Speaker 1 (00:00):

Good evening, everybody Peter and Julia here it is Tuesday night, I guess the last Tuesday of the year, right Julie.

Speaker 2 (00:08):

Oh my gosh. I guess it is now that you say that it’s hard to believe. Um, but yeah, it’s, it’s the last Tuesday of the year, we got a big week coming up, um, new year’s Eve on Thursday, new year’s day on Friday, hoping everybody eats their black-eyed peas and greens. Um, that is a tradition that my granny always, um, she always made us eat black eyed, peas and greens. Um, and y’all may not like this, but pork belly for, for new year’s. I don’t know. Does anybody else have any, like, what do y’all eat for new year’s? Does anybody else have any traditions like that? And I know I’m kind of just like going into it. I’m just so excited to hear what other people do. Did you have anything that you normally like do on new year’s it’s been a tradition.

Speaker 1 (00:59):

Well, I hope some people put some things in chat, but I tell you, I don’t think I do. I, uh, we try to do some fun things and this year we’re going to go spend the night with some friends. And, um, my tradition is to have fun. How about that? Yeah, that is my tradition. I like to try to do something. Um, that is fun. And last year we were actually in Dominican for this the year, before then we were in New York, but we didn’t do the, the ball drop. And this year I heard they’re not even doing the ball drop. No, I think it’s because of the COVID and all that stuff. They’re uh, clamping down on it.

Speaker 2 (01:42):

Well, we could do, like Nancy said in the chat, she said she keeps the kids up late and bangs, pots and pans together.

Speaker 1 (01:51):

I like it. I like it.

Speaker 2 (01:52):

Yeah. I saw this thing in a post today in, in Louisiana, people build these big cool, like wooden structures shaped, like things, you know, like boats or guitars and then they don’t lock them on fire is like a bonfire for Christmas. I thought that was the coolest thing. I’m like, I might do that one year.

Speaker 1 (02:14):

Yeah, that does sound pretty cool. I see somebody said there’s a possum drop in Tennessee. I don’t know if that’s the joke.

Speaker 2 (02:23):

He said his tradition is to, uh, kill a pig with the family. Cause they’re very Cuban. Well, if you are doing that, I am sure that you are cooking that pig in the ground using banana leaves. If you’re Cuban, I just watched a cooking show about that the other day. What’s up Kenneth hope you’re having a good night. Thank you guys for being on. Well, we missed this part, but as you guys are popping on, um, tell us where you’re from. We, I would love to hear where everybody’s calling in from tonight, calling in from, I sound like a radio host. I mean, dialing in or zooming in

Speaker 1 (03:04):

Zoom in now like that, that will be even after it has COVID is over. I bet that will be like, like right now, if you wanted a dictionary, zoom probably is the name of a company. I think like if you go to dictionary a year or two from now, zoom will be like, uh, like Kleenex, you know, Kleenex used to be, I don’t know what I’m trying to say, but like,

Speaker 2 (03:28):

I know what you mean. Almost like it’s the name of something, instead of saying bleach, you say Clorox, or you say Kleenex?

Speaker 1 (03:35):

Yes. A household name. Yes. Thank you, Erica. Um, it’ll, it’ll be a stapled, but yes, we’re, we’re all zooming, zooming, zooming, and we’ve done some amazing things with zoom this year and, uh, things would even think we could do. And you know, here we get still, we’re going to get started here a couple of minutes, but that’s what it’s all about. And we’re going to give you guys kind of our state of the union, the final state of the union, we started doing these right around the time that pandemic hit. And tonight we just thought, you know what? We got one more left in us. What’s the final state of the union. So we’re going to lay it out from how we see things, but we’re glad you guys are here. I mean, my gosh, it’s two days before new, year’s still, I’m sure a million things you could be doing and uh, well, we’re glad, we’re glad you’re here for like, I think tonight will be a cool little far site, fireside chat. Um, so cool. Cool, cool. We’re going to get started here in just a minute, man. It’s amazing. Like two days ago I was, uh, uh, although two days ago you’re in a Snell, but two days ago here in Atlanta, I was also like bundled up. It was fall reason and we just literally went to a restaurant across the street. And I don’t know if you could see, I have a short, like a t-shirt on, it’s like crazy weather here in Atlanta. I went from total freezing to t-shirt weather at night

Speaker 2 (04:58):

That’s that’s that’s Georgia. I mean, it could be one thing one day, one thing another day. I mean it speaking to that, Pete, uh, let’s see where everybody’s from tonight. We got John Purcell from DC, Kenneth from Michigan, Nancy from Maryland or bond? No, from Marino valley, California, Pamela Germantown, um, Maryland 20 minutes outside of DC. We got another Maryland man. Maryland is the place to beat today. Uh, we’ve got Erica from, Georgia, Shane from, Georgia Mohammad from orange county, California Stanley from St. Louis, uh, by the way, stay in link. Um, one of my mentors is from Chesterfield, Missouri, which I believe is right out of St. Louis. Um, I’m actually going to be in St. Louis in about three weeks. Um, so I mean, it’s kind of funny going into that, but like even, you know, Peter and I, we have mentors we’re inside of, you know, mentoring groups and things because I’ve always felt the quickest way to success is to learn from the best.

Speaker 2 (06:09):

You know what I mean? It really it’s short. It, it, it, it, it’s a pathway that where you’re, you, you, you learn by others’ mistakes so that you don’t make the same thing. It’s, it’s the quickest pathway to success. So I got on my little tangent here about St. Louis, but I do love St. Louis. We got, um, somebody I Android from Texas Cape Cod Edgar, um, let’s see, Anderson, South Carolina, Boston, Massachusetts. Sandra says she, we know she’s remark. And so yes, we do Sandra. Hey, from Arkansas Denise from shore view, Minnesota, let’s see Milwaukee, Valencia, New York, Joseph, New York, New York, Riverside, California. Well, there’s a lot of you guys here tonight, Fresno, California. We’ve got everybody from Maryland all the way to south California. That’s pretty big difference there. It’s

Speaker 1 (07:16):

And that’s how we like it. And that’s, I guess the ultimate definition of what we do partner with people across the United States and do real estate deals together. So guys welcome aboard. It’s officially the last time that you guys will see us here this year, but we’re going to seamlessly skate into next year. So we will see you back here next Tuesday. But we got, we thought tonight, you know, in the morning, I usually get a call, not a call, a text from Kristen every Tuesday morning. And she’ll be like, Hey, what’s the topic? You know? And I thought this is like, let’s face it. I don’t care how you look at this year. It’s been a strange year. It has been a strange year. I think that’s one thing we could all, it’s been a very, very unusual year as a matter of fact, like, you know, at my age, 57 years old, I can’t remember ever going through what we went through this year.

Speaker 1 (08:07):

Um, you know, whether, and I know, you know, it got political and I don’t know, it doesn’t matter what side of the politics you’re on, what belief you think, you know, what happened and why it happened. We all got affected. We all got affected one way or another, and this pandemic was, um, it, it took a lot of people by storm by surprise. And so we thought, what better thing to do in the last one or two days of the year? And then just kind of from our end, give you guys our state of the union. You know, we started when the pandemic hit, like I think two or three, four weeks into it, you know, um, somebody requested one day, he’s like, Pete, what do you think about the industry right now? So I’m like, you know what, let’s do a state of the union.

Speaker 1 (08:49):

And we’ve done about three of these during the pandemic. And we thought, this is we’re going to roll out of this. And we’re going to kind of give you our take on what’s taking place in the industry right now, both in our world as with partners and kind of what we think, you know, from, from a, from a global perspective. And we’re going to get into that in just a minute. But first of all, I would acknowledge those of you that are here tonight. You know, we, Julie and I have been doing this for about as long as we’ve been doing anything. Uh, as far as our partner model, you know, when we initially started partnering with people to do real estate deals, like how are we going to get our message out? Like, like, you know, there’s that traditional ways of doing it. We were like, you know what?

Speaker 1 (09:31):

People will follow us on social media, somewhat. We do a lot of marketing. We got an email list. And so right when we started partnering and doing deals with people across the states, like come by once a week, we just kind of get on and we just hit different topics. And, and this has been the one thing since we basically changed our real estate investment model to a partner driven model, not to, uh, just a model where we go chase deals ourselves. This is the one thing that we’ve done consistently. And, and we know there’s two types of people listening to us tonight. Some of you, all, you guys are our partners already. You’re already in the family. I know if you’re in, in the partner driven family and you’re here tonight, I would say, you’re fired up. I’m just, I’m just like, if you’re at all, seeing what’s happening, if you’re a part of the Facebook world, if you’re part of all the energy that’s being created, you are fired up, you know, do you know the motto 20, 21 best year ever?

Speaker 1 (10:30):

We, we, we like we bought into this and we’re committed to this and we’re committed to making you all who already our partners have absolutely amazing years next year. So if you’re a partner who listening to us tonight, you know what, you know what I’m going to tell you, right? You’re gonna just tonight, you’re gonna reset a little bit. You’re going to recommit and we’re going to take you to the next level. And we’re going to go rock and roll. We’re going to blow the doors off to 2021. Um, some of you guys, you guys are checking us out. You’re like, wow, do you know what’s this partner model all about? Some of you guys are very well aware of what the partner model is all about. You’re just kind of getting a little bit more comfortable with us. And we, we thank you for being here tonight.

Speaker 1 (11:10):

And if you’re in that position where you’re not yet a partner, hopefully tonight, tonight, you make the decision to be a partner. And if like tonight, you’re ready to go. Um, we have a special phone number for you to call. We have a couple of key team members on standby, but like, if you’re already talking to a team member, this phone will like, I don’t know how we do it, but somehow magically route you to that team member. So that number, and we’ll put it in. Chat is 7, 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5 7 7 hours, 7 4 6 8 5 8 5. And you will be routed right to team member that you’ve already connected with. If you haven’t connected with a team member, but you’re like, I’m in then call that number and there’ll be somebody on standby and we’ll get your rock and rolling. But our partner model is an easy model to explain, you know, we’re in a, we Julie and I first and foremost, like when somebody asks us what we do, we don’t say we’re like educators.

Speaker 1 (12:03):

We don’t say we’re were like inspirational people. We don’t say we like write books for a living. We are real estate investors. First and foremost, Julie and I do real estate deals. We have way even before the partner model ever started. And that’s how we made our living that’s to this day, how we make our living nothing’s changed. Other than we put a twist on it. We thought the best way for us to grow one day, like this is a while back now, why don’t we just start partnering with people and, uh, and doing deals with them and splitting the profits in the back end. Now we needed to put some mechanisms in place because like, if we were going to, you know, funnel our money to somebody in Milwaukee, we got to make it, do everything possible to make sure that money does not get lost.

Speaker 1 (12:47):

So we set up some incredible, incredible systems along the way to make sure our partners make money, which means we make money. So for instance, uh, if, once you become a partner, you get coached to get mentored by us on a daily basis. We give you the latest and greatest technology. And by the way, if you’re an investor today, or you want to be the investor and you’re like technology, why would I need technology? Like don’t even get started because if you don’t have technology today, you are at a such a huge disadvantage. So we give our partners the latest and greatest technology. We generate leads for our partners, by the way, our lead gen is about rated to take it to the next level where we’ll actually start generating, not just, uh, owner leads, but motivated seller leads. And that’s right around the corner here in the next couple of weeks.

Speaker 1 (13:35):

Um, once we put the deals together, deals start coming together, our back office steps in and handles all the back office, paperwork, closings inspections, all those things you don’t even think about, uh, that you need as an investor, but let me tell you something, you need them. So are you have access full access to our back office? Um, we provide a hundred percent of the capital on deals that need capital. We provide construction help when our partners need construction, help with put the properties in the market, sell them, split the profits down the middle 50 50. And that right there is our partner model. So for those of you that are ready to get started, that phone number, give us a call today. And we are, we are looking for more partners. And I will tell you that the kind of the thing that wraps the whole partner model up it is a true, true community.

Speaker 1 (14:21):

It is it’s really a family. I mean, it is amazing what goes on behind the scenes at the partner driven, uh, level, you know, the commitments, the things that are happening. So make no mistake about it. It is a, uh, we do real estate deals, but really we, we help. We support. We encourage, um, you know, we, we come together as family. And, um, and so, um, if you do become a partner, we’re going to ask two things of you. We want you to take, take, take, take as much as want, take as much coaching leads, techno take, take, take, but we also ask that you give back and you help somebody along the way. So if that’s foreign to you and that’s something you’re not willing to buy into you probably not going to be an incredible fit to, to the, to the partner driven family.

Speaker 1 (15:06):

So anyway, having settled this, it is time for state of the union and looked at the bottom line. Is this, um, we’re not gonna, this is not a time for us to discuss, like, what happened. We all know what happened. Like everybody at this point knows what the last seven or eight months has been like everybody at this point pretty much knows how you got affected for the last seven or eight months. Like, you know, in the first couple of weeks, what was, uh, everybody was thinking, well, what’s going to happen to me. What’s gonna happen to my job. What’s gonna happen to my business. What’s going to happen. Long-term I think at this point, we kind of all figured out, you know, what, what has taken place, what has transpired. And most of us can look a little bit further down the road and pretty much gauge where things are going in, in, in our own personal world.

Speaker 1 (15:55):

So tonight is not about that. But what tonight is specifically is about is kind of Julie’s and my personal outlook on what’s currently taking place. And what’s about to take place because we are rolling into a new year. You know, I like to say it’s a seamless roll, but let’s face it like new year’s a new year. You know, this is the time to pause for a second. Maybe take stock, you know, reset, recommit, re you know, redo your goals and all this. So I think it would be a miss to just say, well, you know, you know, the next two days new year comes, it comes across. Um, I will tell you globally, and I’m sure you guys all know this. We are, we are very optimistic about what’s taking place. We, we are excited about what’s taking place. We have, you know, when we started with this whole thing, hold on, I’m just gonna open up my door.

Speaker 1 (16:46):

It’s so hot here. But when we started with this whole pandemic, you know, Julie and I decided along with everybody here, we said, you know what, we’re going to double down. We’re going to triple down. Um, because we felt like this is going to be an incredible opportunity, but you know, it, wasn’t new to us. Okay. I can tell you at this point, and I think I speak on everyone’s behalf here. We are like, again, doubling down, tripling down, quadrupling down on what’s taking place. Like, I think if you’re at all in this industry, and you’re not bullish on it, you don’t see the writing on the wall of what’s taking place right now. And what’s about ready to take place. I think if you’re like in this business right now, and you’re like, no, you’re still trying to figure it out. I’m just telling you that anyone that understands real estate like real estate falls under certain economic principles, right?

Speaker 1 (17:42):

Like there’s supply, there’s demand, there’s appreciation, there’s depreciation. Um, there is like easy money. There’s difficult money. There is expensive money. There’s cheap money. You know, there’s certain factors in real estate that none of us can argue against. I mean, it, it is, it is really what real estate is all about. Okay. I could tell you if you, if you’d all like studied these indicators, right? Like literally study, like appreciation, depreciation, demand supply, you know, um, in my opinion, we are literally literally at the perfect storm right now. Now what I have been calling it up to this point is I’ve been calling it we’re at this equilibrium point. And if you follow me at all, um, you know, that I’ve been using the word equilibrium point and the reason I’ve been using it is because everybody can, I think could visualize what is equilibrium, right?

Speaker 1 (18:37):

Like, you know, you take scales and you know, you’ve got the up, you’ve got the download. That’s how real estate is real estate. And really, if you’re going to just say, you can only utilize, you can only look at it in a two dimensional way. It’s always like this, that’s it. You know, like for instance, there’s times when you hear these words all the time, it’s sellers market, it’s a sellers market. It’s a sellers market. There’s times you hear it’s the buyer’s market, it’s the buyer’s market. It’s the buyer’s market. And the two never cross, you know, maybe by accident, they cross. But then again, it’s this what, you know, appreciate it. Now it’s depreciated. And by the way, guys, I’ve written all of these markets out. I mean, not for 20 22, 23 years, I’ve been hustling, you know, in, in this industry. So I’ve been in all kinds of cycles.

Speaker 1 (19:24):

And, um, we are literally at equilibrium right now. And another word for equilibrium, I will. And I just literally was thinking about it. It’s, it’s literally the perfect storm where literally the perfect storm, because what has happened as a result of the last several months, there has been a tremendous, um, uh, a tremendous, tremendous pent-up, um, motivation by sellers. Okay. Huge motivation by sellers to sell now, not every seller, but way, way, way more sellers than usual, because the pandemic itself created this, um, motivation level, right? Some people lost their jobs. Some people lost their businesses. Some people lost their savings. So when that happens, what do you do? You gotta go, you have to, you have to be liquid. That’s what happens when things go bad, people start getting like thinking of different ways of, of getting, creating liquidity. And when you’re talking about liquidity for your life, it’s gotta be some big, right?

Speaker 1 (20:24):

I mean, you’re not going to go out there and sell, you know, headphones and that that’s, that’s not going to pay any bills. So the biggest asset that most individuals in the United States have are their properties, right? So there’s been this huge motivation by lot of sellers to sell, sell, sell, sell, sell. We’re seeing it all over the place we have here at partner-driven just with our partners in the last three to four weeks, like six folders, how many deals we are going on? Like, can you imagine, man, like during Christmas, who thinks about selling their property during Christmas? Right? What do you think about during Christmas? You think about buying presents, shopping for the family, cooking dinner. No one during Christmas things. Let me put another thing on my plate and let me just like sell my property that, that people don’t think like that.

Speaker 1 (21:11):

Right. Well guess what, six folded in the last three to four weeks of how many deals we’re doing and probably very arguably the toughest time in this industry, like there’s real estate offices, like in the agency world, they don’t even work. Like they don’t even have to have sales meetings during, during December. So we have six folded that. So huge, huge, huge for a lot of people like millions of people to get liquid because of what’s taken place of, of some uncertainty may be in their industries, into the future. Okay. Now we’ll hi. Let me tell you why this thing’s about ready to go. Like [inaudible], as, as, as motivated as they have been to sell, there have been some things put in place to prevent them from selling. Like, as we all know, there’s been a moratorium on foreclosures, right? A moratorium for evictions. And guess what happens when there’s a moratorium for like foreclosures and evictions?

Speaker 1 (22:13):

Well, when there’s a moratorium for foreclosures, the guide that has to sell, he all of a sudden realize, well, well, I don’t have to pay my mortgage payment. So maybe I just, I just stopped paying the payment and you know, whatever happens happens, maybe I’ll never have to make the payment, right. So pent up demand. But like, man, I don’t got to pay a mortgage payments. So I’ll just kick back a moratorium on foreclose, on evictions. What does that mean? The guy that wants to sell, let’s say his investment properties and rental properties, which are the most likely properties to be sold. He wants to sell, but he can’t sell because his tenants stop paying. And because there’s a moratorium on evictions, he can’t evict them, which means investors. Aren’t going to buy something, knowing there’s a problem sitting in that house a lot of times.

Speaker 1 (23:04):

And let me tell you something, we’re experiencing it. This all over the United States, these tenants aren’t even letting people in. They have all the rights now. Well guess what’s starting to happen across the United States. These moratoriums are being lifted. So now all of a sudden you have the investor or the property owner that for the last seven months is like, eh, I’m an easy street. I don’t got to make any mortgage payments. Guess what happens when the moratorium on foreclosures gets lifted, he’s gonna have to do something right. He’s going to be, they get out of it quickly or he’s going to lose it. So all those people, all the, all their motivation will actually go through the roof. What do think happens to all those people that did want to sell? They couldn’t sell because they couldn’t evict their tenants. And now send that most of the moratorium on evictions gets lifted.

Speaker 1 (23:54):

Guess what they’re doing immediately. Boom, they’re filing, they’re evicting. And now they’re selling. So from this side, huge, huge, huge. And it’s only going to be been bigger. Now, guys, we’re seeing it already how big it is. But with all of these lift moratoriums getting lifted, it, I think it’s going to go like through the roof. It’s going to be to a point where we’re not going to be able to. I hate to say it because I don’t, I don’t, I hate saying things. I don’t, I don’t even like, I don’t want to throw things out in the universe, but I don’t know if we’re going to really to keep up, keep up with it honestly. And I’ve talked to some like heavyweight players in this industry and none of them were telling me that like, just wait, wait, nobody’s going to be able to handle the flood of inventory for motivated sellers.

Speaker 1 (24:39):

Okay. So that’s about ready to go through the roof, which probably most people think, well that means this side is bad. The buying side’s bad, right? If everyone’s, there’s a glut of inventory, who’s going to want to buy it. This is why this equilibrium it’s opposite. Because as bad as the pandemic has hurt the seller side, there’s tons of people who the pandemic not only did not hurt. They profited during the pandemic. So they have this, all this cash that’s been sitting in the sideline before and they’re coming in to the industry to buy up all this inventory, right? So there’s two types of buyers. There’s a retail buyer, which means like Mr and Mrs. Smith want to buy a house to live it for them. Unbelievable time to be buying these houses. Why? Because money is so cheap, right? So we buy as an investor here, we put a couple of bucks in it, fixed it up.

Speaker 1 (25:35):

These things. We can’t even keep them in the inventory because people are buying them. I mean, we have some partners. We’re doing this with like one day in a market, three days in the market gone, gone, gone. The other type of buyer is the investor buyer. And like I said, on the investor side, there’s just, you just kinda have to just trust me on this. There’s a ton, a ton of new cash for investors to buy. So unbelievable equilibrium, huge, huge, huge motivation to sell on this side. Huge, huge, huge motivation to buy Wes’ investors. Guess where we are, where we are right in the middle, because these guys don’t know how to find these guys. That’s not what they do for a living. We do these guys don’t know how to find these guys because that’s not what they do for a living. We do. We put ourselves in a position in the middle as being real estate investors. And that’s why guys, I’m telling you, I am extremely fired up about what’s about re take place literally 20, 21 best year ever. What do you say, Julie?

Speaker 2 (26:35):

Can I take this in a different direction? Because as I was thinking about like the state of the union, the state of the way things are going right now, you know, I kind of looked at it at a different way. Um, I don’t know if you notice on social media, but everybody like every name, every comment is everybody’s ready for 2021. Right. I don’t know. Put it in the chat who here is ready for 20, 21. Give me a thumbs up. But yes, whatever, right. Um, absolutely. Yes. We’re, we’re tired of, you know, all of the misfortunes and things that are going on. And a lot of us, you know, are gonna, or are going to sit back and you’re thinking about what you want for yourself for 2021. Right? A lot of you are thinking maybe some unfortunate things happen to you, right. Um, something, you know, critical happened today with the stimulus check.

Speaker 2 (27:39):

Um, maybe unfortunately people here lost their jobs. Right? My state of the union for 2021 is that I believe this is the year of you. And, and what do I mean by the year of you? Meaning is that in any other year, you, you start a new year. Maybe you have a resolution, maybe you, you have goals and dreams, but you never quite get there. Right. I don’t know, besides maybe in whenever 2000 hit, you know, to me, I don’t know for whatever reason, whenever from 1999 to 2000, that seemed like such a huge jump for me. But I can’t think of a more influential turn of a year. My question to you guys, it is right. Is what are you going to do about it? I mean, what are you going to do about it for yourself? Could you imagine that not being worried about losing a job, I mean, not even being worried about it because you own your own business.

Speaker 2 (28:52):

What about not being worried? If you get that stimulus check or not, because it doesn’t make a difference whether you get it or not. I know that’s a weird concept, but it’s a concept that for lots of people, you know, out there, these aren’t things that they, that they have to worry about because they took the effort that it took to get into this business. Now, why does this matter to me? This matters because I think there’s good times to get in the business great times to get the, always think it’s a good time to get the business by the way, because well, I’m in the business, but if there’s ever been a good time for you to decide that 20, 21 is going to be your year to do what you want to do with your life. Meaning I saw a gentleman earlier, he drives a truck, right?

Speaker 2 (29:45):

And he said, I, you know, I want to do real estate investing for, you know, for a living. I’m assuming to get out of the tractor trailer business, by the way I used to be in that business, sir. Um, and I understand how tough it is, you know? I mean, for those of you that don’t know, like in these trucks, in these rigs, now they literally have cameras looking at you all day long. You can’t speed. You can’t look the other way you, I mean, I’m getting on a tangent here, but make 20, 21 the year for you. There’s no better time for you to, to really go out and get what you’ve always wanted. And I’ll tell you, I’m doing this for even myself for years and years and years, I have put myself on the back burner, meaning I’ve put work in front of me.

Speaker 2 (30:41):

I put, you know, kids in front of me, which always will cause the love kids. Right? I’ve put everything before myself. For me. It’s about putting me first in doing what’s good for Julie, right? I really, you know, believe you guys should all do this exact same thing. Make like, for me, it’s about maybe, you know, getting healthier, losing some weight for you. That may be good for you. I’m already, maybe great in that area. Right? But you’re not where you want to be financially. This is the year to do it. You’re going to see wealth exchange hands next year at a very, very high level. And it’s not going to be an equilibrium of a wealth transfer. Okay. Uh, it’s unfortunate that, that there’s going to be individuals that are going to be in this situation because of just what Peter talked about.

Speaker 2 (31:45):

So my suggestion to you is to make a decision here. Okay? You can’t make a decision here without it coming from here. Right. You’ve got to know why this is going to be the year for you. So you could make the decision here to do what you need to do. Like somebody dismissing mentioned in the comments, how, when we’re, when you’re broke. Well, Terry, when I started this business, I was as broke as that could be. I pawned everything I owned. Okay. I didn’t, I was almost basically home homeless. You study and you work your tail off. Right? I was willing to do things that others weren’t willing to do. That’s not suggesting to you Terry, because definitely you, you are 1000% worth it. Now I’m going to, I’m going to kind of go into my next subject cause I’m feeling motivated. Right? Okay. Um, one reason, one reason, guys that I love this business is, and by the way, when Peter and I say, we still do deals like we really do still do deals.

Speaker 2 (32:53):

I still go on appointments for sellers. Actually. That is my absolute favorite thing to do is to go on appointments, to meet with. So, okay. The reason I love to do that is because I get to meet people. I get to hear their stories. And because of what we do also get to solve problems for folks. You know, I had problems long ago or about 10 years ago. I didn’t know how to solve them. This business allows you to be a problem solver for people. Okay. And unfortunately, there’s going to be with the moratorium lifting. I mean, there’s, there’s going to be, you know, people that are in pre-foreclosure that are going to literally lose their homes back to the bank. Okay. And you got to remember, banks are businesses. They’re not people, right? Everything is, is numbers driven for them guys, if you like helping people, or if you love helping people, you like, or you like making money to support yourself, this is the state of the union for me is that you need to take action now.

Speaker 2 (34:22):

Okay. There’s going to be a flood of pre-foreclosures. And the sad thing is, is that I know because in our partner program, I show our partners how to pull list off of our revolutionary product deal driven, which by the way, January 1st, we will get updated. Pre-foreclosures in your area daily. It will be updated daily. We have been preparing for this for months to be ready for this. I want you to imagine these people that own these homes, they literally have equity in the house. Okay. They are going to lose their property back to the bank, along with all of their equity. Because when individuals get in this situation, just like I did 10 years ago, you know what I did, Pete, I put my head in the sand. I put my head in the sand because I couldn’t see a way out when you get that down on your luck or your life, you can’t see the way out. So they’re going to be stuck without a house when they have equity, when you can come in there and there are solutions to help these people, instead of they’re losing their home. Imagine giving them money plus buying their home, right. Plus buying their home and getting the money so they can move on to the next stage of their life.

Speaker 2 (35:54):

I’ll tell you for me, it’s not about just making money. This is a cost for me. I don’t want people to do or feel like I did back then. Right? But you’ve got to understand how to solve these problems. You, if that, you know, if this idea of helping people and make money and making money, you know, is warms your heart. And then I suggest you start learning it. Now I really, really do and, and learn, you know, you can do all of these things and help yourself at the same exact time and help your family. So can I ask you guys a question, whether you’re a partner, whether you’re not a partner, whether you’re going to be in our partner program or not. Okay. Are you going to do what it takes to help yourself first and help other people put in the chat now?

Speaker 2 (37:05):

Or are we going to continue to just watch TV and wish we could have woulda and listen to other people that don’t pay our bills, right. And quit doing that. Quit listening to people that don’t pay your bills. You know, I used to listen to people all the time that wanted to have an opinion about what I did, but they didn’t pay me anything. So I’m asking you, is this going to be 20, 21? Is it going to be your year? Thank you, Stanley. He says, of course Derek says, absolutely. He wants to help other people. Nancy says she wants to be, that’s the right track for her as well. Terry said, yes. Edward says, yes, guys, let’s do this together. You don’t have to be a lone Wolf in this game. We can all learn and grow and help tons of people in 2021. What?

Speaker 2 (38:04):

Right? I mean, we, we all, we, this is something that we all can do now. That’s just people in foreclosure, right? Well, you’re right. There’s a lot of investors out there that don’t own that many properties that are going to, and you think as an investor, just because you’re an investor that people have lots of money. That is a terrible misconception. There are lots of investors out there that own under 10, or they could own hundreds who knows they’re in a terrible situation too, by not being able to get rent from these from tenants, they can’t pay their bills for their family. Their rental income pays their house. Bills, pays for their food, pays for their cars, pays for everything. They’re going to be in the same situation too, that had just lost their job. They lost their job to their source of income. I’m going to be there for those deals as well. So everything comes back around to what Peter, exactly what Peter said. I’m going to put it in my own terms. He used the word equilibrium.

Speaker 2 (39:24):

There’s going to be a very high, unfortunately, a high turnover rate in housing because of pre-foreclosures because of moratoriums. Listen, because of things like that. Right. But also there are lots of buyers out there. The last property that I put up for sale a week ago sold in two hours and it wasn’t even that great of a deal. Okay. So there’s lots of buyers. There’s lots of properties. I’m not going to go into supply and demand, but how much of the market share are you going to take for yourself while helping others while helping yourself? God’s like, I’m going to say it again. It, I obviously want you to be a partner of ours because I put Peter myself, Rafa our entire team, put our heart and soul into our partners. Whether you are a partner of ours or not, I generally want the most success for you in 2021 that you can ever imagine because you deserve it. And if real estate is something you’re interested in, now’s the time to get to it. Okay. And, um, you know, I really, you know, just wish all of you guys the best for this year or 2021 coming up, but let’s get it right. Let’s get it.

Speaker 1 (41:03):

That’s good stuff, Julie, that’s powerful. Um, I can tell you right now guys, um, if you take real estate as a whole, there are segments of real estate that did get hit, like commercial side office space. I mean, let’s face it. Like even in our company, we went from a 10,000 square foot building during the pandemic to a 2000 square foot building. And that’s mostly, it was duly done, like to work from home. And uh, but everybody else did just fine, but there are segments of real estate like ours, single family homes that are thriving. They’re thriving for every single reason that Julie said they’re thriving for every single reason I said and 20,000 other reasons. Um, but I’ll tell you from a D a little bit different perspective, if you guys ever been to like a, a football game or maybe a car race or anywhere, there’s a lot of people like maybe a 4th of July celebration, a lot of, a lot of you all are going to be going to new year’s and when you get there, there’s just a buzz, right?

Speaker 1 (42:16):

Like, there’s just like, it’s exciting. Like if you go into a stadium of 50,000 fans, right. And you’re watching your favorite football team, you know, it’s just like, there’s a buzz, right. Or you’re going to college game. Right. And you’re with your buddies there. And you’re like, there’s just a buzz of excitement. And, um, that’s how it is right now, from my perspective in real estate. There’s just a buzz. Um, it’s just, it’s exciting. I mean, as I talk to my friends, as I talk to partners is I see what’s happening out there. Um, I cannot believe like, like we started this thing at the park for, with our partners 20, 21 best year ever. And I’m telling you if from a perspective of being a real estate investor, 20, 21 best year ever, um, I’m like, I’m talking to, from my perspective, right? I’m talking to from perspective from a guide has been doing this for 22 years.

Speaker 1 (43:18):

And, and, uh, yeah. I’ve had some lows make no mistake about it. I don’t like hide from those, but I had some big wins in this business. Some big wins like this last year was a big win. I’m telling you 20, 21 best year ever. And so for those of you that are partners, my message to you tonight is very simple. You got it. You got it right in front of you. I mean, the latter has been served to you. You got training, you got coaching, you got support, you got back office, you got leads, you’ve got technology, you got funding, you got deal structure. We’re about ready to plunge into creative financing deals, which are going to go cuckoo nuts. Also through the roof. Um, Julie said, we’re about ready to launch. Not only pre-foreclosures like once a month updates, but everyday updates for our partners.

Speaker 1 (44:07):

We needed, we needed a whole webinar on just that. That’s huge. You’re right. I mean, it’s, that, that is like through, that’s like the latest and greatest information. That’s, that’s the, that’s the breaking news of the day. So if you’re a partner, you got it. I’m just telling you. And I say to you, as I say to myself, let’s go, let’s go 20, 20 best year ever, whatever we got to do, we do it together. We do it under one umbrella. We do it holding hands. We do it embracing each other. If you’re a partner, let’s step it up. I am, I am so fired up for those that are already are partners. I’m excited. I’m excited for where you’re going to be. I am like my goal this year. And I did this little write-up last night, you know, every year I’ve evaluated my personal career, my personal world.

Speaker 1 (45:01):

And the year based upon how well I did, how much I made, how much progress, uh, in 20, 21, 12 months from now, my evaluation of my year is going to be very simple. How many partners did we help get to the next level? How many partners do we get to do their first deal? How many partners are we doing? Consistent deals? How many partners do we take it from a hundred deals to 200 deals? That’s going to be it. I mean, I put it down and that is to 20, 21 best year ever for myself. And for those of you that are partners and you’re buying into it, we are so, so we’re just, we’re excited member. Next three, closings. Like I don’t care how many partners do it, but the next three closings tickets are on me. I’m buying your airline tickets. I’m getting you a car to pick you up at the airport.

Speaker 1 (45:48):

They’re driving into my lake house for hanging out for a day or two. We’re talking, we’re strategizing, we’re doing business. We’re smoking cigars. If you smoke cigars, Julie’s coming over, Rothfuss coming over. We’re just cool. I don’t know what it is yet, but it will be cool. And if Julie says, then she will deliver. So next three closings. If you’re partner, I don’t care if they happen in January, March, July, whenever that we’re going to do that. And we’re going to build an amazing friendship. Cause that’s the other thing we just want to get closer to our partners. I think this pandemic has kind of put a riff a little bit, you know, a little distance. And so whatever we can do to create that and do that. If you’re not a partner 20, 21 best year ever, I’m telling you if you make the right moves, make the right moves and make the right moves right now.

Speaker 1 (46:35):

Um, you’re listening to us tonight. So I assume you’ve already decided real estate is your play. Okay? I’m going to tell you, there’s some essentials you need, you need to know what you’re doing in this business. Do not even think about trying to do this yourself. It’s too tough, too complicated, too competitive to this, to that, to that. Um, you need to know what the heck you’re doing. If you’re a partner, if you don’t know how to generate direct to seller leads, you’re dead in the water. If you’re out there running around and you’re talking to real estate agents, finding deals, you know, looking at flyers from wholesalers, you just, you know, it was just, you might as well just sit around and twiddle your thumbs. That’s a waste of time. You need, you got to have capital in this business. There’s just no way around it.

Speaker 1 (47:15):

You got to have a back office. It’s just too many moving pieces without a back office. Um, so this is what, what a partner program is all about. So if you’re not yet a partner and you’re like, okay, I’m in, I’m ready to go. I don’t have all the information by the way. You will never ever. If you’re the person that needs all the information to make a decision, you will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever have all the information. But if you’re ready to just kind of go with it and, and make a decision then, and you’re ready to get started and I’m looking for it. And I don’t know where to act.

Speaker 2 (47:47):

Oh, here it is. 7 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5 8 5. Sorry.

Speaker 1 (47:56):

So there’s a team member on standby tonight. If you’re ready to get started, by the way, if you get started tonight, here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m going to personally personally make the initial call to you to get your rock and roll rolling, and I’ll try to do tonight even. So, um, that’s it, that’s the partner driven model guys, if you’re a partner so glad you’re here 20, 21 best year ever, if you’re not yet a partner make a decision, you need to play 20, 21 best year ever for you. So guys, um, it’s been an amazing year. It’s been a weird year. It’s been a challenging year in many respects, but for us personally, in this business with our partners, I’m not going to sugar coat. It it’s been a fricking amazing year. And I am. I’m thankful for, I’m thankful for everyone around us. I’m thankful for Julie, for Chelsea, for Rafa.

Speaker 1 (48:48):

I’m thankful for the amazing partners we have. Uh, um, I’m just, I’m just, I’m beyond full of Bretta to, towards the end of this year. I cannot wait to roll into next year. Um, I cannot wait to see what’s ahead of us. I cannot wait to. And Julie spent 30 minutes talking about helping people. She didn’t really spend too much time about doing deals. I mean, kind of, sort of, but it’s next year. My goal is I want to help as many freaking people solve their financial problems through their real estate assets as possible. That is the mission. And, and we have a whole army of partners that are out there ready to do that. And that’s an amazing businesses to be in. You know, I don’t compare us to the frontline people, the medics and all that. Those are truly the frontline people, but those are frontline, uh, medical people, guess what?

Speaker 1 (49:38):

There’s also needs to be frontline financial people. And I consider ourselves to be part of that. So, um, amazing air, uh, on behalf of myself, uh, I’ll let Julie say a couple of words to close off. I cannot wait to see you guys right around the corner. Same time, same place next year. We’re going to kick it off big. We’ve got some amazing things planned. I enjoyed it. I loved it. 2020. It was cool. Uh, it was brilliant. It was amazing. It was everything. I didn’t think it could ever turn out the way it did with all the things that happen. But for me personally, 20, 21 best year ever, Julie.

Speaker 2 (50:17):

Yes. Um, you know, I don’t know that I could say that any better, but I do wish everybody a great, you know, 20, 21 and also wanted to thank you guys for just being here. And, you know, for me, allowing a platform for me to be able to share my story for me, to be able to share my experience, you know, with, with what I do. So thank you so much, you know, to all of you, you inspire me more than you would ever, ever imagine, especially each and every one of you partners out there just seeing you guys do what you do. It’s most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen. So love you guys and be safe. We will see you guys later. Bye.

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