teaches real estate wholesaling with my proven techniques.

00:14 Real estate wholesaling and investing
00:39 My team has specific skill sets in their positions
01:10 We each have our own strengths
01:27 Structuring deals is critical for success
01:51 Being flexible is the secret to getting to closing
02:18 Working with contractors
02:42 If you’re not closing deals you need to change your process
03:14 Contact me for a free consultation

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real estate wholesaling is something you can do and make an exceptional income at if you know how to structure your deals. The important thing that probably happens to a lot of you reading this sentence is you’re looking at many deals that you’re not sure will move forward to closing.

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My team members each have their own strengths. Some of them are better at negotiating and others are better at finance. You need to pinpoint the skills of your staff and then be flexible to rely on their expertise to generate real estate wholesaling deals.

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