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Speaker 1 (00:03):

All right, let’s talk a little bit about timing. Let’s talk a little bit about real estate. Um, I’ll tell you what I’ve been at this thing for 22 years, 22 years, I’ve been investing in real estate and I could tell you, I have never, ever seen a better real estate market that I’m seeing right now. Think about this 22 years, thousands of real estate deals later, upmarket, downmarket. And I could tell you, the market we’re in right now is the best market I’ve seen in 22 years. And so, you know, whereas before I always said, I never told anybody, you know, Hey, you need to get into real estate. You don’t need to get in real estate. I just kind of let people make up their own minds. I could tell you right now, you need to get into real estate. Right? Right now, if you are serious about leveling up, if you’re serious about making more money, if you’re serious about getting to those next levels in life, if you’ve ever thought about real estate investing, there’s never, ever been a better time than right now. And let me explain to you, what’s what, why, how that is all tied into multiple things.

Speaker 1 (01:19):

The timing of it right now is a very unusual timing. And what I call it right now is we are literally in what I call the equilibrium stage. Okay. We’re literally at the equilibrium stage. And what I mean by that is this and real estate and real estate, you know, real estate always changes and fluctuates, right? If you follow real estate to any level, to any degree, you know, that real estate, it goes up, it goes down. Money gets easier to grab money, gets harder to grab appreciation depreciation buyer’s market seller’s market. Well, not right now. Right now we have what is called the totally equilibrium. And what I mean by that is this on one side of the equation on one side of the equation, because of the pandemic, right? Because of what COVID created last year, there’s a tremendous, tremendous motivation by a lot of sellers to sell, right?

Speaker 1 (02:13):

Huge motivation by a lot of sellers to sell. So that’s, that’s a good thing, right? But usually that’s called a sellers market. So that means from the buyer’s perspective, it’s changes. You know, there’s not as many buyers out there or something like that. Well, the reason we are at an equilibrium state right now, the reason we’re in equilibrium stage right now is there’s on the other side, a huge demand by the buyers, right? So you got a huge, huge motivation by the sellers. On the flip side, you’ve got huge demand by the buyers. Now, why do you have huge demand by the buyers? A couple of reasons. Number one, money is extremely cheap right now. So if you want to buy a house to live in, right, there’s a lot of people looking to buy their own right now. Right? Cause it’s just cheap. Money might not be the perfect time, but it’s cheap money, right?

Speaker 1 (03:05):

So there’s huge, huge demand by the buyers. And on the other side, who’s the other buyer, it’s a real estate investor, right? Well, on the investor side, you know, COVID, didn’t hurt everybody. In fact, most people made a ton of money during COVID. So on the other side of the equation, on the other side of the equation, you have all this cash floating around in real estate. So huge motivation by the sellers to sell properties, huge demand by the buyers to buy properties. Yes. Where we are as investors we’re right in the middle of this whole thing, right? We’re literally, we’re literally in the middle of it, knowing how to get to the sellers and know how to move it to the buyers. This is why, like I said, for 22 years, I’ve never preached that you should get into real estate. I always thought real estate is a good opportunity.

Speaker 1 (03:56):

It’s a good option. It’s a good way to make money. All of that stuff. But I’m telling you right now, there is never, ever, ever been a better time to get into real estate. I think right now, if you’re on the sidelines and you have the ability to get into real estate, you’re missing out. I think right now, if you’re not being proactive about getting into real estate, and you’ve always thought about getting into real estate or thought about it for awhile, you’re missing out. You’re just not going to find a better market conditions than you will right now. Right? You got motivation by the sellers, which means they want to sell, well, guess what? We, as investors want to buy, you got demand by the buyers. Well guess what? We as investors ultimately got to get rid of this stuff. So literally literally in the equilibrium point right now, we’re literally in the equilibrium point.

Speaker 1 (04:48):

And that’s another reason why we’re I’m so gung ho about the, my partnering program, because I understand this concept very well. Okay. I understand the opportunity that’s in front of us because I’ve been as thing for a couple of decades. And this is why I think I’ve timed the partner model. Perfect perfectly by accident, by the way, never thought this was happening when we started the partner model many years ago. But the timing of it, it couldn’t be any better, right? Because what do I do? I’m looking for partners to do deals with, does it get any better net, right? I’m not just chasing deals. I’m looking for people that want to do deals, right? And what do I often return? I offer, I train you. I coach you. My team gives you daily instructions. We will. We’ll generate leads for you.

Speaker 1 (05:40):

And I’ll give you all the capital you need to close on these deals. That’s a pretty good exchange. What you’re going to be. You’re going to be the boots on the ground, right? Under our supervision. If you want to do that with me, if you want to partner with me, you got to make sure you live in the, in the states, the United States, you got to make sure you’re coachable. We know what we’re doing. I promise you. If you live in United States, you’re coachable. You’re ready to level up. DME, the word partner, right? DME, the word partner and we’ll connect. We’ll chat. See if we’re a good fit for each other. But whether you do it with me or whether you do it by yourself, I’m just telling you right now, the market is hot. And the good thing about real estate. Here’s another good thing about real estate.

Speaker 1 (06:20):

There’s a lot of businesses that work with small transactions, right? Like let’s say you have a dry cleaning. We’ll get so many shirts. You got a clean before seeing an impact on your income, right? Real estate. You flip one property. You can walk away with 20, 30, $40,000 at a time. Now that’s pretty amazing, right? I mean, think about this. Think about how much your life will change. If you could figure out how to flip one property, make an extra 20, 30,000. Now it’ll change for that moment probably for that week for maybe for even a couple of months. What if you figure out and we could show you how to do that, how to do that consistently? What if every month you could make 5, 10, 20, $30,000, right? That’s what the cool thing about real estate is you don’t got to do a ton of it. You just got to do some of it. You got to be somewhat good at it. And if you could just do an extra 20 deals a year doing an extra 10 deals a year, you could put an extra six figures into your pocket like that. Anyway, guys, timing or real estate. It’s impeccable. You couldn’t have timed it any better than right now. Equilibrium point. I’m looking more partners, DME, the word partner and United States. If you’re coachable, you’re ready to low level up. All right, guys. I appreciate it. Thanks.

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