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Julie Muse: 00:00 As on this evening, we just want to wait for everybody to get on. We got some, some cool things to talk to you guys about tonight. One of my favorite, favorite, favorite things, which is actually, you know, talking to sellers. I want to take a minute and a welcome a few you guys all. We got Neoma, Nixon, Nuta, Penny Perkins, Randolph, Rick. Heck in camp. Good. Good to see you man. Sheena. Sherry, Steve, Travis. I know we got some more joining on. We got some people joining on facebook. Um, this seems to be just one of those topics that everybody loves to hear about. Um, and I think one of the things that will make you the most money in this industry is being able to talk to sellers, um, you know, on an ongoing basis, a Gemara. Glad to have you on. I’m actually Jabar got his first call from direct mail today. So good job, man.

Peter Vekselman: 00:59 Awesome. Awesome guys. This is a great topic. Like Julie said, you know, there’s certain things in this business that you can kind of sort of work around, you know, you can kind of work around your ability or inability to do construction work if you can’t do it, you just, you know, you just kind of hired out, work with a contractor. Some of us sell our own properties, some of us hire real estate agents, you know, some of us find our own stuff. Some of us do what Jomar he did send out direct mail. But I’ll tell you what, one thing you cannot get around in this business, not if you want to be successful. And that is, uh, that is the ability to talk to sellers. That is just like one of those staple things that I could tell you my 20 years in the business.

Peter Vekselman: 01:46 I don’t know anybody, anybody in this business. I mean, even if you look at our staff here all the way from myself to Julie to, to Laura, to uh, everyone that’s, that really pretty much works here. You know, Christine, you know Delania. I mean, they all talk to sellers, right? Oh yeah. You know, it’s, you know, talking to sellers, it’s something that if you’re in this business, no matter what level you are, no matter what level you want to get to and really no matter what function you’re doing, you got to, got to, got to learn how to talk to sellers and so that’s what we’re going to be talking to you all about today. And guys, you know, you hear it so often and you know it’s, it’s the truth. The money is made in the buy. You can have the best construction job, you can have the best real estate agent to sell the property.

Peter Vekselman: 02:35 You could be in the best neighborhood, you could have the best house in the best neighborhood, but I guarantee you, if you don’t know how to talk to seller and negotiate a good deal on the front end, is it ghost? It goes a wash and you lose money, but at the same time you could have a sub sub part construction job. You could want to sell something for 300 and only get to 70 for it. You know, you could bring it out at the wrong time of the year, you could bring it out in the middle of Christmas time, but I promise you if you were able to negotiate a superduper deal with that seller, you’re going to make money on it. So the ability to come in on a front end to, to negotiate and to communicate with sellers and, and to know how to really.

Peter Vekselman: 03:19 It’s more than just the negotiations. It’s really, it’s the ability to talk to sellers, you know, so many people think, well, you know, talking to sellers, it’s all about negotiation because really it’s not because a lot of the times the conversation is not really in negotiations. You know, I’ve been with Julie on sales calls or you know, uh, talking to sellers where I was like bored to death. I’m like, what the hell are you guys talking about, you know, and next thing you know, they’re calling her and they’re inviting her to dinner. Next thing you know, they’re sending her some gifts. Next thing you know, they’re like hanging out. Next thing you know, she’s getting this deal for like fricking huge discount negotiations there. It was just like, I mean, I literally remember one time was you and I and Tom [inaudible] with these guys on that land deal.

Peter Vekselman: 04:08 Oh yeah, that $14,000,000. So we’re talking there and it’s one of our agents, Julian, I, and, and they’re, and Julie’s just talking up a storm with this guy about nothing to do with anything to do with that property. And I’m literally just standing there. I got my arms folded like this and I’m just like, what in the heck? And then the seller finally looks at me and he’s like, well, what are you doing here? I’m like, I just kind of what I was thinking like, well, what in the heck am I doing here? But this is something that Julie is just got an incredible gift and this is something you guys got to be able to understand the ability to talk to sellers.

Julie Muse: 04:49 But thanks guys, um, to you know, tonight, you know, we definitely want to get into that. And I appreciate that. You know, my, my philosophy would work with someone is all about building relationships because if you’re not going to go with what I have to offer right this minute, I want the ability to be able to get you a little bit later, whenever. Maybe there’s a better, better time. That’s, you know, that’s what I’m looking for. I’m always looking for my next followup. Um, guys, a lot of you heard me say this before, 10 is made in a followup. So if someone tells me that they are not interested right now, then you know, I want to be able to call three or four months later and I want to be able to have the opportunity to talk to them. Then I’m okay. So I’m going to go ahead and get into this guy. So there’s two different types of calls here that you’re going to be making in this business. Just overall, okay. As far as dylan was sellers, you’re going to be doing outbound, cold calls to sellers and then you’re going to be doing inbound calls from sellers way different things.

Julie Muse: 05:59 There’s a big difference in cold calling. Somebody out of the blue as opposed to having them call you from a marketing piece and you call them back. So let’s, let’s give an example here. So let’s just say that you done driving for dollars, okay? And you’re going out and you’re fondling the addresses and you find a way to find their phone numbers and you’re going to call them.

Julie Muse: 06:28 I’m going to give you the script that I like the exact script that I use. No, this before you make cold calls, do not sit down and try to make 10 or 15 calls and judge your success based on that. Whenever you’re doing cold calls, it is all about a numbers game. The more numbers that you call, the more opportunities that you’re going to have. Okay? So whenever you’re set to make calls, you want to have a lot to call. You want to, you know, keep your emotions high. Always remember to be very, very empathetic when dealing with individuals, okay? And think about it and think about why you want to be empathetic, okay? Um, you know, their, their properties or distressed, you know, they’re not able to fix it up. They may have back taxes they may have, they may be in pre foreclosure. All of these situations, it’s important that you care about the situation these people are in and be ready to move your conversation one way or the other.

Julie Muse: 07:30 Personally, I don’t do well calling someone out of the blue saying, hi, I’m a real estate investor and I would love to purchase your property. Whenever you’re talking with folks, they want to talk to real people. Somebody just like them. Okay, they’re going to do a lot better talking to, you know, Ashley, Brad Brand and Carl Don. Then they’re going to do talking to ABC investment company because they’re having to talk to you about such delicate details. The more that they trust you, the more information you’re going to get and the bigger opportunity you’re going to have to help them. Okay? So let’s say that you are cold calling somebody and let’s just say we were doing driving for dollars and sorry guys, I’m trying not to move a whole bunch here. It’s really hard for her, you know, me not to move the camera, the desk, but um, so let’s just say that I’ve been driving for dollars and whenever I’m driving for dollars I’m going to have, after it’s been skipped, tries, I’m going to have the seller’s name and the address in which I’m calling about.

Julie Muse: 08:41 Okay. And it goes something like this, John. Hey, it’s Julie. How are you doing today? Oh, good, good. Hey, guess what? I was driving down main street and I saw this property that I believe that you own it. It is exactly what I’m looking for. You see above fix and sell houses and I buy and rent them out and I just really thought yours would be perfect and exactly what I’m looking for. Um, so that is a very, very simple call to have. But let me tell you a few things that I did there. So number one, when I first said, Hey John, it’s Julie, how are you doing today? I want to assume the sale. I want to assume that John’s the person that I’m talking to, um, because I want John to kind of feel like, oh, do I know Julie, you know, she’s somebody I’ve talked to before and what that does and that first five or 10 seconds is it really, really, really brings their guard down and it allows him to think instead of react with, with, with his mouth before he starts giving me his rebuttals.

Julie Muse: 09:52 He thinks I’m somebody that I know. Then I’ll walk them through very slowly. I was driving by a house on main street that I believe that you own. So he knows I drove by and seeing this property. Well you see I buy fix and sell properties and I’m buying rent them out. And I was just wondering if I could make you an offer for it. I did not use words like I’m a real estate investor whenever, you know, whenever you’re in a situation like that, sometimes when you use words as if I’m a real estate investor, it kind of puts people off a little bit and they’re thinking real estate investor, that’s somebody that’s gonna fight with me. No, I want them to think it’s Julie, this girl that’s gonna, you know, come out and she buys and fix and sell houses and vibrant some out.

Julie Muse: 10:46 People understand that much, much better and I’m not, they’re not going to be as afraid of me as if I was to go in there and say, I’m Julian, I’m a real estate investor and I want to make you an offer. Now, a couple of bottles that you’re going to hear whenever you’re doing this. Number one, how’d you get my phone number? Well, you know, I looked it up on the internet. It’s crazy what you can find these days online. I always stay light hearted and always try to think of joking things to say to keep them on the good side. Um, another thing someone might say to you is, okay, well, what’s your offer? You just, you know, you called me out of the blue. What’s your offer? Well, you know, Sarah would love to make you an offer right now over the phone. However, I knew if I was to make you an offer over the phone, you probably just not gonna like it.

Julie Muse: 11:39 And he’ll say why? Well, in always seeing the outside, so I’ve got to assume the worst on the inside and I know if you’ve allowed me to come out there and make you an offer on the spot, I mean, and you wouldn’t be able to come up with a number that worked well for both you and myself. That sound good? Yeah. Okay. This Thursday at four. Sound good for you? I never, ever, ever say, when can you meet? I always suggest a date and a time because I do not want to be overcoming an objection about if we can meet or not either overcome objection on whether or not Thursdays, Fridays better. It’s just getting someone to lead them in your direction, in what you’re looking to do and if you are getting started in this business, as much as I appreciate negotiating directly over the phone, you’re never going to learn unless you just go on appointments.

Julie Muse: 12:34 The more calls you make, the more appointments you get, the more appointments to go to, the more opportunities you have to do deals. So I encourage you to make cold calls. Let’s look at a couple other ways of, besides driving for dollars, the chicken cold, cold call for sale by owners. There’s literally an endless supply of for sale by owners. Okay? Um, you can call and call and call on these for days. I will tell you my suggestion about going to an appointment for, for sale by owner is a little bit different. I’m probably going to negotiate price before I go to that appointment. If I can get somebody 75, 75 percent of what they’re asking, then that is worth me going on an appointment. Okay. Because if you just call for sale by owners and say, you know, I want to come meet you. I want to come to your home.

Julie Muse: 13:34 You’re going to get almost every appointment and you’re going to drive around basically for nothing. And I don’t say for nothing because everything is a learning experience. So even if you’re just going to these appointments and you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, I promise you it’s just getting you one poor appointment closer to finding a deal. So on for sale by owners, get them to at least 75 percent of what they’re asking and go to that appointment. When you go to an appointment, take, take, take your contracts with you. If you’re going to go to an appointment and you can’t get a deal done, then it’s not used. There’s no use in going to the appointment with the exception of something that is a out of state owner. Okay. But you definitely want to be able to see the property so that you’re able to do that.

Julie Muse: 14:27 I’m going to go through this conversation one more time as it relates to cold calls driving for dollars. Okay. Y’All ready? Alright guys. John, it’s Julie. How are you doing today? Oh, good. Good. Hey, I was driving down main street and I saw this property that I believe that you own and it is exactly what I’m looking for. You see, I buy fix and sell properties and apply and rent them out and I was just wondering if there was any way for me to be able to make you an offer for it. Right? It is that simple guys. It’s that call over and over and over again, and as many of you guys know, I’m Pedro and I work with individuals on a one on one basis in our coaching program where we teach you exactly how to do this. Plus we fund your deals. Okay?

Julie Muse: 15:21 So this is something we’re going to be going over and over and over with you. We actually, um, you know, help you all along the way. Okay? So just know the more calls you make, the better off you are going to be. Always be polite, always be focused. And when you’re calling someone, look guys, you want them to, you need to call these folks like it’s your friend from high school that you ain’t talked to him a couple years or maybe it’s your cousin you haven’t seen in a minute. I treat every call like that because you know what, when I go to an appointment, they are going to be my next friend. I just know for sure. Would you agree?

Peter Vekselman: 16:03 No. No question guys. Is Julie’s going through this. What you guys are seeing is there’s just really different scenarios of approaching sellers. You know, there’s, like Julie said, there’s the inbound seller, that’s the person that might be up calling off of a sign that might be a person that’s calling off a direct mail. There’s also outbound. Then I will also tell you there’s a little bit different styles. For instance, Julian, I have a little bit of a different style when we’re talking to sellers. As you could see, Julie’s very personable. She’s a lot more talkative than I am. She’s a lot more into relationship building than I am and, and obviously it works fantastic for her. I remember, I don’t know, a couple of weeks ago, we’re sitting here going over some stuff and she was kind of bragging on herself, said man. And last four or five deals we did here in Atlanta.

Peter Vekselman: 16:54 I got all of them. And that’s really cool because Julia has the ability to. She’s a fantastic negotiator, not just a negotiator. She’s a fantastic person that when it comes to talking to sellers now my style is a little bit differently. It’s a little different. Um, and, and I could tell you in my career of doing this business, I’ve talked to pretty much all kinds of sellers, you know, again, both inbound, both outbound. And I can tell you in the beginning I built my, I’ve built the real estate business really off talking to two types of sellers. Okay. And the good thing is that both of these sellers, a number of you all are doing a sorority because we see this in our, in our facebook community because you guys are. And by the way, the community is going great in it. Oh, it’s going wonderful.

Peter Vekselman: 17:42 I don’t know how long it’s been, like four weeks since we opened it up. So kind of the world and we’re almost at an 800 members. That’s like in an internet world from something that wasn’t like built up something that wasn’t like promoted by some huge corporation. Um, that is just fantastic. And we just love, love the people that are part of it or excited to have you all in. A lot of you all are utilizing this community to not only share what you’re doing but encourage other people. And all this, and I could tell you the tons of the postings that you guys are doing are really tied into sellers and, and, and so going back to what I did in terms of mine experiences when I built this business, like I said, there’s two types of sellers I talked to. The first type of seller was, I’m literally a cold cellar.

Peter Vekselman: 18:33 I mean every morning in, some of y’all have heard me talked to tell this story, but every morning I would get on the phone at about 8:30 in the morning and I would just simply start dialing for dollars. So like back then we had cds. I don’t know if they have cds anymore for computers. I don’t think they’ve even put a CD in a computer anymore. But back then I would just buy a CD of a, a county here in Atlanta area, like let’s say Fulton County. And they had all the tax records on there. Okay. And you can get this information readily on the Internet. Very cheap, very inexpensive. There’s a bunch of services that sell compiled tax records. A lot of these tax records are our web based. You can go online, there are electronic now and all I would do is I would literally go down these tax records one by one by one, and I would call sellers.

Peter Vekselman: 19:24 Now let me just tell you something. When you’re calling off tax records cold, that is about as a cold call as you could possibly make in this business. It is very similar to picking up like white pages. I don’t even if they have white pages anymore, but if they’re picking up the phone book and battling for dollars because those tax records are so wrong so often, so many times that literally I might as well have just been, you know, cold calling, random phone numbers. But my script was very, very, very straightforward right down to the point. It worked for me. It wasn’t as much as as as a relationship building script as Julie’s, but my script was very simple. I call them up and I actually, I wouldn’t introduce myself as. There are two things I wanted to establish when I’m making a cold call in the beginning.

Peter Vekselman: 20:17 Again, a little bit different from Julie’s not that one’s right, that one’s wrong. It’s just different styles work for different people, but I wanted to establish two things right away. One, I want to let them sell know how I got their information because in today’s world of privacy technology, people are just so paranoid about it. Like, well, how’d you get my phone number? Like, who are you? Okay. So the two things I was wanting to establish who’s who I was and how I got their information. So I started all my cold called conversations with cold cellars over the phone by telling them, you know, bob, you know, my name is Peter Beck Sullivan. I’m a local investor. So that established who I was and I told them how I got the information. I got your information from the local tax records. Now the reason I always told them I got it from the tax records, as we all know, texts records is a public.

Peter Vekselman: 21:09 It’s public information, which means I wasn’t using some funky service, you know, I wasn’t, you know, pulling their information off some website that they’re members of. Okay. And I told them who I was. I’m a local real estate investor. Okay. You know, I feel like if I tell them who I am, I’m that, at least from my end. I know Juliana, she doesn’t do that right away, you know, tells people she’s an investor. I feel from my end it kind of brings the barrier down that kind of like, well who the heck are you kind of deal. Okay. And, and just my voice is not as friendly as Julie’s. A lot of times when someone like Julie calls someone like me or anyone you kind of hear it is friendly voice on a phone and you’re like, you kind of go with the call for a minute.

Peter Vekselman: 21:52 When someone like me calls, I’m a little bit more brash, I’m a little bit more short, I’m a little bit more to the point, you know, I’m a little bit more black and white, so they’re like not as comfortable with hearing my me that’s my right away until I’m an investor. And right away that kind of clears the air of who in the heck it is calling. So I told them, hey bob, you know, my name is Peter have excellent. I got your information from the local tax records. I’m a local investor. And immediately I went into why I was calling, you know, because in my opinion when you’re making a cold call, it’s not too different than sending out a postcard. You really have a very limited amount of time. You know, if you’re sending out a postcard and on your postcard you have, you know, you have 6,000 words that no one could see and they have to have a fine, you know, magnifying glass to see those.

Peter Vekselman: 22:48 You don’t have a great story to tell. They ain’t going to be seen, I promise you. So, you know, you want to have some catchy words, you know, right up front and that postcard to catch their attention. Well, in my opinion, where when you’re talking to sellers, it’s the same thing. We all have a limited time span of which we can catch someone’s attention. You know, it’s like looking at the Internet. You know when you go to a website they say usually within a couple of seconds, you know, one or two seconds, you know, we’ve already made up a decision whether or not we’re going to be staying on that website or not. So right away I want to get their attention right away. And so I break the barrier, tell them where I am, who I am, how I got their information, and I immediately go into my pitch that I understand you own some property.

Peter Vekselman: 23:35 And by the way, this is another thing I will teach you when you’re talking to sellers. I personally, unless you like 100 percent, know that Bob owns house right here. When you’re making cold calls, when you were knocking on doors, when you’re calling from the phone, when you’re not 100 percent sure what the heck it is he owns. You just Kinda know he owned something and you kind of think it’s that never approach from a standpoint of a specific property approach from a general perspective. Okay, Hey, I understand you own some property in Atlanta because you don’t want a tax records. You might show that he owns 1:23 main street. Well, he might have sold 1:23 main street a month ago. It hasn’t been updated in the tax records yet and, and maybe not 1:23 main street, maybe the girls that were putting it in the tax records.

Peter Vekselman: 24:25 It’s 1:24 main street, but if you say specific properties, gonna throw them off. So I’m going in a gentle way. I understand you own a property in Atlanta. I just wanted to know if you’re willing to possibly sell the property. So literally within five to six seconds I’ve got everything out that I needed to and I could tell you, although a postcard could be looked at for one or two seconds and thrown away, if you’re on a phone with someone, usually within five seconds you’re going to get their attention, meaning in five seconds they’re probably not gonna hang up on you. I mean, think about it. If a telemarketers calling you and you don’t want to talk to that telemarketer next time someone calls you that you don’t want to talk to, let’s say a telemarketer selling something, start counting to yourself. At what point do you kind of tune off and I promise you we all give at least four or five seconds before we kind of compute and like, okay, not interested, so four, five, six seconds is enough time to tell your story and to tell it in such a way that it’s clear enough message to know whether that seller on the other side is a seller that would be interested in talking to you because again, here’s the great thing about what we do.

Peter Vekselman: 25:38 If you’re a seller and I’m calling you and you have no intention of ever selling, like you just bought it, you just put a mortgage on it. You just moved your kids into it. You just painted it. Okay. Within five seconds somebody tells me I want to buy your house. I mean selling not a good time. The same time if I’m a seller and somebody can get their message out within four to five to six seconds to me that they’re possibly open to buying my property and I’m even remotely interested, that’s enough time for me to make the compute information that’s been told to me and make a pretty rational answer and remember the answer is very simple. Again, we’re not what you don’t. In my opinion. Again, this is kind of my style. I don’t necessarily want to get into an a long elaborate forced conversation and that in that initial call, because people are busy, they still don’t trust you.

Peter Vekselman: 26:38 Even though you establish who you are, how you got their information, I promise you that trust level is not there. They got maybe somebody else on the line. They switched over to you. They got the kids. They got to pick up from school. They got their husband who’s calling them from work. You know what I mean? You so it. You’ve got to get your message out in such a clear, concise way that it also, not only, that, not only could be understood quickly, but in my opinion, your message has to be delivered in such a way that it can be responded to quickly. So what I’m never going to do at that point is I’m not going to get into a conversation of Bob. I understand you own a property in Atlanta. Uh, how long have you owned it? Why in the heck would somebody ever tell me that they forwarded?

Peter Vekselman: 27:26 They even know who that I am, right? Or Bob, you know, I understand you own a property in Atlanta. Um, how much do you owe on it or you know, when did you buy it? I mean, these are questions that you know, but anybody, anybody can comprehend and very quickly respond to are you open to selling it? And so what I used to do, I get on the phone in the mornings and I would go with this very basic script script, here’s who I am, here’s how I got your information. Here’s why I’m calling. I understand you on a property. Would you be open to selling and literally literally I’ve built my whole real estate business from zero to hero of this kind of a script talking to sellers and my goal every morning was very simple. I wanted to talk to enough sellers that I would get to people to tell me yes, that’s it.

Peter Vekselman: 28:17 Every morning I was looking for two people to basically tell me yes, I’m open to selling. Okay. And usually what I learned is that it took me about two hours to do that. So I would get into foam, usually about eight, eight, 30, and I’d be easily done by 10, 10, 30, and then from eight to 8:30 to 10 to 10:30, I usually have two people that in that kind of a conversation said, well heck, I don’t know. I guess I’ll sell or you caught me at a good time. I was just thinking of selling or yeah, we’re about ready to sell it or sure, I’ll take it if the price is right or heck I’m not married to it. Yeah. If you’re going to give me enough money, remember what you’re looking for. And that point in time is you’re just get a hook, you know, don’t expect that seller to give up too much.

Peter Vekselman: 29:04 Here’s what, what, here’s what’s never going to happen. Or if it does happen, you just got lucky. You call somebody here. So I am here, so I got your information. Are you open to selling it? Yes, I’m open to selling it and Pete, I basically want to give it to you for nothing. Okay? You’re not going to. That’s not the point of the conversation. The point of that initial contact is just to establish a little bit rapport, built a little bit of credibility, establish a little bit of trust and find out are they open to moving forward with you. Okay. Now what I used to do, my goal was very simple call for a couple of. Get a couple of people to say yes, I’m open to selling. Afternoon. I would run my appointments, I go look at the properties, you know, figure out what the, what the costs are, put together offers.

Peter Vekselman: 29:52 But now 20 years in business, I, if I’m talking to a seller today, I don’t have time to do that. Well, two things. I don’t have time to do that. And B, I don’t. I have a much more. I have a greater skillset now. So now if I were to make a call today and I went to encounter the exact same situation, I actually would move it further along than that. Okay. Build my rapport, established a relationship, tell them who I am, how I got their information. Are you open to selling? Well? Hell yeah. Pete, I’ll sell it if you pay me enough money before. That’s it. Because my confidence wasn’t very high. I was excited for anyone in the world to just tell me yes. So it’d be all like all over it and I’d be like immediately, great superduper. I can’t believe it, man.

Peter Vekselman: 30:36 How do I get inside? I’ll call you later on tonight and all this now, because of my skillset, I’m actually gonna. I’m gonna. See, I’m gonna kind of carry the conversation further. Okay. Like Julie was saying, when she’s working with Phizzbos, you know, you’re not going to just call a for sale by owner on Zillow and they say, yes, it’s for sale and you’re going to go drive three hours to look at that house. I mean, no, why the heck do that? You know what I mean? Um, well in my opinion, I’m kind of, I take the same attitude with anyone at this point. So at this point I would actually take the conversation further today. I would try to establish some kind of a pricing today. I would actually negotiate. So if somebody says to me today, you know, out of the blue, if I’m talking to them, sure I’ll, I’ll, I’ll sell, I’ll sell my property.

Peter Vekselman: 31:24 I’m not going to go right away. Again, depending where you are in your skillset, this may be a great time to just go ahead and set the point. Okay, just you got it. Someone’s willing to sell, get in the house, you’re going to be a lot more effective, especially if you can meet them there and negotiating face to face. But now let’s let me talk a little bit. Some of you all have been doing this for awhile. It they have a little bit more of a skill set. We have some deals underneath your belt. For those and for someone like myself, I’m taking the conversation further. Okay, Bob, great. How much would you take for it? See, I always want to know I, I’m not. You know, again, tonight is not about negotiations and I’m not going to teach you how and negotiate deals, but I will tell you today I’m going to get as much information as I can out of that seller, like our negotiators here. You know, when, when we were doing deals with our partner driven coaching clients all over the United States, we had a little call center here and our negotiators, we’re taking hundreds and hundreds of calls a day and they were so skilled they were able to pump information out of sellers. I mean, we had a whole lead sheet, right? That they were filling out and they were so versed they can from a cold call basically, or they can from, from a brand new individual, get their information, address how much they owe. That’s a skillset

Julie Muse: 32:42 which we have to share with you guys tonight.

Peter Vekselman: 32:44 Okay. I’m about ready to turn it to you but, but, but, but, but my point is on that cold call, I’m going to get as much. I’m going to pump that for the person for as much information as possible with my skillset and I’m actually going to do some negotiations. So that’s one kind of seller call and the second seller call, which I’m not going to spend a lot of time on, but my second seller called that I did is I, um, used to knock on doors like I know so many of you all are doing driving for dollars, not gonna endorse. It’s basically the same kind of pitch a little bit differently. Knock on the door. Hey, you know, this is a shot in the dark. Somebody told me that someone selling a house in one of these couple blocks. Not sure which one they’re talking about, just was wondering, maybe it’s years almost always.

Peter Vekselman: 33:30 Of course it’s no, hell no, it ain’t mine. And then the next statement, which is really the one that made me all the money, well, any idea who might be selling in the area here and that’s when I got all those referrals. That’s when they’d be like, well, yeah, we were at a barbecue a couple of weeks ago and Bob, you know, across the subdivision said he might be selling or my aunt’s thinking of selling. So those are the two kinds of seller calls I approach. So. All right, I know we’ve got scripts and all that. Go ahead.

Julie Muse: 33:56 No, that’s perfect. Perfect. So as you guys see, is that you, when you’re getting into this business, you got to understand your personality and what works best for you. Okay. Um, so look guys, I did want to answer a question from my buddy called Randall and Huntsville, Alabama. Although everybody has cell phones these days, do you generally find people are more receptive in the mornings? I’ll tell you guys, my favorite time to call is between nine and 11. Okay. Monday through Friday maybe to 1130 and then in the evenings. Okay. So that’s early morning before lunch and then in the evenings between five and seven and then on Saturdays before lunch. Um, and I know people just probably had great opportunities on Saturday afternoons, but I’ve just found I’ve not been able to get ahold of a lot of people on a Saturday afternoon. They usually go into baseball games and doing what have you and I never make cold calls on Sunday.

Julie Muse: 34:57 You made it disagree. I just don’t make cold calls on Sunday. Um, so that’s the perfect time. I hope that helps. Carl. Um, and then I just have one more thing to add before I move onto the next subject. As it relates to cold calling, the problem that I see people have the most is their fear of getting over it. Okay? So what I want you to do, guys, is I want you to imagine it in a different way. Okay? So imagine I want you to think about that classic car. Think about the classic car that you wished you could have right now. Okay? Um, and, and I want you to be thinking about driving down the road and you’re like, oh my goodness, there’s that 57 Chevy that I’ve been looking for my entire life and I’ve got money in my pocket and I’ve wanted that 57 chevy my whole life.

Julie Muse: 35:51 That’s the attitude you need to have whenever you’re calling these property owners. That’s the difference between somebody that’s super successful at cold calls and they’re not. You’ve got to figure these houses as your 57 Chevy the thing you’ve been looking for your whole life and you’ve got money in your pocket and you’re ready to will and do. Okay? So if you’re ever fearful about cold calling, okay? You’ve got to think about that every time, okay? And Ashley, you probably are overthinking it. Just I’m telling you guys, imagine every one of these houses as your dream car and you got money in your pocket to buy it, it’ll change it. So the next thing that I want to go over guys, is that was cold calls. Alright? Um, I want to go over the script and my lead sheet for incoming calls. Okay? Now the good thing is guys is we do have a, an online community where you can join for just a $1 for a free trial to be in our program and you’re going to actually get the lead sheet in the scripts and all of this stuff, um, and at, at no additional charge is something we’re going to actually provide to you along with contracts and everything else.

Julie Muse: 37:16 So I don’t want you to feel like you’re never going to see this again because once you sign up for our partner Driven Self Guided coaching program, you’re going to get a lot of these things. And for those of you start now, this may be a great option for you, but let me go ahead and share my screen guys in and, and please excuse me because I’m not the best here at technology. Okay? Let’s see.

Peter Vekselman: 37:48 By the way, while he’s pulling that up, didn’t you just buy that 57 Chevy?

Julie Muse: 37:52 Uh, no. Is a 44.

Peter Vekselman: 37:54 Oh, 44. So there’s a reason. She said she literally just did buy for her husband

Julie Muse: 38:00 a pickup truck, a 44 GMC dually grain truck. But um, I just want to make sure everybody can see rough at my good here where you can see my screen. Yes ma’am. You’re good to go. Okay. Awesome. Awesome. I’m all right guys. So with the program that I was telling you guys about, and then I know Ralph is going to put the link up for you guys so that you can join this program. It’s, it’s by far one of the best values out there. You’re going to get hours and hours of video training on this business. You’re going to get all of our resources and guides. It’s a 14 day trial for $1. So you know, there’s really no excuses there and it’ll give you a good look into the beginning stages of this business. And it’s one of the first steps was working. It was working with us.

Julie Muse: 38:57 It is a self study roadmap, which it will pull up for you in just a minute and you can join there at the vet. So my method.com. So here, look, this is the lead sheet, you know, that we created for our, our office and everything that we’ve ever did and I’m to kind of go over this along with the scripts. What this does for me is this allows me to stay on task whenever I’m talking to someone because if I’m taking inbound calls, I’m just going to want to know more questions. I’m more answers to my questions than if they just, I was cold calling. Okay. And by the way, um, if you’ll see a, have a script to go along with this that you’ll find on that resourcesPage@thebackstillmanmethod.com. However, right now, um, I happened to just know this thing by heart, which is good. Okay. So obviously this is the day, the name, whenever you are taking these phone calls, what I want you to do is make sure to have google open because whenever they give you the address, I actually want you to place this address in Google and especially zillow.

Julie Muse: 40:10 No. Do I believe zillow is correct for all of its values and that you should use it low for everything? No, but for this purpose, it’s really, really good guys. Okay. Because you’re able to, you’re able, you’re not asking questions, you’re getting yeses from people and I’ll explain that. John, thank you for leaving me a message. It’s great to hear from you. If you don’t mind, let me go ahead and get the address to the property. You know, that you were looking to sale. Okay. One, two, three main street. Perfect. And that’s in Atlanta, Georgia. All right. And I’m seeing that’s three. Oh, three, one, five. Okay, good, good. Um, I’m noticing here you’re calling from four. Oh, four, seven, two, one, one, two, three, five, seven. Um, do you have any other numbers I can contact you at? Okay, perfect. Perfect. How about an email address?

Julie Muse: 41:08 Okay, well I’ve got the property looked up and I’m showing it’s four bedroom. Correct? Three bathrooms? Yeah. Built in 1974? Yes. Twenty 900 square, square foot? Yes. Okay. So the reason why I’m going over these things is number one, obviously I want to make sure that the records that I’m seeing are correct and number two, I’ll want to get John used to telling me yes. So by asking him questions from the beginning, but I know he’s going to provide me yes or no answers on. I’m just, all I’m doing is getting him used to be telling me yes. Bathrooms. Yes bedrooms. Yes, I’m used to. He’s used to tell me that now. Okay. John. So you know, you know as, as I mentioned before, I am a real estate investor. I am looking to buy, fix and sell your property. Maybe biotin written out, but I want to get an idea of the condition of the property before I come out there.

Julie Muse: 42:11 That way I can have all my numbers in line. So would that be instead John, on a scale of one to 10, 10 meaning I could eat off the floor and John One meeting, there ain’t no floor in five minutes. There’s a floor, but just barely. Well, where would you say your property is? Okay. Normally they give me a number there, um, and, and, and, and that’s always something they kind of giggle at whenever you say there isn’t no floor, those are just things you want to keep in your conversation to keep it. Like I normally ask about is the electric, the plumbing, the floor, and the kitchen. The bathrooms are all these up today. Next thing I’m going to ask is the repair estimate. John, look, just, you know, I want to, I’m not gonna hold you to it, but if you are doing what I’m doing and you were going to fix the house up, I mean how much do you feel like it would cost to do that?

Julie Muse: 43:09 And enormously gives me a number here. You want to make sure you’re getting this number and riding this number down because you’re going to be able to use this later for negotiations when you’re at their property, whenever you go there and he tells you the condition of the house at eight and it’s a four and he tells you it’s $10,000 to repair the house and it’s really 60. So these are just things you want to get up front. Um, and it’s okay. Don’t you know, they, they are. People are always think their, their properties are in better or that they’re worth more than what they are. And that’s fine. You don’t want to beat somebody up on a call like this. Uh, this is some stuff I’m not going to go over right now. This is just some things that I do. Maybe when I’m there, if I get into a longer conversation, I want to know are you. Let’s, let’s get up here to the rented part. So John or what’s, who’s currently living in the property now? Is it you? Is it empty in or is it rented out? Okay. Oh, it’s rented. Oh, okay. Cool. Cool. How much of, how much are you getting a month in rent?

Julie Muse: 44:20 Strangely enough, some sellers don’t want to tell you that even though they called, you want to get an offer for the property. And also John, how do you expect me to buy a house from you? Thought I don’t know how much they’re paying rent. You do realize I have to take over that renter. I’m not gonna be able to make you an offer without knowing exactly how much they’re paying in rent, so they’ll give that to me. So is the least month to month or is that yearly? When does the lease expire? Does it have an Hoa? What does the HLA cover? When was the last time someone lived there? Is it a property manager? Are you the landlord? And the reason I ask these things are because some deals guys, and we’re not going to get into it tonight, but some deals are deals because of equity and some deals are deals because of cashflow.

Julie Muse: 45:10 So let’s just say you’re in a market where you could buy a house for $40,000 and it’s worth $40,000, but yet they’re getting $1,200 a month in rent. If I told you it was worth 40 and they were selling it for 40 and they were getting $1,200 a month in rent, most people would tell me that’s not a deal because there’s no equity. That’s a deal all day long. You could wholesale to somebody that is a buy and hold investor another day. Another subject. Sorry, I’m getting off off topic here. So once I get past the stage, John, how much you look at how much do you owe on the property? Very nonchalant guys. That is the most intrusive question on this questionnaire. However you’ll find it’s one of the easiest to get answered if you go, Hey John, how much do you own the property? Like it’s no big deal and and they’ll just tell it to you. Here’s where we get into the part that it becomes a little bit harder. All right John, what are you looking to get for the property?

Julie Muse: 46:15 I don’t know. You call me John. Let’s say I pay in all cash and close quickly. There are no contingencies. I’m just going to make this super easy and convenient for you and you’re not gonna have to pay a realtor or anything. What’s the best price you will take for your property? Don’t. No, no, no. You call me John. Come on. You got to have some number. My point is guys, is that always know you have got to get an asking price from these people, even if it’s weird that you’re asking over and over and over again because you’ve got to get a reaction out of folks, you know, um, and, and peers the absolute best at negotiating, you know? Um, but once I’ve asked three to five times, I’m probably gonna fill out a very arbitrarily low number. I, John, I’ll give you five grand for the property. Oh No, no, no. Julie, I’ve got to have at least 120. Okay. There we go. Right? So this is, you know, my suggestions on filling out a lead sheet like this, the script that goes along with it. That is what we call the lead sheet generator. It has some objections and things on here. And like I said, guys, this is just one part of the resources that we have at the exelon method dot Com and our self study roadmap.

Peter Vekselman: 47:43 Guys, you know what we’re about here is helping people and we help people really at any level now we feel like the majority of y’all that are here, you’re here for one very important reason. You want to make money. You guys have already been through the studying courses. You’ve been through the seminars, you’ve been through the Webinars, you’ve been through the Internet learning, you’ve been through the Google world and really at the point right now you are ready to make money and I could tell you, although we have a couple of different options are number one option and why. Actually why Julie and I do this Tuesday meetings here, we stay late here at the office to talk to you all is because if you truly want to make money, you have to be part of our partner driven coaching program because at our partner driven coaching program, the process is very simple.

Peter Vekselman: 48:30 We actually on the front end, step in and we help you with marketing. You know from the get go, our team aligns our are we aligned ourselves with you and your local market? We’ll help you with marketing. Like for instance, we’ll research pre foreclosures, who owns them, where to equity plays are well research deals that you want to go after, who owns them, how they get a hold of them. Next step is you’re going to use my money to close on the deals. So first we help you find the deals. Then you use my money to help you close the deals. We use my money to help you fix that deal. Our team here steps in and we help you in the fixing process also. Okay. Then we partner and sell the property together and we split the profits. You know, if you kinda think about it, like what best scenario, like if you had to kind of twisted around and you’re getting going in as business, you want to be successful, you want to not make mistakes.

Peter Vekselman: 49:31 You don’t have an unlimited amount of capital, you want to make as much as you can. You want to do it as quickly as you can. Can you think of a better scenario? You’re partnering with a team that’s done 3,500 deals. You’re partnering with a team that knows how to market to the level that we’ve actually here before have had our phones ring as many as a thousand times in a day. You’re partnering with a team that’s going to give you all the capital to do deals. You’re partnering with the team that’s going to give you all the capital to fix the deal. You’re partnering with the team that’s going to help you in the process of fixing it. You’re partnering with the team that’s gonna help you sell the property and we split the profits. Like if you have to like come up with a schematic and say, this is the perfect.

Peter Vekselman: 50:15 I’m telling you right now, this is as good as it gets. We’ve been doing this. I’ve been just for 20 plus years, 3,500 deals, you know, dozens of deals and a monthly basis, you know, just a couple hours ago, right? This table. It was Julie, Mary, Laura, myself over there and we were going over. We’re going over all of our deals that we’re doing with our partner driven coaching clients. Whereas before we’d go over to deals that we ourselves we’re doing and although we still do deals, we have deals going on right here in our own backyard, but before when we would go over what we’re doing, it would be very much focused on what we were doing. Now when we’re going over our deals, 95 percent of them are with our partner driven coaching clients and so we’d love for you to to apply to be one of our partner driven coaching clients.

Peter Vekselman: 51:04 Remember, you’ve got to be willing to invest time into yourself. You got to be willing to invest money into yourself if you can’t even invest some money into yourself. If you can invest time in it yourself that this is not the right opportunity for you, but if you’re willing to to to bring a combination of those to the table that we want to talk to you and to apply to be a partner of our to be a part of our partner driven coaching program. There’s one or two ways to do in that one. Just go to our website. It’s www coaching by peter [inaudible] dot com. That’s www coaching by peter.com. Second, you know, I get so excited now about what we’re doing. I want to talk to you myself. Call me directly at area code four. Oh, four, nine, one, five, nine, six, eight, five.

Peter Vekselman: 51:49 That’s area code four. Oh, four, nine, one, five, nine, six, eight, five. And Remember in our partner driven coaching program, you know before when we would talk about are the vec summon method in our, you know, self study course, we would lay out the value and there’s a tremendous amount of value in what Julie was talking about. You know, in there you get our scripts, you get our direct mail pieces you get are prerecording. So you get access to a community and there’s, you know, there’s value in there and it’s a tremendous amount of value. The fact that you can get started today for just $1 for a 14 day trial. Guys, I could tell you right now, there is no value amount on what we do for our partner driven coaching clients. It’s priceless. Every single thing is priceless. So if you want us to help you with the marketing, use our money to buy the deals are money to fix the deals, US help you fix the deals, US help you sell of the deals that we split the profits, then we’d love for you to be joining us and our partner driven coaching program and again, the way to get ahold of us.

Peter Vekselman: 52:52 So it’s either go to our website, www.partnerdriven.com or call me directly at area code four. Oh, four, nine, one, five, nine, six, eight, five. So guys, remember we talked about talking to sellers today. It’s a must have. There’s, there’s a topic. You know, we’ve been going at it for about an hour already. I can tell you, Julian, I can go on for hours and hours and hours longer. Not a hundred. Thanks to tell them they can’t do it all literally is somebody has to really. And I know the questions are gone now, but somebody asked a question that I was looking at when you’re talking and they said something along the line of overthinking it. Guys, do not overthink this business. If you’re out there and you’re making this happen yourself, God bless you, we encourage you, or biggest will be your biggest supporters, will be your biggest fans, but do not overthink the process and what Julian I’ve given you today in terms of contact and how to contact the seller, how to build a rapport, a couple of different styles, Julie Style, my style, how to get the information where they’re located, the approach you want to take, how much information you want to give and how much you don’t want to give.

Peter Vekselman: 54:02 That is enough for each and every one of you all tonight. I mean literally, I don’t care if you’re in a west coast, it’s 5:00 and if it’s you’re an east coast, it’s 8:00. Literally you can get on the phone today, make 20 calls the 20 random sellers and be seeing a property tomorrow and within the next couple of days we could be doing a deal.

Julie Muse: 54:24 Absolutely. And, and guys to look at it this way, if you went out the whole rest of this week and your only goal was to hear 100 notes, what do y’all feel like y’all could give that to yourself? Do you feel like you care about yourself enough and your future and your family’s future? To hear 100 notes this week, I want you to really think about that guys. I mean, how motivated are you? You’re taking a time out to watch a Webinar. But what I want you to do is put this pen to the paper prior to get 100 people to tell you know this week, promise you guys, if you get 100 nos this week, you’re going to get a yes. I promise you there isn’t nothing to it, but to do it, um, and, and just, just keep going. We want, we want this for you guys.

Julie Muse: 55:15 We really, really do. I want to work with you direct so we can build a relationship and taught the sellers together. You don’t do it. I do everything. But whatever we’re offering you guys, even with the Veg, so method. If you really don’t have the money to be in a one on one mentor program, that doesn’t mean you should give up. Okay. Just means you have to go a different route. Right? But like you said, for those of you that are ready to accelerate your growth, you’ve got to give him a call at four. Oh, four, nine, one, five, nine, six, eight, five. And Yeah, Gemara. Every node does get you closer to a yes and a we appreciate y’all.

Peter Vekselman: 55:57 Thanks guys. We’re signing off. Same time, same place next week. See you guys. Bye.