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Peter (00:08):

Good evening. Peter Vekselman here, Julie. You and I aren’t coordinated. We’ve only been doing this for a couple of years now. I think I’m breaking up though. I don’t think it’s you, I think from my end. So I’m going to go. Yeah. I’m just going to walk downstairs, Julie, you, you run with it for about a minute. I think it’s, you’re fine. It’s on breaking up.

Julie (00:39):

Gotcha. Now he’s in Atlanta and I’m all the way up. Backwoods, Louisiana, where there was a storm coming in and I got better service. Isn’t that crazy?

Peter (00:56):

You’re always trying to one up me. Aren’t ya?

Julie (00:59):

Yeah. I I’ll tell you. I’m a true competitor, Peter.

Peter (01:06):

How’s that, is that better?

Julie (01:09):

Much, better, much better. Well, as everybody’s popping on, we’re so excited to have you guys with us to night and like, we love to do, and I see some of you guys are already putting it in the chat. Um, let us know where you’re from. Let us know where you’re from. So we’ve got Brad woods always, um, on here. I’m from Marietta, Georgia. So glad you’re here. Brad, we got Eugene Butler from Chicago. Um, we got Boston, Pittsburgh. Oh, thank you so much, Tammy. Um, yeah, fill it a lot better. I think I actually got over the COVID. So, I’m super excited about that. Um, took about a week, but I am good to go now. So

Peter (01:59):

All right guys, um, while Julie’s getting situated over there, I just want to on my behalf, welcome you guys as a board, excited to share what we’re going to talk about with you guys tonight. Tonight’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart for the last couple of decades of doing this business. I can tell you, um, anyone who’s been as a real estate investor or wants to be a real estate investor will cross paths with tonight topic because tonight it’s all about OPM other people’s money and how you could utilize it really to the next level. And, uh, um, so, uh, I know for sure you guys will get a lot of value out of tonight. You guys will see how we have positioned other people’s money for our partners, our partners to be in our future partners. And, um, so we’re going to get started here in just a minute or so.

We’ve got people logging on, we’re getting situated ourselves, but we’re glad, we’re glad guys are here. Julian. I been doing these gosh going on a couple of years now and, uh, you know, Tuesday nights are special times for Julia and I it’s the one thing that is the partner driven model has, has grown. It is the one thing that she and I have consistently committed to and done. Uh, I could tell you is, is as I see partners come on board and get started with us. Uh, and I personally welcome them. This seems to be the one thing that everybody tells me about Pete, you know, we’ve been following you, we’ve been watching your Tuesday nights either lives or through, you know, uh, recorded. So, um, Tuesday nights are very special to Julie and I, and we’re just excited to be here, um, and fired up to share the message that we have for you guys tonight and looking forward again, starting here in a minute or so.

Julie (03:50):

Yeah. Hey, I got a really funny story to tell you, Pete. Um, I believe, I believe in the power of utilizing other people’s money, right? So, um, I had a company reach out to me today, um, wanting to give a business line of credit. Well, I’ll always hear those out because you’re going to give me free money. Yeah. I’ll take it. Especially with good interest rates. Right? Well, I start talking to this guy and I’ll tell, start telling about myself in the business. And he goes, is this Julie? And I’m like, yeah, the guy was literally in California, call it about, he does business bonds of credit and he was one of our partners and it was literally on accident. He didn’t reach out to me like on purpose. He just saw the business through Georgia was making his cold calls for the day. I just thought that was like so crazy, you know, to just talk, he’s like, gee, I know this accident. I really feel like I know you. And I’m like, well, Anthony, I don’t know you. Right. So it was really cool to, uh, to hear that today.

Peter (04:58):

That’s funny, it’s a small world in this. It is all world, world Ardagh. And, uh, um, and, and as it, as this world and because, um, there are certain things that make you Excel in this fairly small world. I always tell people, you got to got to be on a, on a leading edge. And, and that’s what Julian are going to share with you guys tonight. We’re going to show you literally how to be in the leading edge of other people’s money and how to utilize and all that. But, but having said that, let’s go ahead and get rolling. Um, um, again, my name is Peter [inaudible]. Other side that I have, uh, Julie muse, Julie and I have been together for well over 10 years now. And the path that got us to where we are now is when we initially started, um, we were, you know, real estate investors. We started kind of at the very beginning, end of the, yeah, at the beginning of the new cycle. And I called the new cycle after the oh eight crash, you know, I had crashed with it and I think pretty much anybody that’s been in the business, um, got affected by it one way or another. So I did, you know, somewhat crash with it many, many years ago. And then when I entered the real estate business, uh, reentered the real estate business, the Julie was basically the first person that stepped up to the plate. And, and here we are, you know, 10, 11, 12 years later. And, um, we even in those 10, 11 or 12 years, Julian, I’ve been through a number of different models, a number of different ways of building this business. And, uh, sometime ago, a number of years ago, Julia and I kind of swerved, swerved into the model that we are, excuse me, that’s the beautiful thing about doing things live in a live environment. Um, but sometime ago, a number of years ago, Julie, and I decided that, you know, what, why don’t we start partnering with people? Why don’t we start partnering with people and doing deals together. And, and that was the initial, that was the initial, um, uh, beginning to what is now known as the partner driven real estate investment model. And Julie and I literally partner with people all across the United States now. And we do real estate deals with them. We, from our end, uh, we need local people. We need local boots on the ground, but in turn for that, what we provide is what we call the essential pillars of success to all of our partners. We coach them, we mentor them, we generate leads for them. We provide them back office, provide them technology. Uh, we provide all the capital to do deals. And then when we sell them, uh, on the backend, we split the profits.

And, you know, one of the most enticing things when it comes to becoming one of our partners is the funding piece that when people say, wow, these guys are literally willing to put up all the money that gets me excited. And, um, and that is a big piece. I mean, like when I got started in this business a couple of decades ago, and I pretty much lost everything, I had money became a big issue for me, right? Because it’s hard to do real estate deals. I don’t care what kind of strategies or techniques you’re doing, but you know, if you’re broke, it’s, it’s hard to do this business. So the funding piece has always been an exciting piece. But what we’re here about to share with you guys tonight is that there’s actually way that you could actually use somebody else’s money to join Julie and I in our partnership program.

And the reason that we’re doing this tonight is because we’ve, we’ve, we’ve introduced this third party funding piece into our model a little bit ago, maybe a month and a half, a couple months ago. And it has literally revolutionized how new partners join us and even what our existing partners do, um, with potential balances that are still owed. And so I can tell you, it’s one of the most frequent questions I get asked. I’m like, people always constantly asked me like, wow, P you now not only will you give us money to do deals, but you’re telling me somebody else that you have connected with will give you money will give us money to join. And the answer is yes. And so, because it has become such a popular question for us. It’s something that we keep on discussing over and over again. We thought, well, why don’t we go over it one more time? Why don’t we share with you? How literally you could use someone else’s funds to join us in a partnership program. Now I will tell you this, if you’re a real estate investor using somebody else’s money, it’s the hallmark of his business. It it’s, it literally it’s what allows someone like myself who was flat out, broke at a point in time by utilizing other people’s money to go from zero to thousands of real estate deals. It’s what allows developers and all of our marketplaces to build incredibly elaborate subdivisions and not use their own money OPM or the ability to utilize other people’s money is one of the key components that makes people successful in the real estate investing business. So one of the things I always tell people is that you have to get comfortable. If you want to grow. If you want to scale, if you want to expand on the real estate business, um, you should get very comfortable with utilizing other people’s money for a couple reasons. One is the one I’m telling you right now, utilizing other people’s money. It gives you the ability to scale, right? Let’s face it. If you have, um, $20,000 to do real estate deal with, and that’s all you have, you better find yourself a $20,000 real estate deal. But if you could use, go ahead.

Julie (11:17):

No, no. And I wanted to, to just enter the conversation here, because believe it or not, you know, even though I helped you guys learn real estate and do a deals with you guys, do you know how many years it took me to understand the power of OPM? Because for me, um, 11 years ago, unfortunately I had a rough spot in life and, um, I lost everything. So I was real weird about borrowing money, but understanding what Peter is telling you by utilizing other people’s money, the amount that you can leverage to make more money is incredible. You can take like somebody, if you’ve got 20 grand or you got 10 grand, you think I just got 10 or 20 grand. Right. But you can actually leverage that the right way. And no, I don’t mean leverage it by running credit cards, up buying clothes and pocket books. That’s not what I mean, leveraging it to do things that are actually going to make you money. And I believe if you’re using OPM or other people’s money to help you achieve some of these goals. So that you’re more financially secure is definitely the way to go. Now I do have one thing to add because we had an announcement in the chat, you know, Karen and Paul, right? So Karen and Carl just got a house under contract tonight. And Karen, is that the one that you did, we just saw you at on Facebook? So I just wanted to, I had to stop everything to congratulate one of our partners or two of our partners, carrot and Carla, and get that deal back congratulation guys. So if you would love to give them some love in the chat guys, um, give them a congratulations. They work really, really hard to get this business go and, and they’re starting to see the fruition of their work. So congratulations, Karen and Carl, or I paid her. I’ll let you get back to it. I got a little bit distracted.

Peter (13:22):

That’s great. But the funny thing is Julie or the crazy thing is, I don’t know if you could read my texts. I literally, it was just, as you’re talking, I looked down on my texts and I had a text from Carl telling me the same thing. And you know, this is one of the things I love. I love about what we do. You know, we’re not out there by ourselves doing this. You know, we’re not out there going through the struggles ourselves. We’re not out there going through rejection ourselves, you know, at the partner driven team. It literally is a team. You know, we, we celebrate together. We, we, we, we congratulate each other together and the same time we go through struggles together. And that’s one of the huge, huge benefits of being a team member here at partner-driven. But anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Peter (14:04):

So we’re talking about other people’s money. Other people’s money really allows you to do two things. It allows you to do two things. Number one, it gives you the ability to grow. And it gives you the ability to scale because you could take that same $20,000. I was just referencing, and now you could leverage it at an institution instead of $20,000. You can buy yourself a hundred thousand dollar home. So, Hey, it gives you the ability to scale to using other people’s money buys you time. What I mean by that is this, again, let’s go back to the $20,000 example. If all you have is $20,000 to work with, well, then guess what? When that runs out, you’re kind of out of business, right? But now if you could take the same $20,000 and leverage it somewhere and now in a hundred thousand dollars, well guess what a hundred thousand dollars allows you to do allows you to stay in the game five times longer. So A) gives you the ability to leverage and scale and using other people’s money buys you time to be successful. And especially the second piece about buying time. I could tell you almost everyone that gets out, whether it’s real estate investing or any other endeavor, they run out of time. They just run out of time. They were tiny. Eventually they run out of time, infrastructurally, they run out of a mental time. They just, they just kind of come to a point like I’m out. So anything you do to buy you that gives you the ability to buy more time. You should always, always tap into. So today, today, we’re going to give you the ability to utilize other people’s money to join partner-driven. If you’re already part of partner-driven, we feel like this is a great way to pay your balance down of whatever, uh, the signup fee that you still owed to partner driven, or even potentially level up at the partner driven to the next levels. So I’m going to let Julie handle the funding piece, but for those of you that are like, well, gosh, what does partner-driven all about? You know, what is this all? You know, I’m going to kind of, I’m going to take a couple of minutes before I flip it over to Julie, and I’m going to share with you, what is partner-driven all about and exactly what does it cost to join us? So, going back to what I was talking about earlier, partner driven is how Dooley and I do real estate deals. We literally partner with people across the United States and we provide to them. We provide to them what our, what we call our, the pillars of success when it comes to real estate investing. So, number one, before I get into these pillars of what we provide, I will tell you what we’re looking for in terms of partners.

Number one, we’re looking for someone that’s coachable, right? You gotta be coachable because we assume that when people get started with us, they probably haven’t done their first deal, or they haven’t done tons of deals. And they certainly, most of our partners, haven’t done the thousands of deals that we’ve done. So we want you to be coachable number two, and this is a big one for me. We want you to be humble. I could tell you the inability to be humble almost two decades ago, cost me almost everything in his business, because I literally thought I knew how to do it better. I literally did, even though I had no credentials to show for it. And number three, we want you to be a long-term player, right? Because nothing in real estate and nothing in life happens overnight. And if it does, it’s only because you got lucky.

So as long as you’re coachable, as long as you’re humble, and as long as you’re a long-term player, a long-term visionary, those what make the perfect partners for us, what are we going to provide for you in return? Again, we’re going to provide for you what we call our, the pillars of success when it comes to real estate investing. And these are the things that everybody already knows. Maybe you’re just not focused in on them. Pillar, number one, we’re going to coach you. We’re going to train you. We’re going to provide you instructions. And I always shared us with people. Um, real estate is not one of those businesses that you want to kind of learn as you go and, you know, just kind of, you know, and, and, and, and try to figure it out. I can tell you for anybody that’s done this business, cause I could you’ll appreciate this next statement.

You could sneeze the wrong way and lose $10,000. So pretty much in a daily basis, we give our partners the ability to get coached and mentored and trained. We do that in a live environment once or twice a day on a daily, weekly basis through a group setting. But we also give our partners the ability to literally connect with our coaches and ourselves on a 12 hour basis from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern every day, uh, from a personal interaction. The next thing we do is we help with lead gen, you know, in this business. It’s not just knowing what you know, it’s stability to go out there and find incredible real estate deals. So we do that in two ways. Number one, we actually teach our partners how to go out there. Okay. Um, how to go out there and identifying incredible leads, incredible opportunities.

Number two, we actually help with lead gen. What we do at partner driven is we have this incredible proprietary CRM system called deal engine HQ and through deal engine HQ. We have the ability to literally be a teacher partners, how to pull lists out of water app out of our app called deal driven of the most likely people that want to sell their properties in their marketplace. They put these lists right inside the deal engine HQ. And this CRM literally starts marketing on the local partners calf, right? Since text messages gives you the ability to make calls through it, um, emails and such, and when a local owner says, yeah, I’m interested in selling a lead gets generated for that local partner. Let me tell you something is a, is a veteran real estate investor. There is no better lead than that type of a lead.

Next. We provide back office support for our, uh, partners. Okay. And, and I, and I tell this to people all the time, nobody gets into real estate thinking there’s a back office. Like nobody gets into real estate thinking, oh, I better know how to process paperwork. I better know how to coordinate buyers. I better know how to coordinate sellers. Nobody does that. But having said that, having said that that is an essential part of being successful as a real estate investor. You know, our office back office has been assembled over a couple of decades. So to our partners, our back office literally becomes your back office next. And for those of you that follow us to any level, you already know this, we provide all the capital, right? We provide all the capital to, um, to get the real estate deals done. That’s a big one. And we assume all the liability, which means our partners don’t have any downside when it comes to this, this upside. And then we just put the properties in the market, sell them and split the profits down the middle 50 50. So they lead coaching and training, lead gen technology, something else we provide, we provide the back office. We provide all the capital and then once the property sell, our partners keep half. And, uh, we keep half. And that right there is the partner driven model.

What we’re going to share today is the ability to utilize other people’s funding, other people’s money to join us. Okay. So I want you guys to look at this from a couple of different perspectives. If you’ve been following Julie and I, and you’re like, you know what I want, I wanted to join. This makes all the sense, you know, I just can’t afford the monthly payments. You know, I can’t afford the, the whole fee by the way, the whole fee to join Julie, nice $15,000. So what Julia and I are going to, uh, what Julie’s going to talk about is how you can have that fee literally given to you from a third party, right? Your monthly payments to them are going to be very small, relatively small. So that’ll give you the ability to buy time to be successful. Now, some of you guys are partners here today and you’re like, well, how does this concern me?

Well, I can tell you if you’re a partner here tonight, and there is a balance owed on what you’re still paying to partner driven. It makes sense. And a ton of our partners have already done this to literally utilize this third party funding company to pay off your balance. What that’ll do is that’ll reduce your monthly payments that you’re paying to us. What does that mean? Again, buys you more time to get successful. I can tell you very rarely do I tell people like, look, if somebody wants to use other people’s money, go on vacation, buy a boat, buy a Mercedes. I’m like, eh, not smart. If you want to utilize other people’s money to start a business venture, to buy yourself time, to not use your money, but somebody else’s money and it’s business related. It was raising my hand. And I say, that’s a smart thing.

So I’m going to flip it over to Julie here. And she’s going to talk to you a little bit about what it takes to qualify for this third-party source. And most importantly, then she’s going to walk you all through how you could literally take a couple minutes, fill out the application, and literally no as early as this in the next hour or so, whether you could qualify for these funds to join us, or if you’re already part of this to pay down your balance. All right, Julie, let’s talk a little bit about this third party source.

Julie (24:05):

Well, I’m definitely going to do that, but if it’s okay with you guys, do you mind if I share with you guys, why? I think our partner driven, um, program is so remarkable as has helped so many people in this business, because it’s, for a reason that you don’t really hear about is everybody okay with that? If I take just a second, explain that to you guys. So I’ll tell you a lot of you that, that are out there and you’re doing this business. A lot of you come and join partner-driven for one reason of a lot of, well, mostly one reason is you’re like, okay, so I can join them and get the funding for the deals. That’s cool. Right? Absolutely. It’s cool. Do you know why people stay with us? Um, year after year, month after month? It’s for a reason that we’re not even talking about today.

Okay. And I’ll tell you what it is, the reason why people stay while people love partner-driven. And I could just be, you know, saying this, but I’m sure people will help me in the chat is it’s our community. Okay. This business can be very, very, very lonely when you’re a lone Wolf. Okay. And being a lone Wolf is nice for awhile, but it gets old being a lone Wolf in life. Right? So what we do here at partner-driven, and it’s not even Peter and I it’s, the other people in partner-driven is what they do. Or the other people that it’s in there is they help hold you accountable. They help hold you up. As far as your motivation, that right there alone is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen. Whenever we set up partner-driven is being around. Like-minded people that believe the same as you do.

Um, I’ll go back to this. Um, when I first got started, so when I told my family Peter years ago, I said, you know what? I’m going to become a real estate investor. Do you know? They laughed at me now. I absolutely love my family to death. I love them, but they laughed at me, Julie, you can’t do this. You’ve got a daughter to take care of. You’ve got, you need a steady job. You don’t need to put yourself out there like that. You’re going to go even more broke. You’re going to be in a worse situation. Well, if I would’ve listened to the naysayers years ago, then I wouldn’t be where I am today. So what I mean to you, what I’m trying to get across to you is not all the time or the most in people in your life, the most important people in your life, such as your family, they’re not always going to be the heroes behind you, believing in what you’re doing.

Um, I hate to tell you that, but that’s generally the way that it is okay. Being with partner driven is getting around like-minded individuals that have the same vested interests as you do. And that there was no amount of money that you can put on that resource. Okay. Had I not had a mentor like Peter back then 11 years ago, or other people that I met along the way, I would have quit a hundred times. Right? But I did not let the naysayers tell me differently as an entrepreneur or as a future entrepreneur guys, you think differently than others, not everybody’s meant to be a real estate investor or an entrepreneur. Not everybody is built for that.

The best thing that you can do in life, whether that’s with us or whether that’s with someone else is to get around people with the same interest as you have, that is going to support you all along the way. That’s the biggest advice that I can ever do is to tell you when you’re looking to get into this, because it may not be your mom and dad, it may not be your husband and wife. It may not be your cousins or your best friends. I don’t mean you should stop a relationship with them, but don’t always look for them for your motivation. When you’re wanting to, to reach your dreams and goals or understand your why. That’s the beauty of partner-driven is all the things Peter said. Plus, it’s a community of like-minded people. Now, with all of that being said, I’m going to go over the funding.

Okay? I’m going to go over the funding with you. And I want to stress again to you, of course, using other people’s money. It’s beautiful. It’s wonderful. And it’s, you can also leverage that money to get you to where you want to be. But I’m going to say it one more time for you. And Peter already said that it’s time. And you’re like, oh, that’s a cliche. It buys me time. No, listen to me, what I have to tell you, do you know how we sit here? And we talked about, oh, if I’ve got $20, then I could do this, this and this and this. Well, listen, I’m not too far gone from life to understand that most of us don’t have, most of, a lot of people do not have $20,000 to start with. Right? So let’s talk about it differently. Let’s talk about a thousand dollars. Let’s say you’ve got a thousand dollars and you want to get into real estate investing. That’s going to get you about a couple of weeks in this business. Okay. What it’s going to do is you’re going to put that up. You are going to very quickly realize that the stress of getting into this can be very sickening, sickening to your stomach. Um, worrisome the power of using other people’s money to get you into this business so that you have the knowledge that it takes to make this your dream.

It gives you the time you need for yourself. This is not a quick get rich quick business. This is a lot of work, but there are great rewards for the work that put that that you’re putting in. So without talk about other people’s money, it’s not the money for me. It’s the time. And it’s the pressure that it takes off. Um, Gordy’s ride. It is an investment in yourself. Now I can speak because I’m female and I’m a mother being, being a mother. I’m a father has the same, uh, the same thing, but there’s a lot of pressures in life, just living, right? Why put all of your eggs into one basket and have that stress, if you don’t have to, because this company that I’m about to tell you about, we were approved with this company to work with people. Like he, they believe in what we’re doing so much. They have private investors that say, you know, partner-driven is, is a company we believe in because we’ve seen success with their company. So we’re willing to loan money to help people find their dreams to start their business. That’s huge. That’s huge.

So that’s what we’re looking at here. So now I’m going to get into kind of some of the terms of borrowing this top of money. Okay. Again, a partner driven is 15,000. I’m not going to go into this, but there was a few of you on this call that you’ve heard about, uh, our partner-driven max program. Now that’s somewhere between around 55, 60 $5,000. Um, obviously you would need to be approved with me to go forward with that, but I want to show you now the qualifications that are needed to be able to secure one of these, these loans. Okay. Sound good. Number one. Um, whenever you apply for this, they are going to do what is called a soft pull on your credit. Okay. Why is that important? Well, if I’m looking to get pre-approved for a loan, I do not want a bunch of companies hitting my credit. Okay. So they’re going to do what is a soft pull on your credit to determine if you’re pre-approved for this money or not? Okay. Based off of that, if you do secure the loan, obviously then it would be a hard pull on your credit, but you can look and see what you qualify for, or if you qualify without it affecting your credit. Okay. So let’s go over some of the qualifications. I’m going to share my screen with you.

And I’ve got a little presentation that I’m going to run through with you guys. Um, and by the way, um, Kristen, you can start putting the link to this company in the chat, but we’re going to talk just for a minute. Okay. So again, this is for funding sources available for new and existing partners. All you need to qualify is a six 20 plus credit score and a $40,000 a year job with one year of W2’s or two years of tax returns, if you were in business. Okay. Next let’s see. So again, like, like I was saying is that you need a six 20 credit score to qualify, um, make $40,000 a year. If you’re self-employed, they need two years of tax returns to make that happen. Okay. So once, um, once you click the link and I want to give everybody just a moment to click the link here, um, cause I’m gonna walk you through this, this process.

It’s very simple, but I just want to walk everybody through it just in case you have any questions. So once you click the link, you’re going to select a loan per purpose. So you’re going to click major purchase. Now, once you’ve clicked major purchase, here’s where you’re going to say, how much would I like to borrow? You can slot that to the desired amount of what you’re looking to borrow. Okay. Um, I always ask for more than what I need to see what you know, to see what qualifications that I have. Um, I can always accept less, but I’m going to go ahead and determine with that thing. Go ahead and pick what you’re looking that you would like to borrow then very simply. What’s your name, first name, last name. Everybody should know that. That’s pretty simple question. Okay. What is your cell phone number?

Do not list the landline there because this company may reach out to you via text messaging service. So they want to know what your cell phone number is. What’s your date of birth? What is your social security number? Again, this is a soft pool to find the best rates and terms among all lenders in funding and funders on the funding platform. Because again, like what I said, there’s lots of individual investors that are investing into you and your, and you looking to start a business. Okay. So they’re going to run your information through multiple lenders. Just find the best rates and terms for you. Now what’s your zip code? Just enter your zip code there. What’s your, your address? So this is a personal loan. So, um, you know, when you’re looking at getting business loans, business lines of credit, that’s generally once you already have an existing business, that’s profitable.

So this is a personal loan based off of your personal credit. So he wants your address. They do. Um, and how long have you lived there in years? One to 10, 20 years. Um, in this what’s the top of residence, do you own it outright? Do you have a mortgage on it? Are you renting or other what’s your monthly rent or mortgage amount and what’s your estimate of your credit is an excellent, good fair. Um, so we just want you to verify what your credit score is then, are you full-time part-time self-employed or unemployed? What is your pre-tax income? So what is the gross amount of money that you may generally, like if you have a salary or you get paid by the hour, you, you have a gross income before you are taxed on that income. So what is that? What is your payroll frequency? Is that weekly, biweekly and monthly? Um, just how often you get paid, is that done with direct deposit, a paper check or, you know, or is it in cash? And by the way, it does have to be verifiable income. Then they just want you to acknowledge and consent that you agree to pull the credit. Okay. And that you acknowledged that it is a soft pool and gods. That is it. Um, one reason why I working with this company so much is the ease of use. Okay. Um, so all you have to do is click the link in the chat to be able to apply for this funding source. Um, and then we’ll go from there. You know, Peter, we have a little bit of time left and I’m okay with this, if you’re okay. If you don’t have anything else to talk about, I don’t mind taking any questions people may have about the business either today.

Speaker 2 (39:04):

Let’s do it. Let’s do it or yeah. Or about, you know, questions about partner-driven or the business, whatever questions you may have. I’ll answer them to appear. We’ll answer to the best of our abilities. Now let’s do, um, we got some home. We got some, uh, things that we’re going to have to do on this webinar to make this work correctly. If you look at the bottom of your zoom screen, there’s this little thing that says raise hand. If you raise your zoom hand, we can see your zoom hand rates. You were automatically muted, but I can unmute you and bring you alive in front of everybody in front of Peter and myself. Okay. So if you raise your zoom and we’ll take questions now, Anthony, um, let’s see here. I’m going to allow you to talk, Anthony. No, where you went. So Anthony, if you will, um, unmute yourself and you will be online. Okay? You’re on Anthony. [inaudible] yourself. This can be a little tricky on a webinar, but just unmute your cell phone. You’re in. You are allowed to talk well while he’s figuring that out, Peter, the unmute is on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen and guys. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask them, raise your beers. Hey Anthony,

Anthony (40:53):

I wouldn’t make sure that everything was freedom. And I was looking at, I was looking at your program and I want to go,

Julie (41:33):

Anthony, honey, you were in a bad location. I can’t, I can’t.

Anthony (41:43):

Can you hear me now? I’m just enjoying it. And I’m enjoying the information that you have your program. And, uh, and, uh, I’m in Columbus, Georgia. And I noticed here in Columbus, uh, well, where I’m at, I didn’t see any that I would be able to get a hold of per se, but I guess I got to learn more about program in it and better utilize it where I’m at. So, um, this is one component right here. Then the money part is that I was really concerned about,

Julie (42:53):

Gotcha. And I miss half of that. So are you a partner already, Anthony?

Julie (43:03):

No, he just last week Julie,

Anthony (43:09):

He went,

Peter (43:11):

He just learned about us last week.

Speaker 2 (43:14):

Oh gottcha. Gottcha

Peter (43:17):

Julie. I think what, I think what the question is, he sees that we’re in Georgia and he’s not in Georgia. So I think what he’s asking is like, Hey, I know you could do this in Georgia, but have you ever done this anywhere else?

Julie (43:34):

Yes. And I think I heard he was in Columbus, Georgia. Um,

Anthony (43:42):

I’m in Columbus

Julie (43:45):

Okay. So I’m born and raised in Georgia. Anthony, you can do deals all over Georgia. Columbus is a great market. I work in a small market in north Georgia around Gainesville, which is about similar size to Columbus. So you’re definitely in a good spot there. Yeah. So, cause I live close to Gainesville. Um, but what I would love to do is Kristen, can you put a link in the chat, Anthony? Um, because I can’t hear you very well and understand maybe it’s me, um, schedule a call with us and we’ll go over everything with you. And, uh, Kristen, you can also give him a link to me and you could actually schedule a call with me tomorrow over everything.

Anthony (44:32):

Okay. That’d be beautiful. Yes ma’am.

Julie (44:36):

Yeah, because I want to hear you out. I just can’t hear ya. I understand what you’re saying, so, okay. Well I don’t see any more hands raised up Peter. So I guess people don’t have questions tonight.

Peter (44:54):

Well, Julie, first of all, I appreciate it. This was powerful stuff for those people that understand the concept that they can right there at the top. Um, and Julia, I’m glad you brought that up. Uh, some of you that are on here tonight, um, you’re ready to get started. You’ve been with us long enough. You you’ve kind of followed us through. So we have a couple of team members on standby. If Kristen, if you could put their phone number into chat, it’s seven, seven, oh gosh. You think by now I’d remember it. Uh, seven, seven oh something. Uh, somebody put that number into chat. 770-746-8585. On the other hand, if some of you guys are ready to join us, but you were like, Hey, I want to utilize other people’s money to join you. Then there’s a link in chat also how you can do that.

But most importantly, whether you’re with us or are you going to do this by yourself? It’s a business worth doing. And Julie and I are 100% committed to the model or 100% committed to our partners. We’d love the opportunity to work with you. We’d love the opportunity to do a bunch of deals with you. So if you’re ready to get started, call the phone number. If you’re ready to get other people third-party funding to, to give you the money to join, hit the link, fill out the application. But other than that on behalf of myself and Julie and everybody else here at partner-driven, that makes all this happen. We really enjoyed it. We had a great time and we’ll see everybody, same time, same place next week.

Julie (46:35):

Yes. And the thing that I would like to add for those of you that are partners, make sure to join my call in the morning with fun with numbers, and we’re going to go over exactly what numbers we need to be at to actually get a deal done. So join me tomorrow morning on our live daily training call. And we will go over that also, don’t miss Friday’s training call because we’ve got a, an awesome announcement to make on Friday. We have got something super cool to share with you guys, um, on Friday for those of you that are partners. Um, so be there or be square, um, for those of you that are partners or a Facebook page, um, as you’ll know that. Um, and, and I would like to just thank everybody for your thoughts and prayers as I wasn’t feeling well. And I’ll tell you because of, uh, your prayers, I believe that’s one of the reasons why I was able to get better as quickly as I did. So thank you so much. Hope you guys have an awesome evening. We’ll see you next Tuesday. Peace. Bye.