teaches people from all walks of life how to wholesale houses. This business is profitable if you know how to negotiate properly…

00:37 The assignment fee question
01:54 Don’t worry if you follow my techniques
02:42 How to wholesale houses is easy
02:56 Using the right type of closing agent
04:12 Transaction funding advice
05:27 B-to-C fund management
06:11 Open disclosure is a must
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My name is Peter Vekselman at 404-990-4395 and I’ve been teaching investors how to wholesale houses since 1999. Call me and I’ll share what I’m doing in my own business as well give you advice about my mentoring program.

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Something that’s very important to me is partnerships. Especially when I wholesale houses. I don’t have thousands of students nor do I want to have that many. Instead, I believe learning how to start an investment company requires knowing what works and what doesn’t. This is not a hard business if you know how to structure your business based on my proven techniques.

Learning how to start an investment company is something I’ve taught many of students with to grow their local businesses. Maybe you’re not sure if you have the capital or experience to start. Perhaps you’re ready to roll but want someone to call or email to double-check your initial deals. That’s what I do.

One of the secrets how to wholesale houses is to do what experts are doing to earn phenomenal money. What you want to avoid is investing your time and money on techniques that simply no longer work.

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Remember one thing: how to wholesale houses isn’t hard if you can duplicate a marketing and money management formula that’s already working in many markets in the U.S. Kind of like mine:-).

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