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Hey, good evening, everybody. Peter Vekselman. So many here it is. Tuesday night live. Thank you. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for being here. Actually, if you’ve been following me, I just realized you probably never seen this scenery to here before, right? Like I’ve been, I’ve been in this place upstairs. I think I’ve been in it on a third floor. Um, but I’ve never been here in the second floor doing this. So first time for everything, right? Uh, actually the reason I’m here is something’s wrong. I’d like to do this from upstairs, from my, uh, office space up there in a fourth floor, but something’s wrong with the internet connection. So it’s not been hitting. So what do you do? You adjust? Right? So all you do, you just make an adjustment. So welcome. Welcome everybody. For those of you that are joining us, if you don’t mind share where you’re dialing in from what’s up, Brad, how are you buddy?

What’s up? Shane? We’ve got Marietta represented. Marietta is literally like, literally for those that don’t know, like Marietta is a hop, skip, and a jump from where I’m sitting right now. Probably no more than 10, 15 minutes coming Georgia. That’s where our office used to be. Uh, what’s up, Tammy? How are you? We got Tampa, Florida and a house. We got Virginia in the house. What’s up? Glenn, how you doing? How you doing? Um, Corpus Christi, Texas. What’s up Greg? Uh, Texas again? Yeah, with Texas is, uh, knocking it out. Speaking of Texas, I know the football season started, but I’m such a small follower of it, but I do like the Dallas Cowboys. So if somebody let me know, did the cat that the Cowboys play yesterday this weekend and how did we do? That’s about my overall involvement in, um, in athletics. What’s up David? DC in the house.

What’s up? Ron Moore, Texas, and a house. What’s up talent. How are you Massachusetts in the house? Say David, we’ve got St. Augustine in the house. We got DC in the house. I used to have an apartment in St. Augustine, uh, right by their historic hotel there in a corner and literally two doors down. Uh, uh, uh, I had an interest in one of the houses and I, we expanded into Jacksonville. Um, and so we would stay actually in St. Augustine. Amazing, amazing city, tons of history. I think it’s the city where more weddings take place than anywhere else across the country. From my understand, um, Michigan hall, I don’t even know where Holland is. Where is Holland, Michigan? Uh, right. Monte. Gotta let me know where Holland Michigan is. Uh, Hey Melissa, how are you? Or what’s up Graham? Phoenix in the house. One of the hottest markets out there, South Carolina in a house. Um, just remembered something.

Uh, literally as I was talking to you guys, I just realized that, uh, there’s another partner deal. Oh, here it is. Uh, just got this text from Julie. Okay. We’re a go on west Virginia House. Um, let’s see, we’re buying it for $118. We’re putting $30 into it and ARV, we’re selling it for $210. We just gave our partner ed a go ahead. So congratulations at congratulations. That’s going to be, uh, the next deal we’re doing with ed. So what’s up, what’s up. What’s up Delaware? Uh, Woodstock, Illinois. How are you? Oh, I see. They won. They won the Cowboys won 20 to 17. Thank you, Monte. Who they beat? I don’t even know. I don’t even know who they played California in a house what up Candy. Cowboys won. Houston, Texas. All right. How you doing Katie?

New York, New York city or New York state. One is on the other. I get it. Hey, what’s up IRA chord. You’re making some moves. Financial moves. Congrats. We were just talking about you today. Keep going, keep going, keep leveling up a net from commerce. I think Julia has a house in commerce that she bought from me. Actually, we did a deal in commerce. I was holding it long term, and then Julie’s like, can I buy it off of you? Um, and then I think she ended up selling to one of their relatives from what I remember. Uh, what’s up Glenn, um, Cowboys one. Yes, yes, yes, yes. We got to love that Eugene Faulkner from Chicago. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. All right guys. Well, it is that time. It is that time again. Thanks. Thank you all for being here again. My name is Peter [inaudible] with partner-driven real estate investing.


What I am is I am a real estate investor, but what I do is very unusual. As far as real estate investing goes, we partner with people all across the United States and we do real estate deals with them. We coach them, we generate leads for them. Uh, we provide, uh, the back office support. We provide technology. Um, we provide a very cool CRM called deal engine HQ to rotate their leads in. Obviously we provide all the capital to get the deals done, and then we put these properties in a market, sell them and split the profits down the middle 50 50. And that is the partner driven model. This is how we do all of our deals at this point here, uh, at partner driven. Um, and as a whole, I’ve been at this thing for over two decades, about 22, 23 years. Now, as a whole, I’ve done thousands of real estate deals before.

And I could tell you as a 22 year veteran in this business, I’ve never, ever, ever, ever, ever been more excited about being a real estate investor. See that the truth be told I’ve never been excited about being a real estate investor. Like I never grew up thinking, oh, wow, I want to get into the sexiest profession in the world. And that’s called real estate investing. So truth be told real estate investing never, ever, ever got me excited. Even when I was at the top of the game as a single investor. And I guess to this day, the act of real estate does not get me excited, but I am more excited than ever because of how our model is working because of this text that I just read for those of you that just popped on, we just approved another deal for one of our partners, Ed Lindsey, we’re buying it for $118, spending $30 in it and selling it for $210.

That is exciting. That is exciting. I can tell you there’s something special that takes place. When you do something with someone else, there’s something special that takes place, that when you, when somebody else wins, there’s something exciting that takes place. When, when you truly have the ability to help people out. And it’s, again, this is nothing that ever hit me. When I got into real estate business, it is not something that ever drove me when I got into the real estate investing business. But I could tell you, I get giddy excited about being in a partner driven model right now, because partnering with people, struggling with people, making things happen with people, succeeding, sometimes failing with people, man, it is, I’m telling you, it’s just it. I, this is my kind of thing. This is my kind of thing. So, although today, we’re going to talk about specifically about real estate investing, because I know that’s why people want to tune in on days like this.

They want to learn something they want to maybe be inspired by something we have to share. We’re going to talk about real estate investing, but I could tell you what we do here at partner-driven is way, way, way beyond investing. Um, I believe it we’re changing lives for the better. I believe we’re connecting with people that otherwise would not have been able to connect with. We have partners that are having an incredible impact in their communities, like who didn’t know them years ago, that when we started partnering driven model, that we would actually be excited that some of our partners are eat literally having an impact in their local communities for the better, not for the worse. Right? Think about this. If you turn the TV on most everything you see when the neighborhood stuff that’s going on out there, some of the violent stuff that’s taking over the last year or so it’s L negative.

It is cool to be part of a community, part of an organization, part of a team where we’re actually making a powerful, positive impact in the end. What do we do? We help people out, you know, make no mistake about it. Sometimes people think, you know, well, you’re a real estate investor and you’re just trying to, you know, trying to get something up on someone else. Not true at all. It’s not true at all. There are people that need, what we have see is a real estate, is, is it just the overall real estate real estate experiences, two types of sellers. That’s it? There’s two types of sellers when it comes to real estate investing. When it comes to the real estate industry, there’s what is known as a retail investor. Okay. I’m sorry. Retail seller and a retail seller has got a property and they want the top dollar for it in turn. They are okay to sit on it for a while in turn. They’re okay to put maybe 20 or $30,000 in renovations into it before it goes into market. They’re okay to have 2030 people marched through their property, looking at it. They’re prepared to take their time with it. That is the one that was known as a retail buyer. We as investors work with other buyers, they’re called wholesale buyers sellers. And know what a wholesaler is. Time is of the essence. They probably don’t have that 20, 30, or $40,000 that is needed to fix up that property. They don’t have the luxury of having 20 or 30 people walk through their properties. And that is what is known as a wholesale seller. And those people cannot, most of the time take their properties to the open market. And this is where we as investors help. So in the partner driven model, we literally help our partners do real estate deals, split the profits and make a bunch of money as a unit, as a unit at partner-driven.


What we do as a unit. What we do with partner partner-driven is we literally literally help people get out of what are pretty tough situations. Can you think of a better business model than that? And this is why I truly can tell you flat out excited about being part of the partner driven team. So that is what we do now, today, today, I want to teach you something. I want to teach you something as it relates to being a real estate investor. Now, if you’ve been following me, maybe on social media, maybe you follow me through these weekly webinars and you’ve been doing it over an extended period of time. You may think to yourself that Pete, I think I’ve heard you talk about this. I think I’ve heard, you mentioned what you’re talking about today. Well, guess what I have, and that’s another incredible thing about being a real estate investor.

You don’t gotta be rocket scientist. You don’t have to know 50,000 different things. Otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten to where I’ve gotten is the real estate investor. What I always tell people is this. You just have to master some basic things. You just have to master some basic matrix. You just have to master some basic techniques and strategies. And if you could just really master these basic things, you can hit it out of the ballpark. You know, many times people look at me when you’re like, like I do a lot of interviews, like a podcast interview or radio interview. And one of the, one of the, one of the most frequently asked questions, I get asked all the time is this look you’ve been at this thing for a couple of decades. You’re still at it. And it will be a form of a question, like what has changed?

What are you doing now that you didn’t do back then? Like what, in, in, you know, the more I dwelled into that question, the more I think about that question, the more often I get asked that question, the more I realized, not a ton now technology has taken things to the next level, uh, how we do things is more modern, but the ultimate basics of the business, like the ultimate ultimate a sense of what real estate is, has not only changed, not change from the 20 years that I’ve been in this thing. If you go back another decade before then, and another decade before then, they’re still pretty fundamental. What happens with the change of time is we just introduce things into it, right? We introduced these things called smartphones. Well, guess what? I didn’t even have a smart phone 22 decades ago, but what the smartphone is allows me to do is it really only allows me to perform the basics of this business at a higher level, but there’s still the basics.

So today I want to share with you about one of the basic fundamentals of the real estate investing business. And, um, and it’s a big one. I’m not going to share with you today. Techniques or strategies I want to share with you today, a mile marker, a matrix, a matrix, because a lot of times people don’t understand what the matrix of the business needs to look like, like what the numbers need to look like. And because they don’t understand what the matrix or the numbers or the milestones need to look like they many times misinterpret how well they’re doing, right? And because they misinterpret how well they’re doing or how poorly they’re doing. They many times make the wrong decisions about whether to go in and stay in this business or not. Now, the good thing is the good thing is in the lane that I stay in really does not have a lot of matrix.


I can tell you, thank goodness for me, because I’m not a big, big, sophisticated matrix numbers guy. That would probably, that would definitely complicate me, but there are some absolutely key matrix to understand about this business. And here’s the thing. As long as I’ve been at this, these matrix have pretty much stayed the same, but here’s the real big thing. When you accomplish these types of milestones, when you’re able to hit these matrix, when you’re able to sustain these numbers, you know, what else has pretty much stayed the same, the results in a back end. So when many times people talk about this business, you know, I’m not as far as I want to be. I’m not as rich as I should be. I haven’t done as many deals as I have right. Many times I’ll ask them. Well, what makes you think that what makes you think that you have not made the kind of money that you should be making?

Show me some kind of proof that somebody in your position doing, as long as you have this in the area, you know, all this, what, tell me where the information data is that allows you to say, you’re not where you want to be. You’re not as successful. And really most of the time they don’t. So this is what I tell them. Then let’s do this. Let’s get really zeroed in. Let’s get really focused in on a couple of key matrix in this business, by the way, which are all very achievable and let’s hit these matrix. And then just as disappointed as you are now. And again, I’m talking conceptually here, obviously, but then just as disappointed as you are now in what you perceive the results should be. I can almost can’t guarantee it, but I could sure a set come with an 80 to 90% accuracy of actually letting you know, then when you hit these matrix, this is what the results will be.

And so when it comes to this business, don’t judge it by conceptuals, don’t judge it by how you think you should be doing this, or how well, or how far, or how much based upon what you think judging by some established, proven time-tested numbers. That once you yourself start hitting them, it works out like clockwork. It works out just like clockwork. So let me take a step back and let me bring to back to where I was many years ago before the partner driven model was brought into existence before the partnering model was brought to existence, I was the, our typical real estate investor, like find a property, do something with that property and then get rid of that property, cashflow it, sell it, rented, whatever. Um, and I did that actually very well. Did thousands of real estate deals like that had an incredible support team around me. That by the way, once we switched to the partner driven model, now that whole support team just basically changed their hats, their student doing the exact same things up. It’s doing it for me. They’re not doing it with and for my partners.

So if we take this back several years back to where I’ll I, along with the team was running the, our real estate investment company. One of my big goals back then was very simple. I wanted to do one deal away. Okay. But one deal away. One deal a day. One deal away is actually something we have also. So I want it to basically, I want it to close one deal a day. Now, just think of I tasks. If I just tasked my team with that, Hey, one deal a day. Call me when you get there. Be kind of silly, right? It’d be kind of silly because for one closing to take place every day, there had to be numerous things that had to happen in the beginning, right? Contractors, inspections, closings, money, capital raises, um, uh, it real estate agents involvement, um, negotiations really, you know, 30 things need to happen from PE gimme one, closing a day.

Right? So just to say to my team back then, Hey, give me one closing a day, which sure would be pretty darn pompous of me. And the bottom line is it would be nothing that could be replicated. It could be gone to by luck, like, wow, we had three days in a row, one closing, how did that happen? Well, we’re not really sure. So I knew at that point I had to start at establishing certain matrix in this business. And ultimately I ran my whole real estate investment company off these matrix. Meaning did I still once a week ask the magic question? How many closings do we have? Of course I did be silly for me not to, but what I really asked is this next question, how many do we have under contract? And believe it or not, believe it or not. I had done thousands of real estate deals off that one matrix.


I literally, I, somewhere along the line I bought in that that is the most important matrix out there, somewhere along the line, I realized that the most important matrix is not like how much money can we save on each rehab? Like, Hey, you know, we’d go to home Depot instead of Lowe’s. So we could buy decent types of nails for 20 cents cheaper. Well, I never bought into those matrix. Not saying they’re not important, never bought into the matrix of capital raises, right? Oh, look, I’m raising capital at 8.5%. And you’re at like 8.2, 5% or 8.7, 5% never bought into those matrix. Okay. Because ultimately those matrix, you move the needle just a little bit or you move the needle from here to here is by understanding how many properties you have under control. Because I learned long time ago in this business that the ultimate matrix is very simple.

He who controls the most deals. Thanks the most money. It’s not that we, as the most closings, it’s not, who’s got the most money. It’s not anything that most people think that’s the most important thing. All of those things are byproducts and they’re important by products, right? Closings are, is that closing? Is that by-product, that’s it closing? Make no mistake about it? It is not a driving indicator. It is a by-product capital in your checking accounts. That is a by-product. That is not a co that is not a leading indicator. That is a by-product of, and when push comes to shove, any angle you look at in the real estate investing business, it all originates with how much real estate do you control or have under contract. I realized many years ago that I could literally set that matrix, right? Set that matrix and run my whole business off of it.

So when I, you know, years ago decided that one of my goals as a real estate investor was to close one deal a day. I realized that there was a certain matrix of how many I had under contract. I had to meet. Now. It just so happened. Cause I know a lot of you were like, well, just give us the matrix, okay. To do one deal a day back in the days that we were doing everything ourselves we needed to have around 60, 70 or 80 properties under contract at all times 60 to 70 to 80 properties under contract. So that was the number that I lived with. I could literally, at that point, call it in like, not even a walk it in, but call it in every Monday morning or whenever we did these hate Mary, how many we got under contract. And as long as there was somewhere 60, 70, or 80 range, I knew were fine. I didn’t have to know anything else now did I know every, a lot of, yes, it is my responsibility as an owner to know other things too. But that was the key indicator for the most important thing. As it relates to everything that we all do and that’s about doing deals, right? It wasn’t like, Hey Mary, let me see the spreadsheets on our rehab numbers. Like how much money did we save in this last one? It was opposed to this one.

Believe it or not. It wasn’t even, uh, from my call room, I had a whole room full of negotiators. It wasn’t even from the call room of how many calls are they making? Okay. I knew everything was in line. If that one. Sure. Cause in line now, was it important to know how many calls the, the, um, negotiators were making, how many deals are putting into the contract? Yes, but again, the key indicators see that did not tell me how many closings I would have because there’s still like 30 steps in between. But how many deals would under contract go told me the grit told me everything I needed to know, told me where to call negotiators, making enough calls where the inspectors inspecting enough deals or the rehab people ready to do more deals was my capital raises enough to buy properties. Like every question that you, as a business owner in the real estate investment business need, need to have answered. Every question could have been answered by that one key number.


So for me, 60 to 70 to 80 became kind of like a rallying cry. You know, everybody in the office, everybody in the office bought into it, understood it and supported it because here’s what happens in here. And so people will say, well, wait a second, 80 properties in a contract to get one closing. None. No, no one closing a day. I’m closing a day. Why do you need that many prop? Why not have, let’s say 35 properties under contract. Why not have 18 properties under contract? Okay. Here’s what happens when you have a property under contract now, for those of you who have done any kind of real estate investing? Well, like when I tell you this, you’re like, yep. That’s exactly what happens when you put a property under contract, one of three things take place. When you have a property under contract, some during the inspection time, the, all the time before you get into the contract and the time you go to closing some just die.

In fact, believe it or not, statistically, like this is not to do with what we do or what I did. Uh, but across the nation, most deals die out. It’s just, again, it’s just the way real estate, um, forks. So some die, some get put off. For whatever reason, somebody gets sick in the middle of the deal. A title issue comes up all of a sudden wrong numbers come in. So you have to go through renegotiations, which takes place longer. Sometimes sellers changed their mind and you gotta put a little pressure on them, right? So some die, some get kickback and some clothes simple as that. Some die, some get tick back and some will close.

So what happens when you do something over in a rental over and over and over again? What do you learn? Learn your numbers. I knew that for the Atlanta market, which is where I’m based out of, for what I was doing for, uh, everything involved. I knew that that number was 60 to 70 80. It was history taught me that my own activities taught me that it was a no brainer. It became my one key indicator. And so I shared this with you for one very basic reason. Some of you are doing really well right now, and I applaud you whether you’re doing it with us or you’re doing it by yourself, you know, but you’re, you’re on track. I mean, you’re on track by any, any, um, any stretch of imagination. Um, okay. I’m getting indicators I’m going in and out. Hopefully he’s, uh, Kristen texts me back if I’m back on track, uh, or if I’m still, uh, going in and out, but hopefully you guys could hear me.

Like literally I told you I came from fourth floor to here because I was told I was going out of there. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m being told I’m um, so some of you, like I said, are on track. You’re doing great, hidden out of ballpark by any stretch of imagination, anybody will look at your investment business and you’re like, right on congratulations. Some of you are not where you want to be. And you’re, you’re kind of like, um, you’re a little bit confused of why you feel like you’re doing what needs to be done. You feel like you should be further along than you are. You feel like that there should be some more, you know, as you turn around, you feel like I should, there should be more results than I see right now. I’m going to flip it upside down for you tonight. And I’m going to tell you this. I want you to base all your feelings, all of your judgments, all of your conclusions in this business on one matrix, that’s it just narrowed down to one matrix. How many properties are you controlling? How many properties are you controlling?


Now, I know some of you were asking like what Pete mean? Uh, like you’re telling me I got to get 60, 78. None of that’s to do one deal a day. And if you’re at zero and there’s a lot of room on the plenty money made from zero to doing one deal a day. Okay. Even if you can never get there, you’ll be just fine. If you at least get it to the initial couple of levels. So what I’m about ready to share with you is what I always, always, always tell the beginners where that first matrix is, by the way I’ve adjusted this. I have adjusted this because of the unprecedented times that we’re in. Okay? Because sometimes you do have to make adjustments based upon what’s taking place based upon conditions, you know, things change. And if you’re not willing at least to make some slight adjustments number, when we started, I said, basically what I did 20 years ago is, is, is the basics are still the basics. Well, that’s true. But then I also said, there’s some fine tuning involved. Well, this is a fine tune.

Up until the COVID the pandemic. My always initial number. It used to be in for those of you that have been with me that long will remember that that initial number was always five to seven, five to seven. I’ve always told people back then, if you can get five to seven deals under contract at all times, the numbers will work out just like mine. Some will fall out, some will get pushed back and some will close. I made an adjustment in that number. And let me tell you why we’re in a very hot market now. And I want to spend tonight explaining all the things that are taking place, all the pre-foreclosures that are, you know, hitting the market. That’s not what tonight’s all about. So just kind of trust me on this. You don’t have to be a real estate investor to know the market is hot everywhere, right? And because the market is so hot, when you get control of inventory, the chances of us closing on it are much higher than before. So whereas before some will fall out, some will get pushed back. Some will close. That initial drop point I always said was about five to seven to do about a deal a month. And I think anybody that can get into the rhythm of doing a deal a month, okay. In their initial stages, in his business, which means the first initial couple of years, you’re never going to be disappointed. I promise you, but because we’re in a, such a hot market, when we control real estate a lot less, now, things still fall out. Still things get pushed back. Don’t misunderstand me, but a lot less. So why? Because we’re in a hot market in buyers, buyers are not as picky as they used to be. Buyers are like, oh, I can take that.


Oh, that needs a little work. I got it. It’s also easier for buyers to get money. And when it’s easier to get money as a buyer, it makes the buying decision a lot easier. Like when it’s difficult to get that money and you’re paying crazy interest for it, you’re like, you’re shaking until you go to closing. You’re like, oh man, I’m making this right decision. And I’m going with a adjustable rate mortgage, or I’m going with a, a balloon or I’m getting into a 6% mortgage. They’re giving money away practically now. So when they’re giving you money away, my use for that money becomes a lot easier to make a decision with. Right. It’s cheaper money. I mean, it’s just common sense. So because of all these things I have now adjusted, or I’ve recently and adjusted in the last several months, that initial number of like as a, as an investor rolling into this business, or as an investor, who’s not quite where they need to be in this business yet. I tell people the number you’re shooting for is right around 2, 3 or 4. 2, 3 or 4. So 3, I guess on average you should always have about two, three or four properties under contract at all times. And so people will say many times to me, well, gosh, Pete, um, I have 10 under contract and I’m like, okay, congratulations. When did you close last one? Well, home close anything. Got it. These have to be legitimate contracts that have a legitimate chance of closing, right? Your numbers should be in line, right? Might have to make some adjustments renegotiations, but I’m not saying go put up, go put 20 properties under contract that are worth a hundred thousand and put them in a contract for a hundred thousand and just sit back and say, well, Pete said, this, thing’s going to go. That’s not what I’m saying. You still have to meet the minimum requirements, meaning they have to pass the mustard of the numbers, making sense. But if the numbers make sense and you’re constantly not just at a bleep, like for three weeks and then, uh, out, but consistently get a consistent form or consistent length of time where you do have those properties, quantity properties under contract, they’re going to work out in your favor. Some will die for whatever reason, some will get pushed back for whatever reason. And some are going to close and some are going to close. So tonight, if you can meet yourself to nothing else, other than I got to get to 2, 3 or 4, again, remember the keys consistently, not just the spurt for a couple of weeks or a month with having that. And then all of a sudden they all fall out and nothing gets replaced. That’s not what I’m talking about. Consistency of efforts is an incredible pillar of success that most unsuccessful people have no idea about, but the consistency of efforts needs to be there because you got to maintain this, right? There is no race car driver that ever won a formula grand Prix by going 210 miles an hour for three minutes of that grand Prix, there’s no one ever did anything incredible. There’s no incredible business owner that got to be an incredible business owner by about a two months fan being an incredible business owner. And for 10 years being a crappy one. 2, 3, or 4 at all times tied up with the pillar of success of consistency of efforts. Don’t let go. Don’t let go. Don’t slow down. Don’t ease up on the pedal, maintain. And the numbers are going to start working out. And by the way, this is why I love what we do here at partner-driven because we allow our partners to stay focused on exactly what I’ve just been talking about in the last 45 minutes. We take all the distractions out of it, all the other things that need to be done have to be done. I’m sorry, not just need, but have to like a hundred percent to maintain a business. We a partner driven handle for our partners, the back office, the CRM with the lead gen, the raising of capital, which is a monster support, everything and everyone, the hiring and we’re working with and sometimes firing the office staff to maintain everything, the running of the comps, the filling out of the contracts, the coordination of buyers and sellers and closings and changes and stay on top of that titles, all of them minutiae that old two Milly overwhelms. Most people, we hear a partner driven to take care of for our partners so that they could focus on one thing, maintaining the most important matrix that exists in the real estate investing business.

\ (40:40):

How many you got under contract? How many you got on contract? That’s the only thing that’ll focus on. All the other stuff, the 30 other things that I just mentioned, they all have to be done, but none of them are going to make you a dollar. Getting a contract out to a seller has never made anyone any money, but unless you get that contract out to the seller like through DocuSign or whatever, the deal never happens, coordinating buyers and sellers for closings has never made a dollar for anyone in the world. But every deal that ever closed had to have that done raising capital has never made me a penny ever, ever, ever made me penny raising the kind of capital life raised over decades in this business. But it had to have been to keep this thing going. So a partner-driven we clear all that out.

I call it minutia, but that’s not even a good word for it. You know, we clear we cleared those tho those, those aspects of this business that need to be done that are non moneymaking. And we do them within for many times, literally all for our partners, but we’re always there helping them through it so that they can focus an overwhelming amount of their time on the only thing that’ll ever make you a dollar in this business. And that is identifying a deal, slapping a contract on it. That’s money right there, that’s money. And that’s why I’m excited that here partner driven. And for those of you that are here, part of our partners, you probably know what I’m about ready to launch into, but we’re riding we’re. If you’re not a partner yet you need to get on the bandwagon like in the next, like immediately, because starting October 2nd. And I think Kristen texted me, how many are registered? Now, I’m going to give you the number. But starting October 2nd, we have dozens of partners that are raising their hand and saying, you’re telling me it’s about that activity. It’s about that effort to get them tied up. I’m all in and starting October 2nd. If you’re a partner, we’re going to give you the ability to level up to get those two to three to four, always tied up and always under contract.

We’re going to have an incredible run. I’m not going to go into those details. But if you’re bought in tonight that yes, that makes sense. I get the matrix I get, I’m not there. 89 partners have committed 89 partners have committed to basically getting to where I’ve been discussing today. That’s a lot. And starting October 2nd, all of our partners that want to do it, or not only laying the pathway for them, but we’re going to be executing it, right? It’s not just teaching somebody something and tell them, go do it. It’s actually taking that person by the hand and saying, let’s do it together. And that is, that is why I’m so excited to bot what is about ready to take place here. A partner-driven partner-driven is about ready to level up itself because we hear a partner driven. We hear a partner driven are about ready to help dozens and dozens and dozens of our partners level up.

Speaker 1 (44:49):

And that’s October 2nd, by the way, if you’re like, you’re a partner and you’re like, what is October 2nd? You need to like contact back office, pop over to our Facebook and you’ll see it big. And if you’re an offense about being a partner and you’re like, Hey, this thing that we’re starting October 2nd, it’s worthy of itself to become a partner because the timing couldn’t be any better, couldn’t be any better. So what was to not all about tonight. So that was about making the real estate business a lot simpler than most of you guys are making, because tonight we narrowed it down to one kind of basic thing, do whatever it takes, however long it takes however difficult it is to get to that beginning matrix on this business of constantly and consistently having two to three to four properties under contract. That’s what tonight’s all about, whatever it takes for those of you that are partners, the pathways being blown up right in front of you is just that the mountains are being blown through. The seas are being pardoned and a roads being built. So let’s go if you’re not a partner and you’re like, I want to be part of this experience. Then we have a number of team members on standby tonight. Somebody could put that phone number up into chat. We’ll have a number of team members standing by tonight. That’ll answer whatever additional questions you may have about what it means to become a partner that I may have not answered.

Um, and literally on standby to get you started. And they’re at 770-746-8585, 770-746-8585. So on behalf of myself, the incredible Kristen that I know was behind the scenes today. And most importantly, most importantly, the whole partner driven staff that makes all this possible. I just want to tell you, I really enjoyed it. I do truly hope you got some value, but beyond any of that, I hope you take some action because I’m telling you what I told you today works, and it works all the time

Everywhere and I’ll keep on working. Thanks guys. Bye.