consults real estate investment group members how to pinpoint specific niches in direct mail marketing.

00:33 Marketing is vital to your success
00:51 Real estate investment group & why direct mail works
01:16 95% of my direct mail is sent to non-owner occupants
02:00 Niche list sorting and how to avoid mistakes
02:34 When to go after owner-occupied lists
02:54 My real estate mentor program
03:33 The results of leveraging my system
03:55 Contact me to learn about real estate investing

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1. When you invest in real estate, you make money if you’re working with right types of investors. Too many real estate investment group members end up losing money because their marketing isn’t generating the right type of leads.

2. Every real estate coach has their own preference about direct mail. Mine is based on smaller lists which are built on niche buyers and sellers.

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3. Another misconception about direct mail is that more is better. Bad idea. Actually, less pieces sent to qualified people will increase your response rates. If you’re part of a real estate investment group and want to learn more about my one-on-one coaching, here’s a few videos to watch…

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