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00:12 The deals I am doing
00:47 Growing your comfort level
01:30 Real estate training center story
02:20 The communication process
03:09 Why micromanaging is so important
03:51 Your first few deals
04:32 I work with a small group of coaching students
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My name is Peter Vekselman. If you’ve done your research online looking for a real estate training center, I bet you’re wondering who to invest your time with to grow your business. You have many choices and I suspect you’re desperately in need of generating more leads and closing more deals. If so, think about a few things…

1. Beware. Too many brokers, investors and agents waste too much time looking for a magic pill. The problem with real estate training center services is they often lack the expertise my company has where we do 8-10 new deals per week.

2. Work smart, not hard. Remember, there’s only so many hours you can invest in your day to grow your business and income. That’s why so many of my students love to duplicate my marketing and business model. Once we begin working one-on-one they see the power of implementing what works in my business.

3. Real estate training center advertisements are designed to do one thing: persuade you to sign up for their programs. Granted, many of these classes are good. However, my students tell me the problem is that real estate training center systems are too generic. Mine is fully customized because you work directly with me.

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4. You need to learn how to generate 500-1000 calls per day from your marketing efforts like I do. Something I love to do working with my students is help the replicate my business model into theirs.

5. You’ve been bombarded by all types of lead-generation systems and you’re not sure which will provide the best ROI. Ours are different and give you insight what works for my company. Don’t forget real estate training center marketing classes tend to generalize what works. You get to see exactly how I work with my staff to create thousands of leads.

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If you want to discover what I’m doing with my elite real estate training center students, call me at 404-990-4395. This is my cell phone number and I answer it consistently. If you get my voicemail, please leave a detailed message and I will return your call promptly.

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