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02:41 Real estate investment services starts with thinking globally
01:39 real estate investment training
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My name is Peter Vekselman at 404-990-4395 and I’ve been a real estate investment clubs training coach since 1999. Call me and I’ll share what I’m doing in my own business as well give you details about my mentoring program.

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Something that’s very important to me are partnerships and real estate investment services. Especially when you’re desperate to find genuine real estate investment training. I don’t have hundreds of real estate investment clubs that are joining my Trifecta program. Instead, I work one-on-one with a handful of people who are struggling to finance their deals.

Maybe you’re not sure if you have the capital or experience to get into this business or grow an existing one. Perhaps you’re ready to get better but want someone to call or email to double-check your initial deals. Either way, I’ve been where you are right now and can assure you my real estate investment services training is customized for your needs.

One of the secrets about real estate investment training is that weekend seminars no longer work. The problem is they teach outdated techniques. What you want to avoid is investing your time and money on methods that simply no longer work.

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Remember one thing: real estate investment services training requires you to follow proven formulas that have been tested thousands of times. My students love full access to me for training as well as consulting on pending deals.

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