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00:21 Wholesaling real estate requires a big database
00:41 More investors means you’ll be able to do better deals
01:22 Some investors may not match your deals
02:00 Searches to grow your list
02:29 Foreclosure and auctions are a great place to start
03:10 Backpage and Craigslist are two more that work well
03:51 Look for banded signs in your market
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Wholesaling real estate is a two-sided business. You need opportunities coming to work. So the bigger your list is the more deals you’ll be able to convert. Don’t forget, if you have many investors in your database, the more you’ll be able to structure deals that match your investors depending on their equity preferences.

But what do you do if your database isn’t big enough to generate more deals? Wholesaling real estate database development is easy if you know where to look. For example, if you search on Google of Bing using your city name for phrases such as we buy houses, foreclosures and terms like these.

Another idea that’s worked very well for me looking to grow my wholesaling real estate database is to go to auctions. They are a phenomenal place to find investors. Add everyone and anyone to your list that has the potential of becoming an investor. Even if you can pop into local real estate investment clubs you will make contacts to grow your wholesaling real estate business.

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Something to take very seriously about wholesaling real estate is that you need to expand your reach to make contacts. It doesn’t take that much effort and if you work prospecting techniques into your daily work flow you will see results.

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