could relate. I go through that myself sometimes, you know, especially like I wake up early in the mornings, I’m an early riser, by the way, that’s a pillar of success. Creating, creating time for yourself, waking up early. I mean, I, I get negative thinking sometimes wake up early in the morning, it’s dark everywhere. You know, your mind goes into crazy places. So I’ve been there. I’ve been there, you know, start getting positive things, start getting positive people around you start accomplishing on a small scale daily. Okay. Start doing things like that. Success breeds success and failure breeds failure. I mean, that’s just the way things are. Okay. Success breeds, success and failure breeds failure. Um, our guys, listen, I appreciate it. I enjoyed it this morning. I’ll try to pop on, uh, maybe later on this afternoon.


Yeah. Failing failure is the first step of success. That’s exactly right. It’s it’s, it’s, it’s a process that you go through. Uh, guys again, enjoyed it. I appreciate the follow. Remember guys. I, I have an incredible shortcut for the right people when it comes to real estate investing. I’ll I coat, I partner with people and I coach him. I generate leads and opportunities for them, right? Whatever city or state they live in. And I provide them unlimited capital to close on deals. And then when we sell the properties, we split the profits down the middle 50 50. If you want, if you live in United States, if you’re coachable ready to level up, you want to be part of that DME toward partner. Uh, thanks guys. I appreciate you a ton.