Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hey, good evening, everybody. Peter Vekselman here. Welcome aboard. Welcome aboard. It’s Tuesday night, 7:00 PM. Eastern. We’ve been doing these forever and ever, and we will continue to do them for as long as possible. So, so glad you guys are here. We’re going to get started here just a couple of minutes. We got a lot of people logging on, dialing on, zooming in with all this new technology. I don’t even know what the right phrasing is anymore for everything, but glad you guys are here. Uh, please, please. In the chat box, let me know where you’re dialing in from. I’m always curious. Always, always, always curious, obviously, for those of you that have been dialing in on a regular basis, know, I, I am here in Atlanta. I’m actually in the city today. Um, got a great view outside and my upstairs office hunkering down. Um, we got what’s up Shane what’s up? Andre. Michael what’s up twice. Philly, Michigan, PA North Carolina coming Georgia. And the house what’s up. G white got a lot of people calling in, dialing in what’s up Paul from North Carolina. What’s up? Uh, Aaron, a Keith what’s going on in Oregon. Portland. What’s up, James, stay safe there, buddy. Guys are all over the news.

Speaker 1 (01:46):

Good, good, good. Hey, Chester for Laurie dye in the house. I love it. We’re going to begin starting here in just a couple minutes. I got some really good stuff for you guys here tonight. Um, we’re going to talk, we’re going to do some teaching today. I’m going to teach you guys some really cool stuff about cash buyers. About quick flip real estate. I’m going to teach you what, uh, how to make a quick flip into a retail kind of flipped profit. So get ready if you’re not used to taking notes on Tuesday, I don’t blame you tonight. Might be one night. You may want to what’s up wall. How are you buddy? Hey Fred. How’s Dallas, Joe. What’s up 10 Nevada.

Speaker 1 (02:38):

What’s up a 10. How are you buddy? All right. We’ve got a lot of people in the house today. For those of you dialing in, we’re going to be again, starting here shortly. Let me know where you’re from. Don’t be shy. You know, like this is like, you know, in this world of COVID and you know, stay at home and quarantine sometimes for some people, this is like the only interaction they get. So at least when you’re putting something in the chat box, that makes me feel like we’re kind of chatting and talking. So I appreciate that. Um, so, uh, yeah, Andre, when I, yeah, you, if you’re, if you’re just getting started with us, make sure it’s plugged into the system, make sure you do your onboarding call and we’ll get your role in there. Um, um, you know sir, doing deals this month.

Speaker 1 (03:33):

I love it. I love it. I love it. What’s up, Joe? Yes, sir. You don’t got to convince me hot market, south Florida, seaside, California. I bet the weather is just about as nice here. I just literally like just walked the dogs scalp behind me. You may be able to hear him and like, it’s like a 10 minute walk I do around the loop, but it is hot, hot, hot, New Jersey egg Harbor township. Um, cool, cool, cool. All good, Walt awesome. Welcome aboard to Molly. I can from Michigan L a in the house we’re going to be doing, uh, I think it’s that a one highway Yasmine and we’re going to be doing a drive through it, um, coming up, um, in the next, probably couple of weeks. So we’re going to start in San Diego and probably pass through LA in the drive. What’s up, Kyle? How are you buddy? Montgomery, Alabama.

Speaker 1 (04:42):

What? Anybody else? Brad? What’s up? Brad. Love it. Can’t remember the last time you missed one of these what’s up. Well, how are you all on DIA? That’s a pretty name, Detroit, Michigan driving, but listening. I love it. I love it. Good stuff. We’re going to learn some stuff today. If you guys are like sitting down anywhere, this might be good time to take a couple notes, cause I’m gonna teach you some stuff. We’re gonna teach you how to, uh, develop some things that you need. I’m going to show you today. How do we bump up your profit margins? Like on skinny deals, make them fatter deals. I’m going to teach you some strategies about developing, like investor databases and lists and all that. Um, um, what’s up Eugene from Chicago, Kansas in a house. Mr. Skinner. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. What’s up Archie? How are you buddy? Well, you’ve been rubbed back. All right, guys, Steve, just about, Um, just make sure all my ducks ducks are in a row. I’m not a techie. There’s some brilliant people behind this. Kristin is running the show behind the scenes. So very, very cool. Let me just send one quick decks.

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Speaker 1 (06:37):

Hey guys, I’m going to get started here. Just one second. I got to take this very quick call from my daughter. Alright, sorry about that. Um, alright, let’s get, let’s get started.

Speaker 1 (07:35):

Just sending a text too much. Alright guys. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Tuesday night live. This is the, this is the show that we hear partner driven had been doing for a long, long time. I mean, literally we have been committed to these for, uh, almost year since we started our new model. And this is the one thing we’ve committed to these Tuesday night webinars for one very important reason. Well, two important reasons how it affects our existing partners and how it affects our not existing partners, yet people that are sort of kind of checking us out. You know, the one thing we’ve learned is those people that do become partners in our world, um, originate from these webinars or somewhere along the line have been impacted by the webinars. So for those of you that are not yet our partners. Welcome, welcome. Um, welcome aboard. Welcome to the show.

Speaker 1 (08:30):

I’m so glad you guys are here. This is gunna. This is going to get you, I think more comfortable with who we are, what we do, why we partner with people, the value add we provide and all that. And so we’re glad you guys are checking us out and it is very exciting that you guys are here with us. Uh, some of you guys are already partners means you guys are already doing deals with us. Some of you are just getting started about ready to do deals with us. Um, and you’re here, cause this is just another thing that we do that you want to tap into. And I get it. I’ve been there for those of you that have heard my story. You know, it’s not an exciting story when, especially when I got started, you know, when I got started 22 years ago, uh, literally everything I brought to the table with me, which was, you know, decent amount of money had about a half a million to work with.

Speaker 1 (09:15):

I lost it successfully in the first six months. You know? So if you ever need a webinar on like how to lose money in real estate, I mean, I could show you how to make some money, but I can definitely show you how to lose a lot of money because I did it. And I actually did it a couple of times in my real estate career. So the one thing I know how to do is how to lose money. And that’s the thing about real estate, um, that you have to understand almost no one who gets in the real estate business has a success story from day one till the end of their career, or for as long as they’ve been in it. Um, it’s almost always, you get in you crash and burn. You survive, you hang on, you keep on doing what you’re doing and then you start making money and then things start taking off.

Speaker 1 (09:59):

And that’s really the, the key, um, component of real estate. Do you have as an individual, the ability to make a bunch of mistakes? I mean, do you have the ability to lose a bunch of money? Do you have the ability to lose a lot of time? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you know, then this, this is great. You know, congratulations, that is definitely a way to do it, but there are other some shortcuts in this model, in, in real estate, there are some things that could be done to avoid losing money. There’s things that could be done to avoid losing time, avoid losing a lot of stressful things and all that. And this is why we’re so proud of our partner model. So some of you guys today are already our partners and we’re so glad you’re here. And again, I know why you’re here.

Speaker 1 (10:42):

This is just another way for you to connect with us. You know, if you’re already a full-fledged partner, you have the ability to connect with us literally on a daily basis, uh, in one-on-one sessions, in group sessions, um, you have the ability to get, you know, help us for us to help generate leads for you. You obviously have our latest and greatest deal driven technology. Um, if money is needed as a partner, you have access to our money to do deals, to fix deals, even have access to our construction to help you fix it. And again, if you’re here and in your a partner, this is just another way for you to connect. I get it when I lost everything 22, some years ago, man, I was like, you know, blue to a couple mentors. I found, I mean, anything they were doing anywhere they were at.

Speaker 1 (11:25):

I’m like, Hey, I’m there, I’m listening. I’m connecting. You know, I want to learn. So I get it, I get it. I get it. And if you’re not yet our partner, if you want to learn more about what it means to be a partner, um, I’m going to do some special today. Um, number one, you could always go visit our website, www partner-driven dot com. That’s www partner, www dot partner, driven.com. My tech people was telling me, don’t forget the dot. Um, but for those of you that stay around till the end of tonight. And if tonight is the thing that pushes you over and you’re at the point, like I’m ready, I’m ready to go. I don’t care what I gotta do. What? You know, what walls I got to go through? I’m ready to partner. I’m ready to do deals. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired for those of you to hang around till the very end I’m going to actually give you a couple of phone numbers out tonight, have some team members that’ll be on standby.

Speaker 1 (12:21):

That will actually talk to you tonight. So only if you’re ready to go though, you know, only if you’re ready to go after tonight. And you’re like, yes, I’m ready to partner. I’m ready to get some leads. I’m ready to get some training. I’m ready to get funding from ideals. I’m ready to get help with construction, you know, sell the profits, flip the products, sell the property, split the profits. For those of you that stays at very end. I will give out, I’m going to make a note of that. A couple of phone numbers tonight, have some people that’ll be on standby. Um, that’ll be there to take your calls tonight and if you’re ready to get started, they will get you started to night. So that’s how we’re going to do it. Um, so again, if you’re not a partner yet guys, glad you’re here.

Speaker 1 (13:01):

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time away from whatever you’re taking time away for congratulations, actually for that also. And if you are a partner, awesome, reset, recharge recommit and let it go. That’s kind of how we do it with partners, right? All right guys. So what I want to talk to you guys about today is, is, is something that I think affects every single one of you. Okay. Um, and, and, and, and affects you, all of you, what we’re going to talk about in different ways, but make no mistake about it. The one thing that you cannot get away from in real estate is the ability to do what we’re doing here tonight, in an essence, what we’re doing here tonight. I mean, different people are getting different things out of tonight, but in essence, what we’re doing here tonight is we’re networking.

Speaker 1 (13:51):

Okay. I’m hopefully developing some credibility with a number of you guys, some hopefully teaching a number of you guys. Um, hopefully motivating a number of you guys. Um, and then vice versa. I’m also network from my end. I’m getting a lot out of tonight because some of you guys are going to point back to tonight a couple of years down the road and say, Pete, it’s that webinar, are you dead on, you know, August 3rd or fourth? That was the tipping point. That was the tipping point. And here we are, you know, a year or two or three years later. And look, we’d done 50 deals, but that night, that night I made the commitment, right? Some of you guys, um, you know, you’re going to have, there’s going to be big impact for me because some of you guys are gonna make some other amazing decisions that are going to affect what it is we do going forward.

Speaker 1 (14:36):

So really what we’re doing tonight, this is kind of the new way, the zooming way, right? I don’t even know if I knew that word. I use a word, but never used it too much before COVID, but this is the new way of communicating of talking of networking and, uh, remembered the title tonight of the webinar. The topic of the night is how we have developed and how we have access to the biggest cash buyer list in United States and how you can profit from it now, right away. There are a couple of things that take place when I talk about cash buyers list. Okay. Uh, for instance, strategies take place, right? Like, oh, this must be tied into wholesaling. Um, sometimes, uh, uh, the, the, the food, the thing that comes to mind as, oh, cash buyers, okay. These are, you know, oh, wow. These are people that have cash and they want to buy deals, right?

Speaker 1 (15:37):

So all of those things are important and all those things are tied into what we’re going to talk about tonight. But I could tell you the ability to have access to cash buyers or another word for cash buyers is simply investors. It was one of the key components. Why, as long as I’ve been in this business and people always ask me questions like, well, what’s the one thing, or what would you do different? Or what’s the one thing I need to focus in on? You know, a lot of times I will give them this specific answer. The ability to build your investor database is probably, I would say in my career is probably the most important thing. That’s helped me get to where I am at today. Now I could also tell you across the board, it’s probably one of the things that every investor, especially in the beginning of their career, lacks, lacks from a standpoint, they don’t do it.

Speaker 1 (16:39):

They don’t do enough of it. Um, they don’t understand how to really go about it. They don’t understand what the whole purpose of it is. And because they don’t, they don’t, they don’t, they don’t, they just don’t do it. Okay. Well, they don’t do it to the level they need to, but cash buyer lists. So what, so here’s the question. Why has that been the one single component that I personally have pointed to numerous times and said that right there is the key to my success because a cash buyers list is a lot more than just the cash buyers list. It’s like, you know what we’re doing tonight? We’re utilizing zoom, right. And what is most people know, zoom for know, they know what for what we’re doing, but behind the scenes, zoom does a lot more things, you know, behind the scenes, zoom has a lot more technology behind the scenes.

Speaker 1 (17:36):

Zoom has a lot more features. Okay, well, the same thing with cash buyers, the cash buyers list of the most apparent evident thing for most people, a cash buyers list is just that it’s a way for you or me to move our wholesale deals, but I’m going to expand on that until the cash buyers list is a lot more than that. And remember, we got the biggest one and tonight I’m going to show you how you need to get how you’re going to get access to it. Right? A cash buyers list is the reason that I went here in Atlanta years ago, there was a craze, condo, conversion craze, and the condo conversion craze was just very simple. People were buying old apartment buildings and they were converting them to condos. And you know, those of us that got involved in it made a lot, a lot of money.

Speaker 1 (18:27):

It just kind of swept through jewelry land to here. And it became very profitable. The reason I got into the, into the condo conversion game was because of my cash buyers list. Now, how can I get into that game because of a cash buyers list? I’ll explain in a minute, I’ll give you another example. My cash buyers list is the reason why I got into buying land, subdividing it and selling it off in parcels to builders. Now, how can my cash buyers list get me into a strategy that by the way, I knew nothing about my cash buyers lists allowed me to build the team of people that helped me get through the process and that cash buyers list was the reason that I was able to become successful at it. Okay. And I can give you example, upon example, my cash buyers list was the reason that I got into new construction of homes. Okay. And so is, is if you look at my 20 last 22 years, you know, techniques, I’ve done strategies I’ve done. I could almost always point back to my cash buyers list of the reason that I was doing them. Okay. So here’s how that all evolved. In the beginning. In the beginning, my cash buyers list serve one purpose. That is for me to get some deals under contract and sell those deals through the act of wholesaling to my cash buyers. Right.

Speaker 1 (20:09):

But then I started realizing, like I got into this, I got into the business of also, uh, you know, one day I was listening. I was like, I want to be, I want to be at my own private lender. I mean, there’s always, everyone needs hard money. Everyone’s always jockeying for hard money. You know, there’s no investor out there doesn’t want to be at least qualified. And when they get a deal, they’re almost always going to use cash. They’re going to use hard money. And so I was thinking, well, how do I, how do I like go out there and raise money? And then I started thinking about this. I said, well, listen, this is pretty interesting. I have a cash buyers list in, in those, in that list are, if you think about it, who on that list, those are all investors, right? So I put together this little email and I basically said, Hey, I’m looking to raise some capital.

Speaker 1 (21:01):

You know, I got some experience, blah, blah, blah. And I just fired it off through that list. And the next thing I know within the next two or three months, I was introduced, um, through somebody who was on my list. I was introduced to a guy that was a very wealthy individual here in Atlanta. He brought me to his country club and literally in one day through his friends, I put together a little fun that ultimately became $10 million. Well, how can my cash buyers list be responsible for my $10 million? See, when you, when you start developing these cash buyers list and you understand how to utilize them, you start understanding that, um, that ultimately ultimately everything you need is found inside these cash buyers list. So when I got into the condo conversion craze that I was just telling you about, I knew it was happening in Atlanta. I knew I had zero connections to it. And so one day I just put together an email and I sent to my cash buyers list. And it said something like, Hey, by now you’ve probably gotten 200 emails from me. So hopefully, you know, me and who I am. And if you feel comfortable with it with me, and if you also understand the condo conversion game, I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee. And literally that was about as sophisticated as that email went.

Speaker 1 (22:26):

And next thing I know, I found myself having a drink with somebody. We literally took a napkin out and on that napkin, he drew a triangle. And through that triangle, he literally explained to me how the condom conversion game works. We jumped in his car. He drove me around for a couple prod, looked at a couple of his projects. I said, well, what can I do to help you, right. For those of you that follow me know, that’s the, that’s the one phrase that everybody doesn’t use, that everybody needs to use. That’s going to make you a lot of money. I’ve always asked investors, what can I Peter do to help you grow your business? Phrases made me uncredible amount of money. So I asked him, I said, what can I do to help you build your business? He said, I need my next deal.

Speaker 1 (23:14):

Well, guess what I did. I found him what ultimately try not to be as next deal. And what did he do for me? He interned allow me to participate in some kind of, sort of watch. And next thing you know, I learned, understood, put together my own group of people and I was doing condo conversions. It’s how I got into the plot of land that I was telling you about. So every time I realized that I could, I could develop a relationship, it had the ability to become profitable, but I developed my relationships by simply utilizing my cash buyers list. So the list that most people think is one dimensional, meaning it’s all about, right? It’s all about flipping your properties. And it is. We’re going to get into that in just a second. But as a result of that, as a result of developing these cash buyers list to wholesale and flip properties, I was able to develop incredible relationships. And through these incredible relationships, I was able to get into every other facet of real estate, land, commercial subdivisions, you know, uh, turnkey deals, obviously wholesale deals, retail deals and all that.

Speaker 1 (24:43):

So what I’m trying to explain to you guys here tonight is the absolute critical, most important thing that almost everyone misses on in this business. And that is the ability, and that is the actual working on your ultimate cash buyers list. But now let’s take it a step back. Okay. Now I kind of, I explained to you kind of the, the heavyweight picture, what happens when you develop it? Like how you could utilize it? I raised money from it. I did deals with it. I develop partnerships through it, blah, blah, blah. But ultimately, ultimately the reason that we all develop cash buyers list is because we want to do, we want to have investors to flip our wholesale deals to, by the way, let me, let me divert divert here for just a second. As far as I’ve seen 22 years in the business, there has never been a better time to wholesale deals than there is right now.

Speaker 1 (25:41):

Is it still a good time to do some retail deals? Yes. But if you were like lineup, all these strategies, you know, every strategy, you know, strategies go up strategies, go down, you know, you’ve got your wholesale deals, you’ve got your fix and flips. You got your lease options. You got your creative deals, you got your rentals, you got your subject twos. I mean, there’s no shortage of strategies. Right? I can tell you right now where we are. If you line up all these strategies, the wholesaling model is up here compared to everything else for a couple of very important reasons. Okay. Obviously everybody knows what we’re, what we’re are a part of. Right? We are a part of a pandemic national pandemic right now. Right? So a couple things have happened as a result. And I actually did a state of the union a week or two ago about it.

Speaker 1 (26:27):

So you might want to listen to that. I was talking about the, kind of the state of the union right now, but I’ll just kind of give you a quick summary. So here’s what happens during a pandemic. Um, the first thing is we, we cleared the basis, right? People get out, people are getting out of everything right now, by the way, when something bad happens, people always get out. That’s like a natural reflection, right? Market stock market starts crashing. What happens? People get out, you know, uh, industry starts taking a hit in something. What happens? People clear out, um, you know, in real estate, the market starts, let’s say crashing, what happens? People start getting out. So this is not unusual, but it’s just right now, pandemic is affecting so many people in businesses. Uh, so it’s happening across the board. I mean, there is a huge clearing out of, of investors right now, because again, a pandemic and, and, and here’s the thing I’ve learned sometimes fear in of itself, sometimes fear in itself is enough to clear the table, right?

Speaker 1 (27:26):

To clear the basis, uh, what, even, even if what’s happening is good. It’s just the fear of something. Unknown is enough to clear the basis. So competition is getting out and by the way, the other reason competition is getting out right now is because the money supplies are drying out, like in the hard money business. For those of you that are borrowing right now, you know, that it’s getting tougher and tougher to get money after pandemic, because you’ve heard me talk about this, almost all the money originates in the hard money world from a hedge funds. And a lot of hedge funds are having capital calls now and stuff like that. So they’re getting tighter. So before you can go to your hard money lender, you know, get a deal for five, 10% down. Now, a lot of hard money guys. They want like their underwrite, you like a conventional bank.

Speaker 1 (28:12):

They want 20 or 30% down. They want to like escrow six months of payments. I mean, just absolutely, um, absolutely difficult to do, right? So money is getting tighter, uh, that forces a lot of people to get out fear and of itself closes a lot of people to get out sold. There’s a, there’s a clearing of the bases right now, and a lot less competition. But interestingly enough, now watch this. This is a, um, oh, before I get into the really interesting part, I’m going to give you like, you know, like before I get into super duper interesting part, I’m just going to give you an interesting part. Uh, the other interesting thing, and again, everybody knows what I’m about ready to say. There’s a lot more motivated sellers right now, right? For obvious reasons, you know, same reason why people getting out at the top at the bottom, from the sellers perspective, you know, people are, you know, want to get liquid.

Speaker 1 (29:04):

So they want to sell, sell, sell. So check this out. This is really cool, less competition, but more opportunity. You know, people are always like tying to trying to time things, you know, timing meets opportunity. Well, what better opportunity can you meet? See when there’s less people doing something, but there’s actually a bigger, bigger demand. You can’t think of a better time right now. Now here’s the really, really, really interesting part. There’s still plenty of people that have access to capital right now. There’s people that have been sitting on the sidelines. Who’ve been waiting for something like this. I mean, obviously not a pandemic, but they’re waiting for fluctuations and they know fluctuations clear, clear to, um, clear the playing field. So they’ve been waiting. Um, I always look kind of fat when I do that. Um, they they’ve been waiting. They’ve been waiting for, for things to clear.

Speaker 1 (29:59):

So they’re actually getting in, they’re actually getting in, looking for deals. So check this out. The regular competition, scurrying off the field, cause they’re scared. The sellers are more motivated, so more opportunities. But now those investors that ran away that were used to be part of your cash buyers list are now being replaced by some real heavyweights, with some real cash. And guess what these heavyweights are all about. See, they didn’t want to compete with a, you know, a bunch of Tom Dick and Harry’s, but now a bunch of Tom Dick and Harry’s are out. These new guys have been replacing now replaced those guys. They have plenty of capital and they have so much capital. Now, listen to me, this is very interesting. They don’t even need to make as much money. They just got to put their capital that use to use. So if you have access to deals, you and I have brand new buyers that none of us even knew about like five months ago, because they were on the sidelines.

Speaker 1 (31:02):

These new players are in and they’re even willing to overpay. Why? Because they know this is a temporary thing sooner or later, sooner or later with nobody knows when it will end. And then everybody will jump back in and they’re going to be forced out. So they want to buy as much as possible while this is taking place. They have the capital, um, uh, they have, uh, the capital and they’re willing to even pay a little bit more cause they’ve got to buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, because the next couple of months, however long, this takes, when this thing comes to man, they know they got to go back to the sidelines. These are very interesting dynamics. So the importance of having this access to these cash buyers to let’s say, add to your cash buyers list is now more important than ever. So now let me teach you something else. That’s a very important when it comes to cash buyers. Um, let’s say for your wholesale deals, this is another very interesting thing. An average investor gets in the game and they started developing these cash buyers lists. And what did they develop them? They blow upon local. Why? Because locally you could see the person feel the person touch the person network with the person. It’s easier to develop these local cash buyers list. Well, here’s the thing.

Speaker 1 (32:20):

A strong cash buyers list is not a local list. A strong cash buyers list is a far away list, far away from you across state lines, across the regions, across the us, and even across the seas into other countries. Well, why is that? If you think about it, why is it a stronger, let’s say you’re trying to wholesale a deal. Why is it a stronger list of fall your investors, or let’s say in Israel or China or in Australia? Why is that a much stronger cash buyers list than the one that is in your city? Okay.

Speaker 1 (33:00):

Well here’s why see you got a property in your city. All right. Let’s say you’re wholesaling it. Remember we’re talking about cash buyers list, and let’s say you’re wholesaling that property that you have locally. And let’s say you’re wholesaling at $400,000. Let me tell you how to local guy evaluates that deal. A local guy looks at that property and he says this, oh, I could probably do this myself. I could probably find a house like that. So I don’t want to pay a hundred. Don’t want to pay less. The local guy looks at that property. And he, the only thing he sees on that property is how does he make money on it? That’s the only thing cares about like, if it’s, if it’s a rental property for him, you know, what’s my return on my, you know, on the, on the money I’ve invested with my cashflow coming in, but it’s a flip fix and flip, you know, well, how much can I buy it, fix it and sell it for all right.

Speaker 1 (33:56):

A local guy also looks at that property from a standpoint, a lot of local guys always invest local. So local guys, a lot of times, they’re not the guys that have a million or 5 million there in their coffers. So that means he’s got to really squeeze everything we can out of it. So again, he’s looking, man, I gotta get a better deal, better deal, better deal. So to the local guy, that is the guy that’s going to pay the least amount of money for your property. For all those reasons, he’s got limited funds, probably he’s got to squeeze everything he can out of it probably. Um, he thinks he could do it just as well as you probably, you know, all those reasons. So he is going to pay the least amount. He is the least he could be. He could tell you these, the most motivated buyer, but in essence, he’s the least motivated.

Speaker 1 (34:45):

He’s got to find that ultimate deal. Now let’s look at the cash buyer on your same list. And now you’ve developed that list across the United States. Like here in Atlanta, I’m in Atlanta, let’s say my cash buyers list. I got a bunch of west coast guys on there, or a bunch of Northeast coast guys on there where I got some Israelis or Canadians or Australians or Chinese on there. How does a guy from China look at that same house for a hundred thousand? Do you think he like cares that it’s a hundred thousand or 99,500 or even 98,000 or a hundred, 2000 guaranteed. He’s looking at a totally different way. He’s looking at it from a one very interesting perspective. He’s thinking I gotta get my money out of China because something may happen and they may grab my money. So he’s looking at that same property from a totally different lens. You don’t care if his return on investment is 7% or 5% or 4%, he’s looking at it. Okay. I just got to put my money into something.

Speaker 1 (35:59):

How does the west coast guy look at it? You know, let’s not, let’s not go to China. Let’s just go to the west coast. Well, the west coast guy, if he’s buying something from me off my cash buyers list here in Atlanta, you think he’s only got a hundred thousand to spend? No, no way. If you only got a hundred thousand to play within real estate, you never, if you’re smart, you’re never going to spend that across the United States. Cause you can’t see it, feel it touch it it’s way too risky. So the west coast guy looks at this investment from a standpoint of really diversifying he’s diversifying his money. He’s got a, maybe a couple of million to play with. He’s going to put some here, some here, some here, some here, some here again, he’s going to leverage himself and he’s going to hedge against certain market things that happen in real estate.

Speaker 1 (36:50):

So that means what I get out of him that I don’t get out of him is I got a BA, I got a guy that’s got a lot of money. So if I treat them right and I provide them a good deal, chances are, what is he going to do? He’s going to buy from me again. The guy that’s only if you’re only if your cash buyers list of just a bunch of local people, you’re always going to be chasing the next guy because okay, now he spent as a hundred, 200 and I’ve got to find them the next guy, the next guy, if you’re focused on a cash buyers list, that’s across the United States or across the world, you’re going to be dealing with repeat buyers because all those people, they have, no one’s going to just take limited amount of money and put it somewhere, right.

Speaker 1 (37:37):

You’re dealing with somebody that’s probably gotten multiple, um, um, and you know, multiple deals and multiple properties. And so that means you have people that are going to come back to you. So I can give you example, upon example, upon example of the importance of having a cash buyers list and having a big cash buyers list and having one that spans across the United States and that spans even the globe. So now you’ve got to start thinking, well, how do you do that? I mean, we know the techniques and I’ve taught a lot of these techniques on these webinars. You know, you’ve got your internet, you’ve got your networking events. You got your media right now. Oh, let me say one other thing. The ultimate way to develop a cash buyers list that beats all techniques of strategies, the ultimate way, okay. To develop a strong cash buyers list is to get some deals going, because then what happens? These deals become magnets. Okay. The deals themselves. Okay. The deals themselves start, uh, um, the deals themselves start producing and start increasing your cash buyers.

Speaker 1 (39:18):

So that’s very important. Deals is the ultimate way to build a strong, successful cash buyers list. Okay. But then if you think about it, if you’re like sitting, like I am here outskirts of Atlanta and I get my one property, right. I get my property or I got a couple of properties. Like how do I showcase it? I guess I could put it on the internet. You know, I can go to a couple clubs, uh, clubs and networking clubs and all this. Right. So then you start thinking, okay, so what is the ultimate mechanism for developing the ultimate cash buyers list? What is the ultimate mechanism that when I get that one cold deal that I could utilize to get every guy who serious in China to know about it, to get every guy in the west coast to know about it, what is that one way?

Speaker 1 (40:15):

What does that one thing that gives it the ultimate exposure? There’s nothing stronger in terms of cash buyers list, anywhere in United States, nothing more stronger, nothing more powerful than the MLS. That is the ultimate cash buyers list. That is where investors across the world look for deals here in United States, right or wrong. But it’s, it’s an arguable thing that is like, if you want the ultimate exposure for your house, whether it’s a wholesale deal, a retail deal, whether you’re moving your aunt and uncle into it, whether you’re buying a house for yourself or selling house for yourself, you know, no matter what it is you’re doing or how it is, you’re doing it. The ultimate, the ultimate way, the ultimate exposure history to MLS.

Speaker 1 (41:10):

Well, here’s the problem. Here’s the problem. If you get a property, let’s say that you want to wholesale as an investor. You can’t just stick it on MLS. It’s not how it works. You can’t just put an MLS because you don’t own it yet. So most developed a cash buyers list, the old fashioned way, slow, tedious, you know, networking, internet, social media, blah, blah, blah. And all those work things work. What if you could just say you about this? What if you had the ability to literally find a decent property, right? And put it on the MLS before you have to even close on it. Can you imagine the exposure you’ll get the inquiries, you’ll get you. Then take your deal from your local investor gang who are going to beat you up over that a hundred thousand price. And you do show it to the guy on the west coast.

Speaker 1 (42:15):

You do show to the guy in China because they have access to the system. You do show it to the guy in Canada because they have access to the exact same system. And all of a sudden you have access to the ultimate cash buyers list. But again, there’s this catch on the wholesale deals because of how they’re structured and the ownership you can’t get access to it. So how is it that we have the biggest cash buyers list out there, which we just determined is the MLS. That isn’t an unarguable thing. Oh, the other reason why cash buyers, the ultimate is the MLS is because you have people in MLS. That’ll overpay for deals too. I mean, you have hedge funds buying off the MLS and hedge funds. A lot of hedge funds I’ve already went public and said, they will pay dollar on a dollar for property.

Speaker 1 (43:09):

So a property that’s worth a hundred thousand dollars. They’ll pay a hundred thousand for it. You can’t get any better than that. And they buy through the MLS by the way. Okay. So you have people that’ll wait, pay more on the wholesale deal for your wholesale deals, almost full market value. Sometimes if you had access to that one magical system called the MLS, which really at rallies, almost nobody does, but we do, we do. And that is why we have access to ultimate cash buyers list. See, many years ago, when I started really wholesaling at high levels, you know, we realized this man, it’s all about the MLS. We can’t put our properties in MLS. We can’t put our properties in MLS. So, um, because we can’t put our properties in the Melissa, we’re limiting ourselves. So how do we do it? So what I did, and it’s just really, it’s really came down to paperwork.

Speaker 1 (44:08):

I invested well over $20,000 into the right paperwork. That’s really what it came down to. I had to get the right paperwork, the right verbiage in my contracts, the right verbiage in my contracts that would allow me to put a property under contract and expose it through demo less. And so we invested almost half a year of chasing the right people. Like I said, well, over $20,000, I mean, who invest $20,000 into a simple real estate contract. I may be the only guy out there that’s ever done that. And we came up with this over the top super-duper contract that allows us to take a wholesale property and pre-list it on MLS without having to close on it, which means without having to take any risk and right away, right away, we developed just like that the ultimate cash buyers list.

Speaker 1 (45:16):

And we already spent the beginning part of this today, discussing the importance of a cash buyers list. So if you have access to the biggest one out there, you can’t get any better because you’re not only going to get the ability to sell your properties quicker more and for more and for more prices, higher prices, but you also have the ability to develop future, future, future people, and then start utilizing these cash buyers list for all those other things that I told you could be utilized for raising capital, we’ll do another deals, all this stuff. And that’s one of the cool features about our partnership program is that our partners have access to this contract, have access to the ultimate. Through this contract, have access to the ultimate cash buyers list. And through this ultimate cash buyers list, they have the ability to do more.

Speaker 1 (46:19):

And the other really cool thing is make more. And this is why I started out today by saying in today’s marketplace, because of all the events that are taking place, you could sell your wholesale deals and make as much almost as we used to make on the retail side fix and flip side, we still do those in a certain right circumstances, but you can actually profit more on wholesale deals than you ever have before. You just need the big buyer’s list. And you need to know who are these new players that are in town. You don’t have time to go out there and search for them and build it. The conventional lake, you got to have access to something like that. And MLS will give it to you. And our partnership program gives all of our partners the ability to do that.

Speaker 1 (47:01):

The ultimate cash buyers list is the MLS. And through us, you have the ability to do it. So if you’re listening to me tonight and you’re a partner, please, please, please make sure you understand what I told you. You got on fair advantage. You have literally literally an unfair advantage in today’s marketplace. And if you’re not yet a partner, you need to make that decision today because E you do need an advantage in today’s marketplace. I promise you if you get lost in the weeds, there’s too many things working, you know, harder to get capital, the old cash buyers list aren’t buying, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You need that advantage. And our partner driven model, you got access to all of our paperwork, all of our contracts that we talked about today, obviously doing this on a daily basis, coaching and mentoring, you have access to my capital to close on deals.

Speaker 1 (47:57):

You have access to, uh, to help you fix them. And we sell them, split the profits. So if you already partner utilize this advantage, it’s huge. If you’re not yet a partner, you simply got to go to www dot partner-driven dot com. There’s a lot of people on the call tonight. Some of you guys are like, you’ve been looking at this, you’ve been checking it out. You’re like, I’m ready. I have a couple of team members on standby. So if you’re ready, not just tire kickers, not just, not just trying to figure out, you know, is there, can I get a freebie? No, you left to make a small investment up front. Just show us that you’re kind of all in and you’re serious. But if you’re at that point where like, you’re, I’m ready, let’s go. Okay. I got a couple of team members that are on standby.

Speaker 1 (48:38):

So take it. So make sure you have something to write with right now. And maybe we could put this inside a Kristen chat. Also, we’ve got Abe on standby, 6, 7, 8, 8, 9 4 6 7 8 3. These will all be in your chats. We got a Nica on standby, 6, 7, 8, 6 9 8 2 9 3. Oh, we have Christine on standby. That’s 7, 7 0 3 6 9 4 3 9 5. Um, we have Jim on standby, 7, 7 0 3 6 9 0 8 4 1. And we’ve got Kristen on standby. 2, 5, 3, triple 6, 0 3, 6, 4. It’s all inside your chat. So for those of you that are ready to go right now today, not tire tickers, not just for info, please call one of these people that are on standby guys. That’s all I got for you. The ultimate cash buyers list. You got to use it. I guys over and out. We’ll see you again next week. Bye.

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