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Peter (00:00:05):

Hello? Hello? Hello, Peter Vekselman here with Julie. How are you doing?

Julie (00:00:11):

Oh, I am doing good. Looking crazy. I’ve been working my tail off over here at, uh, one of my new vacation rental properties.

Peter (00:00:18):

Oh. So we actually do do deals and we actually do our own deals. Well, while we’re giving everybody a chance to log on Julia here for the next minute or so talk about this one. How’d you find it.

Julie (00:00:30):

Actually, I found this property driving for dollars. You want me to show it to you guys? Yes. Okay. So imagine this is a lake house on a Bayou in Louisiana. This is the list. It’s just got one and excuse me, like I said, I just buying stuff and putting it together. It’s two bedrooms. It’s got a, a big open floor plan here. It’s only 900 square foot. Excuse me. My kitchen is a frigging disaster because I’m putting new blinds up, gonna change the cabinets, the bedroom, another bathroom. And if you come out here, it’s got a humongous, like screened in porch, and I’m going to put an outdoor kitchen out here so people can go on the boat. Then they can come out and hang out on the porch. But, um, the beautiful thing about being able to do your own deals, whether you’re looking to wholesale them fix and flip them, which I’ll do all of that too.

But some of these houses I want to come to and stay. So why not make money when I’m not in them? You know? So, um, I’ve got a cabin going, I’ve got this one going. Um, but simply, and I talked about this on Tuesday, night’s webinar. Literally I was visited Louisiana two months ago and in three days I put this deal together. Um, bought it owner finance. Um, and I’m only paying a thousand dollars a month for the next 15 years, which is out of this world. Really? When you think about that, there’s no banks. There’s no, um, none of, any of that included now that’s the beauty of being direct to seller because when you’re direct to seller, you can do anything you want to, because I could have wholesaled this. I could have flipped this house, but Peter, this was just one I wanted to keep for myself, you know? So I can go fishing, hang out with the family. I can’t hear you for some reason, brother.


Can you hear me now?


I sure can. Okay.

Peter (00:02:50):

Technical difficulties, you know, it’s, it’s interesting to meet Julie and I’m sure you hear it all the time too. People say, well, what we do doesn’t work or I can do it because I live in Louisiana or I live in New York or I live in California, um, or it’s too late, or I should have done this five years ago. And it’s amazing, isn’t it? This business works. It works as ever as good as ever. And you know, literally on a daily basis, where are you seeing results ourselves with the deals like you doing yourselves or with our partners? You know, the question is you always tell people it’s the questions they ask. You know, when somebody asks a question, does this work? I always think what, that’s a wrong question. The real question is, are you willing to do the work? That’s the real question. And there you were, weren’t you guys on vacation when you did this or just passing by or something like that came down

Julie (00:03:40):

For a reunion and, and, and I’ll tell you, it’s so funny. Like I should’ve just stayed on vacation and went to the reunion, but I’ll tell you God’s this, when you do what you love, it’s never work. And I find it fun to drive around. I don’t know anybody on this call that you find it fun to drive around and look for properties. I mean, I think that I like the thrill of funding, the deals more than actually doing them. Um, so, and, and to another point, you know, people say, um, so he says, are you going to shoot an alligator? There is an alligator right here. Cause I’m right here on the bottom that hooks you like scared me to death. Cause I have my dogs out here, but people say, oh, I should have invested. You know, 10 years ago, five years ago, you’re going to always say that 20 years from now, one of the smartest men I ever met, he was 86 years old, literally owned half of the county that I live in, in Dalanaga, Peter.

And he just went around every year and bought things, bought properties one by one by one. And back then when he was bought them, they were three and $6,000, you know, for five acres. Well, back then that seemed like a lot of money. Well guess what? He was one of the richest men in that town because he put his money in real estate. He did it. All right. So, um, I’ll always think it’s always an opportune time. You just gotta be willing to do what others aren’t willing to do and you’re, you’re gonna be just fine. The beautiful thing is, is this market is cyclical. So when you’re in a tough market like this and you know what you’re doing and you’re getting deals, man, just wait until it goes down and you have even more opportunities. So for me, now’s a really, really good time for you to hone in your skills because I mean, I see a tsunami coming of deals over the next year, especially with these moratoriums coming up. But enough enough about me guys? Um,

Peter (00:05:50):

No, no, that was awesome, Julie. I mean, I think that was absolutely awesome. I’m glad we had a couple of minutes to let everybody join us here today, but let’s get to the topic at hand. What we’re going to talk about today is, is how to build out investor databases, right? And, and I’ll tell you, if you, if you’re a real estate investor, the concept of developing investor databases is it is, is, is a critical concept for you to understand, but beyond just the concept of it, knowing to do it, you gotta know how to do it. I could tell you like when people look back at careers, so, you know, I’ve been at this thing for a couple of decades, that would, I would say that’s a career, right? A lot of people, you know, when they do something for, well over a couple decades, that’s like, you know, you’ve stuck it out. You’ve done a lot of good things. You’re rocking it out.

And I can tell you, as I look back at my couple, couple plus decades into this business and, and, and people say, well, what’s the one thing people, what’s the one thing in real estate investing that has made you more money than anything else. You know, what’s the one thing that you would recommend newer people do. You know, what’s the one thing, Pete, if I’m just starting, what should I do? And I tell them a lot of times, well, I give them two answers. Number one, it’s all about alignment, right? If you’re going to be real estate investor, you have to learn how to align yourself because that’s the ultimate shortcut. The ultimate shortcut to success is the alignment of, from where you are now to where you want to be. And you bridge that gap by aligning yourself with the right people, very, very critical.

And we’ll share. Julian are going to share here in a little bit about how you guys can actually align yourself with us and level up, uh, from what you’re doing. But the second thing, you know, when they say, well, what’s the nitty gritty, what’s the technique. What’s the strategy? I always tell them, it’s not a technique. It’s not a strategy, but probably by next most important piece of advice, I can give someone, develop, develop relationships with other investors. And the ability to develop relationships with investors is an absolutely critical component. And, and a lot of times in this business, people say, well, I need to find my buyer’s list. I need to find my investor database lists. You know, I got to find people to wholesale to, and it’s so true. And I’m going to actually spend a couple minutes with you guys sharing how, how I spend years years developing my internal investor database.

And then, then guys, I’m going to share with you how you can get access to the largest database of investors in the world. Okay. Um, but I tell people, the reason that’s so important is that it’s beyond just being an investor database, you know, your cash buyers list. You know, here’s what most people think. People think, okay, I’m getting into the real estate investing business. I want to do what let’s say as a wholesaler. You know, I want to wholesale a bunch of deals. So because I want to do it as a wholesaler, um, let me, uh, you know, I need an investor database and you do, there’s no question. If you’re going to do it as a wholesaler, you absolutely need an investor database, but I can tell you that same investor database as a wholesaler, okay. That same investor, uh, database, uh, as a wholesaler will make you tons and tons and tons of other money utilizing it correctly.

So for instance, for instance, out of the same database, that you’re gonna wholesale your deals to right out of the same database, you’re going to wholesale your deals to, you’re going to find people to buy your properties. You’re going to find people to fund your properties. If that’s what you need, you’re gonna find people to bring you potential other properties to do deals with. You’re gonna find people to teach you other techniques and strategies that you would have otherwise never done. Right? You’re going to find opportunities that you never even would have thought. So out of my initial investor database that I created or started to create, you know, well, over two decades ago out of that database, I have, um, I could tell you, uh, I could tell you out of that, invest in the initial investor database. It’s what got me to finally do my initial hundred successful deals on a dead initial database is how I got into condo conversions, which I didn’t even know what they were until, you know, I swerved into them.

I did that in that initial database is how I raised my initial capital out of that initial database is, um, is, uh, uh, how was able to go beyond the local geography of just Atlanta, Georgia. You know, it’s, I could argue to a certain degree out of that initial database is what got me from where I was, which by then, by, by the way back then, you could just say was zero. I mean, like at that point I was an absolutely zero when I got started a couple of decades ago. So pretty much got me on a way to where I am now. Thousands of real estate deals later. So all this to say that your cash buyers list your database of investors spans way beyond just buyers for your wholesale deals. It spans way beyond that. It spans into everything else I just discussed and many, many other things.

So like I said, I’m going to share with you the ultimate database and how you can get access to the biggest database of investors in the world here in just a minute. But before we get into that, I want to sh I want to just tell you about some techniques and strategies that let’s say you want to develop your own database, not just to tap into the biggest one, but you actually want to develop your own, which you should, by the way, for all the reasons I just gave you, how would I like in today’s in today’s marketplace? How would I go about developing my own investor database? The good thing. Here’s the good thing it’s easy. I mean, it’s a lot easier than most people realize because the reality, the reality of the situation is that investors, which by the way, this is, uh, uh, this is who goes on this investor database, uh, the investors, the investors, um, they want to be known, you know, there are some industries where there’s competition among different, you know, business retail shops, storefronts…

Not in real estate in real estate. If you were a savvy investor, you like want to be known because you want opportunities to be brought to you. Okay. So how do you develop your own investor database wherever you live? Okay. Step number one. And this is the biggest, this one of all. And by the way, this is the one that could make you, that could really blow this investor database into, you know, dozens and hundreds and easily thousands and thousands of investors. And that’s just simply the internet search engines, right? All you have to do is you get on a Google and you literally Google it like fine real estate investors. Now I will give you a little hand in, in, in, in the, you will see, as we talk about this, ultimately, you want a database that spans the globe because the further away your investor in, if you’re, let’s say just wholesaling, the more they’ll pay for the deal.

Um, so those, they become a lot more valuable. But in the beginning, I tell people let’s start out with a local local investor database, because locally there’s a chance for you to build better relationship with them, right? You can go out there, you could see them, you could, you know, you could talk to them and, and you could really tap into what it is you’re doing and how it is that you could really, really, really help them. Okay. So, uh, Google, and what I would do is y’all just write down that, you know, the key chain. So like, um, that have anything to do with real estate investing real estate investors, like fine real estate investors invest in real estate. You know, we buy houses, real estate, cash buyers, invest in RTOs, buy commercial properties, uh, um, you know, anything, um, anything like that. Yeah.

And so, because I always encourage them because people stay local, even having told you, ultimately the big money is made when you’re doing as far away, but it didn’t beginning. I do want you to stay local. So to make sure that the investors you’re gathering are at the lowest level, put the name of the city that you live in. So like for instance, stay, find real estate investors, Atlanta, Georgia. We buy houses, Atlanta, Georgia invest in real estate, Atlanta, Georgia. And you’re going to see everyone that has anything to do with that is going to show up. Now, I will also tell you some people that have nothing to do will show up, right? Cause you’re looking for investor databases. So when you do, when you do these kinds of searches, right, you’ll also get a real estate agent that’ll show up, you’ll also get a mortgage broker, that’ll pull it, uh, uh, potentially show up. So what I always tell people, try to screen those out and only include people that have anything to do with either investing or investors. And the information that you want to gather is their contact information and, uh, their names, right? Those are the two pieces of advice, things I want. I want Tom Smith, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. That’s I can a perfect case scenario. A lot of times you’ll find companies LLCs. That’s all good enough because you know, in this business, almost everybody, uh, everyone incorporates for liability and, uh, yeah. And tax purposes. So you’re going to Google as many terms like that. You’re going to flip, flip the terms. You’re going to toggle the terms. Uh, I’ll tell you local real estate auctions, fantastic way to find investors, right? So whenever you, you, you know, just find out when your, a local foreclosure auctions is that U S gets rolled out, um, uh, find out when, um, the local foreclosure auctions take place, find out when private auctions take place.

And literally, I remember in the first couple of years, I would just show up, right. I would literally just show up and, and guess what guess who goes to auctions? Like nobody goes to auctions because they have nothing to do in life, right? People that actually have the ability to buy at auctions go to auctions. So, so that’s a terrific, terrific, uh, place, local law terms, logorrhea clubs, real estate, investment associations, right. Uh, are a terrific, a terrific place to find, um, uh, real estate investors because who goes to local REIA clubs, real estate investors, of course, um, social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn. I mean, they’re, they’re build without, you know, go to Facebook and join all the real, just type in real estate investor, uh, uh, groups. And you’re going to see a bunch of, of them show up. So social networks, um, social networks, REI clubs, um, uh, Google searches, Yahoo searches.

Guys, these are all incredible, incredible ways to find investors. So what you want to do is first, you want to start out with a general investor database, right? You want to build it out, uh, to the best of your ability and you want it to get bigger and bigger. And by the way, you also always want to revisit the sites, right? Because Google searches, as, you know, constantly change REI club memberships always change. So first step was, you want to develop these investor databases, second step. You want to contact them, right? You want to contact them and you want to start building a relationship. Okay. You want to start building the relationships, uh, with, uh, these investors, right? Find out who they are, what they do, what they’re about, what they’re looking for, what they get off, or just have general conversations. You know, I used to call them and the first number of years in this business, and I would just say, Hey, I’m a, I’m a local investor, Peter of someone always looking to meet and network with other investors, you know, would you be open to a, um, to meeting?

And again, the good is in our industry. We do want to network. We do want to get to know each other, you know, we do want to connect with other investors. So I realized it was very easy to get in a hole, get in the door of investors. I actually do want to do deals and, and again, those relationships. And then, so, so I built my investor database. I qualified the investor base and then just let’s say on my wholesale deals. Okay. Just what, I guess what happened on my wholesale deals, our ideal came about Boone was just a matter of picking up a couple of phone calls because I got to know who was on that investor database. Right. Then it was just a matter of picking up a couple of phone calls, calling them up, finding out, Hey, here’s what I got. Are you interested in doing the deals?

And I could tell you, in the beginning, in the beginning, um, a ton, a ton, like almost 80 to 90% of all the deals I did in the beginning came off this investor databases. But, but a lot more than that out of these investor databases then came relationships that led me into, uh, other techniques out of these databases, came relationships that got me into other strategies. Um, and, and so I will, as we move on and what we want to talk to you guys about today, I’m going to flip it over to Julie to see if there’s anything she wants to point out on the investor databases. I could tell you your ability and your willingness to do and to build out your investor. Databases is actually the most powerful, the most, uh, strong thing you could do to progress your business. Not from a short-term perspective, you’ll see immediate impact, but specifically from a long-term perspective, having said that here’s the best news of today.

Here’s the best news of the day. If you become a partner of Julie’s in mine, we have access to the largest investor database in the world. And that investor database happens to be the local MLS, right? Well, it’s not local. I say local, but the investor database is the, the ultimate, ultimate buyers database is the MLS, right? When you have the ability to pre-market your properties on the MLS invest, especially in the us great properties, guess who seen them investors all over the world that are then reaching out by making offers, you know, asking questions and you’re compiling all that information. So one of the huge values, one of the huge values of becoming a partner of both Julie’s and I is you will literally get access to one of the largest real estate investor basis out there. So I’m doing something unusual here. Do they?

Julia actually got this pumping through social media. And I just realized once I flip this over to you, they’re not going to see me anymore. So I’m actually gonna flip the camera over here, here in a second. I want Julie to see if there’s some things that she wants stay add. I’m sure she’s going to add some things of how important in the value of having these investors, uh, in your pocket. I’m gonna flip the over, but guys, if you’re, if you’re, if you’re listening to me through social media, that’s super-duper, if you will, if it’s strictly, this is sort of people on social media, because we may lose connection here. If you want to learn more, how you can access our investor database, how you can actually even partner with us and do some deals together, just DM me the word partner, I’ll get you some more information. So having said that, I’m going to flip this over here in a second. Julie, what did I miss when it comes to investor databases and the importance of those?

Julie (00:21:21):

I was, I was muted it’s excuse me, rookie move. Um, so, you know, for me, everything that you mentioned is exactly the reason why you should be building a cash buyer database. Um, but I’ll tell you for me, there’s one other thing. Um, I was working with one of our partners and she owns five particular deals. And another investor was trying to bother them from her. I liked talking to other investors because I like to hear them negotiate with me. Like if you really listen to everything that everybody has to say, not only is it about making money on your deals, building relationships, but it’s a learning curve. Even after doing this for 10 years, I pick up something new every day. So if you want to learn more in this business, just get around more people that do this business. And you’ll inevitably you’ll learn something just from doing that alone.

So on top of everything, but Peter said, talking to people, go into your local real estate investor association meetings. Even if you’re not going there to get deals, even if you’re not meeting cash buyers speaking, the lingo, just being around people is you’re going to inevitably learn from them. Now I do have a hack though that we didn’t talk about Peter on how you can use deal driven, which is by the way, guys, um, for those of you on social media or on this zoom call deal driven is a proprietary software that we are co-creators of to help fund deals. We’ll also, it has the capability to find cash buyers. Would anybody like me to show you how to find cash buyers in your area, utilizing deal driven? If not, I’ll move on, but I’ll show you right now how to do this. Okay. Awesome.

Awesome. But God, I don’t want you to miss the fact that when you work with us here at partner driven, because of the way that our contracts are, because of the way that we put up funds with us, being able to do that, what we’re able to do is utilize the realtors to double close on these deals. So technically you always need a buyer’s database, but it’s good to build them, but I’m going to show you how to find these in your area. Okay? So let me share my screen. Um, and we’re going to look at deal driven real quick. So we’re not going to use, we’re not going to go over everything instead of deal driven today because it would be a two hour webinar by itself. Okay? But if you’d like to get a seven day free trial of deal driven, you can always go to deal

Or if you become one of our partners, guess what? We provide this to you. Plus 1000 skip traces a month, plus the ability to pull cash buyers. Plus daily training calls. I can’t express to you how important it is to have a database to work off of it just saves time, right? That’s the most valuable resource. So on the front page, I’m going to go straight to search for cash buyers. Okay. We’re going to put in a city. I’m just going to make up one. Let’s do Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama. I’m going to do, I can do a five mile search radius to run the city center of, of, um, of Birmingham. Um, I could do 20. I’m going to stay at five though around the city center. Now what you’re going to see is everybody that bought that property in cash. That we’re the property location is within seven miles inside the city center of Berlin of Berlin, Birmingham. I don’t know why I keep saying Burlington, but anyway, so when I’m looking at this, right, there are a few of these properties or a few of these cash buyers that are really good cash buyers. And I’m going to show you guys a super hack on how to find them. Okay. I like working with, um, not necessarily big time cash buyers that bought thousands of properties a year, but somebody that buys six to 10 deals. So once I go to filters here, I can pick my property type. If I’m looking for a single family home buyer, I’m going to go to single family homes.

I’m going to look at my price range, okay? Maybe I don’t want to deal in commercial real estate. So I want to say in, in Birmingham, I only want to work with investors who have invested between let’s say 50,000 and what 300,000 that should get you all of your blue collar working class area plus inside of Birmingham. Okay. Now I can go to property count and saying, I want them to at least have done five deals. Y’all isn’t this nuts how easy this is to find these, check this out. You got Bobby Wells here who was average deal is $544,000. This is a home address. All you have to do is reverse. Skip, trace this and look up Bobby’s home address and skip trace Bobby from his, at his home. Does everybody understand what I’m saying there? When you’re looking for cash buyers, you’re not looking to skip trace the properties they purchased because generally they’re purchased within side of an LLC.

Um, but there’s lots of investors like Mr. David here, he’s bought them all in his personal name. Well, it says exactly right here where David lives. So I would just go look up David’s personal address, skip, trace to find David’s phone number and get ahold of him there. Because look, do you guys think that David’s a cash buyer has average deals around 50,000 and he’s done five of them. What this tells me right here is that David’s probably a buy and hold buyer. Cause I know the Birmingham market a little bit. He’s probably looking at lower end cashflow in properties. Okay. Here’s another one. When you see names like Birmingham, Jefferson civic center, I’m going to skip across that because that’s the county purchasing land. You might see school, um, schools purchasing land or the county or north point holding LLC. This is another one. This is where they’re putting them in LLCs, where you have PO boxes and things. But some of my best fines are going to be ones like this. James Hankins. Do you see this guy when you’re not? Peter was saying people that are further away will pay more for properties where you are. Y’all remember Peter talking about that. If you look at this here, right now, these properties are in, um, Birmingham, James bought nine of them and he lives in California. Do you think James is going to pay more for a property than Tom that lives in Alabama?

Yeah. And you’ve got his personal address right here, so you can look them up. So guys, there’s my hack on there is my hack on how to find some, um, cash buyers in your area. You just have to think everything through right. Maybe or reverse the way you’re looking at things. Look for these investors that don’t have LLC set up that maybe, maybe they do, but maybe the LLCs out of their house and not out of a registered agent, like an attorney. Um, that would be exactly how I would be looking for cash or buyers utilizing the deal driven software. Um, so, but that’s really all I’ve got as far as cash buyers go. I hope that helped everyone today. But again, if you’re one of our partners, it’s kind of a mute point. And you know, the biggest thing, Peter is a lot of our are just getting started. Is there anybody on this call that you feel is kind of just getting started? Give me a hand raise, give me a yes. In the comments.

Okay, good. Somebody is going to play along with me today. Thank you, Michelle. So and Juni and Chris, thank you. The problem, when you first get started in this business is this. If you were traditionally doing the wholesale model, you’ve got to find deals direct to seller, right? Peter, then you’ve got to turn around and you’ve got to find a cash buyer to assign that property to. So when you’re very, very new, or even if you’ve been doing it for a while, you’re spending your time on this side and you’re spending your time on this side, meaning finding the deals and finding the cash buyers. Just the question. What do you think makes you the most money?

If you were to spend your time wisely, what do you think actually makes you the most money? Great comment. It’s definitely going to be finding deals direct to seller with us and with our partners. What we want you to do is completely focus on finding the deals first, because I don’t want you to become uninsured canted with this business, because if you’re spending less time finding the deals, because you’re looking for cash buyers, you could be months and months and months to spit in your wills. The beautiful thing with working with Peter and I here at partner-driven is you focus your time on the things that make you money.

I want to say this again. You spend your time on the things that make you money, because there’s one thing that is going to really motivate you in this business. And that’s closing your first dealers second, or your third deal, right? When you close a deal, that gives you confidence that you can not buy I’m serious. You can’t buy training for competence. You can’t just make yourself confident, but when you understand how to complete a deal from start to finish, right, it gives you confidence to keep going. And that’s what I feel we’ve done here at. Partner-driven got my t-shirt on today, um, is that we give you all of the tools that are necessary to go out and find these deals. Once you find the deals, we always talk about you fund it, we fund it and we split the profits. Guys. There’s a lot of work between you finding it and closing on that deal a lot of work. That’s why we here at partner-driven utilize our back office, Ms. Mary and Ms. Laura, to do a lot of the due diligence to help find the buyers to help us send the contract into escrow, to make sure there’s no liens to do all of these things. Because our main goal is just for you to do more deals. I’m not going to be selfish with letting you know what our intentions are. Not only do we want to show you how to do deals and show you this business, but did you hear the part where we fund it and we split profits 50/50, if it’s okay with you guys, I want to be clear. We want you to be successful people that are in our partner program, because if you do more deals, we make more money, right? We literally put our money where our mouth is and we, you know, invest right back into people with our software, like deal driven.

Guys, you guys haven’t even really seen a demo yet on deal engine. And I know Kristen’s on this call. I really think we should do that next week and show individuals our proprietary CRM software so that when, once you take this information that you’ve received from deal driven, or even driving for dollars or wherever, and you place this into your CRM system, you’re going to put this information in there. Then the system will automatically follow up with the sellers by sending them an email by sending them text messages by calling them. It’s literally like you’re one person in your business. It’s like hiring three assistants, one to do email decks and one to leave voicemails. We do not charge extra money to our partners for this software. Even though we pay a great deal of money for this. Again, that’s just one more value the partner driven has to offer because we’re not just a coaching company, we’re partner with people. We don’t have students. We have partners. My question to you here today is you ready to close some deals? You were ready to make this happen. You ready to get off the fence with that? If you are, today’s the day we have availability to take on some more partners right now. And you know, what’s nuts. Peter, did you know that you can join our partner program for like 300 to $500? But

Peter (00:35:18):

Yeah, crazy. I mean, this is, and guys, this is part of the reason we S we are now going to be committed to doing these pop-ups is we want to do a couple of them a week minimum. We want to teach you, but plus we want to share with you what exactly it means to partner with us at partner driven. And, uh, we want, we want to share with you something really cool. That’s taking place here, partner driven in the fact that we now have actually a third party. That’ll give you the money. Okay? Give you the money to join partner-driven. So let me just take a minute or two and just kind of review what Julie was talking about. I mean, if you’re not a partner yet you want to do real estate deals. You live in United States, you’re coachable. You want to get into real estate investing.You want to level up in life and you want to just really get to those next levels. Here’s what you get by being one of our partners. Number one, you get unlimited coaching. And when I say unlimited, it’s pretty much unlimited. We do what we’ll do Julie and I did right here. We do it on a daily basis with our partners. We do it multiple times in some days, and we do it in, in, in group formats. We also do it individual formats. Um, it is just incredible how we literally over-deliver on the partner side. So if you want to be coached and mentored, make sure that, um, that part, the, the partner model is where you joined, because we’re gonna, we’re gonna, I hate to say it. And I know it sounds kind of crude. We’re gonna sh coach the crap out of you to the next level when it comes to real estate investing.

Number two, and by the way, if somebody on this call like Kristen can texts me the phone number that people could call, if they’re ready to get started. Um, number two, number two, uh, um, we’re going to generate leads for you in this business. Lead flow is absolutely critical. Basically finding deals is absolutely critical and we know how important that is. So we will actually a partner driven start generating leads for you to get to those next levels. Okay. Um, we’re going to provide you technology. Julie’s already shared it with you, and by the way, you need technology. If you want to be successful in the real estate business in today’s marketplace, you need to have access. Um, uh, I just

Julie (00:37:26):

And Peter, I just shared one tiny little part of that technology. I mean, a teeny tiny little part of it,

Peter (00:37:32):

But it’s a powerful. And in, in, in a it’s powerful B, Julie’s exactly right. That’s the thing of the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible with our technology, for our partners. Um, next once we identify the local partner, once we identify the deal with the local partner, I’m going to provide a hundred percent of the capital that’s right? So, uh, if you become one of our partners, you don’t have to spend a dollar out of pocket. That’s all a part of my risk, our responsibility. Um, if it needs any kind of rehab work we’re going to help you with there. And then we put it in a market, sell it, split the profits down the middle 50/50. And that right there is the partner driven model. We coach you, we generate leads for you. We provide you technology. We’d give you all the capital to close on deals when the deals are closed.

Um, we do whatever needs to be done with them, that we sell them and split the profits. We’re looking for more partners to do deals with we’re doing more deals with than we ever have with partners. And we are actively in the hunt to do more deals with our partners. Now there’s a couple of ways to join our partnership program. You know, one is just to prepay the whole fee up front is $15,000. If you do that, you’ll get a 10% discount. Two, we can actually do some internal financing for you. Okay. Literally we can finance the fee. Okay. Uh, um, and the, um, uh, we could, we could finance that fee for you. And right now we’re financing them at somewhere between 2000 to 2,500 a month until you get to that 1500. 3rd option, which Julie and I are going to talk about in a minute is we actually have a third party source that will give you that whole 15,000. And you’re only going to paying them about $250 to $300 a month. So everybody falls into different categories. You know, if you’re gonna, if you’re going to do self financing and you have the initial fee, you definitely want to get ahold of us. We’ll get you rolling. Uh, by the way, if you’re listening to me on social media, I see a lot of questions being brought up. The best thing to do is just DM me the word partner, okay. DM me the word partner. Um, but again, remember you gotta be us, Val, you gotta, you gotta be coachable. You gotta be a hustler. You gotta be wanting to level up and you gotta want it to do through the real estate investing business. And if you qualify with all of those, then DM me the word partner, um, Julie, um, talk a little bit about what now for partners, you know, in life there’s never the end, right? You never get to that ultimate pinnacle. And you’re like, well, I guess this is all I can do with this all like yet. Well, the same thing with us as part of the partner driven, um, we actually have, uh, an ability for our partners to level up. And the way that happens is they go to PD Max level and PD Max has just basically, what’s taken me from where I was, you know, 10 plus years ago, you know, kind of a, just a re-emerging real estate investor, not much going for me. I, you know, I met Julie, um, and she pretty much took over the running of my company. And that since became my CEO, and then we had a meteoric ride together, you know, since then thousands of deals, you know, uh, tons of stuff states across United States. And so what part driven max has where Julie actually steps, it’s everything.

We get a partner driven, plus Julie literally steps in and becomes your CEO. And she basically starts running your company for a number of months. And when she runs it, she brings on a personal color. And she’ll get into that here in a minute. But the point is this, if you want to have the kind of ride I had in this business, where I went to literally from zero to hero, okay, where Julie became my in essence CEO and ran everything for me, she able in essence then become your CEO and run everything for you. Then Julie’s going to talk a little bit about, uh, specifically, specifically what it means when you go to PD, max level and some costs. And again, at the end, we’re going to finish off by providing you guys a third party solution that will actually give you the ability to join both of these programs or one of these programs and have a third party prepay for it. Uh, Julian, let’s talk a little bit about PD Max.

Julie (00:41:30):

Okay. Well, um, if it’s okay with everybody, um, I do to go over the funding and kind of explain that, and then we’ll go into PD Max. That’s cool. So, you know, for a lot of you out there, um, when you hear it and I get it, I get it. I’ve been there. You hear numbers like 15,000. You’re getting your numbers for me of like her 45 to 65,000. Kinda hits you in the stomach a little bit, right? That that’s no, that’s definitely not chump change, but the fact that we will, we will find it, your deals and split profits. Do you know, just to join our program is less money than it cost to put down for a loan on a house to do a deal yourself along with having all of the coaching, all the mentoring, all the software that we provide, but with this financing that Peter was talking about, and then I’m talking about with you right now, it’s not just about lower monthly payment. It’s not about that. What it is, have any of you ever heard the term OPM it’s other people’s money? Okay. This company approved our company partner driven the ability to have people that want to join our program. They’re private investors with lend money. They do that because they believe in what we’re doing and they’ve saw the success of others. So they vouched to loan money to you guys to do this as a valid business venture. Now, yes, it’ll get your payments down lower than the then self doing it or putting all the money down up front. But let me tell you what it really does.

What it really does is it allows you time to focus on your business. It allows you time to take a little bit of pressure off so that you can build your business the right way. Believe me. I know, I know how it is. I’ve been as far at the bottom as you could go before. I know what 2000 a month is. I know what 15,000 is. I know what 45,000 is. What this does is buy yourself more time, because I know if you’re on this call right now, when you’re looking to get into, you know, real estate investing, it’s gonna take time. It’s gonna take investigating yourself. I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve invested in myself. Over the years, I really stopped counting because if I ever wanted to learn something, I went and hired the best to teach, because I don’t have time or money to lose learning things on your own, or you tubing. Everything will cost you more money than it’s going to ever cost you to someone that’s done it before. Now, here is the financing. Um, Kristen, do you have the link for us right now? I’m going to go over. Um, what I’m going to do is I’m going to go over the terms with you guys and also, um, Peter, can you let him know if you could do that, put that inside of your D your chats there and social media, but I want everybody to see this link.

Do you have a 640 credit score? Do you make at least $40,000 a year? If your W2’s have you worked at the same job for one year, generally, if you meet that criteria, you will be able to, um, you will be able to get this financing. If you’re self-employed, you must have two years tax returns and make at least 40,000 a year. But I want to show you just how easy it is to apply and listen, don’t worry. This is just a soft pool. So when you fill out this application, it’s not like you’re over here, dinging your credit and making your credit score, go down. This is absolutely a soft pool. So you have nothing left to lose by checking this out. So I’m just going to walk through it with you. So I want to make sure everybody’s had time here.

So once you’ve clicked this link, right guys, you’re just going to click this link. All you’re going to need to do is go through and click major purpose, major purchase, simple. Then you want to know, well, how much would you like to borrow? Well, um, I’ll be talking about partner-driven max shortly. Um, but if you want to work with me, one-on-one, um, which, by the way, when you work with me, one-on-one, it’s more than just becoming a CEO. We’re going to start your business from the very beginning. That means we’re going to set up an LLC correctly. It means we’re going to have your logos created your website, created your social media channels created. Isn’t that an awesome value. We’re going to make sure that’s congruent. A lot of people. When you get into this business, you do this business. When you have time to do this business.

So this week I’m not creating a logo for this or this week, my website might look like this. I want you to have a logo and your business model or something that you can be proud of. I’m proud to wear the logo that was created for our company. And it’s the same across the board. What that does is it that creates trust among sellers. When you got your, your, your, your business together with just the way that it looks, what that does is it’s congruency. It builds trust. That’s what, that’s what we want for you. So we’re going to have someone on our team that created all of our logos. All of our websites build yours out for you. I’m going to also pull all of your leads for you. Um, I’ll go ahead and toot my own horn a little bit. I know what motivated sellers are. I know exactly where to pull these leads. I know who are the best people to call and how to get those leads. I’m going to pull them forward you, cause I don’t want to waste time. My entire goal, if you’re working with me, one-on-one at partner-driven. Max is for you to close deals as quickly as possible. And if your goal is to move into this business, full-time this is a great option for you because you get an entire business set up for you.

Now, once we pull the leads, we’re going to set up your custom CRM system, this custom CRM system, all of your websites, your emails, your phone numbers are all going to attach to this. Along with the leads that we’re going to pull for you. Those leads will be entered into that CRM system. We’ll set up all the follow-up for you. I and my team will hire and train a US based employee on your behalf. That’s a big deal to me. I’m not going to knock VA’s I’m not going to get into that discussion, but under my personal experience, hiring local American base callers to build relationships with your seller goes a long way. A lot further than someone from another country that you hear on the other line. Not knocking them, Um, but for me, this has always worked better. So that every day, my goal for you is used to have at least one seller that raises their hand and says that they want to sell their property. It takes going through a lot of calls to make that happen. So when I talked earlier today about doing things that make you money, doing things that make you money, all boil down to this making offers, the more offers you make, the more appointments you go on, the more deals you will do.

You’re not going to make any money.Now making offers. What I want to do is put you in a place to where you can make offers as often as possible and often as possible. And I’ll be there along with my entire staff. And I’m definitely not short staffed. I have some of the best people in this industry to work for you. I’m my best people that close my deals. I don’t play and say, I’ll do deals. I’m hearing a t-shirt shorts, you know, doing this because I’ll want to, we do deals with our partners every day. If this sounds like something that you would like, you’ve got to be very, very serious because I don’t have time to take something like this. Very slowly. I can work with you between 45,060 5,000, depending on the amount of time that you and I and Peter worked together and you don’t just have access to me. You have access to Peter as well. Right? Um, and my entire goal every day when I wake up, when I work with my partners is to make money and get them into their business full time. And I’ll tell you, I started this program three months ago. My first client just retired last Thursday.

That’s nuts. My second, the client has already closed more deals than she ever paid. I have more and more and more people on their way to that goal. So when you’re here in this product, in this, and when you’re looking here and please do not apply to work with me at partner-driven max, unless you’re serious. Okay. Um, because we’re, we’re going to go, I don’t know how else to say it. Balls to the wall. The wall is it’s it’s is what we will do. So if you’re interested in partner driven, which by the way is an absolutely great program. We, I mean, Peter and I are the co-creators of it. You’re you’re doing a lot of this on your own, which is great.

And then I would apply for 15,000 or a couple thousand more. If you’re interested, just to see if partner driven, max might be for you, your credit scores are gonna need to be a little bit higher to borrow between 45 and 65,000. Go ahead and raise the amount that you want to borrow there. If you’re interested in that, I do have coming up here in a week and a half. I have one slot available for PD for partner-driven max, and a couple of weeks after that, I have another spot available, um, because we want to make sure we talk and that we’d be a good fit for each other. So you’re just going to determine here what you want, your personal loan. How much would you like to borrow in? And Guys, let me say this again. This is a soft pool. This will not show up on your credit report as a ding to your credit. For me, that’s super important. I hate hard pulls on my credit. That’s like, when you go get a car or you go to Macy’s and they’re like, Hey, get one of my credit cards and you get 10% off. I’m joking. But those stores get me every time, but they do hit you on the hard, on the hard pulls.

Now simple. What’s your name? What’s your first last name? What’s your cell phone number. Please. Don’t put a landline here because, um, don’t put your landline here because if you do, they won’t be able to text you back and forth. Okay. So you’ll want to put your, your cell phone number here. Your date of birth, your social security number, your zip code, your address. Have, how long have you lived at this address? Do you own it outright and you own it with a mortgage. Are you renting her other what’s your monthly rent or mortgage amount? Well, what’s the estimated credit. Excellent, good or fair. Your employment status. And what’s your yearly pre-taxed income. How often do you get paid every week, but weekly, twice a month monthly or what’s your payroll type, simply acknowledge and consent. And you will be on your way to hearing an offer immediately from this company, letting you know if you qualify for one of these loans or not.

So, um, I do have a few minutes to take some questions. It’s going to be a little bit different because this is a webinar instead of a meeting. So on the bottom of your screen, there’s a little button down there that says raised hand, raise hand. If you raise your hand, I can call you up to speak. What’s that? Click the button to call you to speak. You’re simply just going to unmute yourself once you’ve done. So you will be live with Peter and I. Okay. So, um, Juni, I know you have your hand up. Um, I’m going to see if, if you want to unmute yourself and ask any questions we’re here about real estate related. I guess that’s anything related and I’ll answer it to the best of my ability.

Juni (00:55:31):

Yes. Hi, Julie and I, Peter, I started with this program just recently, but I really love it because of what I see, what you guys doing and everything. Um, I start with the, um, uh, pay the 200 and then pay the, whatever, whatever I have to pay monthly. But the thing is this, I was wondering when you start like this, can you go different levels? Cause I see you said you have different levels that you could go to the 45 of the 16 when you’re in. Can you go up when you’re ready or you have to, you know, uh, start just where you are when you just come in. I don’t mean to make sense.

Julie (00:56:18):

Okay. It makes sense to me. So here’s my answer to that for you to do is call this number (770) 746-8585. One of my people will schedule a call with you and I, can you give me the number again? Yup. (770) 746-8585

Juni (00:56:54):

Thank you.

Julie (00:56:56):

Yeah. Yeah. And, and the reason I want to talk, do you do any because you know, I want to make sure it’s a good fit for you and I never want someone to do something they shouldn’t do yet. So talk with them. They’ll schedule a call with me and I’d like to just get on the phone with you and make sure fit if that’s okay. Cause I love working with other women in real estate. I do. I do. I just want to make sure I can truly help you have a call. That number talks to them and let’s, you know, move forward on that. But I mean, I would love to have a conversation with you if this would be, if this would be a perfect fit for you.

Speaker 3 (00:57:36):

Okay, Julie, thank you. You’re a sweetheart. God bless you and Peter,

Speaker 2 (00:57:42):

I love your name by the way. Okay. Thank you. Yes ma’am. Yes ma’am all right, Ms. Lori Bruns. Um, if you would just unmute yourself, dear.

Lori (00:57:57):

Okay. So I am your real basic. I have no clue what you all are talking about. I talked to her, talked to Peter for about two and a half seconds. So once you buy the investment property than what,

Julie (00:58:13):

Okay, so, um, once you find a property, right, we’re going to work mostly short-term investments with you, Lori. So once you find a property and place it under contract, we’re going to place it under contract at a certain price. Okay. Then you’re going to, we’re going to locate a buyer. That’s going to pay a higher price. Then we, you will make the money in the middle. The difference between what you bought it for, to what you sold it for.

Lori (00:58:45):

So is this another term called, like flipping in a way?

Julie (00:58:50):

Well, technically that’s called wholesaling. Um, flipping. We do flipping houses as well, which is just like you see on HGTV. I’m sure you’ve watched some of those, but those shows where you buy the property, you renovate the property and then you resell it.

Lori (00:59:10):

Okay. So basically what I’m understanding, just to get clarification, I find the property, I buy the property. I resell it in a short amount of time or 10 to 15% more finding a buyer to do that.

Julie (00:59:26):

Yes ma’am. And what, what’s your going to love about this? Laurie? You found the buyer before you ever close on the property to start with, and you could keep yourself on mute and I would love to answer any questions. Okay. So inside of the contract that you placed Laurie with the seller, there’s an inspection period in there. That’s the time in which you have to procure another buyer. Our contract allows us the right to pre-market the property through any brokers choosing. So while I have the property under contract, I might be looking for another seller, depending on the deal. Another buyer, maybe another investor. I already have a higher price offer on that same house before I ever buy it to start with. So the same day or within a day, you’re buying it and you’re selling it at a higher price. So your average deal, like that’s going to be between 7,500 and I’d say about $10,000. You’re 50% of the profit per every deal you do. Okay. Now, if we were to buy, fix and sell it, that’s a lot more work, right?

Lori (01:00:45):

And that’s not what I was interested in.

Julie (01:00:48):

Well, I’ll tell you right now, we’re making as much money doing wholesales or hotel deals. Whole tailing is different than wholesaling because you actually have to close on those, um, and do a double close, like I was talking about. I don’t want to get the terms, you know, mixed up here, but this is always, that’s quick money. Every, you know, you’re going to close that deal within 35 days. So the more you have of those, the more money you make. Um, but that’s the beauty of, of partner-driven because with someone like you, that’s very new. And by the way, we all were new at some point, right? Is this is what we teach literally every day. And every day, Monday through Friday, 12 hours a day, or we have master coaches, you could schedule a call with, because again, because we split profits, Lori, I want you to know everything, right. So we’re going to teach you the deal driven. You’re going to get that. We’re going to also set you up with that deal engine and get your marketing going. Okay. Interesting. Yeah. But, um, if you would like to, you know, talk to us a little bit more at 770-746-8585. And you wanted to talk to me personally. They can get you in touch with me as well.

Lori (01:02:16):

Okay. Very cool. Thank you, Julie. Appreciate that.

Julie (01:02:20):

Yes, Ms. Lori. Thank you. Thank you. Um, all right. Again, if we have any more questions, just raise your Zoom hand and Peter and I will bring you online.

Peter (01:02:31):

Yeah. And w and, and we’ll see if we have another question or so, but remember guys, here’s, here’s a summary of what took place today. The importance of developing investor databases, absolutely critical chances are you’re not doing enough. And we gave you some legitimate strategies to really, really build one out and how to utilize it, how to tap into it. What to say, how to build relationships. We then share with you a very simple fact that if we happen to partner together, we’ll give you access. All of our deals. We’ll get access to the largest investor database in the world through realtors. And that is called the MLS. And that is just amazing what we’re doing with it. Next, we should have showed you that if you do want to become a real estate investor, we love the opportunity for you to partner with us.

You get coached, mentored, trained, lead gen. You get unlimited capital from us. We close them, split the profits down the middle, and then we give you a third option. The next option to join partner-driven max. That’s really mostly for people that already are in partner driven. If you want to level up and get to those next levels, we gave you a basic pricing structure for each one. And then Julie said, Hey guys, if you qualify, got some minimum credit scores, minimum job requirements, we have Phil even have a third party lending source that will give you the money to join. Either partner driven or partner driven. Max, having said all this, if you just want to call right now, our number here, we have a couple of team members on standby. They’ll walk you through all of this. And that number is, uh, well, that number is actually on your chat at 770-746-8585. 770-746-8585 So, Julie, I think we did a good job. I think we summarize things. We’re going to come back, do these at much, much, much more often because we know people are getting a ton of value out of this. Anything you want to say in conclusion?

Julie (01:04:13):

Yes. I want to take one more question if that’s okay, but I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. So listen up guys. This will, I will do at no charge for those of you that want to learn more about partner driven or partner driven. Max, if you can call that number, I’ll, we’ll do a 30 minute strategy session with you. Um, the, the, the person on the other end will hook up with me and I’ll do a 30 minute strategy session with you and your market. Um, I’ve done a little over 1700 deals across the nation. Um, so I do not mind to help anybody. Um, this business changed my life. So I would really love to do that. So if you call that number, um, schedule it with me. I’ll do not mind to do that strategy session with you. Um, and I’m gonna take the last question, which is Ivan then if you will just unmute yourself out. Hey, yeah. Hi. Do you have a question?

Ivan (01:05:20):

Yeah. And, uh, um, yeah, because, um, I live in, uh, in Europe, in, uh, in the Netherlands, but I just wonder how can I, how can I apply this to here? What, uh, what you are saying?

Julie (01:05:36):

Well, the thing, I mean, to be honest, I don’t know the rules and regulations of real estate in the Netherlands. Okay. So if you are going to apply this, it would have to be here in America and you would need boots on the ground. Actually, one of my good friends is from the Netherlands and she lives in California. And when she moved here, I taught her how to do real estate out there.

Ivan (01:06:02):

Okay. Because he hit the market is crazy in this country. I don’t know what’s going on here, but, um, I think I am, I said to Peter in, um, in a message I sent to him that, eh, any house here goes, uh, is sold for the price they asked for. It goes, oh, some people is willing to pay over between something between 12 and 20% of the, of the asking price. All the houses are way over the asking price. All of them,

Julie (01:06:35):

You know, it’s like that here too right now also. Oh yeah, absolutely. It is. The market is nuts here. However, I don’t see that’s going to happen for very much longer because our government put a moratorium on foreclosures. That’s supposed to end the end of this month unless the government pushes it back again. So essentially you’re just stacking up problems, you know? And it’s like a jingle board. Eventually something’s going to pull out, you know, there, but I don’t, I wouldn’t want to give advice on something on somewhere that I don’t know what I’m doing.

Ivan (01:07:14):

Yeah. But the, the, this is insane. [inaudible] at some point this, and I’m, I’m trying to look for a house because now, unfortunately, my, um, uh, the mother of my child and I, we are, we just broke now, but, uh, it’s impossible to find something affordable for living.

Julie (01:07:39):

It is. It is. Why don’t you look up the owner, finance laws and subject to their existing mortgage laws inside of, um, inside in there in the Netherlands. Sometimes you can just take over somebody’s mortgage payment or, but owner finance.

Ivan (01:07:58):

Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I think, I don’t know how to do that. Who should I ask her to check that?

Julie (01:08:08):

I don’t know, because I don’t know any rules. No, no.

Ivan (01:08:13):

When, when you want to know this kind of information with the people, you asked this question, um,

Julie (01:08:19):

I would probably contact a real estate attorney there. Um, but the, I would assume the same principles, the same principles exist as far as locating the sellers, you know, matter really to me what country you’re in. As long as you work direct to seller, not the real estate brokers and things, you’ll be able to find better deals oven, but I wish you all the best. I wish I had more resources for you. I just don’t. But I do know I want to visit there really soon because I’ve heard a lot about the food and how nice people are.

Ivan (01:08:55):

Yeah. The food is, [inaudible] not so great for me. And it’s wonderful now, but there are a lot of nice restaurants and yeah. But the typical Dutch food is a, is a, is not, it’s not a big deal, but the restaurants they know, they have a really, really, really good places to go.

Julie (01:09:22):

Oh yeah. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Well, Ivan, thank you so much for joining today. Um, you know, everything, I know everything will get better for you. Good luck on your home search there, dear. Um, but yes, no problem. No problem. Well, God, I’ve got to let you go. I’m in the middle of building a fence and my husband needs me to hold something.

Peter (01:09:45):

Thanks guys. We enjoyed it.

Speaker 2 (01:09:48):

Yeah. And it’s booked that strategy session.

Speaker 3 (01:09:54):

Thank you. Bye-bye.