advises real estate investment groups how to get better at managing deals in grey areas.

00:27 Why you may need to do grey area deals
00:41 My process considering these opportunities
02:28 Real estate investment groups should consider these types of deals
02:51 Often you can combine two deals into one
03:02 Get good at being flexible
03:11 Know all players in the deal
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One of the things real estate investment groups wonder about is whether or not to hold properties over time. Here’s my advice…

1. You need to know your investor(s) very well. Or if there’s lender financing involved, you should be careful to weigh the risk of holding the property for up to a year. I love helping real estate investment groups learn my business model.

2. Many new investors wondering how to start a real estate investment company should consider working with a mentor. There’s far too much risk winging complex deals on your own.

3. After years helping real estate investment groups learn my techniques, I promise you there is money to be made in grey area deals. But they can often require more flexibility in your thinking.

4. Thus, it’s smart to have a real estate investment business plan that allows for long-term deals. I don’t always do them but sometimes I need to accept some risk in order to float the deal for a while to flip it.

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