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00:29 Joe and Raphael’s story
01:06 Trifecta is making real estate investing news
01:58 Growing your business to higher levels
02:13 Joe is blown away by our new Trifecta model
03:21 Raphael’s one of our newest members
04:39 They’re going to quadruple their business
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Something that’s very important to me are partnerships. I don’t have thousands of students nor do I want to have that many. Instead, I believe strongly that growing my business includes growing yours. This is not a hard business if you know some of the ins and outs how to structure your goals based on proven techniques.

How to invest in real estate is something I’ve helped many of students with to grow their local business. Maybe you’re not sure if you have the capital or experience to start. Perhaps you’re ready to roll but want someone to call or email with to double-check your initial deals. That’s part of my coaching service.

One of the secrets learning house flipping tips is to research what others are doing to succeed in the real estate investing news. What you want to avoid like the plague is investing your time and money on techniques that simply no longer work.

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Remember one thing: ignore the drama surrounding the real estate investing news media. There are millions of deals out there if you can learn how to pinpoint the right types of deals.

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