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I would he say, guys, let’s talk, uh, let’s talk about getting up early. Let’s talk about getting up early in the mornings and the value that you know, I’ve been getting up early, long, long, long time now. And there’s a lot of reasons I wake up early. Okay.

Number one, I have, I actually like literally looked and studied other successful people. Right. And I like, you know, one thing I’ve learned is that when it comes to success, it’s like, it’s not hidden, right? It’s not like rocket science. Right. Um, when it comes to success, there are certain basic principles that successful people use use over and over and over again, tell you this thing about rising early and getting up early. That is a big one. That is an absolute big one. Uh, I have seen a commonality among successful people in terms of getting up early. So I’ve been getting up early for a long, long, long time. Sometimes I get up earlier than other times, but here’s a couple of things to consider a why of why you want to start getting up early. Number one, let’s say you just get up one hour earlier every single day, right? Let’s say you choose to get up earlier one hour every day for the next year. Think about this. That’s an extra 365 hours that you could put to use that you otherwise wouldn’t have, right? Not think about this 365 hours. Like that is a huge amount of time thinking about what you could do with an extra 365 hours and the next year, chasing your side hustle, progressing your businesses.

How much closer can you be to your dreams and goals having an extra 365 hours, right? That’s a huge, huge, huge advantage. Think about it. If you really want something. Like if you get crazy and you actually get up like two or three hours earlier, like this morning I was up, uh, I believe around four o’clock, four o’clock it’s seven 30 now. So in the last three and a half hours now, now here’s the thing I’m not talking about getting up and laying around and watching TV or watching Netflix. I’m talking about getting up early and getting things done. Right? I’m talking about getting up early and making moves. I’m talking about getting up early and being productive, like for the last three and a half hours, I have been productive. Right? I have done things to propel me towards my goals, my objectives, things I want to accomplish.


The other thing is the other thing that’s huge when you get up early, think about, um, think about your competition, right? Because we live in a competitive environment, right? And, and I always tell people, you better figure out a way to get, uh, an angle on your competition. Right? You better figure out a way to level up against your competition. Well, think about your competition. Are they getting up at four or five in the morning? No. So the other advantage you have the other huge advantage you have in terms of getting up early in the morning, you, you literally have a competitive advantage over your competition, right? Again, as long as you’re doing the productive stuff, as long as you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. So a you’re creating time, okay. You’re creating time for yourself that you otherwise wouldn’t have. And here’s the other thing about getting up early.

Sometimes people say, well, I need all the sleep. I need all the sleep. I get it. I get it. But chances are, and I might be wrong, but chances are, you’re probably not working till the very moment you go to bed. Right. You know? So let’s say you average, you go to bed around 10, 11. O’clock right. I think it’s pretty safe to say that you’re probably not working till, you know, 10, 11 o’clock. So if you think you need all that sleep, once you go to bed about an hour earlier, right. Go to bed an hour earlier. If you’re not really working at that time, if you’re not really progressing at that time, go to bed one hour earlier. And there you go. Now you don’t even lose an hour of sleep. Right. You just adjust, you just adjust. So you’re creating time out of thin air, right? Because this is time that you’ve been sleeping in essence, wasting away. So you’re creating time out of thin air. When you get up earlier, you’re creating a competitive advantage. Okay. You’re creating a competitive advantage over your competition. Right. Which is huge.

Think about all that stuff I’m telling you getting up early in the morning, plus, this is what I’ve been trying to say. I noticed for me, and this seems to be for almost everyone. I talk to you think clear in the mornings, right? Cause as the day goes on, you know, stuff happens. Crap happens. You get sidelined with stuff, you get sidetracked with stuff. So I would say for at least, for most people that I know for me, 100% and for most people that I know they think clear in the morning, right. So I even think clear in the morning.


So the more you think about it, is there a value to getting up earlier in the morning? I would say 100%, you can even flip it on the upside down. Is there, is there any value in not getting up an hour earlier? I can’t think of one single reason. Right? I can’t, I can’t logically figure out if you don’t want to get up at least one hour earlier, what the advantage would be and not doing that. There is none, right? Like this morning I got up now for me, for me. Cause I’m living my basically business and all this. I’m not doing it as a side hustle. I’m doing as a main thing. So for me, my morning hours, right? My morning hours are spent doing non-math money, things, things that don’t make me money. Right. I do things that don’t make me money in the mornings from nine, from nine o’clock on it’s game on let’s go start doing money, making things. But until nine o’clock it’s mostly admin things. Now I’ll tell you something interesting today. Um, I had a conversation this morning. I actually was on the phone at like four thirty five. O’clock that’s pretty crazy. Isn’t it? But somebody wanted to, you know, they wanted to partner with me and do some real estate deals once chat with me, what that looks like. So I took his call, you know?

So that’s the other cool thing. You could be flexible during those hours, right? You don’t have anything pulling you away. I decided, Hey, I want to have a conversation. I didn’t have 30 other things that were keeping me busy. So it’s a lot more easier. It’s a lot easier to be lot more flexible early in the morning also because you don’t have as many distractions. So when I wanted to get in a call with somebody and somebody was actually up that early, Hey, no problem. Right? I did that. I did that. The other cool thing with me is, you know, since I partner with people across the United States and we do real estate deals, different people, different time zones, right? Different people, different time zones. So that gives me the ability to make some adjustments. By the way, if you want to do some real estate deals, man, I’m looking for more partners than ever is.

It’s one of the hottest markets I’ve ever seen. We’re doing more deals than we ever have with our partners. We have more contracts out than we ever had with our partners, DME, the word partner, right? You have to live in the United States. You’ve got to be coachable and you got to want to level up in life. If you’ve got those three things live in United States, you’re coachable. You want to level up, you and I can do some real estate deals. Most of the stuff I’m going to provide for you. Cause that’s how I do it for my partners. We’ll coach, you we’ll generate leads for you. I’ll give you all the capital to close on these deals. We put them into market, sell them, split the profits. Okay? So that’s, you know, DME to work partner, if you want to do that. But anyway, so getting up in the morning early, I’m telling you guys no downside to it.


Be productive when you do it, be smart. When you’re thinking about it, meaning don’t just lay around right. Getting up early does not mean lounging around earlier for an extra hour. By the way, if you have a question type it in, I’m not going to bring anyone live here. Just typing your questions. I’ll be able to see it on the side. Especially if they’re real estate questions or maybe about what we’re talking about. Leveling up, getting up early competitive advantage. When you’re up early, create time out of thin air. When you get up early, no distractions. When you get up early, your mind almost always is clear in the mornings when you get up earlier. And like right now it’s seven 40, right? I’ve been up three, three and a half hours. I got all my stuff done that I needed to get done. Right. I got all, all, all, everything out of the way that I needed to get out of the way.

And now I’m going to go work out. I’m not going to be stressed for time. I’m not going to be trying to rush through things. Right. So smart. Okay. Get up early. I’ll challenge you the next 30 days just for the next 30 days. Get up one hour earlier, get up one hour earlier. Next 30 days. See how, see how your, uh, what’s up. Dan. See how your life will change. Be productive, have a plan. What you’re going to do with that extra hour or two hours, right? Have a plan. Okay. And then execute that plan early in the morning, maybe for you. It’s a side hustle, right? Maybe that’s the time you’re going to be building out your side hustle. You know, you might be trying to figure out, well, I can’t, you know, Pete always talks about having a side hustle of your main hustle and get you what you want. I don’t have the time to do it. Yeah. You do get up one or two hours earlier and do your side hustle.

Heck if we’re partnering, doing real estate deals, that’s a good time to invest into your business in the mornings. Right? Pull your lists. Right. Uh, Dan at some Mercedes that I’m driving. Um, so maybe that’s a time for you. Okay? Maybe that’s the time and, uh, you to do for you to do your side hustle in the mornings, but be productive morning hours, I believe are for being productive. I’m very busy in their early mornings. Well, you have to figure out, but I’m just telling you right now, having an advantage of time, like an extra one or two hours a day is critical. So look, if for some reason, the way you’re set up, you cannot make, you can not make the morning hours. Okay. You cannot make the morning hours work. Okay? If some reason you can’t make, maybe for you, it’s an extra hour at night, right?


I don’t talk about that much, but, but that’s another option. That’s another opportunity, right? Maybe for you. It’s uh, you know, maybe for you, you got to stay up an extra hour, but create the advantage, learn to create the advantage of time, time. You know, I talk about this all the time. Pillars of success, pillars of success. I talk about real estate pillars of success, right? But time, time, having more time than your competition, maybe having more times than others is a huge, huge advantage. So learn to create it, stay up earlier. Okay. Do something productive. What’s a good breakfast to kick off a day. You know, I’m, I’m uh, I’m a pro I eat fruit in the mornings, right? I like to eat fruit gives me energy. I don’t over think it too much. So for me, eating fruit in the morning, I already had some, some fruit today.

I already had some fruit today and that’s how I kind of get up and get going. Do I speak French? Nope. I do not speak French, but I do speak the language of real estate. Remember guys, if you want to partner on some real estate deals anywhere across the United States, DME, the word partner, make sure you live in the United States though. DME, the word partner. I got leads. Any area you live in, I got leads for you. I got opportunities. I got the knowledge I know we need to do. And I got capital to close on these deals. So DME, the word partner. What’s up mark.

I started skip tracing in the mornings so I can call when they’re up. I love it. See, that’s right there. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Doing things that need to be done, but aren’t necessarily going to make you money. Right? I used to get mark. When I used to call many years ago, I did too. I got all my organizational stuff done to make my calls for today. Back then it was a lot more pain and a butt than it is now. I have to put a lot of more pieces together just to make some silly calls. Okay. And so, but yeah, I do do admin things, things that need to be done, but are not going to make you money. I love it. Mark. Good, good stuff. I have four properties which earns 20,000 per month. What should I do to increase the swell?


You know how you increase rents as a, you increase of value in the properties, right? So maybe, you know, uh, sometimes it’s a matter of building something out. Sometimes it’s a matter of adding something on, right? But increasing monthly rents, especially on commercial buildings is the greatest way to increase the value on commercial buildings. Right? And then when you increase the value on a commercial buildings, you can go to bank, double your rent, you know, add something on, build something out, find a better qualified tenant that could pay more double your rent. You could walk into any bank, right? Show them how much you’re making on your commercial property. They’ll give you at least 50 per you know, around 50% of it. And if you doubled your rent and you just doubled the value, you could take the equity out. Or some of the equity out right. Can take some of the equity out and move onto a different property. But in, in commercial space, it’s all about re increasing the rents. Okay. It’s all it all, all about increasing the rents. All right. Uh, let’s see, what have we got here?

Uh, do I exercise? Yes. And I do that in the mornings, by the way. That’s where I’m hitting right now. All right. I’m heading to the gym, getting off the highway right now. Yeah. I think exercise is an incredible, incredible pillar of success. Right? Exercising is an incredible pillar to success. I think it keeps me sharper. Keeps me in better shape. Remember no health, no wealth. I mean, it’s as simple as that. I don’t care how much money you got you. Don’t got your health. It ain’t going to be good. It’s not going to be pretty. Okay. So, uh, um, got it. Got, got to have your health. Okay. You got to, got to, got to, uh, got to have your health. Very, very important piece. All right, let me see.

Is there anything else you would invest other than in real estate at this moment? You know, I have some Amazon investments, Amazon stores. I have some crypto, but honestly, no, this is where to play is for me, for me, the play is very simple. It’s um, for me, the place simple it’s, uh, it’s real estate. I learned, I learned a very valuable lesson in investing long time ago, invest in something you understand. Or if you don’t understand it, you better be aligned with someone that understands it right, by the way, this is why I’m so, so excited about my partnership program for investors. I can take somebody that does not, not understand the real estate business or understands it to a certain level. And I’ll partner with him on I’ll do deals and I’ll invest my own money into them. See if you have people who are willing to invest their own money into you, those are the people you want to align yourself with. As long as they’re going in the same direction you want to go to, right? As long as they’re going in the same direction, you want to go, go into, those are the kind of people that you want to get around. Like if someone’s willing to put up capital in, into you, not ask you for capital, but put capital up. That’s a big deal, right?


So basically, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re signing up for my partnership program. You’re putting a little bit in to make sure you’re serious and I’m funding all your real estate deals. A lot of bid. That’s a great thing. By the way, if you were you in living United States, if you’re coachable, if you want to do some real estate deals, DME, the word partner, I can tell you how we could start partnering and doing some deals. I’m always, always, always, always, always on the lookout for people that want to level up in life that want to do some of the real estate deals. So yeah, I D I do some side stuff, but I do it with the top people that I know, like my crypto is done with a guy that I’ve known for 10 years, he’s a crypto genius. My Amazon is run by one of the top of Amazon teams in a country. So, uh, and that’s, and that’s very limited capital I put in there because I believe in myself, I believe in what I do. Right. So that’s where I invest my money into.

Um, so that’s where, uh, you know, that’s, that’s that, that’s where I want to be putting my money. That’s what, uh, that’s where I want to be putting my money. All right. Let’s see. Uh, let’s see what we got here. What should a teen do early age to be great entrepreneur while you hear me talk about it all the time, but when you’re young or younger, this is the time to really go for it. Try a lot of stuff, figure out what you’re good at. Figuring out your skill set when you’re young, right. Just bounce from thing to thing until you figure out why I’m really good at this. Like, I’m really good at sales. I’m a really good at math. I’m a good engineer. Figure out your skill set, figure out what you want. Okay. Um, you know, figure out, figure out what your, what you’re good at, figure out what you want to achieve in terms of results and start aligning those to start aligning your skillset with ultimately what you want to achieve in life.

What does a little bit for investing? Um, so if you’re talking about my partnership program, demon, the word partner, but make sure, make sure you live in United States, make sure you’re coachable. You got to, got to, got to be coachable, right? And you got to want to really level up to the highest levels, you know, make sure you’re not looking for a handout, make sure you’re not looking for a freebie and I could really help you knock it out of the ballpark and real estate investing is renting better or putting up on Airbnb better. I think it just depends. It depends on the location that it’s an, you know, is renting better or is it better to do Airbnb? I think it depends on the location. A lot of times in the properties, right? Like if you’ve got a beach house, I think you could make a killing a lot more than the Airbnb.


If you got a rural area that nobody wants to really visit or wants to vacation there, I think you’re probably better off renting. So if you’ve got an Airbnb is really, really makes sense in these premiere locations or locations that people want to travel to and get to, and they’ll pay a lot for a short-term visit. Cause it’s like vacation from them. If you got a place all you know, out in the Boone sticks that nobody wants to vacation at and get to, then I’d say, uh, um, you know that, um, then you’re renting off as a running is better. Okay. Uh, Mark, I’m an amazing day too, buddy. You’re a winner. Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up. Keep it up is a partner of mine. Super guy like super, super-duper guy. Okay. Super, Super duper.

Um, all right guys.


All right, listen guys. Um, I’m going to go work out now, but I appreciate the follow. I appreciate the support. Remember guys, I’m over in the invest to real estate investor or well over 3000 deals completed. I’m looking for more people to partner up with. If you live in United States, if you’re coachable, you’re ready to hustle. You want to get to those next levels. You might be a perfect partner of who I’m looking for. DME to work partner. Okay. All right guys. Thanks. I appreciate it. Have a great day. Bye.