offers real estate investment clubs an invitation to learn how to tap into his formula to closing 8-10 deals per week. How? Think about working your local agents.

00:22 Most agents work in the retail world
00:51 The right agent can bring you deals
01:22 Real estate investment clubs can profit from good agents
01:38 Where I find top-notch agents
02:13 Why bother contacting them?
02:41 My process works
03:42 Contact me to learn about real estate investing

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1. Did you know real estate investment clubs are some of the most aggressive investors? It’s true. I should know as from time-to-time I’m asked to speak to their groups.

2. Real estate investment clubs are designed to do one thing: share valuable techniques that convert to better investing. Some of my coaching students started their commercial real estate investing businesses by working with me one-on-one after growing out of these types of clubs.

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3. Too many investors struggle with how to generate leads. I should know because for years, I did too. But then I began to develop a structured plan. Over few years, I was able to pinpoint what marketing efforts produce the most calls. Real estate investment clubs love it when I speak with them about how to get their phones ringing.

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Real estate investment clubs

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