is one of the leading real estate investment companies in the U.S.

00:16 My goals working with realtors
00:44 Real estate investment companies profit with the right kind of realtors
01:14 What to look for with realtors
01:31 They make offers on my behalf
01:58 Good ones bring you high quality deals
02:33 We show people how to do a ton of deals

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Don’t forget the one key tenet working with real estate investment companies that partner with realtors–they are very aggressive and typically close a ton of deals. My coaching services help people who are serious about real estate investing by replicating my business model.

On average, my company does between 8-10 deals per week. How? We do a lot of investing in commercial real estate. But we also wholesale real estate and do some retail deals. My point is if you ask a handful of real estate investment companies what their secret is, they’ll often tell you it’s about the market. Wrong.

A strategic real estate coach should be able to show how their doing deals. That’s why I work one-one-one with my students to help them replicate my successful business model.

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