Ivo Draginov gives us the secrets around his success in REAL ESTATE INVESTING! In 2008, Ivo got his Real Estate License BEFORE graduating from High School. In April of the same year, he bought his FIRST FLIP Property which him and his partner split a $26,000 profit on, AFTER JUST 4 MONTHS! By 2016 he started HigherOffer.com that buys houses in ANY CONDITION in Arizona. Since launching his site they are doing 8-10 deals per month throughout Arizona! Currently, he has 20 rental properties, and he’s wholesaling 8-10 properties per month in the Phoenix Metro area

Hosts: Peter Vekselman and Julie Muse

Producer: David Maradiaga

Guest: Ivo Draginov from Phoenix, AZ

Date and Time: Today, 9/19/18 Wednesday @ 2:00pm EDT

Show Time line: 25 mins

Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/coachpeterv

Podcast: Partner-Driven Podcast – petervekselman.com/Partner-DrivenPodcast

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