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00:09 Real estate investment strategies and marketing
00:39 Non-paid lead generation options
01:01 People struggle way too much
01:23 You can do a ton of deals with paid or unpaid marketing
01:56 Be proactive in all of your marketing efforts
02:12 We do a ton of deals and can help you
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One of the struggles so many real estate investors have is locking into real estate investment strategies that work. I should know because I’ve tested hundreds of techniques. So what works?

One that works for you. Often paid leads is the quickest way to grow your contacts. But don’t forget about unpaid leads because I can assure you they are by far some of the best real estate investment strategies to get your phone ringing.

As a real estate mentor, I work with people who are ready to get serious about investing. My program works for one reason: it’s designed to let you see how I market, negotiate and generate between 8-10 deals per week.

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