teaches people real estate investment spreadsheet tehcniques that actually turn your deals into profitable transactions. Doing so takes careful planning and formulas that have helped me close more than 3000 deals…

00:34 A mistake that cost me a ton of money
01:12 Historical data is often the problem
01:52 Real estate investment spreadsheet analysis is dangerous
02:31 My numbers were way off
02:17 Why real estate investing training requires a team approach
03:07 The reason is the costs were out of control
03:40 Too many variables are involved
04:17 Beware of this risky practice without using my formulas
04:51 Contact me for a personal consultation with me

My name is Peter Vekselman. If you’re ready to get serious about how to invest in real estate, please call me at 404 915 9685 about my real estate investment spreadsheet training. I would enjoy speaking with you about your situation and share details about my approach to closing nearly a deal per day.

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Years ago I was approached by a gentleman who wanted to know why I was doing so many deals every week here in Atlanta. He asked me if I would help him learn my methods using real estate investment spreadsheet analysis. After we spoke for a few hours, he actually visited me in my Cumming, GA offices to see my operation.

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Remember, if you’re serious about learning how to earn a phenomenal income, you need to get access to someone who has a process you can replicate.

One of my recent real estate investment spreadsheet students went from doing one or two deals per month to more than ten. How? By working with me one-on-one to learn exactly how I find, negotiate and close nearly 35 deals per month. When you discover how to invest in real estate my way, you will be highly profitable.

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Too many people waste time using the wrong real estate investment spreadsheet formulas. What usually happens is your ideal numbers are wrong and you end up expensing your way to massive losses. That’s not smart when you only rely on traditional real estate investment spreadsheet techniques. They don’t work and if you’re not using creative strategies, you’ll lose money.

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