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00:19 Vertical or horizontal real estate investing?
00:41 Real estate investing seminars that don’t teach my techniques
01:05 Brian wonders
02:19 Persistence and replication is key
03:16 There is no magic pill
03:47 New investors can use this technique
04:26 Scale your business is a must
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My name is Peter Vekselman and I help my students develop a real estate investment business plan across the U.S. If you’re ready to increase your income and close more deals, please call me at 404 915 9685.

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1. Warning: too many real estate investing seminars teach you techniques that no longer work. What’s worse is once the thousands of curve balls that come your way from buyers and sellers, what do you? That’s why I offer customized coaching to be available to my students.

2. Investing in real estate is not difficult once you have a proven formula. Granted, there are many real estate investing seminars out there. However, many of them are designed to teach the masses instead focus on individual needs. You deserve better.

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3. A long time ago I decided I was goign to share my expertise in commercial investment real estate by offer custom real estate investing seminars. I give you access to my real estate investment firm where I do between 8-10 deals per week.

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4. If you’re not sure whether or not to invest your time and money in real estate investing seminars, guess what? That’s good. Be cautious. In fact, do your research and find someone who can show you the ropes by looking over their shoulder.

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