helps agents and investors learn real estate negotiation to increase their income and the number deals you do every week.

00:39 Real estate negotiation newbie
01:11 What Alicia does for us
01:48 Challenges in this business
02:15 Creating opportunities is the secret to success
02:36 Controlling your activities is a must
02:47 We do on average 10 deals a week
03:02 I work with a small group of coaching students
03:18 Contact me for a personal consult

If you have questions, call me, Peter Vekselman at 404-990-4395. Because I work with a select group of aggressive real estate negotiation students, I invite you to discover exactly what I’m doing in my thriving business.

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Real estate negotiation isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s one of the finer nuances too many agents and investors lack to get deals into closing. However, if you can follow a proven method I’ve developed to gain enormous amounts of leverage in your real estate negotiation I promise you will see results.

In this video I speak with one of my new team members Alicia who has a mere four days experience in real estate negotiation. She’s a wonderful woman who is a treat to train and help apply my process. Alicia has zero expertise in the business and yet she’s already closed two deals.

Whether you’re brand new hoping to grow your own business or you’ve worked in the real estate industry for decades, real estate negotiation skills are a must. One of the things my students enjoy is the collaboration part of my coaching services. We work together as partners so I can guide you through any parts of a deal you’re struggling to overcome.

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If you want to discover what I’m doing with my elite real estate negotiation students, call me at 404-990-4395. This is my cell phone number and I answer it consistently. If you get my voicemail, please leave a detailed message and I will return your call promptly.

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