Speaker 1 (00:00):

Uh, for an airplane, don’t need a hotel room. Just need a comfortable place to sit and something to take notes with, but that’s, partnerdriven live.com and that is going to be amazing.

Speaker 2 (00:11):

Oh, and I’m so excited, Peter. Uh, we’ve got a lot of great guest speakers this time too. We’ve got Bob, um, Hildreth. We’ve got Barry Dennis from, which are some of our coaches. We also have been Howerton Edward. Um O’Daniel um, and some Facebook training on Facebook leads. So, I mean, that’s just a few of the things that we’ve got going on packed into those two days.

Speaker 1 (00:37):

Yeah. Guys, it is going to be absolutely. Um, it’s going to be absolutely amazing. Absolutely amazing. But so is tonight, I mean, Julie and I have a very relevant subject that we’re going to talk to you guys about here in the next minute or so. Um, really, you know, we’re going into, uh, Thanksgiving, we’re going into new years. We’re going into Christmas. I mean, we’re going to talk to you guys about how we have approached this time of year and what we’ve done and how we’ve navigated and how we, you know, we’ve really never missed a beat. So it’s going to be very, very, very, very exciting. Um, but thank you. Thank you for dialing on dialing in. I’m sure if you see chat in front of you, let us know where you’re dialing in from, you know, let us know. We’re always excited to see everybody.

Speaker 2 (01:35):

We’ve already got a Brad from Marietta. Christine from this is Marietta, Georgia, Christine from Buford, Georgia, a from Buford, Georgia, Jeff from Tampa, Florida. Good to have you got coming, Georgia. Esther from Miami, Florida, Nancy from Maryland, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Allentown, Pennsylvania, Indiana St. Paul Minneapolis. Wow. Let’s see. We’re spread out tonight. W which we normally, we normally are. And we appreciate you putting that in the chat. We are actually keeping up well, where are all of you guys are joining us in from, in our hopes to one day, have almost every major city in America pinned on a board to another. She was there. We got Dean from Los Angeles, California. Thanks for being here, Dean.

Speaker 1 (02:30):

Yeah. Good stuff, guys. We’re going to be joining. We’re going to be starting here in the next minute or so sit back and relax. This is family time. This is, this is what we refer to many of our partners as the family. Um, we got some great stuff. We’re going to talk to you guys about how to navigate, you know, how to navigate, uh, the market we’re in the time of the year. We’re in how, I mean, literally Julie, what was it? Last month we had a record setting deal month.

Speaker 2 (02:59):

Yeah. It was our biggest month ever for doing deals with partners. And you know, what’s in, what’s crazy about that. Is it, if you like listen to chatter amongst, you know, a lot of other people is, you know, they’re like, you know, things are, you know, can, can be detrimental in this business, but for us and our partners, we did more deals last month than we’ve ever done with partners ever before, which is super incredible. You know, what’s weird, Peter, you know, Peter and I, we used to do, um, twenty-five 30 deals on average a month, um, you know, with, with our investment company and yeah, it was like super exciting. And, you know, I remember how exciting it was, but why is it so much more exciting to do all of these deals with our partners than it was for us to do them ourselves? Well, I don’t, I don’t, I just have this whole different feeling about it.

Speaker 1 (03:59):

Listen, you, you, you and I both know the answer to that is that a, the pie’s big enough, this is one of those businesses would applies big enough to spread around. And you know, it’s kinda like, you know, I was talking about this, like to a certain degree, and I think in anything in life, you kind of tend to settle in, right? You got something working, you’re roofing and you’re kind of settling in, but man, when you got your friends part of it, like, you know, it’s like playing in a sandbox, it’s all well and good by myself. But after a while I’m like, okay, yeah, let me get my buddies in the sandbox. Right. And then it becomes, and it really it’s, it’s more exciting. It’s spawner. I mean, making wires back to our partners. I mean, that is just a really, really cool thing to do.

Speaker 1 (04:43):

And yeah. I mean, I think anything it’s, it’s um, it’s funny. I was talking to my wife today and, uh, there’s a big, big, like if I give you his name, everybody would know him, but a big podcast, blogger guy, I follow like one of the, one of the big gurus and this guy’s a real deal. And he says, you know, everyone out there is chasing, chasing, chasing. He said, do something that makes you like give, provides value, do something fun, do something exciting, do something that makes you happy in, in, in, in, I think it’s safe to say that what we do with our partners is one of those things. So that’s a long winded answer to that, that store question. Well,

Speaker 2 (05:22):

I’ll tell you my favorite thing is, you know, uh, rod Adkins, what you call them big, big, big rod. He is big. Yeah. He, he is literally, I think he’s closing his first ever deal tomorrow or Thursday. And he sends me a message on Facebook messenger. And it’s like, do you know, I’m closing my first deal. You know what I mean, tomorrow? I’m like, yes, I know you’re closing the first deal, but he was so excited and it just, that warms my heart because I can remember my first deal, you know? And it’s like nothing beats those first deals, you know?

Speaker 1 (05:58):

Yeah. I, uh, I agree. And, uh, and that’s really a good segue guys into what we’re here to talk to you guys about tonight. Um, we’re here to talk to you guys about timing. We’re here to talk to you guys about, uh, Christmas new year’s Thanksgiving holidays. You know, we’re here to talk to you guys about what we have done here as an investment company to navigate through these times in the last several years, this is not our first rodeo. This is not our first go round. And do we just want to give you some input? Like, and by the way, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve never done a deal or you’re on your hundreds deal. Okay. It’s, it’s, it’s hard. The attitude you bring into the season, it’s, it’s how you make your calls. It’s like, do you pause somethings? Do you accelerate some things?

Speaker 1 (06:42):

Do you slow down some things? Do you speed up some things? So we’re, we’re here to, it’s very relevant because that’s the time we’re in. We’re only like what, uh, three weeks away or three, four weeks away from Thanksgiving and then holidays on for the next, you know, month, month and a half. But before we get into that topic, um, I just want to talk to you guys about you guys for a minute in, in who it is. That’s listening to us tonight. You know, the one thing Julie and I are very excited about and very, I don’t know if we’re excited, we’re just proud of it. This Tuesday night event has been the one thing that she and I have committed to for as long as we’ve been involved in a partner driven model. You know, we have always been here, whether it’s myself, it’s, whether it’s Julie, whether it’s like tonight, you know, combination thereof, Tuesday nights is, is I’ve started to call them.

Speaker 1 (07:31):

They’re a gateway into our world. And they’re a gateway to our world for people that really aren’t yet partners. And, and, and this is like, this is like, okay, this, I want to be with those guys. Or maybe I don’t want to be with those guys. You know what I mean? So almost everyone that’s that joins our partner model, uh, references back when I talked to them somewhere along the line, they listened to these Tuesday night webinars. Um, so some of you who are not partners, and you’re just checking this out. Thanks for being here. We hope to add some value tonight to you guys. We hope to teach you some cool stuff. Most importantly, we want to show you guys where the real deal. I mean, the one thing we don’t do is we don’t fake being investors. We don’t, uh, Julian, I don’t work off theories when it comes to real estate.

Speaker 1 (08:17):

You know, we don’t get like our manuals out at night. It’s like, oh, okay, this is this strategy. So let’s teach that strategy tomorrow. Julie and I are full blown real estate investors to a tune of thousands of real estate deals. Uh, we’ve been there, done that, and we made a ton of money. We’ve had some big failures along the way. You know, we, we, we got the battle scars to, um, to, to prove for it. Um, but that is our main state. And so for those of you that are not our partners, it’s, it’s, it’s, uh, you’re probably here, not really just checking Julie and I out, you’re checking out the partner driven model. And, um, hopefully you guys are at the point where you’re ready to make a decision. You know, the partner driven model, in our opinion, is the ultimate way of doing real estate.

Speaker 1 (09:02):

From the partner’s perspective, it’s a pretty cool way of doing real estate from our perspective, like for those of you that are on five, 10 minutes ago, Julia was just talking about like, she made a comment, was like, gosh, people had done all these deals by ourselves, but it seems like it’s funner and cooler with our partners. So make no mistake about it. We get a tremendous amount of gratification. We make a tremendous amount of money. We don’t hide behind that. And we do a tremendous amount of deals with our partners. So there’s a big win for Julie and myself and the team behind us in terms of getting more and more partners. But I’ll be honest with you, the real winners far partners, you know, because if you do become our partner, you, I, I kind of say you kind of get the keys to the kingdom.

Speaker 1 (09:40):

As far as real estate investing is concerned. Number one, you have an unlimited access to Julie, the frontline team to myself. So are you as a partner? If nothing else, if nothing else you yourself will become a much, much more savvy partner or so much more savvy investor from wherever you are in that spectrum right now. Okay. The second thing you get is you get access to our technology, you know, in real estate today, if you don’t have technology, that’s kind of like walking into a doctor’s office and him like, well, I don’t have, you know, a spatula, but, but may I look at this thing? I just made it from a kitchen. Okay. In today’s world, you got to have technology or you’re old school. We got the latest and the greatest, it’s amazing. You’ll get all that we help with lead gen. We skip trace.

Speaker 1 (10:25):

We pick up the tab on that. We provide capital. If capital’s needed for deals, we provide back office support. Uh, we help with construction. We put the properties up on the market, sell and split the profits down the middle 50 50. And that is our partner driven model. So if you’re checking us out and tonight, you’re like, okay, I’m ready to go. Um, we do have a team member on standby tonight to get started for her name is Barbara. And she receives in your chat right now. She’s at 6 7 8 8 9 7 1 9 1 7. So if you’re ready to pull the trigger tonight, like you don’t have to even wait for this to end, just give Barbara a call. Or if you’re listening to this in a recorded format, she’ll still be available. She’s at 6, 7, 8, 8 9 7 1 9 1 7. The second type of person, uh, I don’t know, type of person or the second type of an individual that’s here tonight is you are already a partner and you’re part of the family.

Speaker 1 (11:14):

And, and this is just another way for you to connect with us. And trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve done that 22, some years ago when I started this business, like I found a couple of guys who I just resonated with, who were killers in this business. And I hung on every word. They said, we, I mean, they kept me going as a business. You know, when things were grim, when I was losing money, when I was the laughing stock, real estate community, I mean, those guys kept me in the game. And so anytime I can get around them and I was there. And if you’re a partner tonight and you find yourself kind of a net position, we’re glad you guys are here. We’re going to give you some super-duper information. We’re going to teach you. We’re going to get you to the level.

Speaker 1 (11:53):

You’re going to reset. You’re going to recharge. You’re gonna recommit. And you’re going to bounce into a higher level tonight if you’re a partner. Okay. All right. So topic at hand topic at hand is reality of what is where we are in a sea in terms of seasons, right? We’re going into winter season and a winter season, many times, if you’re like, if you know, if you were to like change seasons into terms, I would say that the winter season is the season of the holidays, right? That’s like that isn’t you could substitute the holiday season for the winter season. And everybody would be like, ah, that’s when or they’re talking about, because look, we got like major, major, major holidays, right? We got Thanksgiving, we got Christmas, we got new year’s, you know, you’ve got the sideline holidays, smaller holidays going on around the same time you got a across the board, like my kids are going to be off school.

Speaker 1 (12:48):

You know, my kids from high school are going to be off school. My daughter from college is going to be off school. So one way or another, whether it’s a true holiday, like Christmas or, or Thanksgiving, or just like, uh, educations that holiday where you just take time, you know, people take time off. I mean, that’s really the bottom line. People take time off. And, and we as investors, you know, we can’t just like necessarily shut our eyes to it, but we want to talk to, you know, like today I texted Julia. I’m like, you know, let’s do this. Let’s just kind of give our 2 cents worth of how we handled the holidays. And I want to get away from the holiday season to explain to you my personal mentality when it comes to the holidays. Right. And those of you that know in real, those of you that are scanned real estate to any level, to any degree will understand what I’m talking about in real estate.

Speaker 1 (13:45):

Like sometimes like if you’re borrowing money, let’s say, right, everybody who’s been in real estate knows that you almost along the way, somewhere along the line have probably needed to borrow money. Right? Um, sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s hard, right? Like sometimes you could walk. There are times in real estate where money’s easy, like easy access to money. Lending requirements are low. Interest rates are low barriers to borrow. Money are low, but then there’s other times where they’re opposite. It’s very difficult. It’s very difficult to qualify for loans. You know, the interest rates could be high and all this, right. I mean, even another example, there’s times in real estate, when prices go up, right? We’ve been in those markets where things are just going up through the roof, right. Higher, you know, properties are appreciating, appreciating, appreciating, but also in real estate there’s times when things are depreciating, right?

Speaker 1 (14:41):

We’ve all drank. If you, you, if you haven’t experienced that yourself, I’m sure you know about it. And you’ve read about it. Right? In real estate, you can have, uh, times where cost of material are going up. Like some, something happened like a natural disaster happened somewhere. So the cost of like would, can go up and, and other materials. But there’s also times when those prices can come down right there. You know, you hear in real estate, things like this, oh, it’s a buyers market. It’s a buyers market. And then you also hear things like, oh, it’s a sellers market. It’s a sellers market. So if I had to kind of like summarize all of this as how all of this relates to real estate is the one thing we all know about real estate. It is consistently inconsistent, consistently inconsistent there’s ups, there’s downs, there’s peaks, there’s valleys, there’s non holiday seasons, there’s holiday seasons and all this.

Speaker 1 (15:42):

So I think it’s very important to go into the season with the right mentality, right? Because for every one of those examples that I could just gave you could be your reason to slow down, right? Oh, it’s hard to borrow money. And I want to do five deals and I can’t borrow money. So I’m going to slow down or like, oh, it’s hard to find good deals. Cause it’s a sellers market and I’m an investor, I’m a buyer. So I’m just going to wait it out. I’m going to slow down. Oh, I was going to do this rehab. But then there’s, um, this hurricane that hit across the Gulf and now all the materials skyrocketing. So I’m just going to slow down, you know, or, or, oh, it’s so hard to borrow, borrow money because you know, there’s been a, uh, uh, they’re the, they’re the, you know, the interest rates are going up or, or requirements are going up and all this.

Speaker 1 (16:31):

So for me personally, and I want to flip it over to Julie to get her opinion. For me personally, there’s always a reason in this business to slow down, always, you could always look at some factor in real estate and say, oh my goodness, the pandemic, right? I mean, this is like, talk about, you know, wanting to have an excuse to slow down, like anything in life right now, you know, slow down your business, slow down your job, slow down this, like right now we’re in a pandemic, right? That’s how many people are utilizing. Now. Some people legitimately got hit with this pandemic and they were forced to slow down. Right? They got laid off their businesses where maybe the kind of businesses that got hit, like a restaurant business. I don’t think anyone in the restaurant business didn’t feel the effectiveness and all this.

Speaker 1 (17:14):

Right. But then there’s also people who look at these outside circumstances, financial situation, pandemics, appreciations, depreciations upmarket, downmarket, holiday time, not holiday time. And then look at them as a reason. And this is one, the other thing that I found most of the time, it’s a reason not to do something. You know, they don’t look at them. Wow, let’s really kill it this time. Almost everybody looks at some, some outside factor is a reason of not doing something. Like for instance, I could tell you, Julie. And I looked at this pandemic and by the way, this pandemic kicked a lot of investors in the, but make no mistake about it. I was just talking to a buddy of mine. Bob, who’s been at this thing longer than I have. And he’s out. Like he is out gone history had done a deal since, uh, since we started, since the pandemic started.

Speaker 1 (18:14):

Right? So when this pandemic kid, Julie and I, we made a decision like, you know what, Wayne slowing down. We’re like blowing through this thing. And if you heard us talking, you know, 10, 15 minutes ago when we started, we’re actually having record setting months as it relates to real estate deals. So from my perspective, it’s not really like is a holiday time or not holiday time. From my perspective, it’s more of like, what do you want to do? Like, what do you want to do? Do you want to do yes. It’s holiday time. So there is a reason to do less deals, right? But the other way to look at it, it’s holiday time. A lot of investors are looking at this as a holiday time for them. So there’s low. Trust me. There’s going to be a lot less competition in the next two months for us as investors.

Speaker 1 (19:03):

Right? So the other way, look at that as, okay. Wow. I got less competition. I still got the pandemic in the background. So I got more motivated sellers than there has been during holiday times in the last, probably 15, 20 years. So I got less competition. I got more motivated sellers. I got more opportunities than I’ve ever had. So holiday 10 or no holiday time. We’re blowing rice through it. We’re going to blow it right through it. So all this to say, it’s all on the perspective. There’s always a reason to slow down, especially in real estate because real estate has so many moving pieces. Very rarely like it’s, everything is up, right? Like I would say right now is about as good as it gets, but we are going to holiday time so that you could say, oh, Pete, I agree with you. Great motivation, great access is right now.

Speaker 1 (19:55):

Great. You know, we have, we can help a ton of people with their properties, but Pete it’s holiday time. So there’s always, always a reason not to do real estate because it’s got, like I said, it’s got 30 moving pieces in it. And out of those 30, at least five or six of them are always kind of like on a down. That’s just reality. Can’t have 30 moving pieces and all, all of them be hitting on the same cylinder. But ultimately everybody here, whether you’re a partner, whether you’re a non-partner, whether you never become a partner, whether you jump in to become a partner, how they are, no holiday means it’s to us, it’s absolutely relevant. You have to make a decision like we’re, we’re rolling into them next three weeks, we’re going to be full blown into like a month and a half worth of holidays.

Speaker 1 (20:38):

And probably right now, you know, the shopping is going on all this, uh, E everybody has their to make their own personal decision. How are you going to treat the next two months, Julie? And I know how we’re going to treat it. We guess what, Julie and I have a time at the beach set up for, I think like a week or two from now, but guess what? We’re not going to stop doing deals. We’re, you know, we’re, tutting along or our spouses with us and we’re going to be in a cool location, doing cool things, but I promise you, we’re not going to be like, okay, well let’s not close anything that week. Let’s not contact any sellers that week. Let’s not like, uh, process any files that we, uh, we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re glad it’s going to be fun and exciting, but we’re blowing through that week.

Speaker 1 (21:26):

And as a matter of fact, before we leave, I’m going to be like, probably bonusing everybody, like, look, next week, we do more than done. When Juliana are here, here’s some more bonus money coming your way. That’s how we treat it. So, so from my perspective, it’s a mentality thing. It’s not a holiday thing. There’s nothing to do with that. It’s what are you going to do in the next two months? When we feel like we know like the incredible opportunities right now, but deep down inside the decision, and I’m sure everyone’s already thought about this. Everyone’s already thought about like, oh me and holiday time. Like, what do I do? Trust me. You decide what you do. You are not going to be effected by the holidays. If you don’t want to be affected, by the way, if you want to be like totally decimated by the holidays, like totally bring your business to a halt.

Speaker 1 (22:15):

That’s very easy to do. Very easy to say, well, I’m not going to be able to get a hold of anyone. Everyone’s got presence on their mind. Everyone’s got holiday in their time. Yeah. You could absolutely bring your business to a halt. And, and let me conclude by saying this. If you bring your business to hold like alone, a lot of people do. It’s not like January one, you’re starting to close deals. You might start working January one and you might start contacting sellers again, but you better be like realistic and you probably not going to see anything till March. Okay. So slowing it down over the next two months in real estate, because we all know real estate is a momentum driven business. Real estate is a consistency driven business. Real estate is one of those things. You can’t just call a seller today and close the deal tomorrow and collect a paycheck. So deals take, you know, 30, 40, 60 days to complete. So if mentally you’re going into this thing from a standpoint, slow down, shut it down, take some time off. I’m thinking probably at best, right around March. And that’s, if you hit the ground running, like that’s, if you hit the ground running, because guess what guys like Julie and I, we’re going to be like sweeping up and grabbing all the leads that you don’t want to get to. We’re not slowing down. We’re not slowing down. So that’s my personal opinion. Julie, what do you think?

Speaker 2 (23:33):

Well, I love it. I love it. Obviously. I’ve always been a big proponent when things get tough or when things are slow for most people, that’s kind of always what I work harder because I don’t accept mediocrity. Um, and I know Peter doesn’t either, but I CA I kind of have like a whole different point about this whole thing. And we’re going to go into a different world right now, if that’s okay. Has anybody now, what we’re going to do right now is we’re going to step out of real estate investing for a second. Okay. And I want you to think of retail real estate. Does everybody understand when I talk about retail real estate, like there’s a real, a tour and there’s homeowners. They’re selling their houses with real tours. Perfect looking houses. Aren’t in a desperate situation. So we’re talking about retail real estate. And go ahead and put this in the chat. Has anybody ever heard of sellers saying or realtors saying, let’s wait till spring to put your house on the market. Has anybody ever heard that? Has anybody ever thought that about their personal house, like spring is the best time of year to get the highest price for your home?

Speaker 2 (24:51):

I know some of you have, there’s more than just three of you in the chat. Okay. So let me tell you this. I do not believe in that philosophy whatsoever. Okay. If you’re looking at a seller that wants to sell their house waiting till spring, you know, what’s going to happen is the fact that there’s going to be more competition that time of the year. Okay. So you may not even earn as much as you could right now, sellers right now that sell in November and in December or Mo more purposeful. And yet, honestly, more so than that, the buyers are more purposeful. And generally, if they’re buying properties for their own residents to live in, in January, and I mean, in November and December, it’s for a purposeful reason, right? Like they’ve gotta be in there by January 1st or they want to be in there by Christmas day.

Speaker 2 (25:57):

So selling your house now is I feel like you’re going to find more of a purposeful, more of a purposeful buyers to buy the properties. Okay. Now let’s flip this to an investor side. Okay. As an investor, a lot of investors buy, fix and sell properties. Any of you that’s ever flipped a house that needs any amount of work. You’re not going to get it done in a week or two or even a month sometimes because of loan. Criteria’s right. There’s a 90 day seasoning period on these loans, which means from the day you buy the house, you sell it for 90 days. Okay? There are tons of investors that buy properties in November and December. Can anybody tell me why they would want to buy that in that this particular year was two reasons why investors love to buy properties in November or December?

Speaker 2 (27:09):

Come on, give me your opinions in the, in the chat guys, Nancy you’re right taxes. That’s that’s one good reason needing a ride off for the year. You’re correct. The other reason is a lot of investors want to have lots of properties for sale in the spring months. So to do that, they have to acquire them right now. Okay. So for you, if you’re wholesaling and you’re looking to [inaudible], you’re looking to sell properties as a wholesaler, you better believe they’re slim deals in November and December, because you gotta be willing to do what other people aren’t willing to do. Your deals are gonna stand out more, which is crazy, right? So your buyers are going to be more intentful that time of year. I mean, there’s guys and people. And I say, guys, I mean, ladies too. Okay. That’s just, I say guys, for everybody, there are people that have hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Speaker 2 (28:15):

Believe it or not right now that literally have to spend that money. Wouldn’t you agree, Peter, that they, they literally know that they have to spend that money on a percent and they’re willing to pay more. What I’m asking you is if are you willing to go out and find more deals you make, what may make more profit in December, November, then you’re going to ever make in January or February, because these, these people need to move these deals. Okay. So that’s my first point. Now, my next point that I’ve been, that I’ve been thinking about. I’ve always been a big proponent and Peter hit on this is a pipeline. Okay.

Speaker 2 (28:58):

Imagine, and actually you, you had said, I believe you said this today. Think of your business is like, you’re, you’re pushing a cart. Okay. And this car is completely full and it’s heavy, but you know, when you’re pushing a cart that once it’s already rolling, right. It’s easy to keep pushing it, but once it comes to a dead stop, it’s hard to get it back going again. It takes a lot more effort to get it back going again. Okay. You’re you’re not going to get as far because of the stop. If you stop doing business this time of year, okay. You may be seeing closings coming in from your efforts from a month or two ago. But if you stop prospecting in November and December, it will really hurt you in February and March. Okay. It’s also a time to also, there’s plenty of bot sellers that need to sell. Okay? It’s not that conditions have changed.

Speaker 2 (30:07):

But my point is is that you’ve got to keep your pipeline completely full, or you’re going to fill that role later on. And who wants that? Nobody wants that. So I use that time. Um, number one, to kind of push even a little bit harder because I know other investors aren’t, I mean, I have friends of mine that literally take off from, and, and believe me. I love family. I love spending time with my family and I’m going to do so during the holiday. But no, I’m not going to take off for six weeks in a row because, you know, if you love what you do, you’re really aren’t working. Right. So, you know, for me to take off for six weeks, I’d be taking off of something that I love. So I’m not, I’m not going to do that, but you, you’ve got to push all the way through. There’s going to be plenty of motivated sellers. We’re going to have less competition. So what I would encourage you to do that, um, and maybe I’m running through my ideas very quickly, but here’s my last one.

Speaker 2 (31:08):

You may have heard this. I’m sure you’ve been hearing this about people that are in pre-foreclosure, right. People that are going to be losing their home to foreclosure. Do you think banks are going to push back foreclosures about two months because it’s the holiday? No, they’re not. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to lose months and I feel like it’s my duty. And it’s something that I want to do to continue to work. Those particular types of leads because they’re, they’re still there. I don’t believe in waiting till the last minute to work those particular type of lead sources. Okay. And even in that mindset of that time of the year, it’s going to be very, very hard for these sellers. I mean, the holidays bring back memories of loss family, and maybe I don’t have enough money to buy Christmas, not to mention I’m losing my house and all of these things, you could literally help some one with the Lou to shin foreclosure, just by being there, make the time to sit on your rear. It’s time to get up and go and move faster. Um, and in my opinion, and you know, for all of those reasons, I say don’t slow down. Don’t, don’t take off and put your business pause for six weeks and not even fair to say that probably quite a few of you on this call have jobs, the job, right?

Speaker 2 (32:49):

For some of you, you may not have much free time in general. This may be a time of the year where you get an extra few days to yourself to spend with family and to spend on yourself. So maybe it’s a time for you to really make a plan for 2021. Don’t think about 20, 21 and your resolutions on December 31st start setting up next year. Now, while all of these things are laying in place for you, right? I mean, come on. Who’s with me, like, let’s make 20, 21. Great. I know everybody on this call. I’m not negative, but I know we’re all over 2020. Right. But you deserve it for yourself. And, and I would definitely say, I would start working on your plans now. That’s why I feel, I that’s why I feel now was the perfect time to become a partner at partner-driven because you might even have more time for the training. By the way, we do live daily training calls. We have a university, we have our app. You can really set up your business and be on the ground running. And for some of you, you can start today and close the deal by the end of the year. Yeah. I’m, I’m telling you, you can, it can be done, but don’t take this time to sit on your tush. There’s too many people to help. There’s too much money to be made. And we all deserve to get to that next level. Right?

Speaker 1 (34:29):

Yeah, no question. Let me, let me just kind of, you know, there’s, Julie’s, you’re going through this. There’s some incredible, uh, examples you use, why you don’t want to slow down that. But you know, the one thing I’ve learned is sometimes in order to make decisions or in order to get through things, I just kind of in my mind play out worst case scenarios, right? Like what, what if, what if this happens? So let’s play this case. Worst case scenario, let’s say, you know, you’re pounding phones, you’re talking to sellers next two months. What’s the worst thing that will happen. The worst thing that’ll happen is you. If, if, if the, if, if really holidays are an issue and do become an issue to sellers, the absolutely worst thing that’ll happen is you build up a pipeline and you create momentum.

Speaker 2 (35:23):

So that you’re being, you’re getting better at your

Speaker 1 (35:27):

Oh good point. And you’re getting better at your craft. So now what happens instead of maybe doing, and this is worst case scenario, I don’t believe in this for a second, but at worse, you got Joe blow saying, yeah, I’ll sell, but, um, it’s holiday time. So call me January. Right? That’s the worst thing. Well, that, that, the worst thing that’ll happen is you have a bunch of people who are ready to sell who you call throughout January. But here’s the reality of it. Think about this, the business we’re in and why I always argue holidays, don’t matter. We’re in a business of solving people’s problems. Right? Do you like for a second thing that just because it’s holidays, people’s problems are going to stop. Like, do you think like, okay, today I’m motivated. I went through a divorce, I got a divorce decree that says I got to sell.

Speaker 1 (36:21):

Oh, but now we’re in the holiday time. So everyone that goes through divorces during holiday time, no, one’s got divorced decrees that says they have to sell. Or do you think like they, I have a job. I work at a manufacturing plant and then moving myself in the morning and boom layoffs. And I get hit. You think during holidays, people don’t like get laid off. You think like, uh, you know, last month I showed up at a hospital and God forbid, I find out I have a bad disease. You think during holiday and I go, and now I’m going to be like, okay, I got to get rid of some stuff you think during holidays, people don’t get diagnosed with certain things that make them have to get rid of things. You know, you think that, uh, uh, before holidays I work at a company and now they’ve, they’re transferring me from Atlanta to Seattle.

Speaker 1 (37:15):

You think during holidays, things like that don’t happen. So the bottom line is this, all the things, all the environment, the circumstances that create motivated sellers, they don’t, they, you may think holidays are a bad time, but those motivating factors, shirt out divorces don’t stop job changes. Don’t stop health conditions. Don’t stop. And here’s kind of like if you had to wrap it all together and why you would say why I would argue, and this is by the way, why I feel confident that we had a record breaking month. Last one, we’ll sail through the holiday season. In the same way. We have something taking place during this holiday that did not take place last holiday, where the holiday before the holiday, before the holiday, before we have a pandemic going on out there, right? And if you’ve listened to Julie and I for the last four or five, six months of this pandemic, um, you’ve heard us talk that the, the, this pandemic, although God forbid, we don’t want to, you know, this happen to anybody that we know or anyone, but the fact that it is happening, the pandemic itself is creating motivated sellers.

Speaker 1 (38:39):

Now, do you think the pandemic says, oh, it’s holiday time. Let me kind of like take off for a couple of months and let me resume in January. Now, there are deals we’re doing today that are 100% as a result of the pandemic grin. We’re helping people because they’ve encountered certain situations because of this pandemic. And we’re out there helping them solve their situations. Guys, those situations are going to take them like they’re not taking Thanksgiving off. They’re not taking you years off. They’re not taking college breaks off. They’re not taking calls. Uh, high school breaks off. They’re not taking Christmas off. They’re not taking years off. They’re not. So I guess on top of everything that we talked about tonight, the reality still remains. This is an incredible time for us as investors to help more and more and more people that have been affected by this pandemic.

Speaker 1 (39:40):

So, whereas last year, if I was doing this, or if Julie and I were doing this at this time, we’d have the same mantra. Trust me. It’s not like last year. We’d be like, yeah, let’s shut it down for two months. No, man, we were, we were hitting it on all cylinders, but this year there’s that added layer because of the, uh, um, the pandemic that we’re in, it’s still out there and it’s still, and reality of it is it is going to create more opportunities for us as investors. And it’s gonna create more waste that we could help these homeowners. It’s just going to create more and more for a lot of things. I think Julie hit on the, on the foreclosure moratorium and rental moratorium, eviction, moratorium, and all that. And when those things let loose, oh my gosh, you know how many people are going to need our help to like solve

Speaker 2 (40:35):

Smaller? I mean, these investors that have these one or two rental houses, Peter, that they haven’t got rental money for the last eight months, you think they’re going to want to keep these properties?

Speaker 1 (40:49):

[inaudible] I can tell you this. And you’ve heard us talk, like you’ve heard Julian. I hit what we call state of the union. Like we’ve never done state of the unions. Obviously we copied the name from the government. Um, but we’ve throughout this pandemic, we’ve done three or four. We called state of the unions and it was strictly like, how’s the pandemic affecting what’s taking place. Um, that hasn’t changed. The holidays is not going to slow Amy thing down the ultimate slowed down a business in the next couple of months, as it relates to real estate investing will 100% be caused by the individual investor because having said this, I promise you, there are still going to be some of you who convince yourself that the next couple of months is a slow down month, but make no mistake about it. We’re not buying into it.

Speaker 1 (41:46):

You I’m going to tell you you’re wrong. You’re wrong about that. But the only slow down, that’s going to be experienced by your dose. People that artificially create that slow down. Okay. Here’s the other thing that I don’t think Julie or an ice hit, but it’s a big piece. Um, you know, Julie hit a little bit on the investor side, but also also, um, um, also on the retail side, it’s exploding right now, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap money. Guess how many consumers know about it? A ton. So people are trying to like, get in, get in, get in, get in, get people are trying to do, do, do, you know, buy house by house, by house. So whether you’re on the investor side, like wholesale strategies, whether you’re on the retail side, like fix and flip strategies. Okay. Um, um, um, it’s only gonna get better.

Speaker 1 (42:51):

So the real thing that I have about tonight when we’re talking about, do we slow it down? Do we sail through it? How, and take it up a notch. You like actually speed it up. You accelerate, you do more because there’s more opportunities, more, um, um, more deals to be bought more deals to be sold because there’s a tremendous on the retail side. People want them on the investor side. People want them. So if I was like, someone like tonight, you might’ve gone into like, okay, what am I going to do? What are they going to say? And how am I going to react to it from my end? You speed it up. I know it sounds crazy. Usually people take time off easily. People slow down. Usually people go on vacation, but I’m S I’m like flipping the whole thing upside down. I’m saying speed it up.

Speaker 1 (43:47):

Like if you were, if you’re an investor, whether you’re with the partner, drew and family, or you’re doing it yourself. And like, let’s say you’re running consistently on 10, contacting 10 or 20 sellers a day. I’m saying go to 20 to 40 a day. If, if you’re, if you’re, if you’re doing deals, whether with the family or outside, and you’re like, I want to do, you had been consistently one deal a month, man. Let’s bump it up to two to three immediately, whatever you’re doing a totally counterintuitive to what people are thinking right now, double up, double up on your efforts. There’s going to be less competition. There’s going to be more demand. There’s going to be more pent up willingness by the seller to sell. It’s like, you know, I said, when we started, I said, there’s like 30 moving pieces. And they don’t all line up.

Speaker 1 (44:40):

There’s always going to be, you know, some ups, some downs on the guys I’m telling you this weird, but they’re like all lining up. They’re all lining up to do it. Do it more capitalize on it more, you know, I’ve had kind of a mantra with the people that I’ve been talking to, um, here for the last month or so. And I’ve been telling people, and I know most people are like, oh, he’s, he’s just saying that. Well, no, I’m not, but I’m telling him, there’s some of you guys listening tonight that are like, you’re not where you want to be. Okay. I’ll just leave it at that. And you know who I’m talking about, I’m telling you next year, because of this business as a game changer year, like literally a game changer year, you could literally go from zero to hero in the next several months in this business.

Speaker 1 (45:30):

Like that. That’s how good it is because all of those 30 moving pieces that I started talking about last night, if you really started analyzing the big major ones, they’re all pointing to jump in and do it, jump in and do it. And, and this is why Julie and I are showcasing our model to people that aren’t part of our world as much as possible. And to a degree kind of beaten beating our people up a little bit that are part of our world. Like, come on, let’s take it up a step. Let’s take it up a step. You know, we, we, we, we would try to get one of our partners on the call tonight. Hopefully, maybe we can have him next week, Steve. And then we just did two deals with a partner, like two deals in like a week a week. I mean, I, I can’t remember how much I wired him back, but God, I wish I had, I had somebody from the team member on the call tonight.

Speaker 1 (46:26):

I don’t know if you remember Julie, but I think in a week the guy made over, like I know over 10 grand, maybe he worked 20 grain one week and he does for a living. Isn’t he a police? Yeah. He’s like, he’s a police officer. And, uh, I’d say that’s probably, he made more than a week with us. Then he’s probably done five six, and I don’t know how much police officers make. And hopefully they make a ton. Um, but probably in a week he made more with us than he’s gonna make in, you know, three or two or three, four months. I mean, that literally is what is happening with our partners right now. And so if you’re a partner tonight and you’re listening to us, man, take it up a step and just really grab a hold of what you have with us.

Speaker 1 (47:10):

Get more serious about your future and let us help you get there. Okay. Let us help you get there. Whatever you did last year, who the hell cares, like forget about it. Probably not what you want it to do. Probably not where you want to be, but forget about it. Just wipe the slate clean. Let’s let’s take it up to the next level as a partner. You know, you have access to us. You have the ability to do things with us that, and if you’re not a partner, make a decision, seriously, you know, make a decision. We have a team member on standby tonight. Her name is Barbara. If you’re ready to jump into the family and start doing deals with us, starting tomorrow, give Barbara a call at (678) 897-1917. So from my end and in Julie Lee, I want to hear your last 2 cents were from my end holiday time. It’s, it’s ramp it up to him. It’s ticket to the next level of time. But by no means, is that a slow down, take time off, kick back, waited out. And then in an opposite heel, it absolutely positively kill it. What do you say, Julie?

Speaker 2 (48:19):

You know, I don’t know that I want to say anything. I kind of, after you guys heard tonight and you may have different opinions, my, my question is, and put it in the chat. What are you going to do? You know? I mean, whether you believe us or not, what are you going to do? What are the chat? Are you going to slow down or are you going to speed up? I mean, be honest with yourself. Who did the chat going to speed up? Are you going to slow down? Are you finally going to John? John Walker said, he’s going to speed up. It’s awesome. Andy barber said, he’s going to speed up. I’m called you guys out. Cause once you say it, you put it out there and the environment things start to happen. Nancy says, she’s going to speed up. Esther says, she’s going to speed up. And you know what? I’m really proud of you for saying that because you know, once you say things about yourself, it becomes true and you’re, you’re going to make that happen. So, you know, be a part of it. How, how do you feel? Or, I mean, whether it’s with us, whether it’s on your own, what are your plans?

Speaker 2 (49:32):

What are your plans? I know Erica said, she’s going to, uh, getting the opportunity now, Cheryl, she says faster, faster, faster, and yeah, the commentators, right? Every single person on this call has the ability to succeed because with everything you heard Peter say right about the, the opportunities that we’re faced with is not going to be a problem with competition. Guys. This is business of relationship, not competition. There’s plenty of deals for everybody. So Archie said, he’s going to speed up. Well, thank you guys for being honest with yourself. And, you know, heck I was looking for someone to say they were going to slow down and not do anything. At least you’re being honest with yourself. Right.

Speaker 2 (50:26):

But you know, I really, I hope, um, I really hope that I, that you guys have a good rest of the week. I don’t have anything else. I really hope with what we said helped you. Um, I personally, and I know Peter does, I want the best for you. I know, I know you deserve it. Um, and I want the best for all of us, you know, and this is a business of abundance. And I know that firsthand, I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth business, literally changed my life and it wasn’t easy, but the, but the reward is great and it is a business of abundance and blessings to everyone.

Speaker 1 (51:16):

Well guys, we enjoyed it. Juliana and I are apps. We’re, we’re committed. We’re in this thing all the way for those of you that want to join us. Great. If you don’t, we wish you the best of luck and we wish you that, you know, uh, tremendous successes, but Julian, I will keep on coming back here every Tuesday night, same time, same place. So, um, we’re signing off and we’ll see you guys here next week. So you guys.

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