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All right. What’d he say guys? So I want to talk to you guys today about urgency, having urgency, creating urgency and how actually I’ll tell you. I think, um, I think a lack of urgency is one of the pillars of failure. Okay. You know, I believe that if you do not do things from an urgency perspective, a you’re leaving money on a table , you’re not maximizing what you should be maximizing. And I, and I could tell you if you’re, if, if like, if you’re in any kind of a business, if you’re any kind of sales, if you do anything that needs customer contact like seller contact, if you do not do things in an urgent way, I’m telling you you’re going to go backwards. You know, one of the things, the example I want to share with you is this. So one of the, one of my partners name is Seth out on the west coast, Seth, and I’ve done well over a hundred deals together by now.

We just bought one, checked us out. We just bought one for 90,000, right. We just bought one for 90,000 that we are, um, we just bought one for 90,000 that we’re going to be spending zero to fix. Right. We’re not even fixing it. We’ll put it back in the market. And within the first week got a contract for $230,000. How about them apples. Right. But here, here’s my point, Seth and I have been working together for years now. Okay. Well, over three years he’s been a partner of mine. One of the key components that he and I constantly talk about. And when I say constantly, I mean, constantly is we talk about the, the, the urgency that our organizations need to have when a seller lead comes in. Right? But when that seller lead comes in, it is critical, critical that you jump on that lead as quickly as possible.


They’ve been, by the way, I’ve turned off comments. But if you have a question, just type it in an under question, there’s a question mark there. If you have a question, just type it in, but I, but I could tell you there’s been studies done on what happens to a lead. Okay. There’s been studies done on what literally happens to lead that the longer it sits there, right? So potential customer reaches out a potential seller, reaches out. If you get a hold of that seller of that customer potential customer within the first, let’s say one or two minutes, the first one that the chance of getting a whole of that seller goes through the roof, right? That’s a big piece, but the end game of ultimately succeeding of closing that seller goes absolutely through the roof also.

And, and think about this, Seth and I have been working together for years now, if you think of, if anyone’s got a dialed in on how to, how to move leads from one place to the other, how to get ahold of leads, that’s like us right to this day. We’re still trying to figure out, okay, how do we get to that lead even quicker? What, what steps could possibly bi-pap be bypassed? What could be done in a faster way. And, and I could tell you this sense of urgency. I believe the sense of urgency could be extended way, way, way beyond just calling on seller leads. I think how a lot of people operate their lives, how a lot of people operate their organizations, how a lot of people operate their businesses is also affected by the lack of urgency they have with everything. And see, here’s the problem.


When you have a lack of urgency, by the way, if you have a question, don’t put a comments, but actually type it out in the questions. Okay? But here’s here. Here’s the other problem that gets created when there is no urgency or when there’s a lack of urgency. The other problem that gets created is that attitude gets pur permeated through the organization, right? You don’t have urgency. Your employees won’t ever agency. You don’t have urgency in what you’re doing, people around you. Aren’t going to ever just see what they’re doing. You don’t have urgency across the board. Things are going to start slowing down. If you’re in any specialty, if you’re in any kind of a leadership position, if you’re a, uh, any, any kind of, uh, ownership perspective, this urgency is an absolute, critical, absolutely critical component of being successful, right? Like, you know, we’re, we’re doing deals with, with, you know, you follow me, you know, I’m an investor. I buy properties with people. I partner with them, give them the money to buy it. We sell them off split profits. But I could tell you, one of the key things we teach is when you talk to a seller, right? Let’s say you’re talking to legitimate seller. And they said they want to sell their house, or they want to sell their property. Right?

The key component, the key next step is get to see that property as quickly as possible. Not a month from now, not two weeks from now, not one week, not even days with the keys you want to, you want to go and you want to go quickly because when you have sense of urgency, right? Not only does it permeate throughout your organization or your team or your business, it’s also magnetic to the sellers you’re working with, right. You’d start training everything. Okay? You start treating everything with a sense of urgency. Your customers, your sellers are going to be feeling like, okay, well, this, this has to get done, right? There’s some urgency involved here. We got to move forward. So, so, so urgency works for you. It works for the people around you. And it even works with the people that you’re trying to do business with. So urgency, urgency is an extremely, extremely important component. Put a sense of urgency on the things you do. It’ll pay 50 fold. Remember guys, I’m looking for more partners to do real estate deals with, right. I got leads, right? Where you live.


I got all the funding that we need. I got all the capital. I even know what I’ll even teach you how to do this. So if you want to do some real estate deals, as long as you live in the, in the United States, as long as you, um, live in the U S are coachable, want to level up in life. When I do some real estate deals, DM me, the word partner. And before, you know, it could be partnering, do some deals. You’re going to use my knowledge, my infrastructure, my leads, my money. And then we split the profits with some urgency on that. If that sounds amazing to you, and it’s a lot more than that to believe it will lead to believe me. So if you’re interested in knowing how you could partner with me, DM, the word partner, I guys, we know what to do, right. Let’s create a sense of urgency works.