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00:42 Building your team from within
01:29 All real estate investment firms struggle with growing pains
01:54 One of my team members, Laura, and her story
02:33 She manages my negotiators
03:07 My approach is to promote internally
04:33 Get in touch with about my one-on-one coaching

My name is Peter Vekselman and have been teaching how to get into real estate investing since 1999. I offer results-based real estate coaching programs. If you would like to speak with me personally, please call me at 404-990-4395. I would enjoy discussing your situation and share how my coaching has helped many people earn phenomenal wealth.

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Many real estate investment firms teach investing. My formulas begin with marketing and negotiating techniques to find homes for sale by owner. There’s nothing more important then generating large amounts of seller leads. Then negotiating sale prices that make sense for everyone. Too few national real estate investor coaches use my format.

I also prefer a more personalized approach than what other real estate investment firms provide their students. We’ll work one-on-one. Many of my students actually visit me here in Atlanta to discover how I close up to ten deals per week as a national real estate investor. I will show you how to become a profitable real estate investor using my profit-generating formulas. None of the other real estate coaching programs measure up to my expertise nor have as many instructional videos as I offer my students.

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The most critical topic all real estate investment firms teach is money management. My coaching program teaches you everything you’ll need and give you access to how I manage my own finances.

Call me at 404-990-4395. This is my cell phone number. If you receive my voicemail please mention you’re interest in my how to get into real estate investing training.

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