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00:39 The isolation real estate nogotiation strategy
01:02 Sometimes you need more than one round of conversations
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02:14 Pushing everyone else away
02:59 Buying time is the goal
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I remember a long time ago when I was struggling to develop my real estate investment strategies and real estate negotiation skills. I had zero experience and had lost more than a half million dollars in bad deals. You could say I was desperate to learn what I was doing wrong from real estate gurus.

I suspect you’re wondering about risking your capital. Be smart and learn from someone like myself who has done thousands of deals and owns one of the top real estate wholesaling investment firms. My how to start a real estate investment business students love my customized one-on-one coaching real estate investment strategies. They learn how to replicate my business model to earn phenomenal profits.

Too many real estate negotiation gurus don’t understand real estate wholesaling and how to structure deals for profits. They usually spend more time teaching than actually doing their own deals. That’s not where you want to invest your time when you set out to learn real estate investing.

Often new investors suffer massive losses quickly because they don’t hedge their risk. It’s something you don’t need to go through if you understand the critical steps involved I teach my how to start a real estate investment business students how to build real estate investment strategies that turn into deals.

Replication is essential when you learn real estate wholesaling techniques. You need to pinpoint the best high-end modes and then apply it in your market. That’s how we built our own top real estate investment firms model to generate 8-10 deals a week using our proven real estate negotiation techniques. Successful real estate investors love how easy my learn real estate investing techniques are to apply to their own deals.

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