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Hey, what do you say everybody six o’clock in the morning. I’m heading to the gym, heading to the gym. Six. O’clock very, very, very cool. It’s actually a little bit early for me to go to gym. I do like to go to gym closer to like 7 30, 8 o’clock. But, but actually I’m heading towards my lake house. I need to do something there. Then stop over at the gym on the way back. I usually like to work, get up around four 30. Usually like to work till about seven again. Today’s schedule a little bit changed. That’s okay. That’d be adjustable. Right? So listen, this is good morning. Good morning, everybody. So this is what I wanna talk to you guys about today. I think it is absolutely critical to have some kind of short term hope as you go on through you’re going through your daily activities. Right? What I mean by that is this. And there’s times there’s even times in my life, my business, where it just seems like a man just does not working to the level. You want something to work, right? It is absolutely critical. Right? I think it is absolutely critical to have some kind of, some kind of hope.

Short-term bright something, something to hang your hat on. Something that you’re like, okay, I know things aren’t going perfectly right now, but, but, um, I can look at this one piece right here. And this little piece right here works. If this keeps on working, then it’s lights out, right? Because what that does, if you have that one piece, one little part that you can truly like, hope you could see light at the end of the tunnel that makes day-to-day activities makes day to day stuff. You’re doing so much, so much easier, right? So let’s say, let’s say you run a business and you’re kind of going through a rough patch. Things are aren’t working. You might be even confused about the big picture. Overall, you got to have something, right? You gotta have something to look at to say, wow, if just this one piece will work.

If this, if this one piece will work itself out, if this one thing catches it’s lights out, right. I’m telling you that, that, that thread, that tread of hope is so, so critical. It’s so, so critical, right? It keeps you going, you know, one of the worst things I see people do. And honestly, I think the reason a lot of people do kind of go start getting depressed. I think the reason a lot of people don’t see light at the end of the tunnel. I think a lot of why I see a lot of people just kind of going backwards. They literally don’t have anything to hang on. Right. They don’t see that one little soul. So what does that mean? Couple of things. You constantly gotta be trying some new stuff, right? When things are not working, when things are not going your way, don’t just sit back. Right. Don’t just sit back and do nothing about it. You know? Yeah. Sometimes things will turn by themselves, but I promise you just that lack of activity, that lack of ingenuity, that lack of trying something, that’s not a good thing. So I’m constantly, constantly, there’s a couple of things I’m constantly doing. Number one, I am always at least mentally prepared for things not to work.


And as a result, I’m always trying some things out right. In case. And I, and I don’t mean like big picture that, uh, I’m going to quit doing what I’m doing. What I’m saying is within what I’m doing, I’m experimenting with new things. Like within my business, I’m experimenting with new things within my business on trying different relationships, right. Within my business. Okay. Within my business, I’m doing stuff to be innovative because one thing I do know, especially about business, especially about the road to success changes, it constantly changes. It constantly changes. And so, you know, there’s times that that let’s say I’m hitting it on all cylinders and things are really working. And yes, at that point, that’s the time to jump and really scale. By the way, if you have a question, just type it into the questions, physically type it into the questions, I’ll see it on the side.

But when things are going well, I’m smart enough to know they ain’t going to go well forever and ever. So I have to be innovative. I have to be proactive. Right. I have to constantly try new things. I have to be ready. Right. I gotta be ready because I’m telling you, success is a temporary thing. Okay. Success is a temporary thing. And very few times can I, or anyone just be successful? Okay. Just to be for successful sake, right? It’s almost everything. Especially in businesses. It’s short term because things change, markets change, technology changes. And so I’m always one step ahead.


So guys, you got to always have some kind of hope in what you’re doing. Right? One of the worst things I see people do when they’re not doing well, or they’re not successful is they literally have a lack of hope, a hundred percent across the board. Look, I’m not saying don’t be realistic. Right? Situation might not be great. I get it. But have some, find some kind of hope, some kind of opening somewhere. Then if just this one thing will work. It’s lights out, right? I’m telling you that one thing will keep you driving forward. That one thing will give you the hope, the strength that you need to be driving. Right? You gotta do it. You gotta do. You gotta find, you gotta find something. Okay?

You gotta find something to give you hope to give you strength to drive forward. One of the worst things when things are not working out, I think, okay. One of the worst things, one of the worst things is inaction inactivity, okay. In activity is a bad, bad thing. Guys. An inactivity during a tough time is a disaster waiting to happen. Because like, listen, you hear me? You hear me talk about it all the time, right? There’s only two gears. There’s forward and backwards. There’s only forwards and backwards. Can, can you be successful without a schedule? Sure. Look guys, the things I teach about success, the things I teach about success are general principles. I call them pillars. I call them pillars of success. I think one of the pillars of success is actually having a schedule is running off a calendar, right? Because when you have a schedule and you run off a calendar, you know what happens?

You’re in charge of your schedule. Not someone else. You know, now if you’re disciplined enough to not be distracted, if you’re disciplined to drive forward, if you’re disciplined to stay on task and not be disturbed and not be swayed, but yeah, you don’t need a calendar, but at the same time, at the same time, if you’re not, if you’re not that disciplined, then, then I strongly, strongly suggest run off a calendar and off schedule. Hello? Hello everybody. Remember if you have a question, just type it in, type it in. If you have a question, I’ll see it on this side, guys, I run with the pretty close I don’t. I run with my schedules, this my meetings or my on my calendar that runs my day to day schedule and my to-do list. Right? If I’m knocking out my to-do list and I’m making all my meetings, I’m a happy camper.


I’m on track. I’m doing what I need to be doing. Right? So my schedule of events run my calendar and my day-to-day tasks dictate. So one of the worst things, okay? One of the worst things I see people do is let somebody else control their schedule is somebody else control their calendar. You gotta be in charge. Think about the summer real estate investor. Right? If I let outside things dictate how I buy real estate, I’d be out of business. Right? So real estate has actually taught me discipline. Real estate has been instrumental in teaching me discipline. Right?

One of the reasons when I got started in real estate, 23 years ago, I lost the law. I lost everything because I wasn’t disciplined. Discipline is another, another, another huge, huge pillar to success. Okay? Discipline is a huge, huge pillar of success. Remember guys, speaking of real estate and discipline, that’s what I do. I do real estate and I do it with partners. So here’s the qualification. Here’s what I can do for you. I can teach you how to build a very, how to become a very successful real estate investor. I’ll then invest money into you, right? I’ll invest money right back into you. I’ll coach you, but then I’ll spend money and I’ll help generate leads for you opportunities right in your market. I’ll give you all the money. You need to buy the properties for you and I to buy the properties. And then we put them in the market, sell them, split the profits down the middle.

Here’s who I’m looking for to be a partner. Here’s what you need. You need to be, you need to live in United States. You need to, um, be coachable, be willing to work and hustle level up. And you gotta be willing to be wanting to be a real estate investor. If you meet those qualifications, DME, the word partner. Okay. Do you mean the word partner? I’ll tell you what it can do. Can it get rolling? Can meditation help? Yes. I think things like meditation, working out yoga. These are all pillars of success because they all fall into one, one big flame that you hear me talk about it. And that’s the lane of, of, of, uh, of health. I think any of that you could do for your body to keep yourself healthy. I think that’s a huge pillar of success. And if that happens to be yoga for you, awesome.


Think you need to practice it. Right? You hear me talk about it all the time. From my end, I have three lanes, three lanes, health, wealth, and happiness, health, wealth, and happiness, and a I. Okay. And if I stay in those three lanes of health, okay. Health, welfare, happiness. Okay. If I stay in the lanes of health, wealth, and happiness, then I know I’m on track. How do you achieve financial freedom at the age of 20? Well you don’t right? Chances are at age 20. You’re not going to be financially free. Don’t even think like that.

Don’t think. And Cole, when you’re 20, your goal should not be okay. I just want to be financial independent. One day. Your goal should be to be financially independent right now. When you’re that young, your goal needs to be, find out what your skill set is, what your talents are, what you’re good at, what you love, what makes you happy? Combine all those. And that’s how you figure out your pathway to one day, hopefully being financially independent, right? Find out what makes you tick. Okay? Okay. Find out what makes you tick. Find out what you’re happy. Okay. Find out what your strengths are.

Okay. And combine all those, okay. Combine that our dose. And that’s how you start building your, your, your financial future when starting a business. What type of it, of a mindset. Exactly. Are you supposed to have? It’s a good question. So when starting a business, what kind of mindset that you need to have? Number one, long-term the worst thing you could do is put a timeline on success. Right? I see people do that. I see people, even some of my new partners do do that. When they start with me partnering and doing deals, they put a timeline on it. Like, well, if this doesn’t happen by such and such date, I quit guys. The only timelines you need to have are a timeline of when you’re going to be broke, you need to have a timeline of when you’re no longer going to be unsuccessful.

You got to have a timeline of when you know, when you’re, when you’re going to quit being unhappy. Those are the only things you put timelines on. Don’t ever put timelines on success related principles. Guys don’t ever put timelines on success related principles, whatever it takes, however long it takes. That should be your attitude. The other thing is when you’re starting a business, be prepared to mess things up. That’s okay guys, no one ever succeeded their way to success. You hear it all the time. Right? We all fail our way to success. It’s okay. It’s okay to keep on hitting your head against the wall and then not working. That’s okay. That comes. See, that’s why I don’t really believe in a school system. The school system says, if you mess up, you’re a loser. You’re going to get an F the school system teach us totally opposite of what it truly means to be successful. Okay.


It’s okay to fail. It’s okay. Not to succeed. It’s okay. Not to hit all the cylinders right away. Okay. It’s okay to do that. It’s totally, totally. Okay guys. It’s okay to fail. It’s okay. To fail your way to success. What’s up Carl or my favorite partners in the world. Can we go into being comfortable in the uncomfortable? Yeah. That’s a big one. See, you will have to do guys. If you want to be successful in anything in life, in anything in life, there will be some things that you will do that you will be uncomfortable with. There will be things you’ll do where your skill set is not necessarily matched up for it.

If you want to be successful, there will be things that you will do that you have. You will have to do that. You didn’t even know you had to do. If you’re going to be successful, there will be situations where you’re like, wow, that’s didn’t know this is going to take place. Learn to embrace that again. This is another pillar of success. Success is not built on comfort. Success is not built on easy. Success is not built on overnight. Success is built on difficult. Success is built on long-term. Success is built on the uncomfortable. And so if you start understanding that ahead of time, if you started really understanding, okay, it is going to take time. It will be uncomfortable. It will not be easy. Don’t learn that as you go, go into the door, understanding that then when those things start taking place, when those things start taking place, you’re ready for them guys.

I promise you. It’s a lot easier to handle situations when you’re at least mentally prepared for them, right? Like take Carl hair, my partner. There’s things that he’s doing in the real estate business that are uncomfortable. There are places he’s going physically and mentally that are like, whoa. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s like when I tell people, when I lost everything 23 years ago, when I made myself homeless just about right when I was doing everything wrong, when nothing I was doing was working, right. When nothing I was doing working back, then people say, well, you must have learned a lot. Now when you’re, when things aren’t working, you’re not learning. You may be learning what not to do, but you sure as heck ain’t learning as what to do. But what I did is I got tough as nails step, right? I got tough as nails.


That’s what I w when I was broke and homeless, I didn’t learn how to do it the right way. If I was doing it the right way, I wouldn’t have made myself homeless and broke. But what I did during those toughest times in my life is I got tough as nails. And sometimes being tough is the best thing you can be. It’s one of the top things you could be. Should I start a fashion blog again? Remember guys, when it comes to success, it’s not, should I, is it gonna, is it gonna, is it gonna be a, is it going to give you the re the, the, what? The goal, what’s your, is it going to give you the rewards you’re looking for, if you’re thinking of doing something, ask yourself, is it gonna give me what I want? Right. I see so many people jumped down the path of what they feel like is going to be the pathway to success.

And it ain’t even in, it’s got no chance of giving them what they want, right? Like, they’ll do something like, well, why are you doing this all? Because one day I want to be whatever. And you’re like, well, dude, this pathway won’t even get, there’s no chance of that happening. So number one, make sure that whatever you decide to do in life is going to get you what you want. Number two, you’ve got to have some kind of skill set towards it, right? Or you gotta bring skill set on. And the quickest cheat, the quickest path to success beyond that is a lie in yourself. Don’t try to do it yourself.

Align yourself with people more successful than you. Life is too short to try to figure it all out yourself. Right. It’s just too short. If you’re going to try to figure everything out yourself, you’re going to spend your whole life figuring things out and that’s okay. Right. That might fit your, that might fit your big picture plans, right. That might fall in line, right. With where you want to be. And that’s okay. That’s okay. All right. All right. I learned to think like a winner guys, part of thinking like a winners always have some kind of hope. One of the worst things. I see people when they don’t win, when they’re kind of down and out, okay. One of their down and out and things aren’t really working out is not have some kind of hope. Guys figures something. You need to have something in front of you that you’re like, man, if only this, if only this goes true.


If only this works out, if only this I’m telling you those morsels, okay, those morsels of possibilities will keep you going. Remember guys, if you want to do some real estate deals, DME, the word partner, a coach I’ll generate leads for you. I’ll give you the financial backing. We split the profits, gotta be living in United States and you gotta be coachable. How to achieve financial freedom. DME, the word partner. If that’s you, how to achieve financial freedom under twenties, I think we had something like this earlier. You don’t achieve financial freedom under 20. You start your pathway to financial freedom when you’re young, right? You just start your pathway, figure out your skillset, figure out what things you’re. You’re pretty good at things that make you happy. Okay. And then truck on and start doing things. That’ll start, start your pathway to success. Don’t set unrealistic goals.

I think part of people, setting unrealistic goals honestly, is their excuse for not achieving them. Like how many people, you know, who have totally financially free under 20. So it’s easy. It’s like, okay, I’m going to set a goal of being a formula. One race car driver. Okay. Well that’s my, that is right there. And then my indication, I’ll never do anything to work towards it. Why? Because there’s no chance of me being a formula one car driver. So when you set goals that are like, no one around you has them. No one in the world has them just about, that’s just, that’s just an excuse for not doing something set realistic goals under 20, at least find things that make you happy, find out your skillset and things like that.

Obstacles faced by businessmen. Well, you hear me talk about it all the time, right? Failure hitting your head against the wall, not crossing the pathway as quickly. And as soon as you want to, okay, those are the kinds of things. Those are the kinds of things that you’re going to be facing. But listen, guys, you’re facing them already, right? If you got a job you’re already facing the obstacle of not getting what you want, you’re already facing the obstacle of being limited. Okay. So be smart, being broken easy, right? Sometimes you’ll say, well, being successful is not easy. Well guess what? Being broke, even tougher being broke is even tougher. Okay.

All right. Is it possible for me, for you to mentor someone in real estate investing? That’s what I do, right? I’m an investor. I mentor, I mentor my partners, my team mentors, my partners every day. Right? That’s the cool thing about me. I’m a great person. Honestly, if you want to, if real estate is where you see your future, if real estate is where you’re like, this is what I want to do. I’m a great person for that, right? Because not only I and my team will mentor you we’ll go a step beyond a lot of mentors. They just mentor and mentoring for mentoring sake. I promise you has got some limitations. It’s good. But if all you’re getting is mentored, that’s it we’ll have some limitations. It’s still very good. I don’t, I don’t don’t but mentoring just for a mentorship will have limitations.


Because beyond that, it’s all about implementation and implementation is the most important thing of success. It is the key factor of success. So not only will I mentor you in real estate, but I’ll coach you I’ll make sure my team will make sure you’re accountable to us, but we’re going to go beyond that. I’ll actually spend my own money. I’ll generate leads for you. That’s important. I’ll give you a capital to buy properties. And then we sell them, split the profits. But here’s the qualifications. You got to live in the U S you got to be coachable. You got to be hungry, gotta be willing to hustle. And real estate is where you see your future. If you fall, if you want, if you, if you like what I’m giving and you fall into those categories, DME, the word partner, DME, the word partner. But yeah, I love coaching and mentoring real. I love helping people level up in life. Okay. I love helping people level up. The satisfaction of me leveling up is huge. The satisfaction of, of my team or I helping someone level up okay. Is beyond approach. It’s it’s, it’s the ultimate, helping other people level up. It is absolutely the ultimate ultimate. Ultimate. Okay.

Good education sectarian. From a business perspective. What do I think about education from a business perspective? I think very little of it. I think in business, it’s whole, it’s hands hands-on now certain businesses. You have to have certain skill set that you could only get through education, right? Like if you’re going to start an elect electricians business and you know, you’re going to do that yourself first. Well, yeah, you need to get educated. You don’t want to learn on the job. Right. But most of it, like what I do real estate investing. There’s no kind of school I could have gone for that. Most businesses. That’s a skill set you learn while you’re doing it.

Matter of fact, even if you want to be an electrician, I think if you, if you align yourself and get mentored by an electrician for four years and work for peanuts, all right, I worked for very cheap. You’ll get more out of those four years. Then you will. If you go to electrical school for four years and spent a bunch of money, I just believe on the job. Training is the best kind of training. It’s trial by fire. It’s the ultimate way to do things. So, all right guys, listen, that’s all I got for. Now. Remember if you’re down and out, have something in your life to hope for have some kind of upside. It’s very critical. It’s very important to have something. Even when things are not going well, find something that if only that works out, I’ve only that closes. Only dad goes through that. That’s how I built my whole thing in life. I built it on more source of hope, but always have some kind of hope. It’s a very important, very, very important. All right guys, I’m Peter Vekselman. If you want to do some real estate deals, you live in United States. I’ll coach. You I’ll generate leads for you. I’ll give you financial backing, all the money you need to do these deals. We sell them, split the profits. If that’s you DME, the word partner. All right, guys. That’s all I got for now. Thank you.