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00:27 Way back in my early years
00:54 I didn’t even understand real estate investing 101
01:42 This business will challenge you
02:53 My chat with someone who thought I was a hack
04:39 A day visiting with a mobile home tycoon
05:22 Back then I had no references to gauge my success
06:19 Now I have a lifestyle that affords me time with my family
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Some of my coaching students came to me with zero experience. In fact, I’ve worked with some who were very nervous learning real estate investing 101. However, you can do this business if you follow a proven formula. One such as my that helps me close 8-10 deals per week.

Often the question I’m asked is what are the best places to invest in real estate? My answer is always the same. Get good in your hometown. Why? Because it’s far easier to grow your expertise locally than struggling in other markets.

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Beware. You want to develop a real estate investment business plan that helps you close a few deals. There’s nothing like having cash in the bank to give you a confidence boost.

If you’ve watch my real estate investing 101 videos here on YouTube, you know I’m considered one of the leading authorities in real estate mentoring programs. What am I doing in my real estate investing business that’s different than yours?

The formulas I use in my own deals are far different than what you will see in your marketplace. It begins by developing a lead generation machine that brings us thousands of leads per month. It doesn’t happen overnight. However, my approach in my real estate investment company is built around a systematic solution that helps you generate enormous quantities of seller leads.

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