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00:31 My recent weekend
02:09 Our lifestyle is fantastic
03:45 Wholesale real estate investing
04:19 Frustration and lackofs
05:20 What part of the business don’t you like?
06:25 Scaling your business is vital to success
07:09 Leveraging is the secret
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My name is Peter Vekselman and I help my students learn how to earn a phenomenal wholesale real estate investing income. If you’re ready to get serious in real estate investing, please call me at 404 915 9685.

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1. If you’ve heard how wholesale real estate investing is lucrative you’re on the right path. I’ve been doing it for more than a decade. However, in my early years I made all the mistakes you read about. Over the years I developed a model that can be duplicated in every market in America.

2. Investing in real estate is not difficult once you have a proven formula. Granted, there are many real estate investing seminars out there. However, many of them are designed to teach the masses instead focus on individual needs. You deserve better.

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3. Do you wonder about all of those real estate investing seminars? Are they worth the money? Some are but many don’t give you access to real-world training that’s necessary to avoid costly mistakes.

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4. If you’re not sure whether or not wholesale real estate investing is right for you, guess what? That’s good. Be cautious. In fact, do your research and find someone who can show you the ropes by looking over their shoulder.

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