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Rafael Zabala: 00:00 So here’s my promise to you, I promise right tonight through this presentation I’m going to go, I’m going to show you exactly the different ways that you can use our partner driven program to learn and earn without having to miss your capital at all ever. Okay? Does that sound good? I think that’s what everyone’s here for a. i Think Peter’s wants to see it too. This is the first time he’s going to see the full presentation. Um, so guys, but I want you to stay to the end. Okay? We’re going to go through a lot of information, but if you stay to the end tonight, I’m going to give you guys access to our latest training. This is stuff that is just right, right off the press, right on bleeding edge technology has been changed the way you think about a lead generation forever. I’m telling you that the world is changing and continues to change.

Rafael Zabala: 00:47 Luckily through partnerships and through connections, we can leverage each other and learn. And by the way, a hint, it’s not deal machine. Uh, even though we do love those guys out there. Okay? So. Alright. So I need your attention. Turn off your cell phones, turn off facebook. Well, if you’re on facebook, I don’t think we were able to get the live stream out. So I think we’re safe guys, if you’re looking to leverage us, this is it, right? We’re going to give you the keys to our partner driven universe, right? So, but before we do that, I want you to to imagine. All right, imagine what would it be like if you could take action in real estate without any fear of making a constantly mistakes. As we mentioned before, this is like the number one thing that stops everyone. Imagine if that was completely removed,

Peter Vekselman: 01:37 right?

Rafael Zabala: 01:40 Imagine if, if, if you were able to do as many deals as you can generate regardless of how much money you had. Again, another huge, very right because how hard we work is not a barrier. We can work as hard as we want to write. Sometimes there’s these other things. Fear, lack of resources that stop us. All right? Imagine if that wasn’t there. Right? And in the process of that, imagine getting paid 50 percent of every deal without having to put one cent into it. Besides your effort, maybe some marketing and at the end, imagine what it would feel like to be able to grow a business that could benefit not just you, but your friends, your family, potentially for generations to come. I’m one of the big core values of the partner driven way, his legacy, right legacy for our community, for our families. Um, imagine what it’d be like to have that.

Rafael Zabala: 02:37 Alright guys, is this imagination or reality, right? Peter hasn’t seen this. I want to see him smile as we do this, right? Because guys, we’ve been doing this for months. Here’s, Belinda takes home $17,000. Here’s Robin. Michigan makes $20,000. His first 70 days with us right up. Belinda was just in her for a month and a half on that one. Here’s Henry. He closed four deals his first month. This dude is hard core right here. Seth. Seth is a longtime partner, uh, and he makes a lot more than just these $7,000 checks. But you know what, keep them coming. I’m the brand new into real estate, right? Her first deal splits $30,000 for the profits with us. That was awesome. Yeah. She was here visiting us. She wants to number. Yeah. Uh, Alex Super. Alex, if you’re out there listening, shout out A. Alex did. Is he 20 year old man? He partnered with Peter Wright and cloak of spit split profits.

Rafael Zabala: 03:40 So his first deal of $52,000 and this is happening everywhere nationwide. People are connecting to this partner driven approach. Right? Guys? This is not an, this is not a done for you thing. I just want to be clear all these people that I’m showcasing our hardcore folks, right? That are investing their time, investing their research resources to connect to our resources. Right in. Um, and I love Carl’s a law. Last statement here, man. He, he hates working with gurus and you know, when Peter and I are working, it’s like Rafa. I don’t want you to make me a guru. I’m not a fucking excuse my language. I’m not a guru.

Peter Vekselman: 04:24 You been hanging around me too long.

Rafael Zabala: 04:26 Yeah, I’ve been hanging out with this guy a cursing and smoking cigars. Right? And it’s true. We’re not, he’s not our organization that we’re a community of partner driven community. Right? So it’s an imagination or is it reality? It’s happening now. And you can do this too, right? So I want to, for some of y’all just might be the first time that you guys meet Peter and I want to give Peter the opportunity, uh, to insure himself a little bit here. I’m seeing this for the first time too. So let me see what I know about myself.

Peter Vekselman: 05:00 Well, I like it guys. For those of Y’all that know me, you know, you’d known no nonsense. It’s black and white kind of. Well you said it, so I’ll repeat it. I’m definitely no bullshit. You guys have been doing this for 20 years and I literally threw all, went through all the challenges. I’m self taught in this business, you know, for the last 15 of those years, I have built very strong

Peter Vekselman: 05:24 strongholds in, in, in, in, in the nation, in this nation. You know, in Georgia and Florida all the way through California. Guys have closed or 3,500 deals and still doing dozens and dozens of deals on a monthly basis. Guys, I think at this point I’ve literally helped thousands make millions. But guys, listen, let me tell you something. The reality is, um, it, it hasn’t always been easy. Look, guys, I learned the hard way is many of you all are experiencing right now that coaching in of itself is pretty much a scam. And this is how I came to realization that there’s a better way of working with people to get them more successful.

Rafael Zabala: 06:07 Yeah, absolutely. And, um, I know this is the first time I really jump in front of the camera, as Peter said, I’m usually the guy behind the scene that just myself, but with my wife, here’s a myself with my family. It just says quick introduction to who I am and why I’m here with Peter. And basically it really boils down to one thing I’m all about living life of freedom, right? That’s, to me my core value, that’s the most important thing to me. Wealth. I like wealth. Wealth gives me freedom. Good, right? But to me, it’s the freedom aspect of it. Um, I started my online marketing agency from Costa Rica and our farm down in Costa Rica with my beautiful family back in 2004 and this, I am interactive marketing, uh, in 2012 I ventured into real estate and I launched a private lending company and dominated our local area or market, uh, here in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rafael Zabala: 07:02 And, and that’s how I fund international. And that’s Kinda how Peter and I connected and how we met, right? Because here I am on the other side of the fence, right? And we were regenerating so many loan requests. I mean over 500 loan requests a month. So people reaching out to us and saying, hey, we got a deal. We got this, we want to, let’s do, let’s do this. And for us, like you were going to make money, we’re going to make loans and we couldn’t do it. It was heartbreaking. All of that work that we did to generate that business, to get it, to teach ourselves that business, to get in there. And we couldn’t find people that were really qualified to take, you know, several hundred thousand dollars loan. Now guys, if you think about that for one second, you’ve probably go, oh yeah, I can see that they didn’t have the experience, they didn’t have the money and this is how I came to realize that there had to be a better way, right?

Rafael Zabala: 07:59 And that’s the partner driven way and that’s what our collaboration has been. Um, this whole time, all of our partners that are with us already, what this is what they’re all about. And this is what we want you to be all about as you join our community and get to know us and learn from us and potentially partner with us, right? And guys, this is basically as the smart investors roadmap, right? So tonight I’m going to go through three secrets of this partner driven way, which by the way, it doesn’t exist anywhere else. No one is doing what we’re doing, right? No one is willing to take the risk in this way, right? No one has the team and systems ready to process your in this way to bring you guys in, to coach you, to bring, to help you connect with the deals. So secret number one, then we’re going to go over tonight, right?

Rafael Zabala: 08:52 And that’s this guy. This is a no brainer and this is the, there’s one thing that I want you to take from tonight and, and frankly, I hope you’ve made it this far. I’m waiting for you to stay to the end. Uh, is this guys secret number one, the best way, the absolute best way to learn real estate if through a one on one coaching program or experience, right? Not just a one on one program with somebody, but someone that has vast, proven experience, right? And the team necessary to execute whatever you bring to them, right? So that alone, it’s a dream, right? Add to it that is willing to put in 100 percent of their own money. Okay? So I know that sounds like a no brainer and you were like saying, okay, really you have this as a secret? Well, yeah, it’s a secret, right?

Rafael Zabala: 09:42 I didn’t, when I got into real estate, I didn’t know this was available, right? This is a secret to me, frankly, because it didn’t exist, right? You guys were being your. You guys are part of the second wave or third wave, right, of this partner driven way, right in our, in our forever improvement that we’ve been doing right? And that leads us to secret number two that we’re going to be going over through tonight and that guy that if you’re not really ready for that one on one experience, right? Which there are lots of reasons why, uh, why people might not be either from a availability, timing your life, a trust in what’s happening here in our community. Guys, there’s still another way. And that’s the second secret and that, and that is that you can learn all of the foundations that you need, everything that you need, right via a self taught roadmap, right?

Rafael Zabala: 10:34 Self study roadmap, as long. And here’s the caveat, as long as it’s proven method to work right there are, I mean like God, you can just go to Amazon.com or go to barnes, Barnes and nobles. Those guys still exist, right? Thanks. So, okay, so you can. And you can get any book right off the shelf, right? Here’s the thing. It has to be a proven method, right? And that in addition to that, it has to be supported by a community of dedicated members. They’re actively doing what they’re teaching, sharing about those books are written by professors or teachers of economics that may have done three deals in their lives, right? You don’t want that. You want a true community, right? And if you have that, you can learn the foundations that you need through a self study course, right? And the last secret that we’re going to be going over this evening is that no matter what, no matter all the connections, no matter your hand, handheld in coaching or self-taught, guys, the whole thing is based on you taking action, right?

Rafael Zabala: 11:40 You have to take action at whatever level that you can. Uh, no matter what, right, you, you, there’s no waiting for the perfect moment. It doesn’t exist, right? It’s how much you want it, right? And take action accordingly, right? And that’s, that’s secret number three. We’ll get you super, super far right and take advantage of every opportunity you can to learn and partner, including how we’re offering our community, open to everyone to be able to connect to all of our past recordings and stuff like that. Go, go digest that. Go learn that. Oh, connect to that. Uh, is there for you, right? These are the secrets we’re going over tonight. Does that sound good to you, Peter? Yeah.

Rafael Zabala: 12:27 Like I said, Peter hasn’t seen it, so he’s like, okay. All right man. Are you ready? I think you said you were ready guys. Alright, that first secret we talked about it extensively is the one on one experience, one on one experience with someone that has vast knowledge and it has a team and can fund you. Right? So here’s the thing, get a job. My daughter Cecilia did this drawing for me, right, because, you know, one day we were sitting down, we were talking about. So like, you know, as we’re trying to connect with your right, as we try and connect with our community, we find that a lot of people are jaded, right. And shoot, there’s a lot of reason for that, right? And as we were talking through it, we realized that there’s basically three reasons or two reasons for why people are jaded and one solution.

Rafael Zabala: 13:16 Right? And that’s basically the, anything that’s out there for you to learn about real estate, right, comes through a, the three types of real estate coaches by you’re here, right? Number one, the scammer. And I know everyone knows what I’m talking about, right? And there’s plenty of that in this world. And for that, I apologize. There’s nothing I can do about it. Uh, you know, shoot, you, it’s just, it just sucks, right? It, it. Just so, you know, I worked on the other hand as a, as a lender, right, as we were lending unit, I got robbed thousands of thousands of dollars from trusting somebody, right? It just sucks that there’s people out there like that. Right? And you definitely want to avoid a that guy, right? The scammer. Then there is the teacher, right? And frankly, I think the teachers between you and me as much as a scammer, as the scammer, right?

Rafael Zabala: 14:06 Because the teacher charges you for knowledge and that’s all good and Dandy, right? But then leaves you out on his own, on your own, right? In an industry that one mistake can put you under one mistake. Right? So for example, I did it. If the rich Dad, poor dad stuff at one point, right? I don’t want to tell you how much money is spent on that, right? And they didn’t do much for me. Um, I did think that learning and took it to the next level, and this is from whatever and wherever you are and whatever industry you’re in, actually these three things pertain to you as well because the third is what you’re looking for, right? And that’s the partner, right? And that’s the, that’s the teachers that are out there, the, the, the, the, the folks are out there, they’re there are, they want to partner in your success.

Rafael Zabala: 14:55 So they want to see you succeed. They succeed when you succeed. That, I mean, I think that is the basis of, of true capitalism. So guys, that’s what the part of the partner driven program is all about, right? And it’s actually, our core offering is really why we exist. We exist for our one on one coaching, right? This is one on one coaching that we do with Peter and Julie and the rest of the team. You get all of us as well in that, right? Uh, and it’s really our flagship offering, right? It’s absolutely the fastest way to have success in our universe. The, a lot of the testimonials that you guys see it in, in our groups and the people that are, you know, Reagan in 30, $50,000 in the first month or two, right? Those guys are doing one on one coaching, right?

Rafael Zabala: 15:47 And they’re putting their work. They’re, yeah, they’re putting the work in these. Nothing. None of this works without you, right? But it’s, this is absolutely the fastest way into that, into those results. Um, there is a cost for the service, right? It is a one on one coaching program, but I’m telling you, it’s nothing compared to having to have or save the money to be able to do your own deals, right? Even just even to get alone, right? And God forbid, those mistakes. And I’m telling you, those mistakes happen. I was on the phone with Julie today and she told me about a situation where there was a mistake, man. And you know what, those are the Times that you want a partner that says, Gotcha. That’s right. That’s right. Um, imagine being able to be guided step by step through the deal. Right? That’s what the one on one experiences about it.

Rafael Zabala: 16:39 At the core, at the core is that we’re basically holding your hand or I say we, Peter and Julie, right? And you go step by step through all the steps to get through the deal. The roadmap, right? I’m at this level. This is the level of where we are, right? They’re committed to fund 100 percent of your deals of your qualifying deals. Okay. We know you were working with, you were training with you. We know, we know that we, we, I mean Peter finds out to your area. Yep, absolutely. Right. I mean, we’re talking about a level, a level of, uh, of, of direct connection that doesn’t exist out there. Right? We’re not talking about sending a, you know, a 20 year old coach out to see you, right? And because of that, we’re super confident that if we went that generate deals together, we’re going to, we’re going to fund them and we’re going to split the profits.

Rafael Zabala: 17:28 Right? And guys, the way that, the way that you engage into that, right? His first phone call, everyone’s asking, well, how much does it cost? How much does it? Right? Those are all really good questions, right? But, but, but the first question is, is this right for you? Right? And involves connecting with Peter, connecting with Julie, or connecting with one of our other team member’s right to discuss because there’s different ways that we. Skinny cat we wanted, we want to, we want to get to know you, right? And see how we can best do business together. Right? So if one on one coaching, right? If secret number one, like if you’re like, dude, I’m ready for like the number one secret, I want the Va nightdress button launch, the launch that you’re seeing, all of those countless folks are experiencing. This is the way you do that, right?

Rafael Zabala: 18:21 And uh, so we invite you to go to www.calledJuliemuse.com to schedule a call, right? It, Peter might be the one that is most likely the one that’s taking those phone calls right now. Sometimes it’s Julie, sometimes Elana, but it’s all of our core family, right? Our partner driven family. Right? And that’s where we connect. We talk about it and we discuss, right? So you guys are listening to this recorded or live, right? I want you to think right. How many of you does this represent? Right? Which one of you guys are the ones that are ready for this one on one, right? And if you feel that’s you, right? Take action. Take action right now. Right? And write this down. Uh, go after the phone call or this Webinar, right? But it’s www dot [inaudible] dot com. All right, secret number two. Ready? And I’m really proud of this secret, but the in particular, because it’s been a lot of the, the work that Chelsea and I have been behind in orchestrating, right?

Rafael Zabala: 19:23 And, and it’s to create a container for this knowledge, right? Forever, until very recently, there was a secret number one was the only way to get to this, into this world, right? Um, we’ve worked together to build a platform to be able to capture that and share it with you. All right? So secret number two is this, you can learn the real estate foundation, everything you need to know to start generating deals, right? And we’ve done it, people in our community are doing, and it’s friggin incredible, right? Through a self study roadmap. Hey, if you’re not ready for that one on one experience, there’s a way, if there’s a will, there’s a way, right? And there’s this self study roadmap, as long as it’s from a proven method, as we mentioned before, and that is supported by dedicated community members, right? And I hope you’ve been into our group and you can see how active our members are.

Rafael Zabala: 20:16 Um, this is, this is, this is, I don’t know, it’s a weird blend between family and army that’s taken place because we’re talking about some really dedicated people, uh, with heart and soul guys. And that’s what the partner driven real estate training, self study roadmap is all about, and you guys have access to that, uh, within the facebook group, right? So I want you to imagine how easy it would be to learn real estate if everything that you needed in the palm of your hands, right? Imagine that. Okay, now see it. But, uh, this is, this is exactly what the partner driven platform, uh, and roadmap is what you’re gonna see here is that we have developed all captured all the knowledge here, right? Going through all of the steps of the roadmap, right videos with Peter and Julie teaching step by step, how to use the system, how to get things, how to go and find the deals, how to get things under contract, how to prepare to monetize, you know, the different ways to monetize my ties me through wholesaling for, through flipping through rentals.

Rafael Zabala: 21:26 Guys, there’s so many different ways to monetize, right? And we’ve captured all that information inside this partner driven roadmap. Now what’s cool is that everyone that is part of the one on one coaching gets through, gets access to this right? And this is something that we’re actually rolling out now is one of our, one of our new things, just like, boom, this is ready. We want everyone to hit on it. We’ve had people on it for the last six months and getting great success from it and we’re taking it to the next level. Right? And not only that, and here’s some next level y’all. It’s that we’ve integrated it with facebook into our facebook group. This is crazy. Like I just discovered this last Friday, I was like, well we can do this and we’re able to create units inside facebook, right? For all the lesson plans and you can click on next unit to notify us that you’ve successfully completed that unit.

Rafael Zabala: 22:19 And that’s just so important, right? Because in the partner driven way, right? It’s all about show showing up, showing up proof results, right? This is how we know who’s real and who’s not real. Let’s out there. Right? And this is a self study way that you can do that, right? Not only do you get all that training, all those videos, right? But you also get all the resources that are absolutely necessary, like you can’t do this business without these resources. Right? And we’re starting with the cash contract, right? The cash contract that uh, Peter and Julie, I don’t know, sent countless thousands and thousands of dollars. Yeah, a developing that we’re using everywhere across the United States right now, right? Julie Spritz, how she talks to folks, how she qualifies deals, uh, in a lot, lot more, uh, all included in here inside of this, a partner driven roadmap, a program, right?

Rafael Zabala: 23:21 So the partner driven roadmap guys is secret number two, right? And it’s our second level of service, right? It is a self taught map to get deals done, right? It’s a proven method. It’s the same proof of the same method that we’re using at the one on one level, right? You get all our videos, trainings and resources, right? And we get to track your learning success. We get to know if, you know, if you’re actually doing the courses, if you’re a, you know, how engaged you are, um, you know, how hungry are you to be successful? And you get to know us, you get to know Peter through videos and get to know Julie through videos, right? Uh, but in addition to that, we allow, we allow you to join us for our partner, for our, for our partner calls, right, for our live q and a live q and a calls, right?

Rafael Zabala: 24:10 This is where in the important part here is the live part because you can ask questions live, right? Because these calls are about the people that show up. Uh, the recordings are great and we do share the recordings so that people can learn and we share it. That’s one way that we give back to the community, right? But it’s for the people that show up and ask questions are relevant to what they’re doing, right? And you. And that is in within the roadmap, right in. But one important thing, one important difference that, that, that you need to be aware of between secret number one and secret number two. And that is at this level, we’re not committed committed to funding your deals, right? We don’t, we don’t know. You were providing our knowledge, right? There is a path to be able to do this and that’s that.

Rafael Zabala: 24:55 Unless we have seen that you’ve completed the course, right, are a positive contributing member in the community and you have a qualified to deal. Yeah, right. Then, then you’re, then you’re near in the universe for the, for partnering in deals, right? It’s just not the same fast track because of the level of knowledge that happens at the one on one level with the, with the, with the market that are partners in, you know, that’s one of the major, the major reasons for that. Right? So guys, listen, if this is, if this is a self taught path is something that, that uh, that is more in line with you, right? Uh, you know that you’re not ready for one on one coaching, right? But you know, you have to take action, right? Then tonight, secret number two, we’re making it absolutely with lowering all the barriers for it, right?

Rafael Zabala: 25:47 And you can join this program tonight for just $1, right? And we, I mean, we can’t do it any cheaper than that, right? It’s really, it’s, it’s really our way, right, to just see who is real, who is willing to step up, who is willing to take this training, right? It’s a 14 day trial after that’s $99 a month. But trust me, we overdeliver in this community now and in the trainings that we have coming in, the tools that are, that are just rolling out are really absolutely out of this world, right? A real estate doesn’t change, but it does change or generating leads does anyways, right? So, uh, there’s a lot of beautiful things that are happening in here, right? And to do that, all you have to do is go to the Roman method.com, right? That’s what it was called, the four. We’re in the process of renaming it, right to be more true to our core, which is that partner driven roadmap.

Rafael Zabala: 26:41 And that’s where you go to, to that. And that’s guys a secret number two, right? So I want you to think if, if, if, which one of you out there listening to this right now, right? Are ready for an active learning experience. You know you’re ready to get off the silent or you want to take action. You want to actively learn, right? If that’s you, right, please go to ww dot [inaudible] dot com, right? It’s a $1 to join us for tonight’s a 14 day trial and you get access to all of it. All the resources, everything. Feel free to download everything, right? This is, this is, you know, come on in, right? We want you to be on that roadmap to success. Now, roadmap to that partner, the partner experience, which is what we’re all about, right? Which frankly feeds us, right? All right. You ready for secret number three?

Rafael Zabala: 27:31 Alright, hit me. Yeah. Thank you for holding with me through all of this guys. Secret number three to me is really the most important one a of tonight, right? And the one that we have some really nice secret stuff for you and that is that you have to take action at whatever level you can right now, right? You can not wait. There is no perfect moment, right? You have to take every advantage of every opportunity to learn and partner. That is the secret to real estate and it’s the secret to how Peter and I are sitting here today. That is the secret to how every deal has ever done in the universe has been done right and live in regardless of where you were at, right? This is what, what partner driven is, right. And this is why we built, pardon driven, is built for you, right?

Rafael Zabala: 28:21 And this is a picture of our facebook group and community that we have opened up and are inviting anyone that’s interested in real estate investors. Feel free to invite your friends, your community, your teams. Uh, we, uh, we’ve, we’ve, we’ve done is put together a, uh, here we go. The integrated all of our training right into facebook, right? Which is absolutely ridiculous. This is, this is bleeding edge technology and you can actually go into, go and look through the units, right? You can see the 14 units that we have today. There is a. and in addition to that, we have a ton of free training here for you, right? Because we know that on the path to partner driven on that road map, people are at different levels, right? There are people tonight that are ready to hit the launch button. Right? And for them, the one on one partner driven program is what it is.

Rafael Zabala: 29:16 What’s appropriate, right? There are people that are ready to take active, take an active commitment to their learning. Right? And that’s what the self study courses, if you’re not at that level yet, come on, we still want you to come in. We want you to come in and start drinking the Koolaid, uh, because there’s amazing things happening in our community and we provide. We’re providing to everyone, all of our weekly live trainings, the raw recordings, it, they’re not as great as being there live, right? We apologize for that. Uh, but this is another way that we can give back to the community, right? So the secret number three is our facebook for the partner driven facebook group, right? You have access there for, to over 40 plus hours of free training and adding one or two hours a week, right? Um, as well as this is the doorway into our universe, right?

Rafael Zabala: 30:07 You can jump in from inherent to anything that we’re doing or one on one partner driven coaching or our self study roadmap, right at any given time, as well as look through all of the lessons. Right? And that’s at the facebook, facebook.com/groups/partner driven. You like that name? I love it guys. This is the partner driven way, right? This is, this is what we’re all we’re all about, right? A getting one on one support giving you access to, to self grow yourself, stuff, study, right? And giving you a community of people committed to your success. Right? And that’s it guys. That’s all I have. But if anyone wants more of guys were all really about overdelivering, right? Because everything that you’ve seen, it’s available to you right now, but we want to even sweeten the pot just a little bit more. Right? You ready for it?

Rafael Zabala: 31:08 I’m anxious. Is it okay if I give them a little bit more value in it? Alright guys, listen, if you join the partner driven roadmap tonight for $1, right, which is what we’re offering, right? It gives you access into our membership, our private community, right? Our comprehensive video trainings, uh, in the whole series on the partner driven method, right? Also, all of our purchase contracts and resources, right? Are wholesaling scripts, guys, this is a total value of $10,000. I know that’s just ridiculous, but that’s really what’s in here. This is what, this is what we’ve put in here and tonight. You guys can get access to it for just $1, right? And that’s at the fest one method Dot Com, right? But I do have some bonuses, right? So the first bonus I’m going to share with you guys is acknowledging that we’ve been working with now for several months and are continuing to develop with them.

Rafael Zabala: 32:05 We are directly connected with these folks, right? To help them develop better ways to use this technology, uh, in our community is, is part of that driving force, right? And the value to this, I don’t even know what the value is for this, right? Because what we have here, for those of you guys are that no deal machine, this is a absolutely revenue revolutionary. Basically imagine finding a property right? And Go, oh, this could be a property right? Driving for dollars. Anyone, right? This could be a property grabbing your phone, taking a picture of it automatically put into your database, get all of the user information or the owner information, regardless if they’re in town, it’s in state, out of state, right? And then in one click button, send them a postcard.

Rafael Zabala: 32:53 That’s crazy killer. That’s crazy, right guys, if that was around when Peter, when Peter started selling caves back in the peer store, engage, uh, he would have been both type a billionaire right now. Um, as part of our community, we are providing free access to that in a, a temporary trial, right? It’s what it is, right? But it’s directly connected to our community, into our resources because we have a special partnership with them, uh, and that we’re continuing to grow and to continue to develop. And that’s an incredible game changer, right? And that’s concluded if you take action tonight, alright? Um, guys, if you only got that, that would, I mean this, it would take every barrier that it takes. You have the video trainings that are not how to find deals and you have a phone and you go and find that the house, the property, you take a picture incentive postman.

Rafael Zabala: 33:52 Awesome. All right, bonus number two, we’re offering tonight, right? And that’s all of our direct mail pieces, right? This is taking a peter and Julie thousands of dollars to develop and to test to find out what are the highest converting direct mail pieces that are out there. And guys have been doing marketing for years and years and years and I am blown away by the response they get from direct mail, uh, is really one of the secrets. And as a bonus tonight, you guys get all of that, right? It’s a huge value. Uh, we have an integration into deal machine as well into bonus number one, right? Uh, and it’s just us adding on more value in having you guys join us tonight, right? And last but not least, right? It’s access to the live weekly trainings. So we discuss, right? That is really where you get to actually ask the questions, right?

Rafael Zabala: 34:42 Like the minute you get the microphone right, and that’s really, really special because thanks to our technology that we have today, we can actually all get together in a virtual room, uh, and we have to limit it. So not everyone can get that level of access right? And tonight you get that level of access, all that for just $1, right? If you go to the exelon method.com. Alright. So if you join us tonight just to recap it for everybody, there is the membership and our private partnership community. There is the comprehensive video training series. There is all of our purchase contracts, all of our wholesaling scripts or bonus number one, the, uh, the smart deal technology in deal machine and our integrations with them. Bonus number two, all of our direct mail pieces and how to implement them in the end. The connection with the machine. And bonus number three, that live q and a right guys, this is a value of 20 over $25,000, right?

Rafael Zabala: 35:41 Of access that you can get access to through a self study roadmap, of course, right tonight just for $1, right? And, uh, and here’s our guarantee and we stand by it. One hundred percent guys, if we, if the partner driven roadmap doesn’t give you exactly the step by step plan, right on how to become financially free through real estate and to learn how to partner with us, we’ll refund your money. The it’s a dollar, we’ll refund it. No. Listen guys, we want you in. We only want you in if you want to be with us, right? In other words, if you’re not happy, we’ll refund your money. It’s just that simple, right? We want you to be an active member in our community, right? So let me ask you a question up to now. I’ve been up to now in real estate, right? What has ever held you back, right? And what’s holding you back today, right? These, this is the key. This is the key obstacle that we have to overcome to reach the success and recent success or partners are reaching every day right now. Listen, imagine if you had a successful, well-funded partner, right, with a map, an actual roadmap to show you the way, do you think you could increase your opportunities to be successful?

Rafael Zabala: 37:04 That’s what we’re all about. That’s what partner driven, so that we’re trying to rule out the risk rule out, uh, the learning curve that’s out there, a jet to making money in real estate within months. If you, as an I invite you guys to go into our group, we have countless testimonials, video, testimonials of our partners right now, that first wave of partners across the nation, right? And we want to invite you to be a part of, right? Uh, and you know, I think we asked this earlier, but you know, guys, why are we doing this? It’s frankly really simple, right? We want to do more deals, right? This is how we build an army of partners, of people that we can work with in and generate profits together, right? For real estate investing and guys, it’s working and we want you guys to take action into that today, right? We know that if we teach you the most successful way to generate deals, right, and we give you all the support to make it easy, you’re going to continue to work with us. Right? So imagine what the power of that would be for y’all in your life. Right? All right. Do you think you get more deals done that way?

Rafael Zabala: 38:21 Yes, absolutely. After you will be unstoppable as. And that’s what the partner driven way is all about, right? That’s what the membership community is. The video training is a purchase contracts as scripts, the technology, the direct mail pieces that they’d live trainings, right? That’s what it’s all about. It. It’s an incredible value that we’re providing for you guys access tonight when you get all of it just tonight for joining for $1, 14 day trial at the Vec Sullen method, right? And guys, this is the doorway into the partner universe and we want you there. We want your feedback. We’re improving it every day, all the time. And I’m gonna Shoot, you know, that’s kind of a. that’s kind of what it’s all about. That’s what’s generated. The success that we’re having today. Absolutely. Right. Absolutely. You would talk a little bit about this, but information alone and what that is and how

Peter Vekselman: 39:15 this. This has been the thing for tonight guys. I mean, look, we live in the world of technology. You know, you can really go on the Internet and you can learn a lot of stuff, but what I always tell people, there’s a million miles between knowing something and doing something and we are literally putting our money, our time, our resources, our efforts, our people, our infrastructure, all of that. That’s how. That’s how much we’ve. That’s how confident we feel guys. Information alone, today’s world’s not going to help you. You have to have to piggyback off someone’s experience. You got to pick it back up someone’s money and that’s what we’re offering you and we just have different stages of coming coming into our world. Ultimately we want to do more deals and we know as you progress through our world, whether you just joined us, who the facebook community, whether you jump onto the Eczema method, whether you start right away and you’re like, Hey, I’m ready to make money and you want to start with the coaching program right away, it all leads to the same end result and that is doing deals and that’s what we were just flat out excited about.

Rafael Zabala: 40:19 Yeah, absolutely. Guys, we want you guys to join our partner driven army, right? That’s, that’s it. And tonight is just for $1, right@thevegetableandmethod.com. Right? So this is it. We’re at the end of the Webinar, right? I’m hoping that you guys had the opportunity to enjoy are the secrets to the partner driven way, right? And the different ways that you guys can get it engaged right now. Right? And at the end, now you have two choices, right? We can finish the Webinar and you can go back to life everyday life and whatever it is that you’re doing. Uh, I hope that it’s working for you. Right? I hope that a hope it’s not working for you too well, that stops you from wanting more, right? There’s more, right? So choice number one is just to go back. Choice number two is to step forward, step forward on this path.

Rafael Zabala: 41:11 I’m the partner driven path, right? Uh, and again, that’s what a, everything that we’re offering is all about, Eh, I think that I pretty much told everybody what they need to know, right? But there’s one last thing I want to say, right? Then that is that in whatever way, if you want to grow, if you want to grow wealth through real estate, right guys, you’re home, right? This partner driven community is your home, right? Because guys were just like you were, were, were a community across the nation of folks that are committed to doing deals to bettering their lives, to bettering their family’s lives, right? And, uh, and we welcome you to that community. All right, so I’m going to stop sharing here. The screen. Come back to zoom. And again guys, this is the end of our Webinar for this evening. We really hope that you’ve enjoyed it. Please. We’re gonna be posting this into our community, get involved in the community, ask questions, go through our, our free, the free work that we have, their 40th. Uh, that’s what it’s there for. Anything else Peter?

Peter Vekselman: 42:22 No, this was good stuff guys. I am just flat out proud of what’s been put together here. I mean I have no problem being in it, being part of it, servicing it, doing deals through it. This is really, really cool stuff guys. So one way or another guys get in vault.

Rafael Zabala: 42:41 Thank you everyone. Have a great evening. Thanks.