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Julie (00:00:03):

So, um, I sent her out yesterday because I needed her to like, at least go put the eyeballs on them. We actually scheduled an appointment with all the tenants, went and took pictures of all the houses, got the leases, the rent rolls. Um, and we’re going to be able to bond these individually. So this morning, um, uh, you know, it takes a minute to analyze a deal, right? Well, we analyzed eight this morning. So, um, I think we got a price it’s going to work for the seller, um, for each individual property. And we have everything we need to, to get that deal closed. I mean, it’s going to take a minute, you know, as well as I do eight properties, take a minute to, to move we’ll then last night. Um, and I say last night it was literally at 10 30 last night.

Julie (00:00:52):

She texted me cause people that, you know, I work with MPD max. A lot of times they work jobs and we just talk whenever you know, it’s available. And she got the pictures of a house in Columbus, Georgia. Now, remember she lives in close to Raleigh, North Carolina. I said, girl, get that house under contract. It’s a deal like it is. We don’t even have to go look at it. So the cool thing is, is that we are sending out a contract for one, hopefully to get back today, once they get back, I’m going to help her find the boots on the ground in Columbus. Then we’re going to negotiate this deal with this guy with the eight properties. Sorry guys, if y’all, haven’t noticed I’ve had a good bit of coffee this morning, um, we’re going to start working those eight. So man, she’s been working with us for about three, four weeks now and we’re working on non properties, right? Um, and she’s something special. She managed a Burlington coat factory and she went all in. I mean all in and not that this matters too much, but she’s an immigrant as well. So, you know, I, I mean to be an immigrant, to be able to, to come in and rent, manage a store, to have enough gumption in yourself to go all in, man. I’m super proud of her.

Peter (00:02:15):

And that’s amazing then guys obviously here in a minute or so Julie and I are going to talk to you about partner-driven max and partner-driven max has really next level. It is the ultimate way I believe. And I’m know Julie does cause we’re implementing it. And with how I built my own business, it’s ultimate way of doing real estate deals. And it’s literally you’ll see. It is how I replicate. This is how I grew my real estate investing business really through partner-driven max. And as you guys are dialing in, I’ll share our first, uh, uh, partner-driven max partner. His name is Seth. For those of you that follow me know that I talk about Seth a lot. I’ve talked to Scott, Seth a lot for a number of reasons. Number one, he was the first right. Julia was the first really PD max person that we ever had.

Number two, he’s an amazing guy. He truly is an amazing, just a couple of months ago, Julie and I, and he, we went to in Rafa, we went to Miami, we all met. Yeah, we was in Miami, they were in Miami. And so I say that because, uh, our partners truly become our friends. You know, we went there not to do business with, went there, to hang out. Um, he was our first and I’ll tell you to this day, probably one of the most coachable partners we’ve ever had, we’ve done well over a hundred deals with Seth. And since Julia’s bragging on marina and marina is someone to brag on. We love her to pieces. We actually had a chance to visit marina, visit us here a couple of weeks ago at one of our events. She came here with her daughters and I’ll tell you a side note, Julie, I don’t know if you know this or not, but as they were walking out, she pulled me aside just so you’re not going to believe this. My daughter wasn’t really into this thing until she spent the weekend with you guys. And now my daughter who her daughter, I think is the same age as my daughter from. I remember she said, mom, my daughter’s like she’s all into real estate and that’s a special thing. Um, but we just did a deal with Seth. We had 89,000 into it. And on Monday we sold it for 154,000. So about 60,000


Well, check this out Julie, two weeks ago, uh, we bought a property assessed for 90,000. We spent zero, like when I say zero, I mean zero. We didn’t, we didn’t touch it. Two days later, we got a contract for $230,000. So 90 all in 90 to buy zero to fix so 90 all in and next week we’re selling it for $230,000. And that’s our first. And I I’m always going to brag on Seth, not only because he was our first PD max client, but really has become a dear friend along the way, him and Bree. Uh, as a matter of fact, when he and I were traveling to the west coast, um, a little while ago, we stopped pretty close to where we are. We had this amazing dinner, uh, on the water and we were just kind of reminiscing the stuff we’d been through together in the last number of years. So let’s get rolling guys.

Julie (00:05:02):

You know, what’s crazy about Seth or a lot of even, you know, or other clients that we have is you, you know, people would think because of this program or because of how many deals that we’ve done, that they completely learn from us. Right. But I’ll tell you something about set over the years. He has taught me so much. Yeah. You know, you’re never at a point in life when you can’t learn from others. So I’m learning. I still learn something new each and every day. You

Peter (00:05:35):

Bet you better believe it. You better believe it. Well, guys, we’re gonna, we’re gonna get rolling here. We appreciate you guys joining us here today. Um, the format today is going to be very simple. We’re we’re, we’re here to talk about partner-driven max and partner-driven max is the ultimate thing that Julia and I do in terms of partnering with people. Okay. Um, and first of all, I’m going to start off by sharing with you a little bit about the history of how partner-driven max came about, because literally Julie, I’m going to, I’m going to have to stop saying that Seth was the first partner driven max partner. We have, in essence, I was the first partner driven max partner we ever had, um, that I ever had, I guess. And I’m going to share with you a little bit about hop PD. Max came into being and the history behind it in, in, in why we kind of, re-instituted the partner driven max opportunity with us. Then Julie’s going to talk about specifically, what is partner-driven max? Not from a history perspective, but what, from a deliverable perspective, what, what we do with our partner driven max, uh, partners. And, and then, and then we’re going to explain to you how you could become a partner driven max partner. Okay. And that is going to be the format of today. And again, we appreciate a number of you guys joining us, very exciting to be here.

Peter (00:06:58):

First thing is, let me talk to you about the partner-driven max story. And it really originated with me personally, and it originated after the 998. Yeah. Then the oh eight crash. Okay. When the market crashed to no wait, I was very, very heavily involved in the real estate investing business, but it was the first time ever. I went through a big downturn. And, and if you guys know anything about oh eight, you know that back then, if you were in the business, you got walloped. I mean, I don’t know too many people around, always who were as heavily invested as I was, we did not get wall up and I did get walloped and I lost a tremendous amount of money. I stayed in it actually longer than I should have ever stayed into it. And, and ultimately the crash of whoa, wait, uh, you know, I guess I’m not proud of it, but it’s reality brought me to my knees.

Peter (00:07:46):

I mean, literally brought me down to my knees. I lost pretty much everything I had. Um, but I reentered the market fairly quickly afterwards because I knew it was a crash. It was a correction. I knew that’s part of real estate. You know, I didn’t blame the whole world on the things that had happened to me. And, and I reentered the market and I reentered it. I still remember I got this office, uh, probably about 10 minutes from where I lived. It was a little, gosh, it couldn’t have been more than 600 square foot office. Uh, it had a couple S had 1, 2, 3 small rooms in it. And uh, and now I remember I was already in the business before the crash almost 10 years and I had achieved a fairly large measure of success. Um, and so I conceptually knew what I needed to do, right.

This wasn’t my first go round. I understood how to grow a successful real estate investing business. You know, I ne I understood where, like for instance, where I needed to focus in, on I needed, I knew the kind of people I needed to have, you know, I needed the, I knew I understood the infrastructure I needed to have. And so when I initially reentered the real estate market, after the crash of await, I got that little office space, about 600 square feet. And I brought a friend along. His name was Bob. And the reason I brought Bob along was because Bob was pre crash, my main money guy. He was the first guy I literally had ever borrowed money from. And he and I not only became, we didn’t have, we don’t, we didn’t just have this relationship of, you know, I was the borrower.

He was the lender. We actually became friends. You know, we always, we both took a beating in the oh eight market. And so we reentered the market together. And so I got this office, I said, Bob, come on with me. And let’s, let’s give back in a, in a, in a saddle. And, uh, and so again, because I understood how the market works and how to become successful. I knew that the one thing I needed as quickly as possible is I needed somebody to help me contact sellers. You know, and to this day, we teach people that if you’re going to invest your time or money or infrastructure resources into anything upfront, invest it into somebody that could help you on the marketing side, right. Contacting sellers and all this. So I did what so many of us have done in this business. I ran an ad in Craigslist and I simply said, I need somebody to, you know, seasoned real estate investor, looking for somebody to help them make some calls, get some context going, you know, describe the position.

Julie (00:10:17):

And, and I still remember, uh, this young lady named Julie calls me one day or sets up an appointment with me and remembered I had a three room office, basically a couple of room office. And, uh, she walks in and I remember now I’ll be honest with you. And for those of you that understand real estate, you guys understand like making calls is not a rocket science. You know what I mean? You’re not like looking for somebody that has a Harvard PhD degree. You’re not looking for somebody you’re just looking for somebody. That sounds pretty good. And so that was the first time. And this has been well over 10 years now, that was the first day that Julie, every can in my life. And I did this interview with her. And as the story goes, she goes back home. She clicks on Craig’s list.

And what does she see? She sees that ad being still running. And as a matter of fact, I refreshed it because I didn’t think Julie had what it took to make calls to sellers. And, and, and she tells the story one way, but I’ll tell you the reality, the truth behind the story, the truth behind the story, she called me and basically bullied me into getting that position, you know, because she’s like, how could you not bring me on board on the right person? And I was like, I was like, what the heck’s wrong with this girl? And I’m like, all right, fine, whatever. And so Julie came in the very next day, I think the very first day Julie started working for me making calls, or literally within the first week she had identified a seller. We have two deals come out of that. Right. One was a duplex. One was another

Julie (00:11:46):

One. Never forget it. It was Ms. Charlotte Woods. Was that the name of the first seller? And w

Peter (00:11:53):

Wasn’t a two, was it two properties or just one? Well, she had a duplex. Oh, it was a duplicate. It was one property. It was a duplex. And so literally within the first couple of days, if not the first day, little Juliet put together this deal, and for those who don’t understand real estate, you know, that’s like, whoa, this girl must be pretty good. And I still remember watching Julie for the next couple of weeks. And one day I came into this small office that she was operating out of that I actually needed to move for Otto because I needed to put something else in there. Um, I looked at her and I said, Julie, you’re more than just a color. Aren’t you there’s, you know how to do this business. And I didn’t know. I mean, she had no background in this business and she looked at me, he said, yeah, I’m more than a color.

And that day, that day became a, what ultimately became a meteoric ride that Julie and I had in this business together, because that was the day that we had decided, or at least I had decided that this was the person that I was looking for to help me reentered and build out a large, large real estate business. And it was that day that I truly became what we’re here to talk to you guys about today. I became our first true partner driven max client. And I, like I said, I had three rooms in there and one of them wasn’t even a room. One of them was a closet. And I remember I had a, my buddy Bob and I had to move Julie into a closet that we started when we started, because I didn’t have any room to sit her. So she was literally operating out of a closet with a bunch of boxes and a couple of coats hanging there.

Peter (00:13:30):

And, and within a couple of weeks, I remember walking into the closet with Julie and across the closet with Bob’s office. And I remember just like, I put my hand on her shoulder and I started staring at Bob and Bob looks at me. He goes, you want me to in the closet, right? You wouldn’t Julien this office. And that’s really what happened. Uh, and by the way, I say that with, with, with, with laughter because Bob and I are still still super friends. Julie’s become friends with Bob. He’s a super super guy. But from that point on, Julie took the responsibility for helping me build out an incredible, incredible real estate business. She understood very quickly that in the beginning, what needs to be done. And by the way, guys, this is a secret about real estate, not just the beginning, all the way through, we understood very quickly.

And she took grasp very quickly. The first thing is we gotta get, we gotta get some people making some costs. I mean, really, you hear me talk when you hear me teach this business. I talk about that all the time. So she developed ultimately what became incredible frontline callers for me, she developed the infrastructure behind them. She developed what became my closure, Mary. And if you were involved with us in any capacity right now, you know who Mary is, you know, what Julie had developed over years of years of working together is what became ultimately not only the largest estate investment company here in Atlanta, we quickly became the biggest players in Georgia, south, east United States. And, and one of the top investors across the country, Julie became my CEO is really in essence what she became. She single-handedly because there was times I just wasn’t that involved because, you know, as an owner, there’s other things sometimes I have to do.

Peter (00:15:12):

So she pretty much single handled. He built that my real estate investment company, she built it to the level that we ultimately expanded the company into different states and two different locations. And a little while back, a number of years back, we said, this is an amazing way of doing things. What if Julie, you could become not nobody think about who thinks like this. Like what if your CEO can become somebody else’s CEO, but it works so well. In my case, we brought this kid on and he really was a kid. His name was Seth. Jodie’s about 25 years old. And he started with us back then. And, and we, we kind of made a deal set in the end. And then Seth, at that point he paid everything. He had literally, he was getting married. He’s like, listen, on my end, duly did this for you.

And you’re telling me she could do this for me. Here’s everything I got I’m in. Julie becomes my CEO. We, we exploded his business three years down the road. And really Seth became really truly the first outside partner-driven client that we’ve ever taken on. Seth has been nothing short of an amazing story. We, you know, years down the road, now we’ve done well over a hundred deals. Um, we, you know, when we were talking here a minute ago, I just shared with you, we just made 60,000 this week. Uh, we’re making, we’re standing to make 140,000 next week. You know, we’ve made millions and millions of dollars together. Seth is now at least once a week, as a matter of fact, Julie, I don’t know if he knows, but he’s traveled once a week. He and his wife once. So one week out of the month, he and his wife are sometimes just, he, they travel across the country, do amazing things.

They’ve passed the threshold of just making money. They now have incredible, incredible lifestyles. Uh, but Seth is only guy with TACAN back then because we didn’t have the infrastructure to expand it. About four months ago, we introduced a partner-driven max partner, a partner driven max to a number of people. Julie took on a limited amount of people, because for obvious reasons, you don’t want to, you know, go crazy with it. And I’m happy to report that about four or five months into this pro pro uh, process over 50% of them were doing deals with. And that’s unheard of on that totally unheard of in this industry to have, you know, and we’re, we’re, we’re, Julie’s determined and that’s just an initial months. The Julie’s determined to have ultimately upwards of a hundred percent success. And we’re at the point right now where we’re ready to expand and bring on a couple more partner-driven partners.

Peter (00:17:43):

Uh, partner-driven max partners. And I will tell you here, I’m going to flip it over to Juliana in, in a couple seconds here, but I’ll tell you, this is for the serious people. This is, you gotta be all in here. This is not a sideline. Let me do something for an hour a week. Uh, this is not somebody that mentally crumbles, uh, at a, at a, at, at the first crossroad of disappointment. This is not for somebody that’s not even sure that they want to be in real estate. That the, you know, let me just check it out. This is, and, and I, uh, excuse the French here. This is for somebody that says his balls to the wall. Let’s go all in. I’m ready to do it because what Julie’s going to commit to, is she going to commit to do exactly what she did to myself, exactly what she’s done with Seth, exactly what she’s done with a couple other select partner driven max partner. She’s going to come in and she’s going to, in essence, become your CEO, and we’re going to re and you’re going to rock it out with her. So that’s my little history on partner-driven max and how we got to be where we are. Julie, talk about a little bit specifically, what is PD max to people?

Julie (00:18:48):

I certainly will do that. And, and, you know, I would like to thank you, Peter, you know, thank you for, for all of those kind words. Thank you for showing me this business, because let me tell you real estate guys is one of the only industries in the world. One of the only industries in the world, where there is no cap to how much money you’re you can make. Okay. And for me, you know, before, you know, I met you, Peter, I mean, I was working 70, 80 hours a week, work in a multi-million dollar lawn care company, and basically giving everything I had of myself to build somebody else’s business. And frankly, I got tired of it. You know what I mean? I just, I just did. And there’s probably a lot of people on this call today that feel the same way. Um, loved the company, loved all that.

It’s just, I didn’t want to break my best years breaking my back first for somebody else that, that I didn’t get to see the results from. So, um, I heard about real estate that’s when I met Peter. Um, so that’s why, because over the years I’ve been able to do a little over 1,650 deals. Um, not nowhere near as many as Peter. I mean, I just knew this was right for me. I was like, gosh, wait a second. I can make money doing something that I love and I can help people to me. It doesn’t get any better than that when I can help others while helping myself. I just knew that this business, what was great, all I needed to do was be able to talk to people that were interested in possibly selling their home. So, um, as many of, you know, Pedro and I run something called partner-driven and by the way, partner driven is flagship business.


It is an awesome opportunity for anybody that wants to get into real estate, where we’re going to, you know, help and men are you every day, we’re going to fund your deals and split profits, 50 50. Um, it’s, it’s a lot of, of which is fine. You’ll definitely be successful doing this. It’s a lot of doing things on your own. Okay? Yes, you’re in a community of people, but some of the tasks is going to mean that you weren’t going to have to do it. Okay. So like Peter said like four months ago, I thought, and it’s what we named today, Peter, and maybe this is a bad terminology. Why don’t we like shew, partner-driven up with some steroids, right? I’m just kidding. So that we can, you know, grow and take a few select people and take these people and handle all of the tasks for them that they shouldn’t be handling.

Julie (00:21:47):

And I’m not saying when you’re getting started, you shouldn’t handle them. But what if we did everything for them so that they spent time on doing the one thing that makes you money in this business? Okay. A lot of you will think, um, that this makes you money and this makes you money. And this makes you money. The only thing, the only thing that is ever going to make you in that money in this business is go into an appointments or making offers or doing a combination of both. It’s, it’s a numbers game. To an extent, the more appointments you go on, the more offers you make, right? The more chances of success that you have.

So I want to let that sink in for a minute. So then I thought, well, you know, it is 2021. And in what worked 10 years ago, doesn’t work as much now. Okay. Um, so the, the market’s going crazy. We’ve got this upcoming for closure tsunami coming. I really think it is time to build a super army of people that help others while helping themselves, because I truly believe, um, um, unfortunately when this moratorium ends, we’re going to have a, uh, a little bit of issue with a bunch of foreclosures, hit the market, which is going to do a number of things, but that’s not what I’m going to get into today. So I said, well, Peter and I, over the years, we built an incredible team. I’ve also ran a call center before. I mean, gods, we literally, when we talk about having that little office, Peter and I used to also have a 10,000 square foot office, we had 30 callers, 30 callers in that office.

Julie (00:23:45):

Okay. So we literally built a call center. I personally am not a firm believer and, and you know, you can fill differently. I’m not a firm believer in putting overseas VAs on my phone, phone calls. Okay. Um, really I like hiring, um, local. Um, I also think someone local is going to present themselves better. You could just tell when you talk, I mean, come on, listen to me talk. You could pretty much tell where I’m from just by listening to me. Right? So what if I could work with the most highly motivated people as possible? We’ll check. That would be good. Cause let me tell you if you’re going to consider this, this is an, uh, I think I’ll do it. This is a, Hey, we got work to do. We want to change lives. We want to build legacies for our families. We’re not just in this to do one or two deals done.

Do you hear that? Tell me about making money right now. It’s about building a legacy for our family. Having something to be remembered for having something to where you are able to reach the dreams and goals that you have. See, my, my dream and goal was not to ever quit working. If you, if you love what you do, I know you’ve all heard this, but you never really work a day, your life. Um, I go on trips all the time and people say, well, gosh, you’re still answering the phone. I’m like thinking, no, I’m not really working, right. This is, this is part of what I love to do. So I just want to make sure before I go into this presentation, if this is something you’re interested in, you have got to be a go getter. You, you cannot be a quitter. I did not have time for that quitters.

Julie (00:25:43):

This takes a lot of time out of my personal life. Um, which is fine because I love it. And yeah, and I am bringing my absolute top people right. To work with you. I don’t want my top people working with individuals that aren’t highly motivated. Okay. So now that we got that out of the way, I don’t mean to be rude. I really don’t. But your success is my success. And I’m going to explain to you. So I got to think, and you know, Pete, when, whenever we started partner driven, max, how could I affect lovely. Take someone and get them from point a to point Z point a to point Z. How do I get them there? What, what would someone need? If I were to start all over again, what would I need? If I was to pick myself self up and move across the country to somewhere else, what would I need? Well, number one, do you have a legitimate business set up? Would you guys not agree?

And I don’t mean just a legitimate business set up. What I mean is setting it up properly from the absolute very beginning, not a, I’m just going to set up a business and if it makes money, it makes money. Oh, please, I’m talking about setting up a business. That’s structured in a way that when you start making money, you’re able to take some tax advantages, some different things like that. Because let me tell you, if you’re going to start making money, you better understand how to pay those taxes or you’re going to get in trouble. So we’re going to put, I’m going to put you with the absolute, best person that I know.

Julie (00:27:34):

And I mean, they set up my businesses, they set up Peter’s businesses. He is, in my opinion, one of the best there is in this business. Okay. So we’re going to schedule a call with you. We’re going to get your business set up for you. You don’t need to be working and spending money in real estate and not being able to write it off on your taxes or not being able to take advantage. Correct. All right. Now, once we decide or you decide that business name or that business, that you’re going after, you need to have creative on there, right? You need to, to have a logo. And I don’t mean some silly logo that you’re like, well, I’ll just, you know, pay somebody on fiber and I’ll get me a $75, $75 logo. No, I mean, you want a logo that you would wear on a shirt, you know, like where you go get your shirt and reordered, or you guys out there that were ball caps.

Julie (00:28:37):

You want a brand, not a logo brand that everybody recognizes because referrals, as you get along further in this business is really important. So having a recognizable, trusted brand is really important. So on top of that, we’re going to build a website for you with, with this brand and branding. Then we’re going to build your Facebook and your Instagram page, because why? Because that’s where everybody goes to look for you at right. Well, a lot of them, the problems I see is people have these different things. But one was created this year. One was created this year. One was created by this person. One was created by this person and they don’t come together. You know, if you’re, we’re going to be getting leads, you need to know where your leads are coming from. Right? So if you’re doing this type of marketing, you need to know what’s making you money. So we’re going to have everything come back to that website. Well, great. Where does it go from there? Well, we will customize a system for you, a system.

Now that word gets thrown around very loosely. Everybody’s like, oh, you need a system. You need a system. Well, you do. Okay. Because when you start getting leads, Peter, and I’m talking to somebody today and I say, you know what, Pete, I’m going to call you next Wednesday. If you don’t call next Wednesday, you just lost your opportunity. Well, when you talk to enough sellers, you’re going to be doing that over and over and over again, you got to have a way to keep up with your potential sellers. You got to do what you say. You’re going to do each and every time each and every time. So now what’s the other benefits to having a system like this? Well, it’s efficiency, right? If I were handling a phone, right, I could dial, I’ve done it before 25 to 28 calls an hour. And let me tell you, that’s getting it. That’s really just getting the it and no distractions. Well with our systems, you’re going to have the ability to call to text and to email simultaneously. Okay. So if that’s all that I was able to provide to you and let me know in the chat, do you think that would help your business? If that was all that we were able to provide a system, a branding, a real business, something to get you off your feet, something to give you a clear system that you know what to do every day, that help you.

Julie (00:31:42):

Yeah. Yeah, it would. Well, I got to thinking about that. Well, now that we’ve got all of that taken care of, I really got to think and Pete, and I say this every time you ever hear me on a call, this is what I say, Pete. I said, there was one thing that makes you money in this business. And I’ve said it two times already on this call, one thing and one thing only, and that is what making offers and go into an appointments. So to me, and I know this, the more offers you make, the more appointments you go on, the better chance of success.

What if I was able to hire someone for you? I like to call them phone pros because they are phone pros. They are highly trained individuals that are US-based 90% of them live within my town or the next town over. Because I like having that control. I love having that comradery with my team. What is, I was able to provide you every business day, one lead of a seller that raises their hand and says they liked the care cash offer. So if your complete job every day was to go to appointments and make offers and handle your followups, do you think you could do some deals? I mean, be honest with you. I’m I’m I’m I have no, no problem with that. Right? So we will handle purchasing all of the leads. That means, you know, buying the leads, their phone numbers, their email addresses, we will train your specific color.

Julie (00:33:53):

Why is that important? Because the lady, whenever Peter and I, and, and if you can remember back to Gloria, Peter, right? Gloria, probably how many you did, she close for us probably by 350 or so back in the day. And she was one of our best callers. Well, guess what? I have her helping me train these ladies because we have to be listening to their calls, got to make sure they’re working their hours, got to make sure that they’re being managed. I don’t want you to worry about that because that’s not what makes you money? Let me handle, let me handle all of the work that isn’t the making work in the end. It is money-making work, but it’s a system. Some every day we have training calls. We have a calendar ability. We’ve got, um, we’ve got our leads. If my people aren’t hitting my numbers, believe me, I’m on it because I have a commitment to you. And again, as I said it before, it feels, see, I’m very, very serious. What about this? This is not for the faint of hearts, because not only will we help you with all of those things, but also have more back office. We want you out finding more deals while we help close the deals.

The worst thing you can ever do is get then to a deal. Okay? T to me, I see the so many times people get one deal done and they’ll spend all of their time on that one deal. And you know what happens? They take their eye off of the ball. What do I mean by that? What’s the ball. The ball is going out and make it all first. So you lose your momentum. I want you to let’s get the momentum going and just keep the ball rolling and just keep going and keep going and keep going and keep going to do that. You almost need a team to an extent, because eventually you are going to one day have all of these people for you. I’ve got over nine people working for me just at partner-driven max. And let me tell you, it is overkill right now because we over deliver on our promise because this is the reason why is it okay with y’all? If, if I’m selfish for a minute, do you mind y’all don’t mind if I’m selfish a little bit.

Julie (00:36:42):

So do y’all know how, like Peter was talking about Seth, that we were talking about, like doing $60,000 deals and a hundred thousand dollars deals and $5,000 deals. Cause yeah, not every deal is a winner. A deal’s a deal though. The true reason I want to put my intention into a few select people is this, I want more success and I’ll tell you why, because we fund the deals with Seth and we split profits 50 50. So you want to know my true selfish reason for doing this is because once we start closing deals, that’s where we make the real money. I never want to get into this and say, um, or for you not to understand what my true intentions are when you’re successful, we’re successful. Okay. Um, obviously what I just proposed to you that takes a lot of work donut. I mean, it really, it is a lot of work not to mention got us there. When you work with me, there’s none of this schedule a call or none of this doing that. You pick up the phone and you call me and you text me. Cause we don’t have time to wait on me to answer questions. I’m going to be there with you. 100% of the way Peter is going to be there with you.

Julie (00:38:15):

100% of the way. Another thing is, is these are a little bit higher level conversations from time to time. And I think it’s important that you’re around other people that are in, that are working with me at this capacity. Okay. I have no problem. I never had anything that I do. I have no reason to ever do that. So I’m going to put you with other people at this exact same level, you’re gonna have their phone number. I encourage people that are in partner driven max to work together because there’s things that you learn from other people that you may not learn from Peter and I, I learned from people every day.

Basically what I’m trying to do is set you up for success, to my best of my abilities. But again, like I said, it’s, it’s definitely not for the faint of hearts. You’ve gotta be willing to go and do what others aren’t willing to do. So yeah, that might may mean instead of on Friday night, going out to dinner and watching some Netflix, you’re running appointments to meet with sellers maybe on Saturday morning, instead of, you know, go into your buddy’s house. You’re making, you’re going to appointments an appointment still. After all these deals, Peter, an appointment always comes trumps. Anything else just about, unless it’s, um, unless it’s, you know, something with my daughter or someone’s sick, but I don’t care how much money that I’ve ever made doing this seller calls me and tells me to come meet him up. I’ll see you in just a minute. I don’t care if I got to drive an hour, I’m going, whether I know I’m going to get the deal or not.

So this is not something I, and believe me guys, when I’m about to tell you, I understand I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. I know the concepts of money, but these things cost money. It costs money to hire someone. It costs money to buy leads. It costs money to buy a business. It costs money to dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, to pay these people. Um, all of our staff that we have this program is in between 45 and $65,000. And yeah, I believe me. I know what a commitment that is.

Julie (00:41:06):

You’d fair to say. If you went and did all of this on your own, you’d be very surprised at how much it would cost to make all of this happen. And to start out knowing that you have someone behind you, you have a team of behind you like Peter and myself have years of experience to stop you from making timely mistakes, stop you from making mistakes that are going to cost you money. Okay. So the difference in the money is this. It’s how long we work together. Okay. And if you are already a partner at partner-driven, because if you were a partner at partner-driven, I’m going to give you credit for that, because I understand that you’re already a little bit further along because of what partner-driven teaches you. You’re going to have the benefits of partner-driven max and partner driven.

All right. So again, like I said, that’s somewhere between 45 and 65,000. Now it’s even harder for me to say that to an extent, because it’s a little bit gut gut-wrenching right now. Think about if you were to go and get it into a franchise somewhere, how much that would cost to start a business that makes us kind of money. So you really got to, to understand that investing in yourself is the, is the biggest investment you’re ever going to make in your entire life. I have two options for you guys. And one specifically that I’m going to go over first one, specifically for an individual, for individuals that this works for. And yeah, before you sign up, you will talk to me individually after you talk to the people, because I want to make sure we’re a good fit. Our in house payment plan. I can take $20,000 down in 5,000 a month until that’s paid off. Now you’re probably thinking well that yeah, 20,000 is a lot, but I’ll tell you that the very beginning is when I spend the most money. So I’m almost need that to get this started. And then the 5,000 a month helps handle the salaries until we’re there. Okay. The next thing has anybody ever heard of OPM Peter, explain the power of OPM.

Peter (00:43:38):

Well, I’ll tell you Julie, if you’re in real estate and you don’t understand OPM, then chances are, you’re not going to get very far. OPM literally stands for other people’s money. And I could tell you whether it’s myself, any of my friends that have achieved success or any people, you know, at the highest, highest levels of billionaires in real estate, we all use OPM meaning other people’s money because when you use other people’s money and specifically in real estate, because remember we’re not dealing with like, you know, little small objects we’re dealing with tens of hundreds, if not millions of dollars worth of assets, what OPM does is it allows you to move quicker. It allows you to move, move more. Risk-free it buys you time to be successful. And it literally allows you to do things that otherwise you can not do, right? Because when you’re utilizing other people’s money, you’re able to leverage, right?

And it’s, you know, if you let’s say you only have $25,000 to work with, well, you’re very limited because you have to buy something in real estate. That’s only worth $25,000. I don’t care what real estate market you’re in $25,000 is not going to get you very far. But if you utilize OPM, you could leverage that $25,000 and in turn by a hundred, maybe even a $200,000 house. So what does that do? It just tremendously increased your options to actually get in the game and be profitable. And so what Julie now is going to present to you is the ability to also use OPM. Not only when you join us at PD max, but use OPM to, uh, if you don’t want to use our internal financing, you could, if you qualify it, use OPM to actually join the program. Right? Julie?

Julie (00:45:21):

Yeah, I I’m so sorry. Uh, Marine is deal. The seller just accepted my pro our price. Sorry. Uh, but, but you are so right. So the opportunity right now is this, and I’m going to share my screen here is this funding source is available to new and existing partners. And all you need is a six 20 credit score or higher and at least $40,000 a year. Okay. And you’ve been on your job for a year or more, or if you were in business for yourself, then we need you. They need W2’s and tax returns for the last two years. Okay. That you’re in business. So going through this. So if you would, um, uh, my question to you is if you have the six 20 credit score or higher and you make 40,000 plus a year, you could qualify for this special financing. Okay. And be in this program for as little as $800 a month with this financing, depending on credit score, what lenders you go with?

The crazy thing, Peter, about this whole about the whole financing that I want to mention is that this company is backed by private lenders. This company believes in what we do so much because they’ve saw the success of our partners. They are allowing their private lenders to lend people money because of partner driven. So it’s not like you could borrow this money and go buy a car with it. Okay. It is used for business purposes only. Okay. So with these business purpose, only loan they’re investing in you and your success. Um, what I want to do is I want to show you just how easy and simple it is to qualify into a plop or one of these loans. Now, the biggest thing you’re going to think like me, when you tell me to apply for a loan, Pete, I’m over here. Like I’m not applying for anything. That’s going to ding my credit.

Julie (00:47:48):

Okay. This is what is called a soft pool. A soft pool does not affect your credit. Okay. They’re going to take this information and tell you whether you are pre-approved or not. Um, yes, sir. Whoever asked if we had partner-driven testimonials, um, we’ve got hundreds of them. They’re on our website. Um, they’re, they’re all over the place. Um, and if you would please put the funding link inside of the chat, and I’m going to walk you through this guys and show you exactly how easy it is, um, to apply for one of these, um, for one of these loans. Okay. So I want to make sure have I given everybody enough time to click on that link? I want to make sure everybody is with me right now. All right. Cool. Pete, is everybody saying yes in the chat because I can

Peter (00:48:47):

Julian, let me just ask you one question. I know some people are going to want to take the internal financing option. They just, you know, they have the down payment, they’ll work out the monthly payments. Do you want those people to ultimately call you? So you make sure that they’re on the same page. How do you want those people? The ones that do not need the financing?

Julie (00:49:08):

Um, yes. I would like them to call me actually. Um, if you would text me.

Peter (00:49:14):

Okay. So if somebody could put Patrice, if you could put Julie’s phone number in chat. So if you already have the internal, the funding that Julie said, just you want us to basically finance you and you have the $20,000 down shoot Julia text directly, and Patrice will put her phone number into the chat now, sorry, Julie.

Julie (00:49:33):

If I’m on the phone with one of our partners and you call, I don’t want to miss your call. So if you text me, I’ll definitely give you a call back or you could really call me. But my phone number is (678) 994-9998. Again, that number is (678) 994-9998. But if you choose to go through this financing, okay. Then once we click the link, you’re going to pick that this is a major purchase. Okay. And what’s, what’s the, what’s the reason for that. Then you’re going to say, how much would you like to borrow? It’s going to give you an option. You’re going to pull the little slot thing all the way from five to 125. If you’re looking for 45 to 65,000, I would say, ask for a little bit more than what you’re looking for, because I mean, why not? Right? You don’t have to take that certain.

I always just like to ask for a little bit more next, your name pretty simple. Your first and your last name, then your cell phone number. This is important that you do not use a landline. And the reason is, is because a lot of times this company is going to communicate with you via text messaging. So they want to be able to send you text messages. So if you would give them your cell phone number, along with your birth date, your social security number again, let’s stop right here. This is not a hard pool. This will not affect your credit for simply trying to get a pre-approval. Okay. Next. What’s your zip code? What’s your address? How long have you lived at this particular address? Do you own it out? Right? Do you own it with a mortgage? Are you renting it or other what’s your monthly rent or average mortgage amount? What’s the estimate of your credit score? What’s your employment status? What’s your yearly pre-taxed income again? This is gross. Pre-tax what’s your payroll frequency weekly by weekly, twice a month. Monthly, do you get direct deposit, paper check or cash?

Julie (00:51:51):

You can also click here to acknowledge and consent. And then essentially Peter, at that point, the company will get back right back to you. Okay. So I’ll tell you today. Um, I’ve actually never, ever, ever given out my personal phone number, but because I am taking a few select people. If this is something that you were interested in and you would like to talk more about it with me, you can go ahead and text me first. Get a hold of me at area code 6, 7, 8, non non for non [inaudible], 8 6 7 8 9 9 4 9 9 8. And we’ll see if this is right for you or go through financing, or if you’re ready to get started today, then give me a call. All right. Cause I’ve already actually trained a few brand new callers, um, uh, some brand new callers ready to go for someone like my can Shelby, Hey, I’ve already got your girl, your lady going. I know that y’all are about to get started with us. So we’re getting ready for you. But Peter, um, that is really all that I have for right now. Um, so unless you have something else to add,

Peter (00:53:20):

Well, listen guys, I think we’ve set up, I think at this point, most people on this presentation know, yes, I’m ready or no, this is not for me, but either way, guys, I could tell you both Julie and I enjoyed it. We take, we take our real estate investing serious because this is how we make our money. We’re a full-time real estate investors first and foremost. And our model is very simple. We help everyday people across the United States, get to those next levels by doing real estate deals with them. And we’re always challenging ourselves. How do we love a low and this partner driven max is our way of leveling up. So you guys know what to do. You guys got the links, uh, you have, I know Julie, there’s some questions coming in for you on the, uh, on chat. I don’t know if you want to

Julie (00:54:08):

Answer them for four weeks is 45,000. That is a great question, Maria. It’s for four months, but I want you to also, it’s really longer than that because I don’t start the time until you start receiving leads. And there’s a lot of work that goes in to getting all of this stuff, stuff done before, before you ever start receiving leads. Okay. And I hope you can understand sometimes that might take me four, six weeks to get all of those other things done and get someone hired. So your actual time doesn’t start until you start receiving leads. Okay? Cause I’ll tell you sometimes I hire people and Peter, I train them and then you, you know what, they don’t fit. So I have to let them go.

And I’m going to put somebody in front of you. That’s going to, it’s going to be to your best interest. Okay. Cause again, I told y’all my selfish reason for wanting to do this. So, um, I want to have the best of the best. Um, I do see some hands raised. Um, and I’m okay to answer questions right now. So if you have any questions, raise your zoom hand and I will press a button and you will unmute yourself. All right, Brian, I don’t have your last name dear. But if you would mute yourself yeah.

Bryan (00:55:45):

Our area, the car’s going to be in our area cause that’s in your area. So if we were to do this, these cards would be in our area. And sorry for asking the question you might’ve already, I’m just jumping in and out of my truck and beast.

Julie (00:56:06):

Yeah. So the DOE that’s a great question. I think you’re, you sound like a robot and I’m hearing every other word, but I think you’re asking me, I think you’re asking me if I hire a person local to you to be quite honest. My office is here in Georgia, even though ladies work from home, a lot of them are ladies and gentlemen work from home. Um, I want them to be near me because I want to be able to then become a level two for training purposes and old school like that. Yes, sir. Thank you. All right, James. James, if you will just send me it yourself, dear.

James (00:57:02):

Um, hello. Can you hear me?

Julie (00:57:05):

I sure can.

James (00:57:07):

Um, so my question was, um, with the, because you know, like being already because of the partner driven max, just, it sounds like, you know what, we’re all what we’ve already signed up for. Um, so I’ll try to understand like, um, what, what would really be different? Like, I mean, I understand we have callers, you know, people call them, but I, from where we’re at right now, you know, um, like how do we work our way up to, to that where we have callers and things like that. Cause I have, you know, like, what’d you say I have like an LLC set up. I have, I just, um, set an appointment to talk with someone about taxes so that, um, sorry about that. They talk with someone about taxes. So, um, and I’m like currently right now I’m designing a website working on a website.

So some of these things I kind of already been doing, um, on my own, but, um, because one thing for me is like, I’ve, I’ve done pretty much like a skip trace. I’ve called, I sent direct mail. I’ve I’ve knocked on doors. Um, but I noticed when I was knocking on the doors and actually speaking to people, like none of the sellers like seem to be motivated, no one was like interested in selling. They were like, no, I’m not selling my house. And they were kinda like surprised. They seem surprised that, um, they were being approached by it. And also too, I’ve been there, like I’ve been speaking to different people about marketing and things like that. Um, there was a marketing agency I was speaking with yesterday and they were telling me, you know, it’s kind of like the same thing she said, uh, like it was something that you said earlier, she was like, you know, these, these sellers are motivated.

Like these are people that are basically raising their hands and, you know, saying that they’re looking to sell their homes. Um, so I’m just trying to figure out like, um, kinda like are the leads that we have, like through the app or is that, is that all, like, those are all cold, like cold calls and things of that nature. We’re just contacting them to see, you know, what’s going on. Like, I’m just trying to understand a little bit more like, because, uh, cause like I said, like the skip trace in, uh, you know, the direct mail, like even the app itself, like all of it costs money and I’m trying to understand like exactly what I’m supposed to get out of that because like, just from, you know, what I’m seeing right now is like a lot of like, it’s just, uh, like, like honestly it’s been like a lot of like, uh, dead ends, you know what I mean?

And I’m doing the work. And then even talking about like the being all in, when I signed up for this, it was, it was $1,500. I had $1,600 in my account, you know what I mean? So, and I’ve been, I’ve been, um, you know, like working at this for awhile. So I’ve, I’ve experienced many failures, you know what I mean? But I still keep going, like giving up. It’s not something that I even think of because I know what this is. I know what real estate is like, this is the number one business in the world. You know what I mean?

Julie (01:00:06):

Yeah. Do you, do you mind, can I, can I give you a few pointers? Because by the way at partner-driven we do offer a lot. Okay. So number one, you’re saying you’re paying for skip tracing as a partner. You don’t, you should be paying anything for skip tracing. You should have a thousand free skip traces a month.

James (01:00:26):

Yeah. I don’t know. Like it takes up my credits and I was told too that I wouldn’t have to pay for the app and I had to pay for the app. And when I was contacting, you know, reaching out, like I wasn’t, I wasn’t really

Julie (01:00:37):

James there’s a mistake. All I need you to do is email support and we’ll get it taken care of.

James (01:00:44):

Okay. I did email support. Like as soon as I paid for it, that’s what I’m saying. Like I emailed, uh, I reached out to people about it and, um, cause that was the first thing I said before I even paid for it. I asked, um, if I had to pay for it and I was told that I wouldn’t have to, but when I went back to it, like I ended up having to pay for it. And it’s not that it’s not that

Julie (01:01:04):

It does matter. It does matter because based off of principles of we, if we give you something, then, then that’s my word and it will happen. So something is not right. Um, I never have these complaints. What is your last name? James? My last name is blue, like within 15 minutes after I’ll call. Okay. The other thing you need to do is that you need to go through your onboarding of deal. Engine deal, engine, your automatic CRM system. Now you’re going to need to do all of this yourself, but you are, you were with deal engine. You’re going to go to contact three times as many people. And also if you’re running into an issue, you know, how many times have you scheduled a coaching call with our master coaches? I actually

James (01:02:02):

Had someone that I was, um, that had reached when I first signed up. There was someone who reached out to me. Um, and his name was Terry. And he was saying that, you know, that, that was his purpose was to like help me, like, uh, you know, if I had any questions or anything. Um, so I had been, I had been with him about certain things, but um,

Julie (01:02:24):

Your welcome email, 12 hours a day, Monday through Friday, you have the ability to schedule coaching, really plug into the system or join the daily training calls. And once you plug into the system or you get literally like responses within 30 minutes to an hour, I manage partner driven

James (01:02:53):

When you’re having an issue. We’ll be there. Yeah. Cause I mean, I, I mean, that was, like I said, you know, that, that was the whole purpose of, of signing up for this is because like trying to do a lot of stuff on my own and like, you know, like what you were talking about earlier, like OPM and things like that. Like understanding that, like I, um, you know, so I’m just trying to take this to the next, to the next to the next level. It’s like, uh, I’m just trying to figure things out, you know?

Julie (01:03:21):

Yeah, absolutely. But you need to take advantage of everything that we offer you that you don’t have to pay for. We pay for it for you and you could, you’re like, okay. And Gerald schedule a master coach call joined the live daily training calls. There is a direct correlation with everybody that’s on the training call. So the ones that do deals, we just need you to let us know when you need assistance. We don’t know if you don’t tell us.

James (01:03:54):

Yeah. Yeah. That’s true. Is, uh, like a lot, a lot too is like, um, like you said, you know, like taking initiative, you know, like, cause I, I just think about it. Like I know you guys have a lot going on, you know, like I just felt like some of this stuff I have to figure out on my own, like, you know what I saw watch videos like the, uh, the training videos and stuff like that. And um, you know, just try to apply it on my own, you know,

Julie (01:04:17):

You’re, you’re, you’re very, very sweet. The only thing that we’ve got going on is helping people like you get deals done. Don’t ever worry about that. Okay. We’ll have a master coach reach out to you today. I will have one of my admin staff reach out to you today. I’ll have all this salt here momentarily. Okay? Okay. Thank you. Thank you, James. Well guys, um, yeah, no problem. We’ll we’ll get, Hey, don’t worry. We’ll get this taken care of it. For those of you that are partners plugged into our systems. We do a lab daily training call every day, Monday through Friday at 9:00 AM. Eastern standard time. You never have to pay extra for coaching. You never have to pay extra for, um, our CRM with the exception of an email account, a text messaging account. Um, but when you’re here or even slate, um, you do not have to pay extra for, for, for calls or for anything at all.

Julie (01:05:20):

No, guys, we want to do deals with you. Get back on an onboarding call, join a brand new onboarding call and, and schedule a call with a master coach. Let’s get you on stuck. Let’s get you on stuck. Just because I’m talking to you today about partner-driven max doesn’t mean that that partner driven is, is not providing you everything partner-driven max is just kind of handling it more for you. Okay. So for those of you that are serious about talking to me about partner-driven max, give me your, um, give me your, just text me at 6 7 8 9 9 4 9 9 8. And we will be here for you guys. It’s been a great Friday. Um, I have got to go run some errands this afternoon, so I will see you later. Anything from you, Peter?

Peter (01:06:17):

Nope. We set it all guys on behalf of ourselves and the staff. Thank you. We appreciate it. And we look forward to getting a number of you guys started here. Thanks guys. Bye bye.