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00:12 The deals I am doing with my colleague Eric
00:49 Commercial real estate investment partnerships
02:41 Getting good at working with others is highly profitable
03:20 There are many ways to do this business
04:01 No one method is right for every investor
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I am Peter Vekselman. Commercial real estate investment training is a fantastic way to grow your income provided that you have the right types of deals in place. But even more importantly, you need to have a worst case scenario plan in place when deals don’t go as planned.

Commercial real estate investment training is something I teach my coaching students. But with a twist.

Instead of selling packages of videos, I work one-on-one with you to pinpoint the things you’re doing wrong. Then we work together to fine tune your efforts by showing you exactly how I work my own deals.

Whether you’re new or a seasoned veteran or new to commercial real estate investment training there are unlimited opportunities for you if you know how to structure deals and your negotiations.

One of the things my students enjoy is the collaboration part of my coaching services. We work together as partners so I can guide you through any parts of a deal you’re struggling to overcome.

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Do I have a secret formula? Yes and no. Meaning yes, I’ve developed a robust marketing and deal structuring formula to commercial real estate investment training. But I don’t believe there’s one way for success. Instead, you’ll get access to my process and learn what’s worked for me for many years making exceptional returns in commercial real estate investing.

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